ABO Vol 1: Chapter 25


Chapter 025: Caesar Blushes

In the Lacey Empire, everyone was born with a card that was like a proof of identity, that card would automatically execute fingerprint identification, directly binding with the owner’s fingerprint. It not only acted as a proof of identity, it could also be used to manage bank deposits, act as a membership card for many establishments, a voucher for leasing etc. It’s a very convenient card when you travel around the Empire.

This life-long identity card, because it binds to the owner’s fingerprint, even if it gets lost and picked up by others, they couldn’t use it.  It has one of the greatest security guarantees.

Looking at the highest level gold card, a symbol of royal status, the always calm Caesar’s mind was suddenly in chaos.

Lin Yuan’s card was exactly the same as his card!

He could use this card, meaning, when he was born the card was identified and bounded to his fingerprints….. In other words, when he was born, His Majesty Trent gave him the highest authority.

This was obviously the royal family members’ treatment ah!

This guy, he can’t by my father’s illegitimate child right?

Can there be such a melodramatic plot? This was simply another one of Brian’s favorite melodramatic romance movies, but even more exaggerated! After a long emotional struggle, he admits to liking Lin Yuan, just for Lin Yuan to be his half-brother, how laughable…..

Caesar looked at Lin Yuan, who was in front of him.

Seeing Caesar’s somewhat strange expression, Lin Yuan scratched his head and asked, puzzled: “There’s something wrong with the card?”

Caesar coughed and said: “No problem … you, you should rest early.”

Caesar turned away from Lin Yuan’s bedroom.

After Caesar left, Lin Yuan finally relaxed. When Caesar was sitting by his bedside and looking at him with tenderness, he’d felt his blood flow speed up and his heartbeat go out of control again.

Being enveloped by his warm Alpha pheromone made even Lin Yuan feel an impulse….. to jump into his arms.

….Really, his immune system must have failed again.

Lin Yuan quickly got up, took out the box of medicine in the drawer and ate a piece.

After taking the medicine he felt a gaze on him from the side. Lin Yuan looked back and saw Hobby squatting in the corner, staring at his medicine bottle, anxiously drooling.

Lin Yuan: “…..”

Lin Yuan walked over and picked up Hobby, touched its ears and asked: “Hungry?”

Hobby immediately nodded enthusiastically.

Lin Yuan smiled, took it down to the dining room, picked out its favorite cheese and fed it dinner.


At the moment, Caesar was inside his bedroom, using his light tablet to search for information with a serious expression.

He used the highest authority account password, entering the Imperial Population Statistics Center, and easily found Lin Yuan’s detailed family background information –

Lin Yuan, 18 years old, male Beta, born on December 24, cosmic calendar 780, Planet Rennes.

Father- Lin Wei Cheng, Imperial Army soldier, graduated from San Romia Military Academy, Mech Control Department. After graduation, he entered the Night Corps as a vanguard soldier, very low key. A few years later, the Night Corps’ head died and Ling Yu took over. He discovered Lin Wei Cheng’s hidden talent and promoted him to vanguard battalion commander, and his rank was upgraded from second lieutenant to colonel.

Later on, Ling Yu had an accident and the Night Corps was forced to disband, but Lin Wei Cheng remained on the front line. During a tense battle, he drove his mech into the enemy camp and triggered a self-destruct device, destroying the federal enemy, a heroic sacrifice.

Mother- Wang Ruo, a housewife with no background, stayed at home to take care of the children. The husband and wife were childhood friends, they had deep feelings for each other and had two children, Lin Yuan and a daughter called Lin Yao.

Lin Yuan was four years old the year Lin Wei Cheng died, Mrs. Lin couldn’t go out to work because of poor health, so they lived by virtue of the government’s meager pension pay out every month. She lived frugally, bearing her cross with her two children Lin Yao and Lin Yuan.

Because of the hardships at home, Lin Yao went to work at 18, opening a cake shop in Planet Rennes.

Lin Yuan was a very clever child, first in his class since primary school. He took the military open enrollment test last year and was admitted to San Romia Military Academy with 300 points, outstanding achievements.

Caesar looked at the detailed information and slightly frowned, his initially chaotic thoughts gradually calmed down.

Lin Yuan’s family background looked very simple, his father sacrificed on the battlefield, his stay at home mother taking care of the children….. Such a single-parent family was quite common in the successive years of the Empire’s war. If not for the gold card, Caesar wouldn’t doubt Lin Yuan’s life experience after seeing such information.

Lin Yuan….. Was probably not the Lin Wei Cheng husband and wife’s child.

He had the highest authority gold card issued by his father, so he must have a great connection to the palace. There were only two possibilities.

One, he was his father’s illegitimate son. Since he was his father’s not pure blooded Beta child, his father, in order to not to let his existence destroy the feelings between himself and the Queen and the palace’s order, secretly sent him away, giving him the highest authority gold card, letting him be raised by a family he trusted.

– This possibility had the smallest chance of being true.

Because, both Lin Yuan and himself were 18 years old, born in the same year. According to the gossip among the palace servants, his mother’s health was very poor during her pregnancy, so his father always stuck to her side. Caesar believed that his father, distressed by his pregnant wife’s complications, wouldn’t have the mood to cheat and give birth to a Beta son outside the palace.

– So there was only the second possibility.

His father gave this card to his very trusted subordinate. In his father’s eyes, the child of that person was no different than even his biological children! In other words, Lin Yuan’s biological parents’ identity must be very complicated, and they were likely Trent His Majesty’s highly trusted people!

Because of the high esteem of his parents, when Lin Yuan was born, his father directly gave this card to the boy as a gift!

The reason why Lin Yuan was so smart and excellent was definitely linked to his biological parents’ power!

Remembering his father’s sudden contact a few days ago, when he’d pretended to inadvertently mention Lin Yuan, Caesar was more affirmed of his conjecture! His father absolutely knew about Lin Yuan and the card’s existence, and apparently, he also knew about Lin Yuan’s life experience!

Caesar no longer hesitated to take out his communicator and sent a video request to the Imperial Palace. The communicator was quickly connected.

The interior of the palace appeared on the projection screen.

At the moment, the King and Queen Anna were sitting on the sofa, and his gloomy faced royal brother was sitting next to them.

Caesar’s forehead immediately dripped with cold sweat.

–Why were these people gathered together today? It made him feel self-conscious to ask his father about Lin Yuan.

Even more ridiculous, the palace’s atmosphere was very tense, the situation seemed to be very bad. Trent His Majesty was looking at the gloomy faced big prince, he snapped: “Sylvan, don’t push my patience! You need to hold a wedding before the end of this year!”

Sylvan resolutely said: “I’m a man, why should I be given away in marriage? If I can take a Prince Consort, I’d have no opinion at all, but it’s impossible to force me to be married away!”

Queen Anna rubbed her temples to ease her headache and said in a gently tone: “Sylvan, you’re an Omega ….. How can you take a Prince Consort …..?”

Sylvan raised his eyebrows, not convinced: “What about Omega? Omega must be given away in marriage? Both my younger sisters are already married. Could it be that the palace cannot support one prince, so you have to send me away to be a broodmare for a lifetime?”

Here, the ignored communication device lit up, and Sylvan finally noticed Caesar on the projection screen. He immediately walked over as if finding a savior: “Caesar, quickly say a few words for your brother! Hurry up!”

Caesar: “………………”

After a long silence, Caesar suppressed a smile and said: “Wang Xiong, you’re already 24 years old, isn’t it better to choose an Alpha for marriage early? There are so many Alpha, you can’t pick one you like? Do you want to use inhibitors for a lifetime?”

No one can fight against nature.

Of course, under Sylvan’s cold, knife sharp eyes, Caesar wouldn’t dare say this sentence.

Sylvan blankly glanced at his younger brother, then directly turned off the communicator.

Caesar scratched his nose and sat back at his desk.

His Wang Xiong’s temper has always been irritable, advocating the use of force since childhood, married to fighting. The Royal Guard looked at the bigger prince as if seeing the devil, longing to shrink themselves down and hide in the ground.

Brian was right, for an Omega, the big prince was too violent.

Such a violent Omega, no one would dare marry him…

He was also picky, his gaze very high, looking at those Alpha with complete dislike. Since he turned 18 he has been injecting inhibitors, now he was 24 years old and didn’t want to get married, and his father and mother had no way to handle him.

After ten minutes, Trent His Majesty finally quelled the palace’s “Family war” and sent the insensitive Sylvan away for self-reflection. After the big prince returned to his own palace, the king took the initiative to send over a communication request.

Caesar immediately connected and respectfully greeted: “Father.”

Trent asked: “Caesar, why were you looking for me?”

Caesar quickly said: “I wanted to report to you about the situation at the Military Museum today.”

Trent nodded: “Right, I already know about the museum, you handled it well, but ….. Is Suzaku really as you said, did he crash into the canyon?”

Caesar replied: “No.”

Trent smiled and said, “Very good. It’s a good habit to tell the truth to your father. What’s going on with the mech debris at the bottom of the canyon then?”

Caesar explained: “I found a pile of red mech parts in White Feather’s storage and threw them to the bottom of the canyon among the boulders. It’s disguised as Suzaku’s crash site to avoid suspicion.”

Trent frowned: “What is your reasoning for such an action?”

Caesar said: “Having Suzaku locked up in the museum is not the best way to deal with him. Suzaku’s former owner is dead, the mech doesn’t need to be implicated and kept in captivity. Suzaku was the Empire’s best S-Class mech, it wants to recognize a new master and I think there’s no problem with that. So it should not only be released, it should be allowed to play a greater role outside.”

“Re-recognize a master?” Trent’s brow tightly wrinkled, “Suzaku said he wanted to recognize a new master?”

“He chose Lin Yuan. Lin Yuan accidentally entered Suzaku’s cockpit today, and his spirit fused with Suzaku. Incredibly, the matching degree reached 100% and Suzaku recognized him.”

“Lin Yuan?” Trent mused in silence for a moment, then said, “The Empire’s control of S-Class mech is very strict, an ordinary student is not qualified to have an S-Class mech. You want to transfer Suzaku to Lin Yuan, do you have a plan?”

“I’ve thought of it.” Caesar seriously said, “The prize for the first three winners in the mech competition is a C-Class mech. I intend to use the one month until the competition to convert Suzaku into a C-Class mech, then secretly switch the prize. We can deceive everyone, and after Suzaku becomes a temporary C-Class mech, no one will suspect.”

Trent smiled and said: “Deceive everyone that Suzaku has crashed, while disguising it as a C-Class mech and switching it with Lin Yuan’s prize. If anything goes wrong in the middle, you’ll have to eat the consequences. If the military found out that you released Suzaku privately, even your father cannot protect you!”

Trent stood up and stared deeply at his youngest son, “Caesar, is Lin Yuan important to you? Do you have to take such a big risk for him?”

Caesar was stunned for a moment, for some reason, his face wanted to heat up at his father’s question.

Caesar quickly explained: “Lin Yuan is my very good friend, he’s also very talented at mech control. Even rarer, he and Suzaku had a spirit match of 100%. I think leaving Suzaku to him will have the best outcome.”

Trent looked at his son for a moment, then smiled and asked: “You don’t doubt Lin Yuan’s identity?”

Caesar: “…”

“I have been monitoring Lin Yuan’s crystal card. He used his card to open the top door of the museum today, you realized that right? He has exactly the same card as you. Don’t you want to ask me questions, like if he’s your half-brother?”

Trent said this, but his suggestion unexpectedly eliminated all of Caesar’s suspicions. Caesar looked up at him and said: “Father, I believe you wouldn’t betray mother. But I’m very curious, who exactly are Lin Yuan’s biological parents? Who is worthy of such high value?”

Trent lightly said: “It’s enough for you to know that I value that child. Since you believe in your father, just continue to believe. I will tell you everything when the time is ripe.”

The communication was cut off, and Caesar had no choice but to turn off the communicator.

Since his father said so, he couldn’t cross-examine further. Perhaps Lin Yuan’s identity is very confidential? When the time is ripe? What is father’s plan? What is he waiting for?

Although Caesar was the prince, after all, he was only eighteen years old, and he has never participated in the imperial government. If Lin Yuan’s life experience really involved too many confidential secrets, and his father refused to tell him, Caesar could only temporarily depress the doubts in the bottom of his heart. A hasty pursuit of truth might interfere with his father’s plans.

Feeling his stomach grumble in hunger, Caesar walked back to the dining room to look for something to eat and suddenly entered into a heartwarming scene.

– Lin Yuan was holding Hobby in his arms, patiently feeding it. Hobby obediently laid in his arms, happily eating cheese, Lin Yuan’s face also had a clear smile.

Holding the pet and smiling, the outline of the teenager’s face seemed inexplicably soft, his clear black eyes matching the eyes of the guy in his arms, like a pair of beautiful black gems. His slightly bent lips revealed a sunny smile, and his pajamas gave him a relaxed and comfy look, his whole person exuding a lazy atmosphere…..

The 18-year-old boy’s unique tender and sexy temperament was vividly on display at the moment.

Caesar heard the sound of his heart rapidly pounding.

He even felt that if the Hobby Lin Yuan was holding was replaced with a baby, there would be no sense of violation.

Lin Yuan was holding a child and feeding it, just imagining it felt very warm and happy….. Of course, it’s better if that child was born from him….. If it could look like Lin Yuan, a rounder and shorter version of Lin Yuan, it would be super cute.

–Wait a minute! Caesar you beast, what the hell are you thinking?

“Caesar?” Lin Yuan looked up and saw his suddenly appeared in the room, standing stiffly like a statue as if struck by a lightening, roommate, and asked with some puzzlement, “What’s wrong?”

Hobby also immediately raised his head and looked up at Caesar, puzzled, as if to ask: “Prince, His Royal Highness, what’s the matter?”

Under Lin Yuan and Hobby’s black and clear eyes, Caesar’s face suddenly burst with heat, and he quickly avoided Lin Yuan and the pet’s sight, pretending to calmly say: “I’m just hungry. I came out to find something to eat.”

He walked stiffly to the fridge and took out a box of cookies.

Then he turned stiffly and walked back to his bedroom, closing the door.

Lin Yuan: “…..”

Hobby: “…”

Looking at the direction of the disappearing Caesar, Lin Yuan thought with some puzzlement: Does he have a leg cramp ah? Why did he walk so awkwardly and stiffly, as if trying to keep his body in a straight line ah?

Hobby excitedly thought: His Majesty the Prince blushed! His Majesty the Prince was blushing!



Sylvan- Big prince’s name is Xi Wei, which doesn’t really have a common English equivalent I can find. The closest is Sylvie, but that’s a girl’s name, so Sylvan it is.

Given away in marriage – 嫁人- jiàrén, to get married from the women’s perspective. Their argument is weird to translate. Basically, Sylvan doesn’t want to be married off to another family (how women usually are), but he wouldn’t mind marrying someone into his family (what men usually do).

Wang Xiong – Royal older brother

Hold your horses there Caesar, kids come later.

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6 months ago

So… the King Trent met and hide Ling Yu from Rosen? He even helped him hide his child.. and knowingly allow the Omega child to be in an academy full of Alphas O.o

what’s his plan?? you better not hurt my baby Yuan ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭

1 year ago

Definitely general child, that’s hidden from the enemies