FOD Chap 11.8


Chapter 11.8

Zhou Yun Sheng walked over and offered Kyle a hand, “Hi, I’m Cecil, nice to meet you.”

His brilliant smile was warmer than a sprinkling of sunshine, giving Kyle, who had already had a good impression of him, a rush of excitement. A close appreciation of Cecil was completely different than from the screen, he was a combination of beauty and danger, both elegant and imposing, naturally provoking an Alpha’s desire to conquer.

Kyle held his hand and softly said, “Hello, I’m Kyle Kleist, I’m glad to meet you too.” When his pale golden eyes quietly gazed at someone, it was as if that individual was his whole world.

A familiar feeling rushed through Zhou Yun Sheng, making him feel momentarily dazed. He asked without thinking, “I removed my glands, what’s your opinion on that?”

Kyle loosened his hand and earnestly answered, “That’s your decision and life, as long as you feel it’s worth it, no one is qualified to evaluate you.”

It really was his lover’s way of seeing things, Zhou Yun Sheng’s dark eyes were completely lit up. His eyes were too intense, making Kyle’s ear redden, he would’ve liked to invite the teenager to sit in the dining room, to talk some more, but General Osborne said in a gravelly voice, “Kyle, please hand this document to the principal immediately, thank you.”

“Yes, General.” He saluted, then smiled at the teenager and said, “Next time I have the opportunity to see you again, Cecil.”

Zhou Yun Sheng waved his hand, watching his tall and straight back walk away. Kyle Kleist, the fate of the world’s son, the future king of the Empire and the husband of Joshua.

His lover had become someone else’s OTP, and that person had exactly the same name and appearance as himself. The maliciousness from the world’s consciousness made Zhou Yun Sheng frown.

The blood in Osborne’s face had drained while the two men talked. He reluctantly suppressed his inner rage and said, “Cecil, I have to tell you that Kyle is a member of Lennon Empire’s royal family, Kleist was his mother’s maiden name, his real name is Kyle Lennon.”

Zhou Yun Sheng finally paid attention to the man standing next to him. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you reminding me that he can’t be with an Omega who’s had his glands removed?”

So you’re already considering the question of bonding? Osborne’s Adam’s apple slightly trembled, a ball of bitter emotions stuck in his throat, making him almost unable to speak. He was silent for a moment, then he said in a hoarse voice, “Yes, the prince needs excellent heirs, and Cecil, I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“Don’t you think it’s too late to say that? Who’s the one that gave me the greatest heartache?” Zhou Yun Sheng mockingly asked, then he followed with confidence, “If that person is really in love with me, then no matter what flaws I have, he will love me without regrets.”

He believed that his lover would be able to do this, he’d never let him down before, so what if he was someone else’s official match? Wasn’t there another match here, Osborne? This time, he would certainly stop Osborne from working during Joshua’s estrus.

He would make them have a happy ever after.

At such a thought, Zhou Yun Sheng’s irritable mood immediately relaxed, his furrowed eyebrows also softened.

Osborne was speechless, he wanted to tell Cecil: no matter what you become, I will wholeheartedly love you. Even if you become as arrogant, vain, and frivolous as before, I will still love you, as long as your body holds the same soul.

He had the faint feeling that the former Cecil and the present Cecil were not the same person. When the Cecil who had removed his glands appeared before him, it was as if a bright star suddenly lit up the dark sky, by following that star’s light, he could find the right road to travel.

He was destined to never let go of him.

Osborne impulsively wanted to tell all the words he hid in his heart to Cecil, but without waiting for him to speak again, the boy casually waved his hand and walked away, and he almost wanted to use his strong spiritual force to weave a cage to imprison him.

He watched him walk away, only revealing a painful expression when the slender figure completely disappeared.

Since he found that his lover was Joshua’s future husband, Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t sit still. Chelman Military Academy was a three-year system, the first years learned foundation, the second years carried out a variety of military exercises, and the third years learned battlefield combat, those with outstanding performance would be directly recruited by the major corps.

Kyle was a second year, he would be sent to minor planets around the Lennon Empire for a variety of military exercises, which meant that he wouldn’t be in Chelman too often, and he’ll have plenty of opportunities to cultivate feelings with Joshua.

And Zhou Yun Sheng was in the first grade, he had to spend every day in the classroom. While he was still doing his homework, maybe Joshua would enter estrus and combine with Kyle. This situation was never allowed to happen.

Halfway through his walk, he suddenly turned toward the Office of Academic Affairs, using 007 to quickly edit a grade-skip application.

Although the school was very surprised, it was a good thing for students to have the enthusiasm, they had no reason to block it, so they immediately arranged a few difficult exams. There was no doubt that Cecil passed with great honors.

In the evening, Cecil became a Chelman second grader, making Darren, who was waiting for him in the freshman dorm, endlessly depressed. At the same time, Osborne’s adjutant rushed to his boss’s residence and asked, “General, Cecil skipped a grade, did you hear?”

Osborne, who was eating dinner, paused at the words.

“He also made a special request, he wants to live in the same dormitory as Joshua. Although he said he wanted to live with Kyle, everyone knows that his goal is Joshua. He still can’t let you go General! I hope you can persuade him not to dwell on the past, the management at Chelman Military Academy is very strict, if the fights between the two cause a disturbance, they’ll be expelled.”

The adjutant opened anxiously. He’d thought that Cecil was a free and easy person, but after he deliberately approached Joshua, his impression was completely overturned. Does he want to make trouble for Joshua and make him drop out?

Osborne threw away his fork, he had no appetite. He understood that Cecil wasn’t aiming for him, on the contrary, he’d broken off his feelings too cleanly, in the blink of an eye, he was already onto someone else. In order to get closer to Kyle, he chose to skip a grade and live with him, when he fell in love with someone, he would pursue them with amazing enthusiasm.

Thinking of him looking at Kyle with glowing eyes of love, Osborne’s eyes reddened in jealousy, his spiritual power began to go out of control, without any care for the destruction around him, knives, forks and the dishes on table were grinded into dust, and cracks appeared on the hard tile.

The adjutant was shocked, he quickly warned, “General, I think you should find and talk to Cecil first, rather than sitting here and destroying the school’s property.”

Osborne immediately woke up and leaned his forehead on one hand to give a bitter laugh. He had no right to talk to Cecil until he had cleared up his feelings with Joshua.

When Zhou Yun Sheng opened the door to room 401, the four roommates were enjoying dinner. Kyle and Butch were Alphas, Joshua and Roth were Betas, they got along very well, eating and joking.

Seeing the teenager standing in the doorway, they reflexively looked at Joshua. They naturally knew about Joshua and General Osborne’s relationship, since the General had also visited Joshua in his dorm room. And the beautiful and powerful teenager appearing before them was General Osborne’s ex-fiancé.

Because General Osborne dislikes delicate and needy Omega, he resolutely removed his glands and enrolled in Chelman. His love for Osborne was doubtless, so his hate for Joshua was also a matter of course. Did he come here to bully him?

Butch, who had the closest relationship with Joshua, immediately stood in front of him.

Joshua gripped his knife and fork, staring at the boy with a look of preparedness. With an up close view, Cecil’s gorgeous facial features were like a burning flame, eye-catching, he’d loosened the top two buttons of his uniform, revealing a delicate and beautiful collarbone, his hair was slightly disorderly, making him look lazy and sensual.

He slowly walked in, and his seemingly slim body exuded a strong and unique atmosphere. This atmosphere drastically reduced the air in the room.

Butch’s forehead filled with sweat, even as an Alpha, he couldn’t stand Cecil’s pressure. Roth, who was standing behind them all, quietly sent General Osborne a message – General, Cecil came to cause trouble for Joshua, please hurry over.

Joshua didn’t turn to anyone for help, he pulled Butch behind him, straightened his back and said, “Hello Cecil, we finally meet.”

Today’s scene, he’d imagined it many times, but only by facing him in reality could he feel Cecil’s amazing momentum. He felt the same breath in his body that he felt from Osborne, the breath that belonged to the strongest.

“Hi!” Zhou Yun Sheng hastily shook his hand, then stared intently at the only one who’d maintained his elegance, Kyle, his smile brilliant, “Kyle, we meet again. I’m your new roommate.”

He’d excluded the three other people, it should be impolite behavior, but it made Kyle feel inexplicable satisfaction. He walked over and gave him a hug, his tone was very gentle, “You’re my new roommate? Did you skip a grade?”

“Yes, I made the decision to skip after I saw you.” This was equal to indirectly telling Kyle- I loved you at first sight, I’m pursuing you.

The boy’s bold words made Kyle’s heartbeat speed up, his ears were hot, a twinkle in his eyes, he didn’t know what to say, he could only embrace the boy again, reluctantly letting go after ten seconds. In fact, he was fascinated by Cecil a long time ago, he’d collected all the videos and photos with Cecil. He’d thought that the Cecil on the screen was dazzling enough, but the Cecil in reality exuded an irresistible charm.

If he went on the offensive, no one could resist. Kyle touched his red ears, full of admiration and gratitude to the General for rejecting Cecil.

Admiring that he could resist Cecil, thankful that he had refused Cecil.

Everyone else was dumbfounded, they’d also felt the unusual ambiguity between the two men. An emotion akin to redemption suddenly welled up in the bottom of Joshua’s heart, causing his tense nerves to relax: Thank God, Cecil doesn’t love Osborne.

But soon, he realized how ridiculous his thoughts were. Cecil didn’t love Osborne, but Osborne was now in love with Cecil. He received the text and rushed over to dorm 401 with the fastest speed, he walked straight in between Kyle and Cecil, saying in a grave tone, “Cecil, I helped arrange you another bedroom, please follow me.”

Joshua’s face paled from his complete neglect. Now, Osborne only had eyes for Cecil, others, the rest of the world, were dispensable.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bully Joshua.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved indifferently.

Osborne could hardly contain his restlessness. He rubbed his temples, then enunciated, “You need to know, you’re different from others. You’ll occasionally radiate spiritual power that can cause great harm to others. Roth’s spiritual power level is not high, it’s not suitable for you to stay near him long term.”

Zhou Yun Sheng looked at the Beta boy cowering in the remotest corner, the boy’s face was pale and he was breathing hard, he seemed to be suffering a great torment.

‘Then let him move.’ He was prepared to say this, but Osborne blocked him first, “You want to make Roth move? Who gave you this right? The Bernard family has always been known for their integrity, do you want to embarrass your family? Chelman is not your private property, you can’t live wherever you want, and drive away whoever you don’t want. You have to leave with me. Now.”

His gaze shifted slightly down to see that the boy had deliberately unlocked his collar, and his pupils filled with flames. He really wanted to use his spiritual power to imprison the boy, so he could no longer run out to seduce others.

He didn’t how many pairs of eyes were staring at the Bernard family, Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t act recklessly. Generous, honest, and brave, these have always been the moto of the Bernard family, his every move must meet these criteria. He had to stand up and bid farewell to Kyle.

Kyle was sorry to see him go, he walked forward to give him another hug, but he was blocked by the General, he could only change it to shaking hands.

Seeing the boy obediently following him out, Osborne was finally satisfied. He was about to leave when the neglected Joshua ran up to the door and said in an intimate tone, “Osborne, are you free tomorrow? I have something to tell you.”

Osborne glanced at Cecil and asked, “Is it something you can’t say now?”

“It’s very private, I can only tell you.” Joshua’s cheeks were slightly flushed.

“Then see you tomorrow.” Osborne nodded and quickly led the boy away. He felt ashamed of his actions, but he couldn’t continue interacting with Joshua, he was not the one he was looking for.

To please Joshua, he’d dealt Cecil permanent damage, but after losing Cecil, he found that his feelings for Joshua was not love, but momentary infatuation. It was as if fate had played a joke on him, inducing him to go down the wrong path. He had to stop in his tracks, because if he continued forward, he would definitely lose everything.

He had to correct this mistake.

He involuntarily clenched Cecil’s hand, which eased his tension a little.

“Where are you taking me?” Zhou Yun Sheng patiently asked.

“To my house. I’m the only one at Chelman that can stay with you long term.” Osborne tried to crush the tension.

If he went to the man’s place, he could always know his movements and stop him from leaving Joshua during his estrus. Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, pleased with this arrangement, but he couldn’t help but curiously ask, “Your spiritual power in so strong, won’t your future partner suffer? If you sleep with Joshua every day, it won’t end well. They say that the partners of 3S level Alpha generally don’t live long. You may have to think about how to solve this problem.”

In order to lead the protagonist and Osborne into an affectionate future, he also had to face a lot of trouble.

Osborne set his eyes on him but didn’t speak. This problem didn’t exist, because his partner was also a 3S level power. They could be together for a long time.

Osborne’s garden was filled with red and white roses, the scenery when the flowers were in full bloom was very beautiful. Zhou Yun Sheng stood in front of the cluster of roses and stared blankly.

“Do you like roses?” Osborne asked cautiously.

“My favorite flower is the red rose.” Zhou Yun Sheng gave a nostalgic smile.

He remembered the playful scenes with his lover. Adounis always liked to send him red roses, once he’d covered the whole temple with petals, making love to him in every corner of the palace. Because of their vigorous activities, Zhou Yun Sheng’s whole body had been stained with bright red flower juice, and his lover had licked him clean, revealing an intoxicated expression……

Even after a few hundred years, those memories were still clear in his mind. Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t help but brush the petals of the most beautiful flower.

Osborne stared at the teenager with blood-red eyes. Who was he reminiscing about? To show such a fiery and loving expression. He really wanted to use his spiritual power to invade his mind, wiping away the memories that didn’t belong to the both of them.

He tried to restrain his jealous heart, broke off the flower stem and softly said, “Since you like it, I’ll give it to you.”

Zhou Yun Sheng accepted it and joked, “Thanks, but don’t give me another in the future. Red roses in the flower language means pure love – I love you dearly.”

Osborn’s heartstrings were violently struck. The sentence seemed to contain some kind of extraordinary magic, the moment he heard it, he couldn’t restrain his desire to embrace Cecil.

My pure love, this flower should belong to you, this warm love will always belong to you, forever, no one can replace you. Even if he uses your face and name, my soul still remembers you. When you appear in front of me, this love will wake up for the first time. This is the spell Adounis and Adrianne had laid together.

So, even though Osborne had lost his memory, he’d recognized his lover by instinct. He stretched out his arms, pretending to casually pull the teenager into a half hug, then hoarsely opened, “So, the red rose had this kind of meaning in the flower language, I’ve never heard it.”

It’s a flower language in another space and time, of course you’ve never heard of it. Zhou Yun Sheng chuckled and left to place the flower in a vase.

Osborne sorted out their adjoining rooms, saw the boy walking toward the bathroom with his clothes in his hands and unconsciously said, “Make sure you blow dry your hair before you go to bed.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Zhou Yun Sheng lazily promised.


The next day, Joshua was having breakfast when he overheard students talking about Cecil and Osborne’s cohabitation, he almost dropped the drink in his hand in a fluster. He hurried to Osborne’s office.

“Honey, I have something to tell you.” He flung open the door, panting.

“Joshua, sit down first, I also have something to tell you.” Osborn’s expression was very careful.

Joshua was rattled, he exclaimed, “No, listen to me first! I’m not really a Beta, I’m an Omega! My estrus is coming, please mark me.” He never thought that he would one day have to use sex to keep his lover. He was a fertile Omega, that was probably the only advantage he had over Cecil.

Osborne looked at him, shocked, after half a minute, he asked for confirmation, “You’re an Omega?” He suddenly stood up, forcefully pulled down Joshua’s collar and sniffed the back of his neck.

A faint scent of pheromone emitted from his skin, so sweet and delicious, a temptation. Osborne was completely unmoved, in his view, the smell was not as mellow as Cecil’s light sweat.

He pushed away the startled Joshua and said in a cold tone, “Do you know what you’re doing? Can’t you guess what kind of disaster will happen if an Omega suddenly appears in the army? Once you go into estrus, all the Alpha will become beasts, no matter if they’re in the middle of combat, or controlling the ships, or defending their homeland, they’ll lose all other thoughts in their minds except for mating.”

“In order to compete for you, they’ll fight with each other, a lot of people will die, including you, including them, including the inhabitants of the land they’re protecting. Chelman doesn’t ban Omega from enrolling in order to protect their rights, but you should’ve been able to think of this problem. If you admit it, the school can make the appropriate precautions, but if you hide your sex, you pose a threat to many people. You’re committing a crime!”

“If I didn’t hide my sex, they wouldn’t let me onto the battlefield, they would’ve just thrown me into the logistics department, making me do the tedious tasks. I also want to defend my country, why is this idea wrong?” Joshua burst into tears.

“Your idea is right, but your actions are wrong. Your pheromones will seriously interfere with the soldiers’ sanity, if you go into heat during a battle, it will be a disaster. Joshua, I’m not going to report you to the school, but I hope you can take the initiative to drop out.” Osborne said with finality.

“That’s why I came to seek your help. I can use the inhibitors every day to suppress my pheromone scent, and I can come to you when I enter estrus so you can mark me. Combine with me, isn’t this a good outcome? No one will notice, even if they find out, the scent of your strong pheromone in me will drive those Alpha away and help them quickly restore reason. The problem will be solved.”

A long time ago, he’d considered this possibility and felt lucky that his lover was the strongest in the Empire. He was an Alpha strong enough to protect him from harassment, so he could naturally remain in the army without hindrance.

“No! I will never leave my scent in your body.” Osborne sternly refused. Just the thought of him joining with Joshua made him feel disgusted.

“Then who do you plan to mark? It’s a pity that the man you want to mark has no glands.” Joshua began to speak recklessly, his pride greatly hurt.

“Even without glands, my love for him will not diminish.” Osborne realized that Joshua was already aware and frankly confessed, “Joshua, I was going to tell you today, I want to end this relationship. I’m not in love with you, it was momentary infatuation. I’m sorry.”

Joshua clenched his teeth and didn’t speak. In fact, he had long been aware of the fragility of this relationship. Osborne often stared blankly at his face, seemingly deeply in love, but his behavior was always very restrained. He never held his hand, kissed him, or embraced him, he just admired him from a distance, as if he was searching for something in his soul.

If he didn’t find what he wanted in his soul, he would wake up one day. But Joshua never thought that he would wake up so quickly, so quickly that he was caught off guard. He tried to push down his pride and begged, “Osborne, if you really feel sorry for me, can you temporarily mark me to help me keep my secret? Becoming a qualified soldier has always been my dream, you don’t have the heart to destroy my dreams right?”

Temporary marking doesn’t need a combination, but once it began, it was necessary to mark once every seven days. The relationship with Joshua wouldn’t end, and Osborne didn’t want to leave his scent on anyone but Cecil.

He firmly rejected again, “No Joshua, I can’t help you. You lost your eligibility to become a qualified soldier when you hid your sex. A solider would never deliberately push their comrades into a dangerous situation. Please consider my proposal carefully, if you refuse it, I will personally send you away. If you want to realize your dream, you should have the determination and courage to match it. Now, you’re just a coward too afraid to face reality.”

Joshua suddenly broke down, he roared hysterically, “Yes, I’m a coward! Cecil’s a warrior! He castrated himself, so brave! Do you want all Omega to turn into gender-less monsters like him? If we all did this, who will bear you powerful Alpha’s children? I say, Cecil should be arrested and sentenced, sentenced to death for the crime of obstructing human reproduction!”

When he heard the words ‘sentenced to death’, Osborne glared at him with a murderous expression, the office was quickly filled with a heavy pressure. Joshua felt an invisible hand grabbing his neck, suddenly releasing at the last second before suffocation, Osborne’s cold voice entered his ear, “Joshua, I’ll give you seven days. Either you quit school, or you confess your identity to the school authorities and get assigned to the other departments suitable for you. Believe me, you can still make a contribution to the Empire.”

Joshua quieted down and ran out of the office, extremely embarrassed, but his heart was even more unwilling. Fighting on the battlefield and becoming the first Omega General in Lennon Empire had always been his dream, from childhood to adulthood, it had not changed. If he really confessed to the school, he could only while his life away in the logistics department, returning home to marry and have children, repeating the stereotypical Omega life expectance of mediocrity and incompetence.

That was not the life he wanted.

Maybe he could think of a way to make way Osborne unable to refuse. An idea flashed across in his mind.



And Darren was never heard from again…

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4 days ago

“Please consider my proposal carefully, if you refuse it, I will personally send you away. If you want to realize your dream, you should have the determination and courage to match it. Now, you’re just a coward too afraid to face reality.””

I know it’s true but damn that’s harsh ???? It’s like when you’re getting scolded and know you’re wrong but you also have your reasons for doing at and you feel aggrieved because of it.

3 months ago

“Even if he uses your face and name, my soul still remembers you. When you appear in front of me, this love will wake up for the first time. “
I was always a little uncomfortable when re-reading this arc but this time, I feel like it’s really cute. Even if there’s obstacles and lord god interference, they will always find each other and will fall in love all over again and again. I think this difficulty makes them more romantic. And ML being jealous of himself from last life when MC reminiscing their naughty plays lol. It’s really cute.

3 months ago

I can’t take it anymore so i’m gonna say it, I see that some of you all keep blaming the mc and the ml lol, but I bet you guy would be the same if you were in their situation… It’s okay to feel frustrated at this turn of event but you can’t really blame either of them because if you do then you’re the one who’s naive and stupid.

6 months ago

Poor Darren lmao

9 months ago

I don’t know if this arc is worse or the previous one. I also feel that the MC is getting more and more idiot. Its like he mistook the ML 3 times already? And only can know him by kissing? This pattern is getting boring right now

1 year ago

I honestly feel like skipping this arc is that alright? Is this arc important??? Bc rn reading this makes me feel like I want to hurl.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tafu

–from nervousness

1 year ago

I keep getting worse with MC… and are we going down the drugs/ra*p to get what he want?