FOD Chap 11.4


Chapter 11.4

The group used the density of the trees to find a river, because they remembered the previous coordinates, they still knew the general direction, so they followed the river towards the direction of the coordinates. As the planet’s mineral reserves were very rich, the Lennon Empire arranged a lot of satellites over it for detection and monitoring. The army was able to observe Zerg movements by satellite at any time and exterminate them.

But this convenience had been blocked by the school, they needed the best students, ones able to survive no matter how bad the environment. Only strict requirements from the beginning could ensure that they could survive and win on the real battlefield.

Now, the candidates’ personal terminals only had the contact function, all the other keys were grayed out.

“Wait a minute, three magic flower praying mantises approaching at two o’clock, please prepare.” Zhou Yun Sheng took out his particle gun and stood in a ready stance.

The team immediately formed a battle formation, but after waiting for half a minute, they did not see any movement and looked toward Darren. It’s common knowledge that the magic flower mantis was very fast, almost comparable to the performance of the best airship, once you detected it by spiritual power, it would appear in front of you the next second.

“My spiritual power doesn’t detect any danger. Cecil, are you too nervous?” Darren was about to pat the boy’s shoulder when he saw him jump up a nearby tree and aim his particle gun to the front. Soon, Darren sensed three large objects quickly approaching the team, and in the blink of an eye they were in close proximity.

“Crap, there really are magic flower mantises!” Darren’s spiritual power could only detect danger, he couldn’t clearly detect the species, but the speed should belong to the magic flower mantis, because they were really too fast.

After waiting for half a minute, the team’s formation had begun to slack, it was too late to even lift up their particles guns before three six meter long magic flower mantises appeared before them, flapping their wings up in the sky. They wielded huge sickle-shaped forelimbs which could cut down the trees that hindered their progress, and they habitually attacked humans on sight.

They were not poisonous, but their exoskeleton was very tough, they could withstand even the particle cannons, forget about the particle guns. They were so fast that they could harvest your head in the blink of an eye, a very difficult Zerg to deal with.

The team rolled to the rocks by the river bank for coverage and ran, escaping. The place where they had been standing was split into a huge pit by a magic flower mantis’ forelimb, the pit was cut very smoothly, the sharpness of its forelimbs on display.

They had strength, speed, lethality, and defense, one could kill a team of seven or eight people, let alone three.

Darren aimed at the magic flower mantises and shot, secretly cursing their bad luck.

The projectile hit the forelimbs of a magic flower mantis and made a burst of noise, but it only took a small step back in reaction. The other two moved left and right to the rocks, outflanking the humans behind it.

Everyone tried to target their most vulnerable part, the head, but they blocked it with their huge forelimbs. They knew where their own weaknesses were, and in the course of reproducing generation after generation, they’d passed on this alertness to the new generation, so no matter when or where they were, they would instinctually use their forelimbs to block their weakness.

Zhou Yun Sheng stood on a treetop branch, wrapping himself in his spiritual power so the magic flower mantises wouldn’t detect his presence. He raised his particle gun and aimed at them, but he didn’t fire for half a day.

On the Star Network, the people who saw this scene scolded the Omega a scourge, yelling out that he shouldn’t have appeared on the battlefield.

“Look, Cecil is scared silly! His team is surrounded by magic mantises yet he’s hesitating to shoot the gun he’s holding, he doesn’t even have the courage to launch a bullet! Darren shouldn’t have taken pity on him!”

“I guess he’s scared stiff, he’s standing motionless on the treetops, not even his eyelashes are trembling. When his team is eaten, the magic flower mantises might think he’s a stone and let him go. Omega are very cowardly, but their luck has always been high.”

“How can Cecil be the one to survive? Doesn’t he see that his team is in life-threatening danger? At this point he should jump down to attract the magic mantises’ attention, and give his team a chance to fight back. This is the only value of his existence! Omega really shouldn’t appear on the battlefield after all, they will always bring everyone bad luck!”

Various angry or ridiculing remarks scrolled across the Star Network. Everyone wanted to climb into the video and kicked the scared silly Cecil off the tree, letting the magic flower mantises cut him into meat sauce.

In the Lennon Empire Minerals Corporation’s headquarters, Osborne and the vice principal were also looking at this scene.

Darren and his team used a dense particle gun barrage to stop the three magic flower mantises from getting too close, but their guns were equipped with only one piece of energy stone, not enough to supply unlimited bullets. When the energy stone was exhausted, they would be killed.

“What happened to Cecil? He should do something, even if it means pressing the helper buzzer for the team.” The vice principal sighed. He didn’t agree with recruiting an Omega into the school, but Old Bernard had personally come forward to persuade the headmaster, in his opinion, Cecil didn’t qualify to stand on CT073 planet. He was too much of a hindrance.

Osborne didn’t speak, he was staring unblinkingly at the boy. He knew that he was up to something because his expression was too calm and cool. He gripped the particle gun, but his arms didn’t show a trace of trembling, which showed his firm heart. He was aiming at the magic flower mantises’ heads, ready to kill.

This required dynamic vision and the most accurate judgment beyond the limits of average humans, one micron of error would destroy his and his team’s lives.

Can he do it? Osborne stood up, prepared to rescue them at any time.

But soon, the boy’s arm shifted, he quickly aimed at a magic flower mantis and pulled the trigger, when it fell to the ground, attracting the other two magic flower mantises’ attention, he fired two more shots.

He’d stood on the treetops for ten minutes and only fired three shots, but these three shots were extremely accurate, they pierced through the magic flower mantises’ brains, sending them directly to hell.

He easily jumped from the ten meter high tree and performed a deft and beautiful somersault in mid-air, quietly landing on the ground like a butterfly. He leisurely walked to the team members and asked, “Are you okay? Are there any injuries?”

“I, we’re fine.” Darren recovered his stunned expression and came out from behind the rocks.

The others also said they were fine. During the fight against the magic mantises, it would be a lie to say that they hadn’t secretly complained about Cecil’s hiding, but they knew that he was a delicate Omega, so they didn’t ask him for help. If he could escape safely, that was also a good outcome.

They never would’ve imagined that the ‘delicate Omega’, the one with the lowest combat effectiveness, would save their lives.

When everyone was still in a state of shock, Zhou Yun Sheng’s heartbeat didn’t even speed up, he heard a slight beep and looked at the AI on his wrist, then raised an eyebrow, “Ah, the number of Zerg I hunted should have been updated, but why does it say 300? Is there an error?”

Darren gathered his wits and carefully explained, “Not a mistake, hunted Zerg are divided by rank. One magic flower mantis is worth 100 low class beasts, you killed three, so the school awarded you 300 points.” When he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but glance at the other boy’s gorgeous face.

He’d looked so cool when shooting, and his posture when jumping off the tree was so beautiful, in this world, no Omega was more attractive than him. Why did cousin choose Joshua over him? I really don’t understand what he’s thinking.

While Darren was letting his imagination run wild, the Star Network had exploded. The abusers that had called Cecil a useless leech before felt like they had been severely slapped in the face dozens of times, too embarrassed to even form sentences. Looking back, they realized that he wasn’t scared silly, he was just looking for an opportunity to kill.

He was calm, steady, and accurate, he knew what he was doing and how to accomplish it. In only the first half hour of the exam, he was 300 points above all the Alpha, causing everyone to be stunned yet admire him at the same time.

In such a critical situation, no one dared to stand up and claim they could’ve done better than Cecil.

Old Bernard, who was sitting at home and watching his grandson on a big screen, let out a high spirited laugh, Johnny Bernard’s eyes bulged, he couldn’t believe that that was his son.

At the Chelman Military Academy, the seniors were watching the candidates’ performance at lunch break in the cafeteria.

A Beta sitting next to Joshua sincerely exclaimed, “No wonder Cecil said he had to assume greater social responsibility, he really does have the ability. We still can’t tell how high his physical level is, but his spiritual strength should be above S-class. He warned his team half a minute before Darren sensed the danger, but unfortunately no one believed him. In half a minute, a magic flower mantis can travel hundreds of kilometers with its speed, so his spiritual power can spread at least hundreds of kilometers… …”

After this analysis, the man sucked in a breath and didn’t dare go on. What kind of terrible spiritual power level can spread hundreds of kilometers? That kind of strength had already broken the limits of 3S. That would make Cecil an automatic detector, able to easily get a clear picture of the situation around him at any time.

He was speechless, he looked at Joshua and said, “Hey, Cecil doesn’t seem to be worse than you. Wasn’t it General Osborne who said that he was delicate and helpless?”

Joshua smiled awkwardly and bowed his head to fiddle with his plate. By Omega standards, he felt that he was excellent, not even that, he should be the best. No other Omega was born with S-class spiritual power and almost A-level physique, he could boldly say that he was capable of working alongside Alpha.

But now, his pride and self-confidence were suffering an unprecedented blow. Cecil was an Omega just like him, and his spiritual power and physique was not inferior to his, but Cecil also had the courage to break stereotypes. He never concealed his Omega identity, he even removed his glands in order to not be controlled by others.

His actions were so shocking, but he had the ability to charm people into surrender. When he appeared on the screen, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but focus on him, he was a natural star.

Joshua had to admit that he couldn’t compare with Cecil. He was angry at his fate of being a birthing machine, but he still kept his glands, just to give himself an escape route. But Cecil didn’t need an escape route, he never doubted that he would be successful.

When he showed a confident smile, the dazzling glow was blinding.

Joshua was uneasy when he remembered Osborne’s refusal words to Cecil. Faced with such an excellent Cecil, can Osborne still keep his heart steady?

Thinking of this, he covered his face, depressed.


Following the killing of the three magic flower mantises, the team met a group of low level eight-legged Zerg beasts. Because they received Zhou Yun Sheng’s warning early in the morning, with division of labor, they easily resolved them.

Darren stared at the terminal on his wrist, contented to find that the number of Zerg he’d hunted ranked him in second place, after Cecil. He looked over the other people’s rankings, then lowered his wrist and glanced at the black haired boy squatting by the river side.

He’d already guessed that Cecil’s spiritual power must be above 3S level, otherwise he couldn’t detect from so far away. He must’ve suppressed his strength in the first exam, because it’s easy to guess that if he’d shown how extraordinary he was at that time, the Aldrich family would’ve arranged to have him killed at all costs, and the third test was the best chance.

Now, the Aldrich family had clearly underestimated Cecil, but it was too late to start hatching plans. The sharp Cecil attracted the attention of the whole galaxy, it’s unknown just how many forces would be secretly paying attention to him, but it was enough to make people with ulterior motives unable to get ahead.

Every step of Cecil’s was well planned, he had strength and intelligence, he simply couldn’t get any better! Thinking of this, Darren revealed an infatuated smile as he looked at the other boy’s back.

The team members glanced at each other, sensing a shift.

The vice principal was extremely shocked at Cecil’s excellent performance. He was part of the Matthew Army, he was very much worried about the Matthew family’s internal affairs, he couldn’t help saying, “Although Cecil removed his glands, with his strength, he will one day stand at the top of the Empire. I think he’s a good match for Darren, you can arrange for a marriage. It’s enough that the Matthew family has you to produce offspring, your genes are the best.”

At the moment, Osborne couldn’t remember Joshua, he stared at the screen with wrinkled brows, his heart felt like a million ants were gnawing at it, the anxiousness he felt was difficult to describe.

Cecil and Darren? How can that happen? He fiercely wiped the image of the two men together from his mind, and his uncontrolled spiritual power pushed at the monitor, blowing it up into bits of metal.

The vice principal was shocked, he was about to ask Osborne what happened when the man rushed outside and ordered the soldiers to immediately find a new monitor. He found himself unable to endure having Cecil out of his sight, even if it was only for a second.

He had to see him, immediately! Immediately! Afterwards, he was allowed to destroy everything but the monitor, it was too important to lose!

Unconsciously, Zhou Yun Sheng had replaced Darren as group leader, he led everyone slowly toward the rendezvous point.

“Wait, I think I hear someone crying for help!” A team member stopped and listened carefully.

“Let’s go, ignore it.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved.

“We should go take a look, we’ll all be comrades in the future after all.” Darren immediately ran towards the sound.

Comrades could be relied on, as the Zerg pressed humanity into a corner step by step, every comrade was extremely valuable, they couldn’t ignore a cry for help.

Zhou Yun Sheng secretly rolled his eyes and followed them. It’s only when they drew nearer that they understood why Cecil had detected the danger but hadn’t told them about it, the besieged people were Barnett and his subordinates.

They seemed to have blown up a hornet nest, so hundreds of giant poisonous tiger hornets were surrounding and attacking them, forming whirlwinds with their flapping wings, inflicting extremely painful cuts to the group’s faces. They could spray venom from their mouths, and their tails could launch poisonous stingers. Barnett and his team members had long been scarred, a second away from pressing the helper buzzer to give up the exam.

“Hey, someone came to rescue us!” One of them noticed Darren quickly approaching.

Then Barnett also noticed Cecil, his eyes lit up and he immediately ran towards him. When Darren thought that he was going to unite with their group to kill the poisonous hornets, he led his men straight past them and ran away, turning around to fire a shot at Cecil’s back before disappearing into the jungle.

Zhou Yun Sheng ducked to avoid the sneak attack and sent concentrated soul force into Barnett and his subordinates’ heads. They wouldn’t feel anything now, but in half an hour, their spiritual power would suddenly collapse.

The poisonous hornets now had a new goal so they naturally no longer chased Barnett and the others, they quickly surround Darren’s group.

“Future comrades, huh? Whoever wants to live long enough to save another should not save the Aldrich family, they are experts at backstabbing. If it was someone else in trouble, of course I would’ve been duty bound to save them.” Zhou Yun Sheng sneered as he exploded a few poisonous hornet heads with his gun, his sharp skill amazing the spectators.

On the Star Network, the people who witnessed this scene scolded Aldrich family’s shamelessness, even in the absence of evidence, they were beginning to believe that Old Bernard’s injury must have been planned by the Aldrich family. The military people started looking at the Aldrich family with more fear and alertness, no one knew more than them how horrible it was to be sold by your comrades, it often resulted in entire regiments being annihilated.

They began deliberately alienating the Aldrich family, and were reluctant to fight alongside the Aldrich Army, leading to heavy casualties and reduced strength. The family fell from the Third ranked army to the Fifth army, and were even almost dismantled. At this moment in time, Barnett never thought that his subconscious behavior would make his family suffer such heavy losses.

Darren ducked to escape a poison hornet and ordered his team members to scatter and flee.

Zhou Yun Sheng guided him towards the river, jumping between continuous backward shooting, each shot accurately hitting a poison hornet’s head, his ultra-high precision invoked the Star Network’s audience’s endless worship.

Upon reaching the river, only one remained of the hundreds of poisonous hornets in pursuit, it screeched and zoomed towards Darren.

Darren pulled the trigger, but found that the energy stone in his particle gun had been exhausted. He shouted, “Cecil, my gun broke!”

In response to him, an energy sword was plunged into the brain of the poisonous hornet. A black-haired black-eyed beautiful looking teenager jumped down from a treetop, easily killing the poison hornet, his feet resting on the poisonous hornet’s soft abdomen.

“Your reaction time is too slow, if one gun can’t be used, why not use the other?” Zhou Yun Sheng put away his energy sword and gestured to the other particle gun holstered at Darren’s hip.

Darren’s cheeks flushed, he found it difficult to form words, after a long time he asked, “You’re really an Omega?” He had never seen such a powerful Omega- agility, judgment, skill, marksmanship, intelligence, all top-notch, from his hair to the soles of his feet, there were few weaknesses.

“Did you forget? I’m a gender-less monster.” Zhou Yun Sheng looked down at his pants covered with poisonous hornet guts, his cunning eyes leaking out disgust.

At this time, the sky was growing darker, it was time to find a place to camp. They’d lost touch with the other team members during the escape, and a two person team would make it harder to face danger. Zhou Yun Sheng took out some blood he had collected from the magic mantises and sprinkled it in the clearing, then he started a bonfire.

The magic flower mantises of CT073 were very high level Zerg with almost no natural enemies, its blood would drive away the vast majority of Zerg.

Darren whispered, “Ah, that’s why you collected the blood, I should’ve thought of that. Cecil, you’re really capabl-ack!” He choked as he finished his sentence, his bulging eyes looking toward the river.

The boy had taken off his coat and stood in the waist high water with only a pair of camouflage trousers. His skin was white and smooth, and his weaker looking body was covered with thin and graceful muscles, shining after the dip in the water. He had solid abs, his small navel and sexy V line exposed. He was slightly bent over, revealing a beautiful waistline.

The sunset hung behind him, making him appear as if he was plated in a layer of gold, he was like the gods of ancient legends, his beauty was suffocating.

Darren had never seen an Omega expose his body so openly. They always fastened their buttons to the top, glancing over with reserved and shy eyes, like fragile glass dolls.

But the Omega in front of him subverted this stereotype. He was like a mass of fire, a pool of lava, so dazzling and hot, Darren could imagine all the moths that would desperately run towards him.

Darren’s cheeks flushed, his tongue trembling as he tried talk, he deliberately looked away, but his eyes always drifted back the boy’s body. Without even smelling the sweet Omega pheromones, he was already hard as iron.

He immediately clamped his legs, clutching his bright red face as he thought: God, Cecil is so charming! What if I can’t hold it in?

On the Star Network, all the people watching this scene had already shed two lines of scalding nosebleeds. Those arrogant Omega-abusing Alpha were the ones that shouldn’t appear on the battlefield. If their comrades could be replaced by Omega like Cecil, oh God, as long as they thought about it, the scenario made them feel like floating in the sky from happiness.

“Cecil, you have to pass the exam, your Chelman upperclassmen are waiting for you!”

“You’re my Adonis Cecil! The universe’s hottest stunner is none other than Cecil, my hit points have already run out because of Cecil!” Screenshot screenshot, frantically screenshots.

“Cecil has both beauty and strength. I really don’t understand why Osborne refused him, but it’s for the best, thanks to Osborne’s refusal, we still have a chance! I couldn’t care less if Cecil can’t have children, he’s No. 1!” The user’s declaration was echoed by countless people.

Osborne stared at the half-naked, water fairy-like charming young man, anxious to immediately appear at his side and tightly wrap him in a coat.

“What are you doing Darren? Why aren’t you stopping Cecil? Shit, you’re actually rutting?!” He muttered between gnashed teeth after driving away the vice principal.



Giant poisonous tiger hornets– Probably based on the Asian giant hornet.

Adonis –男神- Nanshen – Mr. Perfect / Adonis / Prince Charming

Stunner –尤物 – youwu – rare object / rare person / extraordinarily beautiful woman. Google for pics of hot Asian women if you’re into that.

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21 days ago

Btw ZYS should rule out Darren as his potential lover because the overly possessive nature would never let him go half naked in front of the whole empire 😅😂

1 month ago

i seem to be the only one fine with osborne being the ml (probably)? ofc he didn’t like cecil before, because he wasnt the mc. And yea altho publicly announcing his adoration for another person is a jerk move, to osborne, joshua was probably the mc since he looked like mc’s last reincarnation. And we already know our ml is inconsiderate to anyone other than the mc lol.

21 days ago
Reply to  lovlis

No I’m totally fine with Osborne being the lover. Just as you stated when he broke the engagement Cecil was just Cecil not the mc. Although I’m really worried hows he gonna turn around this awkward situation him being the overly possessive one
I can’t wait 😂

2 months ago

Xu Du Lang would have a entire squad of spies in that planet to help in case of need by now. How the mighty have fallen…

2 months ago

…….I am kinda disappointed if ml is osborne.he deliberately made excuses and humilliated cecil in public. I wouldn’t give that shit a chance if it was not controlled by cp ml x mc plot.

Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
3 months ago

Okay im suffering from second lead syndrome (lil bit) gahhh so its Osborne?? Im really hoping it would be kyle 🥺

Choco Latta
Choco Latta
5 months ago

i really hope its not him but ohh well
. ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

5 months ago

Darren is adorable but unfortunately the MC is Osborne. Not that I dislike him, but I stan for Darren more

9 months ago

Yes dear unnamed lover suffer!! I like you but your vessel I want him to feel despair!!

Blue Wine
Blue Wine
9 months ago

You dump him and now get possessive for him. This is why I hate this type of trope.

1 month ago
Reply to  Blue Wine

he dumped him because he wasn’t the mc lol. ML seems attracted to the soul/personality of the mc

1 year ago

Well i can’t understand people not wanting thar osborn is the ML.
Lke that’s sooo obvious.
And i know it from the start.
he was attrack by joshua…. because he look like joshua.
And If you don’t want him now, you Nevers want him from the start, because he’s stalker, obsessionnel, pervert for ZYS.
I can understand he’s the cause of the owner’s body is death.
ZYS Doesn’t even blame him

Sorry for my bad english.

7 months ago
Reply to  Nanarmy

No, I completely agree with you.
Osbourne has a lot of work to do to get Cecil back, but it’ll be worth it.

6 months ago
Reply to  Nanarmy

Def agree from the beginning he was al a stalker,pedophile,etc2 so its nth new.I mean even the MC couldn’t recognize ML all times too except during kissing and even missed each other in the zombie arc.ML recognize the wrong persons I think bcos he is subconsciously too eager to find MC.It’s prob the accumulation of feelings fr other worlds.

6 months ago
Reply to  Spica

Realy from the begining! Brainless for ZYS !

6 months ago
Reply to  Spica

In fact, the ML just chase the remaining of the “memory” he have from he past life, going behing joshua, he didn’t end with him and die protecting him.
If he didn’t broke with the vessel of ZYS, that would have more disturbe me because that wasn’t ZYS, he just come after.
Yes the original die, kind of because of the ML, but without his death ZYS wouldn.t have been in his vessel.