FOD Chap 11.5


Chapter 11.5

Barnett and his team escaped from the poisonous hornets and continued advancing to the assembly site, after half an hour, they didn’t meet with any danger, but their spiritual power began to violently fluctuate.

If their personal terminals were not limited, they would detect that such fluctuations were very dangerous, it could seriously damage a person’s decision making skill and all their negative emotions would be infinitely magnified, but they couldn’t feel the slightest change.

Barnett frequently stared at the rankings, his expression was very hideous, “Why is Cecil ranked first? He must be cheating! I want to lodge a complaint against Chelman Academy!”

“You don’t have the right to always complain about others. Cecil can’t cheat, everyone would see.” The team member with the mildest character suddenly openly refuted Barnett, his tone was very contemptuous. This was something he’d held in his heart for a long time, he was tired of Barnett’s willful and narrow-minded actions.

The other team members looked at him in surprise, Barnett was furious, he pointed a particle gun between the man’s eyebrows and gritted his teeth, “What did you say?”

“I said you don’t have the right to always complain about others. If you hadn’t carelessly command us to bomb the hornet nest, we wouldn’t have almost died. Can’t you assess your own strength before doing something? Don’t always think that you’re omnipotent, you’re not Osborne Matthew … …” The man was not scared, his complaints gushed out.

Barnett didn’t wait for him to finish his words, he ended his life with a bullet, and he also kicked his body away, like it was a dirty piece of garbage.

The rest of the team were all scared silly, staring at him in disbelief. They had thought that Barnett was just doing his usual threats, never daring to kill, even the just-killed teammate had also thought so, they were, after all, under interstellar scrutiny.

The viewers on the Star Network were boiling, they kept shouting if Barnett had gone crazy. The third test was deadly, but the candidates were always sacrificed in battles with the Zerg, such a scandal between candidates had never happened before (at least not so openly).

If Barnett wanted to kill he killed, arrogant beyond redemption, who gave him such confidence?

The netizens were furious, they demanded that the school arrest Barnett and hand him over to the military court. The Aldrich family were very anxious, they immediately contacted a Chelman mentor, asking them to bring Barnett back.

Barnett killed his own teammate in full view of the galaxy, and the teammate’s background was not simple. His family were very successful businessmen, they ranked at least third on Lennon Empire’s Wealth List. They were not short on money, but they lacked military and political connections, that’s why they’d allied with the high status Aldrich family.

Now, their family’s most promising child had been killed by Barnett in public, they would never let it go. The negotiations for military supplies fell through, and there would be endless trouble in the future.

And Barnett himself would face a military court sentence, killing comrades was not a minor crime, and this case with sufficient evidence was enough to give him the death penalty, he couldn’t escape even if he used his connections.

Ignorant of the uproar, Barnett didn’t show a shred of guilt after killing a member of his team. He walked toward the depths of the dark jungle and swore, “I will never let that bastard Cecil surpass me. My father could get rid of his grandfather, so I’ll be able to get rid of him. Sooner or later, one day I’m going to grind him and his grandfather into slags! Come on, we’re going to kill the magic flower mantises.”

As everyone knew, magic flower praying mantis and the plant called magic flower plant were inseparably related, young magic flower mantis relied on the juices from the flower to grow their invincible exoskeletons. If you found a batch of magic flowers, you were bound to find magic flower mantises nearby, as long as they quickly killed a few, they could occupy the top ranks.

The idea was good, but too dangerous, using such simple weapons and equipment to bring down magic mantises was tantamount to walking to their deaths. The team members stood in place, one of them angrily demanded, “Barnett, are you going to ignore that you just killed Leo? And you also left his body to be gnawed on by Zerg? You’re a demon! I don’t want to be part of this group!”

“Are you betraying me? Fine, but leave me your life.” Barnett fired a shot, piercing the man between his eyebrows, then he sneered at the other members, “Remember this, you’re all under my Aldrich family’s command, you can only dedicatedly service my family, anyone who dares talk back to me will be killed!”

The others looked at each other and could only follow him silently.

The Star Network once again exploded. Barnett’s words and deeds were evil to the extreme, what did he say, ‘my father could get rid of his grandfather, I can get rid of him the same’? Wasn’t that an indirect admittance that Old Bernard really was injured in an Aldrich family scheme! Also, the Aldrich family’s behavior shouldn’t be so arrogant, anyone under their command had no human rights? Arbitrarily killing whoever he wanted, he simply had no respect for Lennon Empire’s laws!

Such a family was in charge of an army? Do their regiments exist to defend the country or was it for the sake of selfish gain?

The netizens raised sharp questions one after another, and the Aldrich family spokesman struggled to cope. At the same time, all the forces allied to the Aldrich family were shaken. Barnett’s behavior was enough to reflect the despicable and insidious nature of the Aldrich family, anyone cooperating with the Aldrich family had to be wary of being betrayed or silenced at any time.

No sane person could tolerate this. They were quiet on the surface, be they were secretly looking for a way to escape. They thought of the straightforward Old Bernard and had to sigh in regret over how much more comfortable they would’ve been under the Bernard family.

If not for Johnny Bernard’s inability to support the Bernard house, they wouldn’t have turned to Aldrich. But now that the Bernard family had the brilliant Cecil, perhaps they could return to their former glory, so going back to the Bernard family should be a good choice.

But these were all people of rigorous schemes and deep foresight, they wouldn’t take immediate action. They needed to assess Cecil’s strength to see if he could inspire them to throw their eggs in his basket.

Barnett killed two people in a row, his emotions were even more high-strung. He managed to find the magic flower field and met the magic flower mantises. As expected, they were not the magic flower mantises’ opponents and they were forced to retreat.

They frantically launched a particle gun barrage, but it could only temporarily stop the magic flower mantis’ attack, when the energy stones were exhausted, they despaired and fled in an embarrassing panic. Even if he was an SS-level Alpha, his running speed couldn’t compare the magic flower mantis, Barnett was soon overtaken. Seeing his death in the sickle-shaped forelimbs, he couldn’t help but grab a team member next to him and throw him into the mouth of the magic flower mantis.

With fresh food, the magic flower mantis stopped, frantically chomping its huge mouth, chewing that person to bits. The man died slowly, his screams of desperation making the audience on the Star Network stand erect. They had never seen a more despicable man than Barnett. No, he shouldn’t be called a man, but a beast! He’d completely inherited his father’s despicable genes!

This kind of person is disgusting! If you let him into the army, who would dare fight alongside him? He’s more terrifying than the Zerg, because he can willingly push his comrades down into the abyss of death in order to survive. He must be sentenced to death!

Such clamor flooded the Chelman Military Academy and the Five Army’s official websites.

In just one day, the Aldrich family fell into a very awkward position. Their military supplies were removed and friendly forces were trying to lift their cooperation contracts. Unwilling to go with them to the battlefield, they asked the other soldiers in the corps to rage a storm, setting the highest record of tens of thousands of soldiers striking together.

The Aldrich family’s leader hated Barnett until his teeth itched, he called mentors one after another and demanded that Barnett be brought out of the test. Osborne received a military court order telling him to immediately arrest Barnett. This matter had long been spread throughout the galaxy, and with such overwhelming evidence, if the military court didn’t execute Barnett, there would be public outrage.

Barnett didn’t know that he was making his outcome worse, he led the last two members of his team around the jungle, aimlessly fleeing, coincidentally, gradually approaching Zhou Yun Sheng’s river camp.

Zhou Yun Sheng took a bath, washed his coat, and let it dry by the fire. Darren took out two nutrient packs and handed him the peach flavored one, he blushed and said, “Cecil, here, you need some quick nutrition.”

Zhou Yun Sheng grabbed it but didn’t eat it, he concentrated on staring at 007, under the camouflage of his soul force, no one could see that he was monitoring Barnett’s every move.

He was very satisfied with Barnett’s performance, even if he didn’t die on CT073, he would die in the military court, and the Aldrich family who’d raised a military war criminal would be finished, declining step by step. Everything they had taken away from the Bernard family, he would recapture it.

He chuckled twice and put the nutrient pack into his backpack.

Darren was paying attention to the boy’s every move, seeing him not eating, he grew anxious and advised, “Cecil, although it tastes like crap, you should at least eat a little bit, or you’ll have no energy to deal with the Zerg tomorrow.”

“You’re so silly, you ignore the natural delicacies and choose to eat this industrial synthetic food.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked over to a poisonous hornet corpse and used his energy sword to remove its two huge hind legs, then he grilled them on the fire.

The exoskeleton of the poisonous hornet was not as indestructible as the magic mantis, and they relied on only their mouths and stingers to carry poison, a moment later, the shells emitted crackling and snapping sounds, splitting. Zhou Yun Sheng used his sword hilt to break the shell, exposing the white, fragrant and tender meat inside, with a sour, fruity smelling-sap coating it.

The fruity fragrance mixed together with the meaty scent, without even tasting it, they could guess at its sweet and delicious taste. Darren threw away his nutrient pack and leaned toward Zhou Yun Sheng, he swallowed his saliva and asked, “You can eat Zerg?”

“A lot of the Zerg are really delicious, you’ll know it when you taste it.” He cut out a small piece of white meat and pushed it into Darren’s mouth. Darren’s eyes rounded, he shut his mouth and quickly swallowed the meat, almost swallowing a piece of his tongue.

“Oh, it’s, it’s delicious! Even more delicious than Giant Ocean Star Oyster meat! This is first-rate meat! Oh, my God, I didn’t expect such an ugly looking Zerg actually has such delicious meat. Give me more, quick! It’s so gooood!” He anxiously pulled the teenager’s pant leg.

Zhou Yun Sheng handed him the roasted hind leg, then baked his own share, explaining, “I heard about it from my grandfather. Once, his corps was besieged by an army of Zerg on a minor planet, reinforcements were unresponsive and military supplies were depleted, in order to survive they had to dismember the Zergs and eat them, but they didn’t expect to find such top quality meat. Although it’s very difficult to survive in the wild, it’s a worthwhile trip if you can taste this delicacy.”

“You’re too right, we shouldn’t touch the nutrient packs again, we’ll eat the Zerg.” Darren was very direct, he immediately threw the nutrient packs into the fire.

Zhou Yun Sheng gave him a bright smile and also threw his in.

On the Star Network, the audience couldn’t help but drool, full of longing for the Zerg meat. This also led to another new market – the sale of Zerg meat. The soldiers hunted down the succulent Zerg and sold them to the star traders to earn some extra money, this indirectly triggered a wave of increased Zerg hunting, greatly reducing the Zerg infested habitats.

For the first time since the beginning of the war against the Zerg, humanity gained an advantage, this was the power of gluttons.

Zhou Yun Sheng ate half his meat and suddenly stopped, he turned around and looked into the jungle behind him. Darren also put down his food and pulled out his particle gun.

A few minutes later, Barnett and his two team members rushed out of the bushes and ran towards the fire.

“How is it you guys?” He shouted, startled to see the men standing by the fire.

Zhou Yun Sheng sneered and pointed his particle gun at him.

Darren snapped, “Barnett, this is our turf, get the hell out of here, or don’t blame us for being blunt.” If he helped Barnett again, he would deserve the title of “The Galaxy’s King of Fools”.

Barnett was exhausted but high on adrenaline, he panted, “How can you be so unkind to me? You’re going to kill me? Do you dare? The Aldrich family will never let you go!”

Here he paused and looked at Zhou Yun Sheng with a contemptuous smile, “Cecil, you can only hide behind the particle gun, as soon as its energy stone is exhausted, you’ll die here. Omega should be lying in bed, waiting for someone to mount them, rather than standing here competing with a group of Alpha.”

“I wonder how many times you’ve let Darren bang you by now, I bet that made him very eager to give you the points for the bugs he hunted. Why don’t you let me do you a few times, I’ll trade you 100 bugs. As an Omega, you really know how to exploit your gender’s advantage.”
These words said to Zhou Yun Sheng angered all the spectating Omega.

“Cecil, get rid of him! He’s going to be sentenced to death anyway!”

“The Aldrich family are all scum. No one should marry into the Aldrich family, they have no respect for Omega, were they not born from Omega?”

“Come on Cecil, give all Omega a fight!”

Darren’s teeth itched in anger, he holstered the particle gun to his waist and walked over to beat Barnett to death, but Zhou Yun Sheng pulled him back. He smiled casually, “Barnett, do you look down on Omega? Do you think Omega were born to serve under an Alpha’s body?”

“It seems you still have a little self-awareness.” Barnett spat and began unpacking his belt. He must kill Cecil in front of all the galaxy.

Zhou Yun Sheng cracked his neck and knuckles, then flashed behind Barnett, aiming a kick to the back of his leg. His speed was too fast, onlookers could only catch a blur.

In the end, Barnett still had an SS physique, he quickly jumped up from the ground and prepared to counterattack, but a thunderous blow to his gut made him directly cough up blood, and his jaw was caught in a left uppercut before he could shake off the previous blow, knocking out a few teeth. Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t give him time to react, covering him in a bombardment of punches and kicks, dull thuds mixed with the clear sounds of bones snapping, making the scalps of all the people tuning in grow numb.

The physique of an Alpha that had reached S level was very tough, they could tear a spaceship’s hull with their bare hands, so the strength needed to break their bones through their muscles was unimaginable for ordinary people. At present, only two groups could damage an SS physique level Alpha, very high level Zerg, and 3S level Alpha, who were the very top level players among humanity.

But currently, such a high level player was being beaten down by a slender Omega, unable to even put up a fight. The scene was too absurd.

The Star Network was silent, but the ratings were climbing up at a rocket’s pace.

Chelman Military Academy, dorm 401.

Joshua and his three roommates were also watching this scene. Kyle Kleist was the Empire’s second prince, he underwent very strict education from an early age, so his personality was gentle and elegant, he rarely evaluated others out loud.

But today, for the first time he bluntly pointed to the black-haired boy and opened, “I really like him. He’s so special, the most charismatic Omega I’ve ever seen. Of course, Joshua you’re also very attractive, but you have a little less courage than he does.”

He’d discovered Joshua’s identity a few days ago and had promised to keep his secret. Even so, he still had some qualms about Joshua’s behavior.

It wasn’t a good idea to rely on drugs to control estrus long term, after a while, no one could predict the unforeseen contingencies. If an Omega in heat mixed into the army, all the Alpha soldiers would fall into madness, it was manageable during leisure time, but if it was in the middle of a battle, the army would be in dire straits.

Omega emitted pheromones that disrupts the Alpha’s sanity, and their generally weaker physique determined that they shouldn’t appear on the battlefield, it was not prejudice, but a fact. But if an Omega had the absolute courage and confidence to determinedly remove their gland, then no one could deny that they already had the qualifications to become a good soldier.

Now, Cecil had reached the point where he could be deployed to the battlefield at any time, but Joshua still had far to go. Kyle didn’t want to compare the two people, but they were both Omegas that wanted to become soldiers, he always couldn’t help but evaluate them together. He admired Joshua, but he felt more goodwill toward Cecil. In his opinion, Joshua’s act of concealing his identity was somewhat irresponsible.

Seeing Joshua’s dimming eyes and depressed mood, he realized that he had just said something rude and quickly and gently apologized to him, then continued watching the video.

During their conversation, Barnett had been beaten like a dog by Cecil, his limbs were folded in a strange angle, miserable to look at. His two attendants stood motionless, their eyes faintly glowing joyful light. They were fed up with Barnett and were anxious to personally kill him, when they went back home, they would ask their families to quickly get out of the Aldrich Army.

Darren’s jaw had dropped, stupefied. He hadn’t expected Cecil to be able to finish off the SS-level Barnett, even when he himself had sparred with Barnett, the best was always a tie. The meaning behind this was self-evident, Cecil’s physique was definitely 2S or the higher 3S level, he was an Alpha dressed in Omega skin! Damn, a double blessing!

Darren closed his mouth to prevent a dislocated jaw.

A few minutes later, Zhou Yun Sheng finished venting his rage. He wiped his bloody hands with Barnett’s combat shirt and said, “Don’t say anything about my sex again. When a ‘high-level’ Alpha is unable to beat one Omega, it’ll only make your behavior look more shameful.”

This sentence was too sharp, the Omegas who had waited quietly on the Star Network couldn’t help but smile and applaud. They had never felt so refreshed.

Some of the people who were adamant that Omega should stay at home to have children were completely silent. This sentence blocked their sexist words, and the others asking ‘Don’t you feel shameful?’ made them unable to face the crowd.

Old Bernard praised his son for the first time, “Johnny, your greatest contribution to the family was giving birth to Cecil, it’s enough to offset your incompetence.”

Cecil’s image on the Star Network became directly connected with ‘wild tyrant’, ‘ruthlessly handsome, ‘king cool’ and other such adjectives. There was no doubt that he was the most special Omega in the galaxy, no one could compare.

Osborne drove the star ship in a hurry, he saw the scene of Barnett insulting Cecil through the monitor, but before his murderous anger had a chance to release, Cecil had already beaten down Barnett.

The adjutant standing behind him sucked in a breath and asked, “General, is Mr. Bernard really an Omega?”

Osborne’s mouth slightly curved as he absent-mindedly nodded.

The adjutant shook his head and sighed, “General, didn’t you vow that you’ll only take a lover who can match you? Cecil is strong enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, why did you break off the marriage?” He couldn’t see what talents Joshua had over Cecil.

He noticed the General’s stiff body and immediately tried to smooth things over, “But you’ve already broken off the marriage, now that Cecil has removed his glands, and since he has such outstanding ability, he’ll certainly inherit the Bernard family, so he can’t marry an Alpha anymore. It’s likely he’ll marry a Beta. An Omega marrying a Beta, that would certainly be one for the interstellar history books.”

The adjutant smiled at his own words and didn’t notice that his boss’s face was as black as the bottom of the pot.

Barnett completely collapsed. He didn’t die by the hands of the Zerg, but was beaten into a bag of flesh by an Omega, and the beating was also broadcasted live for all the people in the galaxy to see. How would people look at him after he returned? He obviously hadn’t kept the fact that he was responsible for the death of his squad on his mind. In his view, those people were dogs owned by the Aldrich family, killing off a few dogs was no big deal.

He stared at Zhou Yun Sheng with venomous eyes, because his jaw was dislocated, all the abuse he wanted to shout could only be trapped in his throat.

“Look at me again, and I’ll dig out your eyeballs.” Zhou Yun Sheng stepped on his face, his expression even more sinister than the fallen man’s, his tone thick with killing intent.

Barnett shivered in dread, then weakly closed his eyes.

At this time, a small star ship swept through the jungle above the crowd. Osborne didn’t even wait for the aircraft to land, he directly jumped down the 100 meter height. He landed firmly on the ground and smashed a half a meter deep hole on the hard surface. He looked sharply at the teenager still stepping on Barnett’s face.

Zhou Yun Sheng slowly retreated and shrugged, “Let me make this clear, this was justified self-defense.”



King cool -吊炸天 – diao zha tian – 吊- Hang up, 炸 – to explode/deep fry, 天 – heaven/god/the sky. Internet slang for a really cool/amazing person.

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30 days ago

Why some bitches hate Osbourne? I mean, I understand where you’re coming from but also understand the plot! He ‘liked’ Joshua because he has the same name and looks like the MC on the last arc and he also promised on the last arc that he will find the MC again, so that’s why he has some infatuations toward Joshua.

30 days ago
Reply to  Xiexie

Girl, u speak my mind, but I don’t know why when ML feels gloomy or maybe he feels regret that he refused the engagement, I somehow *smirk* 😅

3 months ago

This is why I don’t like reading comments at all, please read and understand this novel carefully, if you can’t even understand what’s happening stop leaving comments

4 months ago

Old Bernard is best character, right after Ivana and the child from chapter 2!

Oladunni Bejide
Oladunni Bejide
5 months ago

If osbourne is the ML than I might have to skip this arc because I do not like him at all.

3 months ago

Goo shoo

7 months ago

> If an Omega in heat mixed into the army, all the Alpha soldiers would fall into madness, it was manageable during leisure time, but if it was in the middle of a battle, the army would be in dire straights.

Exactly! Which is why the logical thing to do is never allow alphas to be in any position of authority or importance. All it takes is a single omega to sneak into a command center and an entire nation’s military leadership is reduced to mindless animals. Biological warfare using omega pheromones would be how espionage operated, and omegas would be prized for their abilities.

7 months ago
Reply to  snjwffl

If there was any rational thought put into omegaverse, alphas would be on the bottom and treated like sperm manufacturers and war animals. Battles would be more like dog fights: deposit a bunch of alphas on the ground and spray the air with omega pheromones to make them go berserk.

In conclusion, there’s no way in hell that humanity in an omegaverse could ever reach even 20th century technology without having alphas be on the very bottom of the social ladder. And *they* would be the ones that had to fight for civil rights.

…I *might* have a slight dislike for omegaverse.

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5 months ago
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Holy sht that is actually a fantastic idea! You should write a story on that 😉 I WOULD SO READ THAT!

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10 months ago

Like sqq, read thru all of this and if it the end doesn’t make you satisfy yet, then say “stupid author, stupid novel” or watever. Srsly, i want to see these people faces when they read all of this novel and realize how much this arc made sense. Ahh i shouldn’t read cmts from now on. I’m just here to reread the novel, not to angry over these cmts

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11 months ago

Dude, remember that our ML has no past memory like MC? He blindly followed his previous characteristics in the previous world.

MC arrived on 2nd life right after the rejection and MC was not there YET!!

It’s only right to think ML is like a lost puppy in each world duh. Because he only has instinct to follow.

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I think Kyle is the ML…? If it’s osborne… you dont deserve our MC. Fck u, u fickle btch.

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25 dislikes, way to go

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Ml keep digging his own grave deeper. As lil Hei his promise of marriage is at least not known by the public. Now I’m excited to see how he redeem himself
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If Osborne is really our ML, then sorry sweetie I don’t want you to end up with our cute ZYS this arc! I was excited that this omega verse has diff concept but! 。゚(*´□`)゚。 I’d prefer Darren tbh (just IMO tho :> )