FOD Chap 11.9


Chapter 11.9

Zhou Yun Sheng waited in the dining hall doorway early in the morning. Last night he’d had a lot of dreams, dreams of all the identities his lover had taken, all kinds of shapes and names, but he’d almost forgotten who they were after he woke up, so he desperately wanted to see Adounis again.

A teenager wearing a pure white uniform, black hair, snow white skin and red lips, coupled with his very aggressive eyebrows, just standing still attracted the sight of countless people. He looked beautiful, but he was not feminine, he exuded a strong atmosphere, making the people around him unconsciously keep a distance from him.

Roth noticed the teenage in the crowd of people from far away. Because his friend ran away when he’d heard that the boy and General Osborne were cohabitating, he was very concerned. He walked to the boy’s side and pushed down his fear to say, “Cecil, since your and General Osborne’s engagement has been canceled, please stay away from him. Your actions are seriously hurting Joshua, he’s General Osborne’s lover.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was searching for Kyle’s figure, he casually asked, “Then, while I was Osborne’s fiancé, he and Osborne were secretly dating, making Osborne ruthlessly reject me in front of all the guests, he even denied the value of my existence. Tell me, why didn’t he think of how he was hurting me then?”

Roth was speechless, he racked his brain for a moment before pushing out, “He didn’t know you and Osborne were engaged… yeah, that’s right, even Osborne didn’t know, so your engagement never counted, how can you talk about hurt feelings?”

“Yeah, you’re right, the marriage contract that both families had already drawn up didn’t count. As long as Joshua and Osborne open their mouths and say they had no idea, this matter will immediately be invalid, and my family and I will instantly become the universe’s punchline. We deserve such humiliation, don’t we? Are you satisfied?” Finally spotting the tardy Kyle, Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at Roth and gave him a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, then left.

Roth realized that he was behaving out of line. Even Joshua had no right to interfere with Osborne and Cecil, what qualifications did he have to warn Cecil off Osborne? After all, Osborne, had not yet marked Joshua, and even if he does, he could mark as many partners as he desired, because society’s rules were made by powerful Alpha, they could do whatever they wanted.

He saw Cecil trotting to Kyle’s side, showing a brilliant smile, and finally realized that he’d done something unnecessary, the boy was not even interested in Osborne. He ran away in shame.

Zhou Yun Sheng pulled a red rose out from his sleeve and handed it to Kyle.

Because it was wrapped in his spiritual power, the petals were still stained with crystal clear morning dew, as if it was freshly picked. Kyle received the flower in bewilderment, his ears reddened and he opened shyly, “This is for me?”

“If not for you, then who?” Zhou Yun Sheng smiled brightly.

The passing students started whistling, they’d seen bashful, willful, or cowardly Omega, this was the first time they’d seen such a passionate and frank Omega.

“Thank you. Have you had breakfast yet? Will you join me?” Kyle gently put the rose in his coat pocket, like treating a treasure.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked him up and down, then praised, “A white uniform and a bright red rose really suits you, you look even more handsome. Of course, you’re already the most handsome Alpha in the galaxy.”

Kyle was defenseless against his bold flirting, if you took off his military cap, streams of smoke would be flowing out form the top of his head. The students were very curious about Cecil, they were especially focused when walking pass him, when they heard his unreserved compliments, ‘envy’ was the only word that could be used to describe their feelings for Kyle.

Cecil was the kind of person that once he fell in love, he would exert all his efforts, he was not reserved with his affections, and his way of talking was also very witty, if you associated with him, you could never grow tired of it.

Kyle tried to suppress his joyful mood and tentatively held the boy’s hand, he didn’t expect the boy to generously pull his arm and drag him into the cafeteria.

When they entered the training field, the students looked at them with ambiguous eyes. Zhou Yun Sheng’s expression and behavior was calm, but Kyle smiled in embarrassment.

Osborne also heard of Cecil’s bold pursuit of Kyle, so he walked into the training ground gloomy faced, his eyes sharply digging into Kyle’s gorgeous face, he had to admit that his appearance was indeed world class.

Looking for too long would test his control on his desire for destruction, so he looked away and divided the students into two groups for physical evaluation.

Zhou Yun Sheng gave Kyle a meaningful glance, asking him to form a group with him, but before Kyle could understand his glance, the instructor gravely opened, “Cecil, you’re alone.”

“Why?” Zhou Yun Sheng stepped forward.

“Because your physical and spiritual power are not on the same level as everyone else, so I have an extra training program for you. All your future training projects will be done solo. Do you have any questions? If you feel that you can’t handle it, then come to my office to discuss after class.” Osborne fixed his gaze on him.

Zhou Yun Sheng would never admit that he couldn’t handle something, he obediently returned to his original position.

Today’s physical assessment was a ten minute rapid survival. The so-called rapid survival was putting two students into a training room, the four walls containing a one meter wide channel, mutant eight-legged Zerg continuously pouring out of these channels. They were fast, with sharp limbs, and they could spray highly toxic solutions, if you were accidentally injured by them, it would take at least several days in the healing fluid to recover.

It was very difficult to survive ten minutes of constant attacks from the crowds of eight-legged Zerg, so the passing rate for this physical assessment was not high.

The students formed teams, then casted a sympathetic eye to the lone Cecil.

“Remember, quit as soon as you can’t go on, don’t treat your life as a joke.” Osborne said seriously.

The students neatly agreed.

Joshua usually partnered with Kyle, and they always scored the highest. But he was a little absent-minded today, and was almost unexpectedly pinned by a rush of Zergs several times. Kyle had to repeatedly shout at him to be careful. There were more and more Zerg pouring out from the channel, the students almost couldn’t see their shadows among the dense black mass on the monitor.

After holding on for seven minutes, Joshua shouted, “Instructor, I forfeit!”

A sweet scent wafted from the channels, and the eight-legged Zerg retreated. Joshua and Kyle’s figures also appeared. They were very embarrassed, their arms and calves had many wounds, and the blood that flowed out was black and red, they seemed to be poisoned.

“Send them to the medical room. The evaluation was a fail, continue next week.” When he said the last sentence, Osborne looked deeply at Joshua, reminding him not to forget to transfer out next week.

Joshua clenched his teeth and staggered away.

Ganbatte, Cecil.” Kyle whispered, attracting everyone’s good-natured laughter.

Zhou Yun Sheng winked flirtatiously at him, his playful expression making Kyle blush again.

Osborne’s expression did not change, but his heart was already riddled with holes from corrosive jealousy. His spiritual force had gathered to attack Kyle, but he barely reeled it in the moment before it stabbed his brain.

“Get ready next group.” He acted as usual, but the color of his pupils had deepened.

The groups went in one after another, the longest also insisted for about seven minutes, the medics were simply camping outside the training room, waiting for people to come out for treatment. The students’ mood was getting increasingly anxious, even their standing posture was not up to standard. Finally it was Cecil’s turn, they looked at him with sympathetic eyes again, the words were almost written in small print on their foreheads- Underclassman, break a leg.

Zhou Yun Sheng cracked his neck and knuckles, then leisurely stepped into the training room. The sound of stomping came from the channel, and more than a dozen eight-legged Zerg swarmed out to attack the boy.

They were fast, but Zhou Yun Sheng was faster, his body was also very flexible, and he used a variety of difficult postures to dodge the Zerg coming in from all directions, every punch, every kick, POW! One Zerg exploded into yellow and green residue, dropping to the ground where a thick corpse heap was quickly piling up.

More Zerg rushed him, and he finally left his original position, jumping off the walls, making the students realized that he had been killing the Zerg from the same position in the arena for the previous five or six minutes, he was too skilled.

The dense group of Zerg rolled into a huge ball toward him, but he always dodged in the last second, causing the Zerg to hit the hard wall, turning into a pile of corpses. Ten minutes later, the scent of the Zerg-trapping agent floated out through the channels, the eight-legged Zerg receded like the tide, leaving behind a wreckage of debris and bodily fluids.

Zhou Yun Sheng came out with slightly messy hair, but not to mention wounds, even his clothes were undamaged. The students gaped for a long time, they now profoundly understood the huge gap between a 3S level power and other people. No wonder General Osborne had a separate training program for Cecil, if he and the other students did the same training, it would be a walk in the park for him.

Osborne showed no trace of his madly beating heart, he raised his voice, “Cecil passes the first physical assessment, please stand to the right for the second. Get ready the next group.”

Two hours later, all the second grade students completed the physical assessment, the pass rate was only 20 percent. The wounded were all taken away, and Osborne opened the gravity training room and announced that the second test was to spar with an opponent under 50 times gravity.

It was the same group of two, but this time it was not cooperation, but hostility, requiring the students to engage in combat under 50 times the gravity of Empire Star. The students who passed the two assessments could advance to a minor planet for actual exercises.

Once the content of the evaluation was announced, the students exposed bitter expressions.

Osborne continued without looking up, “Cecil, your assessment is 100 times gravity, and your opponent is me.”

His voice had barely faded when the sound of the students sucking in their breaths sounded. Fighting with the strongest in the galaxy under 100 times gravity, there was no chance of winning, was the instructor deliberately making things difficult for Cecil?

Osborne calmly looked at the boy’s face and asked, “Cecil, do you have a question?”

“Yes,” Zhou Yun Sheng stepped forward and seriously inquired, “If I injure you, you won’t use your authority to bully me, right?”

Pfft, the students burst out in laughter. Cecil was using this cheeky provocation on General Osborne ah, isn’t he too confident and fearless? This behavior is really fucking daring!

Osborne also laughed, he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his uniform and said, “I’ll give you a reward if you hurt me.”

“What’s the reward?”

“What do you want?” Osborne said in an indulging tone.

“I want a separate gravity training room?”

“I can do that.”

The two men negotiated, and the students listening in shouted, “Just fight already! We can’t wait! Cecil, you won’t be able to touch a strand of the instructor’s hair!”
At first, they deliberately kept a distance from him because of Cecil’s sex, but after experiencing his straightforward attitude, they felt at ease joking around with him.

“Just you watch, I’ll pin him down.” Zhou Yun Sheng took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves, then he slowly walked into the gravity training room. The students laughed, cheered and whistled, they didn’t even try to give Osborne face.

The combat class instructors generally didn’t try to rectify the discipline of the students, on the contrary, they purposefully tried to raise their morale. Osborne was not annoyed with everyone’s reactions, he smirked, his eyes shining, his heart more happy than anyone else’s. He liked Cecil’s cheekiness, liked his gorgeous provocative expression, if he really could knock him to the ground, it was not a disgrace, but an honor.

He would be proud of him.

The two people stood a distance apart, setting their posture, a student pressed the gravity starting button, there was a hum, and the indoor pressure suddenly increased by a hundred times. If it was an ordinary person, they would have already become a meat patty, even an S-level physique Alpha’s knees would be crushed, but the two still stood upright, the slim teenager even twisted his neck and shook his legs, doing some warm-up exercise.

“I really don’t understand how Cecil’s small body can hide so much power, his momentum is even comparable with the instructor.” A student shook his head and sighed, the rest nodded in agreement.

Cecil was only 17 years old, but he had already become the legend of Chelman, in the future, he might even become a legend in the galaxy.

“Are you ready?” Osborne quietly waited for the boy to warm up.

“Ready.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s voice barely faded before he launched an attack, he was very adept at taking advantage while people were off guard, plus, Osborne had made Cecil lose a lot of face, he’d wanted to beat him up for a long time.

Osborne was not angry at all, he raised his arms to block the attack, his throat overflowing with soft cheerful laughter. The two people stuck together for just a moment, but the few seconds were enough to exchange hundreds of blows, the crowd of students standing outside couldn’t keep up with their speed, only seeing their residual shadows.

The places where the shadows crossed would always issue scalp tingling sounds of impacting flesh, even the solid ground made with a rare metal was carved with deep footprints from where the two trampled, their huge momentum could destroy a spaceship.

A battle between 3S-level powers was clearly beyond the scope of everyone’s imagination.

Zhou Yun Sheng grabbed a neutral elbow and punched Osborne in his abdomen, in the next instant he stooped to dodge a punch, and aimed a punch to the face. Osborne quickly ducked the punch and circled behind the boy with abnormal speed, putting his vulnerable throat in a head lock. The two men were panting and sweating, but their faces were filled with excitement.

“You lost.” Osborne bit the tip of the teenager’s ear as he said this, his hot breath printing on the boy’s neck, making him shiver by reflex.

“I lost.” Zhou Yun Sheng raised his hands in generous recognition. His physique had just been promoted, it was natural he couldn’t compare to Osborne, who’d made a name for himself since he was a boy. It would be a few years before he could knock Osborne to the ground. He cursed secretly in his heart.

“What are thinking?” Osborne didn’t let go of him, but he slightly loosened his grip to caress the delicate flesh on his neck.

“Thinking of the day when I beat you. You made me into an interstellar joke, did you forget?” Zhou Yun Sheng tried to break free of his clamp.

“I didn’t forget.” It was the stupidest thing he’d ever done in his life, how could he forget? Osborne laughed bitterly, “You don’t have to dream, you can beat me every day if you want, as long as it helps you let out steam.”

“I will use my own strength to beat you, I don’t need your humility.” Zhou Yun Sheng sneered, then he suddenly noticed the hot, astonishingly large stick-shaped thing pressed against his butt, he immediately looked like he’d swallowed a fly.

“Are you seriously in fucking heat right now?” He glared back angrily, but he didn’t know that his bright eyes, full of fire, just stimulated Osborne’s lust more.

Osborne really wanted to overwhelm the boy, take off his pants and make him cry out, his thick liquid filling his body, making his insides and outsides radiate his own unique smell. So no one would think to snatch him away!

“It’s a natural reaction. Your sweat smells so good, it should still contain a small amount of pheromones.” Osborne felt that he was running out of control, his hot lips lightly pressed the scar on the back of the teenager’s neck, then he let him go.

Zhou Yun Sheng gave him a vicious glare, admitting his own bad luck as he covered his nape.

Seeing the two’s battle end, the students cheered for Cecil, but upon seeing the instructor’s situation, their expression’s became somewhat subtle. An Alpha’s member was huge on average, especially the instructor’s, with his 3S level physique, it simply couldn’t be concealed away after arousal, the crotch area of his pants was almost bursting at the seams.

Weren’t they fighting, why is he suddenly in heat?

Everyone swept Cecil’s body with subtle eyes, immediately understanding the instructor’s mood. Cecil’s shirt was completely soaked in sweat, tightly affixed to his body, the two points on his chest defined, he looked more attractive than if he was not wearing a shirt. Even worse, he didn’t have the consciousness that most Omega had, so he carelessly lifted his shirt to wipe his sweat, exposing his small navel and sexy abs, an indescribably erotic scene.

Although he’d removed his glands, his sweat still contained a small amount of pheromone, it wouldn’t make people lose reason, but it made them feel that it was a particularly attractive scent.

A few Alpha wanted to go to Cecil’s side to get a closer whiff of his body’s fragrance, but Osborne stepped in first, covering him from head to tail with a large towel.

“Go take a bath.” He helped the boy wipe down his hair, neck, wrist, and so on, then he urged him to leave the training room, not forgetting to wrap him up in his coat.

“I didn’t pass this time, when’s the next assessment?” The feeling of sparing with Osborne was too invigorating, Zhou Yun Sheng was somewhat addicted.

Osborne laughed and rubbed his black hair, then said, “Next week, but I can take time out to practice with you every day. Go on.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded in satisfaction and left.

As the man walked away, Osborne’s gentle expression turned impassive, he picked out a group of students and threw them into the gravity training room. His lower body was still stiff, but his expression was very natural, the students glanced at him but stopped caring after a while.

After the physical assessment, rumors that General Osborne liked Cecil spread like wildfire on the campus. After resting in the healing fluid, Joshua slowly walked back to his dorm and heard the gossip of the students around him, his just-healed face paled.

He sent away his concerned friends and went to the Office of Academic Affairs to ask for a half-day leave, then he took a public airship to the majestic gate of the Matthew main house.


In the evening, Osborne was cooking in the kitchen, Zhou Yun Sheng was leaning against the doorway, watching him with an expression of complete distrust.

Osborne was riveted by his gaze, wishing that he could cook the meal for a lifetime without burning it. A few minutes later, his personal terminal rang, Old Mathew sent a message asking him to return home immediately.

Osborne let out a low curse, he had no choice but to turn off the fire and prepare a plate, letting the boy have dinner alone.

“I have something to do so I’m heading out, eat alone. You said you wanted a gravity training room right? There’s one in the basement, the password is Cecil Bernard.” He rubbed the boy’s messy hair.

“Why is the password my name?” Does that mean he has to shout his name when he enters the training room every day? Why was that scene so weird?

Osborne’s eyes twinkled slightly, he smiled and said, “Your password is your name, my password is my name, I set up a dual authority. Okay, I’m gone, I might not come back tonight, so go to bed on time. Remember to dry your hair after you bathe…”

He patiently nannied.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded and prepared to eat, he was thinking about inviting Kyle over to share his dinner, but then Osborne gravely said, “Cecil, I’m not allowed to let anyone in here. My study has a lot of important military documents.”

“’Kay, I won’t let others in, including myself.” Zhou Yun Sheng raised his hand and vowed.

Osborne felt that his tone had been too harsh, but he’d had to do it. He was afraid the boy would ask Kyle over to accompany him, he knew that he liked Kyle, maybe he would hug him and kiss him, just imagining the scene almost made him lose control of his desire to kill.

He took one last deep look at the boy, then got onto his airship to rush home. He thought that it was an important matter, but he didn’t expect Old Matthew to not reveal anything, he just ordered him to directly go to the basement.

He had just stepped in when the heavy door, built with the universe’s hardest metal, PU34, slowly closed, and Joshua, wearing only a white shirt, walked out before him, his eyes full of determination and scheming.

The faint smell of pheromone began filling his nose, Osborne guessed everything and sneered, “This is the way you achieve your dreams? Selling your body, your womb? You know, you really know how to desecrate the word ‘dream’.”



Ganbatte– 加油 – jiayou – the Chinese equivalent of Ganbatte

The little sneak….


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3 months ago

zys can u please stop being reckless and don’t go on a kissing spree quq when will u ever realize that your real lover is the one who is always at your side, trying to get close to you no matter what lifetime you two are in… anddd others are just cannon fodders or extra on your love story who’ll make things difficult lol

8 months ago

I get why the mc thinks it’s Kyle I don’t really blame him for it but he really needs to be patient, in every arc the ml comes and falls in love with and considering how smart he is he should have realized that by now.

rotten latte
rotten latte
11 months ago

i wont blame mc to think that kyle is ml.
kyle had the same face as adounis and they already spent thousand years together(so ofc he got attached to kyle’s face)
imagine if u were reborn and see this person had the same face as your past lover, ofc u would be convinced as u already been familiar with that face for thousand years.
i mean in the end, i dont get angry for yun sheng not recognizing his lover.
between a person who has the same face as ur past lover vs unfamiliar face but has the same traits as ur past lover; who would u choose? if me i wont hesitate to choose the first.

7 months ago
Reply to  rotten latte

Exactly, even ML himself chose Joshua before MC came a step late

11 months ago

Even as a reader I understand ML’s characteristics better than ZYS tbh….
There’s one thing I don’t approve of ZYS, which is he always ask ML to find him in the next reincarnation but when ML really did find him and simp him over again he ignore ML and mistake other men instead.

Last edited 11 months ago by Passer-by
1 year ago

Okay, In my opinion, ZYS has been increasingly careless and childish these past few Arcs. At first I admired him and thought he was cool, but I’ve been getting angrier at him with every passing story and have been siding with the ML most of the time. It pains me every time I see the ML have to watch ZYS mistake other people as him. I know he’s desperate to find his lover but because of this, he immediately runs to whoever he thinks it is without second thoughts. I mean, look at him here. Flirting nonstop with Kyle just because he looks like Adounis. 😔

1 year ago
Reply to  Unwished

Reminder: The ML is always the one who falls for ZYS first, but here ZYS is the one making the first move on Kyle. He needs patience, he knows that his lover will come to him but he decides to be reckless and go on a kissing spree. That’s another thing that annoys me. He kisses them and when he realises that they aren’t his lover, he drops them immediately, not caring about the mixed signals he just gave them. He’s said so before, his lover is always by his side and he never realises it, but he never takes the time to notice how the ML (The character that the ML is possessing)’s behaviour changes from how he should act according to the original story. And even so, it takes a kiss from the ML for ZYS to finally realise that that was his lover, he doesn’t even give previous his actions the light of day. Though I’m just ranting about the recent Arcs. The first few Arcs ZYS realised that ML was pursuing him and let him.

10 months ago
Reply to  Unwished

Agreed fully.

1 year ago

In the evening, Osborne was cooking in the kitchen, Zhou Yun Sheng was leaning against the doorway, watching him with an expression of complete distrust.

That’s anyone who knows me when I go near the kitchen ustensils

Osborne was riveted by his gaze, wishing that he could cook the meal for a lifetime without burning it.

That’s me when I try to justify that, yes, soy sauce, frosted flakes and bananas have their place in the ratatouille

1 year ago

I feel like LG likes horrible people and rewards them, enjoying the misery they cause others – even if they are “just data”. Hence, LG’s choice in a lot of these shining protagonists. Nice guys finish last, because the rotten ones are give script perks – at least until MC makes waves.

1 year ago

Wow. He’s a freakin’ rapist. Fuck that.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mneventh

Atleast he didn’t do anything, even wrapped the MC with towel, and erection/lust is not something you can easily control. Even so, he can still stop himself from doing what his mind/body wanted

10 months ago
Reply to  Aaaa

Umm i think op meant Joshua..and ppl misunderstood. I mean Joshua in that last scene is gonna basically forced ML to enter a rut. Rape could also happen if an omega initiates it i guess.

1 year ago

ngl i hope there’s an arc where the mc can actually become good friends with our mc, and not fall into his flaws or end up clashing because of different agendas. there were some stories where i felt like they could’ve gotten along. like the ger world general mc one

10 months ago
Reply to  lovlis

Exactly, this has been bothering me. I mean Joshua at the start was very much still an okay sensible character, he even felt remorse for what happened to MC and felt that he couldn’t enjoy his rs with Osborne cause of the price Cecil has to pay, and his dreams to become a soldier despite his omega status is not wrong, i hate how Osborne shit him for it. Yes, it was very risky and irresponsible to hide his sex, but they couldn’t take his dream away no matter how ambitious he is. Not every omega is like MC, who’s a foreign soul and being an omega or not does not affect his mentality, he could remove his glands without probs, not like the resident omegas of this world, who will suffer serious mental damage if that happens unless they are really willing, for MC it was a piece of cake, for others its not. I don’t like how author is treating Joshua regarding that and subtly looking down on other omegas cause MC is ‘not like other omegas’. It could have been handled better imo. I still blame Osborne cause he gave Joshua false hope..and then Joshua was reduced like this…its character assasination. Ofc its so common, Joshua has to be evil in the end for the main cps to be tgt so he was reduced to this extent. I hate when these things happen, MC does not have to fight with every protags…remember Guo Zerui in the zombie arc, he was the protag shou and he too almost went down the wrong path, but then he’s got character development instead and he became a cool good character in the end, not controlled by his jealousy. I need more protags shou like Guo Zerui. Joshua no matter how evil… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  LingMomo

And just like this i feel sorry for that protag shou in story arc four…that boy might not be a total innocent and he is ambitious ofc, but his outcome is quite sad. Because of MC’s manipulation, his current lover the protag gong abandoned him, i still hate that type of gong. He already cheated on the original owner of that body to pursue another, the least he could do was to be faithful to his current lover no matter the outcome. Same thing with the second ger world, eventhough i hate Gao Min, his outcome was tragic cause he was reduced as a paranoid jealous villain. And the protag shou from the first ger world, who has to suffer because of his evil brother. Yeah there’s quite a lot of protags i feel sorry for. Sorry for ranting.