FOD Chapter 10.5


Chapter 10.5

Zhou Yun Sheng concentrated on cultivation for the two years, and also secretly inquired about news of the protagonist. As fate had established, he met with the Second Prince two years ago, and the two people adventured in the dark forest, completing a variety of quests and even rescuing the Beast Prince from being eroded by demon fog, causing the prince to fall in love with him at first sight. He also made the elves’ Mother Tree grow buds for the first time in years.

He had lived in the Temple of God for hundreds of years, all the fruits and nectar he consumed contained the purest power of light, so his body had long ago transformed into a purer spirit than any one of the light priests on the continent.

Because he accompanied the Light God in the Ninth Heaven temple, his body automatically absorbed divine power, so he didn’t need to pray. In the spirit world, he wouldn’t be anything special, but to the mortal realm, he was at a saintly level.

He had big dark eyes, looked beautiful, and a touching singing voice that didn’t fall short of the Elf King’s. When he sang, even the violent dark beasts would become docile. He developed a friendship with the Elf King, and the two sat under the Mother Tree and sang for three days and three nights, causing the whole family of elves to feel intoxicated.

After he left the dark forest with the Second Prince, he visited the main church branch and received the Pope’s warm hospitality. His foresight and extraordinary conversation caused the Pope to exclaim in pleasure and sigh in great appreciation. The Pope treated him as a friend, and when he learned that he wanted to leave, he put aside his business to accompany him to the Sagya Kingdom.

His unparalleled charm made everyone who saw him feel compelled to stick around him.

He’d only traveled in the world for two years, yet there were already bards preparing a moving repertoire of songs and poems for him. He was regarded as the Darling of God, the Messenger of Light, the mainland’s hope, and it was predicted that he would become the most powerful light priest in the last thousand years.

At the moment, he was accompanied by the Pope, the Bishop, and the Second Prince and was on his way to the Light Temple of Sagya Kingdom.

“I heard that there are only two light priests in the Light Temple of Sagya Kingdom?” He smiled at the elderly Bishop.

The Bishop nodded respectfully, “Yes, me and my adopted son, Joshua. He is a very cute child.” Even if he wanted to give more of an introduction, the Bishop wasn’t allowed to say it. Over the years, the word ban the Light God had placed on him became more and more rigid, he couldn’t mention a lot of things about Joshua to outsiders, even if the other person was the Pope.

Isn’t this protection too extreme? For these two years, it’s unknown whether Joshua has grown. He looked down and thought in silence.

The protagonist Boel Britte questioned curiously, “How old is he this year, what’s his personality? I’ll live in this temple for a while, I’m looking forward to making a good friend.”

The prince tugged the boy’s fingers and smiled, “Joshua is very gentle, you and him will become very good friends.” His impression of Joshua still had some love, but now his heart was occupied by Boel. Boel was powerful, had a noble birth, and the Pope was hinting at Boel taking over the Light Temple of Sagya Kingdom, so he needed to find time to clear things up with Joshua.

If it was the past, he would have been worried that he would offend the Bishop, but now he had the Pope’s support, so there was no such concern.

The Bishop was glad to hear him put in a good word for Joshua. In his view, Boel Britte was the Father’s messenger, while Joshua was the Father’s beloved, in the future, the two men would live in the Ninth Heaven’s Temple, so it would be good if they got along early.

The Pope was not interested in the so-called ‘cute Joshua’, he only listened silently, staring at the beautiful, black haired teenager with the dark, soft eyes. Although the boy should be hundreds of years old, because he’d lived in the Temple of God, he had never aged, and because he was taken into the Temple of God at a young age and was pampered, he had a very simple heart.

Such a person was very easy to control.

The Pope could be regarded as a top power in the continent, but he was not satisfied with just that. He had received divine power from the Father, a force that was completely different from the light power other light priests received from prayer, it was strong, pure, and addicting. If he could get more divine power, he would unhesitantly destroy the world.

The moment he was infused with divine power, he started thinking of ​​becoming a god. But for the last two hundred years, no matter how pious his prayers or how hard his cultivation, his strength was stuck in the saint level, it didn’t budge an inch.

When he was suffering in despair, Boel appeared. He lived in the Ninth Heaven and was the Father’s favorite, but because he couldn’t stand the loneliness of the temple, he pleaded with the Father to let him travel to the continent and mingle with the humans. The Father blessed him and gave him a ring inlaid with the highest level light stone, when it was triggered, its powerful light could vanquish everything evil.

The Pope found hope, if he could develop a deep friendship with Boel, perhaps when he returned to heaven, he could recommend him to the Father.

So, he pretended to tour the temples with him and easily won the boy’s heart. Of course, he knew that the boy also maintained a very ambiguous relationship with the Second Prince, the Beast King, and the Elf King, and had long lost his virginity, but it didn’t matter, he just wanted to reach his own goals, he could endure any disgusting steps.

As the group was getting closer to the temple, Zhou Yun Sheng was holding a pair of scissors and standing before a bush of roses, looking for the most beautiful flower to offer to the Father.

He looked left and looked right, undecided. Although there were a lot of buds, very few were fully bloomed, and none were at a beautiful state.

“Your eminence, you should forget it and wait a few days to cut again.” The maid who stood behind him advised.

Another maid immediately echoed, “Yes ah, now is not the most beautiful time, cutting them is a pity. We can use sunflowers instead, Father God also like sunflowers.”

Zhou Yun Sheng put the scissors back into the basket, gently stroked a bud and sighed, “Alright, we’ll pick sunflowers. The amount of buds this year is a lot, like the stars in the heavens. If by some miracle they all bloom overnight, the scene would be very beautiful. I really want to see it with my own eyes.”

In the Ninth Heaven above, the God of Light, as always, was watching the boy. He heard this remark and slightly raised a fingertip, pouring golden power into the water mirror. He was willing to meet all the boy’s wishes, he would give him whatever he wanted, even if he wanted the stars in the heavens, he would pick them out and string them into a necklace for him.

Zhou Yun Sheng was about to walk away, but stopped in surprise as the wall covered in rose buds bloomed one by one, and their color changed from pure white into a bright fiery red. It was eye-catching like a cluster of bright flames, a thrilling beauty.

He stared dumbfounded at all this, and the two maids behind him were astonished.

“God, this must be a miracle! The Father is very effective!” The maids muttered, but a sudden surprised and high-pitched voice covered their words, “My God, Boel, you just walked into the temple door and this cluster of seasonal flowers suddenly fully bloomed. This must be a gift from the God of Light, he is looking at you from Ninth Heaven!”

The Second Prince’s cheeks flushed in excitement. It was not surprising that he would have such a conclusion, because Boel had dropped in front of him out of thin air, wearing holy robes engraved with the Light God’s oracle, his finger decorated with a huge light stone ring, his neck, hands, and feet all sparkling with golden light.

He was suspicious of Boel’s supposed extraordinary origins until Boel used his golden light to kill a king level dark beast and confessed that he was a messenger from the Temple of God, and he was the Father’s beloved.

The signs he previously performed removed any doubt, so it was natural that this cluster of roses would bloom out of season in his presence. The world knew that roses were the God of Light’s beloved flower. It was reasonable that he would bloom them to show favor to his most beloved.

Boel had stared at the sparkling flowers in awe, but felt fear at the Second Prince’s sweet words. Only he himself knew that he was not the messenger of the Father, but a servant who had fled, and even his status in heaven was not as noble as they imagined.

But perhaps, because of his disappearance, the Father realized his importance and forgave him. It was not impossible.

At this thought, Boel took two steps towards the wall and reached out to pick the most beautiful flower in full bloom, when a hand suddenly stretched out and seized his wrist.

“You are not worthy of desecrating these beautiful flowers.” Suddenly, like gently flowing water, a beautiful and moving voice that relaxed the eardrums sounded, but hidden in the voice was a malicious tone that caused everyone’s heart to tremble.

Boel had indulged in two years of constant flattery, he naturally couldn’t stand suddenly being belittled and insulted. He turned to glare at the voice’s owner, then his eyes widened involuntarily.

He thought that his appearance was peerless, even in the Ninth Heaven, very few servants or even the gods looked better than him, but the beauty of the boy in front of him couldn’t be described by mortal language. He was like a beam of light, overshadowing everything around him, including Boel himself, whose beauty was praised by the bards countless times.

If he went up to the Temple of God, even the Father’s cold and ruthless eyes would melt upon seeing him. But unfortunately, he was just a mortal, he would never have the qualification.

Boel’s heart filled with this haughty thought, but his expression remained docile and lovely, he asked in a wronged tone, “This is a gift my Father gave me, why can’t I pick it? My name is Boel Britte.” I’m the Light God’s beloved, so you should salute me immediately and obey my orders unconditionally.

Zhou Yun Sheng heard his unspoken words, but he couldn’t care less. If he was Rational Sheng, he wouldn’t go against the protagonist, but Zhou Yun Sheng was currently the God of Light’s brainless fanboy, as long as he thought of how this man treated the Father hot and cold, shamelessly betraying his noble status to fool around with a group of mortals, he was angry enough to tear him to shreds.

He remembered the background information 007 had sent him, this person lived an extremely debauch lifestyle, able to lead anyone he knew for a few days to between his legs. Fucking on the bed, in the trees, bushes, carriages, hot springs, his passion welcoming all, love juices flowing out. He felt disgusted at the thought that the Father would fall in love with such a dirty man in the future.

He had a sudden urge to destroy the earth.

“You are Boel Britte? So what? You’re only an ordinary person, nothing else.” He let go of the boy’s wrist, filled his hand with golden light and crushed the red rose into dust.

If he couldn’t have it, no one else could, he was this kind of possessive fanboy.
A non-saint-level light priest can’t solidify light power into an entity. This boy is only 18 years old right? It’s appalling to have such a strong power at 18 years old! Although Boel had the appearance of a boy, if he counted it, he would be about five or six hundred years old. He’d stayed around the Father and learned to absorb divine power, but his strength was not much higher than Joshua’s.

If the boy matured for a few more years, what extent would he reach? And how did he get such a pure light power, it looked very close to divine power. Is he the Father’s favored continent pet?

The Pope finally took notice of the boy, but only saw a figure walking away briskly, his platinum hair shimmering like silk under the bright sun, making passersby feel dizzy.

Boel blinked, then looked to the Pope with a pitiful expression. He had not been treated so rudely for a long time.

The Pope patted him on his head and said, “Don’t be sad, I’ll talk to Joshua. You’ll be the Bishop of the Sagya Kingdom in the future, when he understands this, he’ll naturally come to apologize.”

A gentle and simple boy, and a rebellious boy, naturally, the gentle and simple one was easier to control, so the Pope decided to put all his eggs in Boel’s basket and help him suppress Joshua.

All 18 year olds had to go out to travel. The mainland was so dangerous, who knew if he could come back.

The Bishop knew that the Pope was partial to Boel and quickly apologized on Joshua’s behalf. Others thought that the rose bloom was a gift for Boel, but he didn’t think so.

He came across Boel’s secret rendezvous on more than one occasion, and the romantic partner was different at each encounter. Such a lustful and dirty person, if he entered the trial pool he would be burned to ashes. As long as the Father had eyes that could see, he would never love him.

But he couldn’t talk about Joshua’s relationship to the Father, so he could only remain silent. If His Majesty and the Pope decided to stir up trouble, the Father would definitely take good care of Joshua.

The Bishop remembered the miserable Deputy Bishop and couldn’t help but sigh.

In the Ninth Heaven above, the God of Light was now frowning, he was very unhappy. He didn’t recognize this Boel, more precisely, the other boy was not even a speck of dust in his gaze. His sincere confession was misunderstood and inexplicably given to a filthy mortal, he was almost laughing mad.

The red rose in flower language said- I love you dearly. This was exactly what he wanted to personally say to Joshua, who was this Boel to actually keep claiming to be his darling? What a slippery slope.

The Light God’s fingertip coated in gold, intending to evaporate Boel’s body and soul, when an idea popped into his mind.
Joshua felt jealous of Boel, does that mean that his love for him had changed from a devout faith to a warm love? For two years, he was increasingly dissatisfied with the relationship between him and the Little Believer. He wanted Joshua to treat him as a lover, not a god.

Maybe leaving this man will make him wake up faster.

Thinking of this, the Light God put away the golden light, then he turned back Boel’s time on the water mirror to see his life, not missing a single one of his countless passionate conquests.

He gave a cold low laugh, his pupils suffused in black light. Such a filth, yet still daring to call himself the Darling of God, even though letting him run away was only out of disinterest. And really, was this the so-called strongest priest in the mainland? Have the creatures of the mainland fallen to such an extent?

He really should destroy it as soon as possible.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked all the way back to his room, but his need to love and worship the Father was more important than the anger in his heart. He calmed his unstable mood, returned to the garden to pick sunflowers, then he walked into the side hall.

The two maids carried the freshly steamed pastries and neatly placed them on the tray. They rarely see the priest get so angry, at that moment they were trembling in fear, and now, they were peeking at his expression from time to time.

“Your eminence, I think that Lord Boel is not as outstanding as they say. Whether it’s his appearance or his strength, he is lesser than you. Although you are now unknown, sooner or later, you’ll outshine the whole continent, you’ll become the greatest light priest.” One of them let out the thoughts in her heart.

The other one nodded and echoed her.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled at them. Because of his intense faith, his temperament was very gentle in the day, he had many naïve thoughts and was willing to put away the bad things and think of all the good things in life. Of course, if anyone insulted his Father, he would become very aggressive.

The atmosphere in the hall had just eased when Boel stepped back in with a brisk pace, he smiled, “Joshua, let’s have a good talk yes? Just now, where did I provoke you, please tell me. I’ll be living in this Sagya Kingdom temple for a long time, I hope I can become good friends with you.”

He was used to being loved everywhere he went, when he suddenly met someone who instantly despised him, he felt the unyielding desire to not give up trying to make the other person fall in love with him.

The two maids retreated.

Zhou Yun Sheng pursed his lips and refused to talk. He didn’t want to make friends with this man, in fact, just looking at him filled him with the impulse to draw out his claws and attack.

Boel put on a pitiful expression and tentatively asked, “Is it because of the Second Prince? We’re just ordinary friends, please don’t misunderstand.”

Zhou Yun Sheng glared at him and stressed, “Only the Father is in my heart. My lifelong ideal is to give all I have as an offering to the Father, so that he’ll love this insignificant piece of land and not allow it to be reduced to a paradise for demons. Whatever your relationship with the prince, I have no interest in knowing.”

He said this firmly, his eyes overflowing with disgusted dissatisfaction when he mentioned the Second Prince, so Boel was unable to treat it as hypocrisy. The one he loved and wanted to hold on to was not even worth mentioning to the other man, causing his hidden sense of superiority and triumph to all disappear.

In the Ninth Heaven above, the Light God heard this conversation and felt both touched and distressed. He was willing to accept all of Joshua, and would never hesitate to give back all of himself, even his godhood as the Light God. But Joshua thought he was perfect, and he was afraid to let him down.

“I really don’t know how to confess to you.” He covered his face and felt what it meant to be in a tangled mood for the first time.

In the hall, the conversation between the two continued. Boel was very embarrassed, he was silent for a moment then tried again, “Why? Why do you resent me? We just met, isn’t it too quick to define me? I really like you.” He smiled his usual irresistible smile.

Zhou Yun Sheng bowed and fiddled with the pastries, as if he’d heard nothing.

The steam gave off the smell of freshly made pastries. Even in the Temple of God, Boel had never seen such exquisite pastries. He sigh in admiration, “This smells so good. Although the Father doesn’t need to eat, he’ll certainly be willing to taste this if he sees it. Father’s favorite thing to do is recline on his chaise and drink, he hates when others disturb him.”

“But he loved to call me to his side to sing, he’d listen to me sing for days at a time, as if he could never grow tired of my voice. If he was happy, he would even gently touch my head. His body is not cold like a mortal would imagine. It’s very warm, and snuggling at his feet will give you peace of mind.”

Zhou Yun Sheng heard this and his heart started bleeding, he instantly glared at Boel and asked, “Since you stayed with the Father in such warmth and peace of mind, why did you want to come to the mainland?”

Boel saw the strong jealousy in his eyes and was unexpectedly happy, he smiled, “Because the Temple of God is too lonely. We have a long lifespan, we occasionally feel burnout. The Father saw my unhappiness and allowed me to come to the mainland to relax. When the deadline comes, he’ll send a god down to escort me back.”

After saying a lie a thousand times, it will slowly start to become the truth in your mind. Boel had just wanted to have a cover to protect himself at first, how could he honestly think anyone would come to take him back to heaven? But he’d enjoyed getting the honor that he had never experienced before, so it was difficult for him to remember his origins.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes reddened and he sneered, “Staying at the Father’s side is such a glorious opportunity, how can you feel lonely? If it was me, I would never leave the Father half a step.”

“But unfortunately, you are not me.” Boel shrugged and threw a small bite of pastry into his mouth.

Then he gave a provocative smile.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart was no longer bleeding, it directly broke into pieces. For a fanboy, being able to always stay by their idol’s side was a supreme happiness, he was more than willing to take the change and enter heaven. But not only did this man run away, he also slept with several other people simultaneously, was this kind of person worth the air they breathed?

Of course not! Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes filled with killing intent, his fingers quietly wrapping in a wisp of gold, intending to use it to pierce Boel’s heart, when Rational Sheng, hidden deep in his subconscious, stopped him. Foreign forces can’t directly kill the children of fate, otherwise, the world will collapse!  He could cast a hook, but couldn’t reel it in, or all his work would go to waste.

You better fucking sober up! Don’t revolve around your Father all day! In order to remind himself, Rational Sheng broke through the numerous psychological barriers to finally say this sentence, then he was pressed back into the black sea of his subconscious by Brainless Sheng.

But Brainless had heard the message, he overturned all the trays with a flap of his sleeves, stood up, and walked away.

“What is your problem!?” Boel was splashed with a lot of sticky pastries, his cheeks flushed in anger.

“These are offerings dedicated to the Father, you are a mortal, what qualifications do you have to taste them? Now that you’ve defiled them, they’re not worthy as offerings. Don’t think that you deserve worship because you lived in the Temple of God for hundreds of years. You’ve already abandoned your halo, you’re not superior to me.”

Leaving with this sentence, he quickly rushed to the main hall and stared at the Father’s face with tear filled eyes.

Father, how can you prefer to fall in love with that person over me?

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3 months ago

reading Bowl’s dialogues always make me wanna rip myself. I hate self righteous so much ಠ⁠ಗ⁠ಠ

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Dummy dum
1 year ago

MC to ML: tsk, this is why I should train you!

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is zys becoming a yandere…? run, boel, run! 😀

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ML, God of Light actually has a surprising side yet receives worship as the mortals are dead oblivious to his reluctance to destroy the world (but yeah he is waiting for his treasure)&then he finds his treasure, his Little Believer&irresistibly falls in love with the child.
MC, to accomplish this body’s owner’s (his) tasks&wishes, hypnotizes himself to forcibly fall in love with Father to death and succeeds in that despite the disgust he feels. But ML is oblivious to this. Really, there are men beyond men and heavens beyond heavens. Interesting!!!

2 years ago

How r they gonna fuck tho

2 years ago

There’s a hoe in this arc~
There’s a hoe in this arc~
There’s a hoe in this arc~

2 years ago

I think the personality of both protagonist is in a gray area. They are not evil but also not good people. They only care for each other. Through the story there are several characters that did not deserve the final that they had. I pity Boel he was taken from his home for the Light God’s whim (until this chapter, let’s see what else is in the story). And now because he was not a devoted follower he will be punished, which is a tragedy.

2 years ago
Reply to  Hanni

He’s not punished for not being a devoted follower. He’s punished for lying and trying to take Joshua’s future title away. Boel could have lived a fine life if he didn’t insist on acting like The God of Light is in love with him and intruding. He is doing this to himself.

2 years ago

Suddenly all the comment gone? Where is everyone?

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Reply to  Annonymous

They are at the previous comments page ?

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Reply to  Kanaoshi

I agree with the liar and thief, but he is having consented sex with more than one people. However, that’s his sex life. If he lied to each one of his partners, then maybe he is really bad person, but if everyone is willing to be in this type of a relationship there is not problem.

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Agreed…though i already hate him cause i always do with MC’s enemies and its obvious he’s gonna be another face slapped victim….but Boel’s promiscuous lifestyle is his choice and i won’t slutshame him for it. If those people are willing to sleep with him and he with them then its fine, his business. Its originally a BL harem storyline right and he’s the harem shou leader so its not a surprise that he slept with many people. Oh but he’s got the green tea bitch vibe so i can’t wait to see his face slapped metaphorically by MC.