FOD Chapter 10.4


Chapter 10.4

When Zhou Yun Sheng came out of the trial pool, the black water automatically receded and didn’t contaminate his clothing or skin. He put on his robe and slowly walked to the Bishop and Deputy Bishop’s side and found that the two’s expressions were distorted, like they just saw a ghost.

“Elder Bishop, Elder Deputy Bishop, what’s wrong?”

“Just now we saw… …” The Bishop’s mouth opened and shut, but he didn’t let out the slightest sound, he paused, then started again, “Just … …” Whenever he tried to mention the man, his voice would automatically disappear, this was a word-ban, and it was permanent.
Was that man really the God of Light? The Bishop’s heart sunk into his stomach, his eyes when looking at the child was completely different from before. He had heard from the former Bishop that a thousand years ago, deities would regularly visit the mainland, collecting beautiful young teenagers for the Father. He had a soft spot for white-haired blue-eyed and black-haired dark eyed teenagers, as long as they matched the appearance, they would be taken away. This caused the juveniles with these two features to be very popular, and their status was particularly valuable.

But after a while, the Father seemed to grow tired of them, so he no longer sent deities down, he also rejected the children of the great temples. Slowly, everyone forgot about this fixation.
Looking at the boy in front of him, the Bishop felt as if he had discovered the truth.

Joshua was 16 years old, a tender and flower fresh age. He was slender, had a delicate face, and ankle length platinum blond hair, resembling a shimmering waterfall. Where he stood, there seemed to be a bright spotlight, expelling all darkness.

He was clean, pure, tender, beautiful, and by entering the trial pool, he proved that he had a devout heart and the most refined soul. It was not surprising that he could receive a blessing from the Father.

At that thought, the Bishop’s unstable mood slowly calmed and he rejoiced at the future prospects of Sagya Kingdom. Currently, the light priests all relied on prayer to get divine light power, it looked like the pious were more powerful, but in reality, they were just the Father’s favorites. The Father’s eyes didn’t express just simple favor when he’d looked at Joshua, so it wasn’t unlikely that the next Pope would come from Sagya Kingdom, maybe even the Central Church would move to Gagor.

The more the Bishop thought about the future, the more excited he felt, even his eyes when he looked at the boy was full of love.

At the opposite spectrum, the Deputy Bishop was full of fear and disbelief. He didn’t want to admit that the blonde man was the Father, and that the Father would show up in the mortal world for a small priest and kiss his forehead with such tenderness! But his power of light had suddenly disappeared from his body, and his burnt skin that had touched the man’s light repeatedly pulsed, telling him again and again that the most improbable scenario had actually happened.

He’d tried to kill the Father’s beloved pet, causing the Father to personally come down and punish him.

If a priest suddenly loses his power of light, it proved that he has committed great blasphemy, and he’ll be expelled by the Church and despised by the world. From today, he was finished, his life was over!

The Deputy Bishop collapsed and fell to the ground, but the Bishop didn’t even look at him.

“I declare that the Light Temple of Sagya Kingdom has expelled Colin Gaelic for blasphemy. We withdraw all property and honors that have been bestowed upon him and order him to leave Gagor within an hour. This verdict cannot be overturned!”

Immediately, a clerk recorded the oracle for the King. As for the demon, there was no need to continue the search, the Father personally came into the temple, all possible demons would have instantly vanished into smoke.

The Deputy Bishop began crying and begging for mercy, his voice fading as he was dragged away. The Bishop led the boy out of the pool room, saying some comforting and apologetic words.

A group of maids and warriors were kneeling in the outer hall, murmuring and praying, their faces filled with worship and fear. They looked up, they seemed to be trying to look at the statue behind the altar, but they quickly looked away, once again feeling a sharp sting when their eyes touched the statue. They instinctually knew that if they continued to look through the sting, they would become blind.

Not just anyone was qualified to look directly at the Light God’s image.

It was a miracle that the Light God would descend to Sagya Kingdom, and be generous enough to let everyone witness his extraordinary appearance, this was an honor that no temple in the whole continent has ever experienced! If the Pope, who lived in the main temple, found out, he would definitely feel jealous!

Everyone was filled with joy and pride, and their prayers were more pious.

The Bishop walked around the altar and looked up at the new statue for one second before respectfully bowing his head, blinking his stinging eyes. Although the glance was quick, he still recognized the extremely beautiful face, it was eternally unforgettable. It was a statue of the blonde man from before, the real God of Light.

“Light God above, please accept your believer’s repentance … …” He’d even called the Light God a demon, remembering his sin made the Bishop’s legs weaken in anxiety, he immediately knelt and begged forgiveness.

In the entire hall, only Zhou Yun Sheng stood. He was not trying to stand out, nor was he trying to make a statement, he was just suppressed by the glorious image of the Light God.

He looked at the tall man sitting on the gorgeous chaise, his hands were folded under his jaw, and compassion seemed to be his default expression.

He had curly blonde hair and star-bright deep eyes. He was wearing a gorgeous pure white jeweled robe, his waist was loosely fastened with a gold belt inlaid with precious stones, and his half open robe revealed his sexy collarbone and glimpses of a strong body.

His true image was so handsome, far beyond the limits of human imagination.

Hypnosis produced sequelae, if it’s serious, the hypnotism would interfere with the person’s sanity, especially the psychological pushes. Each hypnosis would add another layer to the previous. In other words, every day, Zhou Yun Sheng’s brainlessness will deepen until it was uncontrollable. But he was not worried about this, because the energy he’ll get after completing the task will be enough to help him cure the damage.

But at the moment, Brainless Sheng was going crazy from overload. Knowing that this was the true face of the Father, he had an insane impulse to rush over, kneel down, and start licking the statue. He endured and endured, until the skin on his palms broke from his clenching, all because he didn’t want to make a fool of himself.

He could only dazedly stand in place, his mouth ajar, and stare at the statue with hot eyes that could burn a hole through the stone.

The God of Light had left a trace of his essence in the statue, whatever the statue saw, he saw, whatever the statue felt, he felt. When the Little Believer stared at the statue with such explicit eyes, he felt his whole body heat up and his heart fill with an unprecedented pleasure.

Yes, my child, my baby, look at me, keep looking at me, always keep looking at me, and never look at others with the same eyes! He stretched out his fingertips and pushed the usual amount of burning light power between the Little Believer’s eyebrows.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt hot, but he was even reluctant to blink his eyes, he just touched his forehead, his obsessed and stunned expression looked silly, but also very cute.

The God of Light’s cheerful laughter suddenly echoed in the open temple, causing all the gods and God Servants to feel amazed. Who made the Father so happy? This is a miracle!

When the Bishop had finished his repentant prayers, he saw that his adopted son was looking up, staring directly at the statue.

“Joshua, are your eyes not stinging?” He asked tentatively.

The boy continued looking up at the statue without answering.

He asked a few more times, and finally had to pull on the child’s clothing.

Zhou Yun Sheng returned to reality, blushed, then said, “My eyesight is very good. Good enough to clearly see the glorious image of the Father, and engrave it deep in my heart.”

The Bishop smiled, certain that the Father was spoiling Joshua, only allowing Joshua to look directly at his true form.

“Of course my child. Stay here and pray to your Father to your heart’s content.” He reached out to rub the boy’s soft hair, but before he could touch his hair he felt a sharp pain on the palm of his hand.

He quietly retracted the hand and brought the other people out of the hall. He went to a secluded corner and calmly looked at his palm, sure enough, his flesh was burnt to a charred color. He shook his head and secretly exclaimed: Even the High God will become unreasonable after finding a beloved person.

With everyone gone, the hall became very quiet. This was Zhou Yun Sheng’s habitual prayer time, he should be kneeling and praying, but after starting he couldn’t continue. His mind was filled with the Light God’s beautiful face, whether his eyes were open or closed, that gorgeous face didn’t leave, it even rooted deeper in his memory.

His heart was boiling, pink bubbles popping one after another. He couldn’t calm down, he didn’t want to do anything but gaze at his Father. Although the statue was made of stone, because it ​​contained the Light God’s essence, whether it was touch or looks, it wasn’t inferior to a real body.

He looked up, his affectionate and hot eyes connected with the Father’s deep eyes, then slipped down to his thin lips and stayed there for a long time. His cheeks flushed, his thoughts slipping into ambiguous territory.

In the Ninth Heaven above, the God of Light felt some numbness and some itchiness, he couldn’t help but lift his fingertips and touch the boy’s lips on the mirror, he suddenly felt very thirsty.

He didn’t move his line of sight as he slightly raised his hands, and a god placed a cup of golden nectar on his lounge. He took the cup and sipped it, but his thirst was not soothed, it even felt drier.

Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to imagine the feeling of kissing the Father, but he didn’t dare go that far. He still unconsciously took small steps and knelt in front of the statue, both hands hanging in mid-air. After a long time, he carefully embraced the Father’s leg. The warm touch of skin shocked him, he immediately retreated a few steps back, folded his hands on the ground, and pressed his forehead against the back of his hands, begging for forgiveness.

How could he think such ​​blaspheming about the Father? He was a horrible person.

The Light God put down his glass, his expression showing frustration. He couldn’t stand the Little Believer’s excessive humbleness towards him. He wanted to make him understand that he was his most beloved child, his unique treasure.

He was preparing to pour more loving light power into the Little Believer’s body, to soothe his inner fear, but then he saw the boy suddenly look up, glance around like a thief, then he quickly trotted to the statue, stopped to kiss the statue’s instep, then immediately ran away like the wind.

The feeling of a butterfly wing caressing his instep caused the Light God to tremble unstoppably. He covered his face, he didn’t want to let others see his stunned expression, but his ears were slowly turning red.

“My baby, how can you be so cute?” The gentle whisper slipped through his fingers, not long after, the Light God’s hearty laughter once again sounded in the hall.

Zhou Yun Sheng dashed back to his bedroom, jumped into his bed and buried himself in his quilt, his cheeks looked like it was covered with a layer of thick rouge. He gripped the pillow and giggled, rolling around for two hours. When the moon climbed above the treetops, his silly expression instantly twisted ferociously, he violently threw the pillow to the ground and ran into the bathroom while undressing, then he jumped into the hot spring.
Fuck you, you actually made an offering cake in your image! What the fuck, you felt aroused staring at a statue, and almost got freaking hard! Fuck you, you kissed a statue’s instep like a wretched beast! Do you have no dignity?

In his mind, a mini him with a devil’s tail stabbed at a mini him wearing a priest’s robes, violently cursing. He now knew what a terrible creature Brainless Sheng was, he dared not think about all the stupid things he had to do every day.

He smashed at the water, splashing the walls, for several minutes before finally calming down. Then he stretched out an index finger and it radiated a very strong golden light. The light slowly solidified into a gold sword, then he took out his rage on the hot spring, as long as there was a target, he would aim his sword at it, breaking it into rubble.

The powerful light made several cracks on the bathroom ceiling.

Zhou Yun Sheng twitched his finger, and in a blink of an eye, the appallingly strong light power went back into his body.

Once the power of light left the body, it would dissipate, even thousands of years ago, the most powerful light priests couldn’t retract it. In the Ninth Heaven above, the God of Light saw this scene and couldn’t help but be surprised. As far as he knew, in the entire continent and including the spirit world, whether it was humanity or gods, only he himself could do this.

He really is worthy of being my Little Believer.

He laughed pleasantly, but of course, he was also very concerned about the child’s inexplicable temper, he pondered on it, then blamed it on the insidious Deputy Bishop.

It was certainly not the way of the Light God to let the Deputy Bishop be banned under heaven and earth in a superficial way. He decreed an oracle and ordered the whole continent to expel the blasphemer. So, the only place the Deputy Bishop could seek refuge was the Dark Abyss, the demons would certainly entertain him.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s harvest today was quite fruitful. He didn’t know how he compared to the protagonist in strength, but in Joshua’s memory, the power of light could only hurt evil, and in order to wound, it must be constantly condensed into a solid. In the last thousand years, no light priest could cultivate to that extent.

So, when the protagonist used a condensed golden light to pierce through Joshua’s shoulder, everyone worshiped him. There was no doubt that he was the most powerful light priest in the last thousand years.

Currently, Zhou Yun Sheng could easily re-create his trick, so it seemed that the gap between him and the protagonist was not large, enough for self-preservation.
This was all Brainless Sheng’s blessing. Without his wholehearted devotion to the God of Light, Zhou Yun Sheng would not be so powerful.

Fine, we’ll keep this going, everything is worth it! Zhou Yun Sheng clenched his fists, he was repeating the same cheer up speech to himself every day now. After giving himself a good psychological boost, he climbed out from the pool, dried his body and wrapped in a bathrobe, and was ready to go to bed when the door was knocked.

He opened the door barefoot and the Bishop walked in.

He met Joshua wearing only a thin bathrobe, water droplets flowing down from his hair, causing the fabric to become translucent. It clung tightly to Joshua’s chest, sketching his slim and graceful figure vividly. His extravagant grace assaulted the senses.

The Bishop had no time to take in the view before his pupils started stinging. He choked and quickly said, “I came to tell you that the Father has lowered an oracle and expelled Colin from the continent. My child, your Father has given you justice, remember to thank him tomorrow.” When his voice faded, the stinging sensation in his eyeballs disappeared.

The Bishop was astonished by the Father’s strong possessiveness. For a mortal, isn’t this pampering love too heavy? But he didn’t dare dwell on this idea, he wished the boy a good night and left.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t put this matter in his heart. Even without the Bishop’s reminder, the fanboy would undoubtedly cling to the Light God’s statue in gratefulness tomorrow, kneeling and licking its instep, all intelligence gone.

He rolled over and hugged his pillow for a moment, and drowsily thought as he fell into sleep: Why was the marble floor so hot today? Like a dragon breathed on it.


The Deputy Bishop had his light power reclaimed by the God of Light, this was undoubtedly bad news for the Sagya Kingdom. Their temple was now the weakest temple, when the dark war intensified, two light priests simply wouldn’t be able to hold up the light circles and prevent the soldiers from being eroded by the demons, so the Sagya Kingdom had to ask other countries for help.

If they had to pay countless treasures and watch other countries carve up their land, the Sagya Kingdom would downgrade from a first-class power to a subsidiary country.

The King couldn’t accept such a result, so he sat across from the Bishop with a depressed expression.

“You don’t have to worry at all, Joshua is strong enough to support the entire Kingdom. He will be the most powerful light priest in the last thousand years.” After being punished twice by the Light God, the Bishop had no doubt about Joshua’s favor.

The King raised his eyebrows, “Why are you so sure? As far as I know, his qualifications are very common, and his strength is not outstanding.”

After a momentarily pause, the Bishop said, “I can only tell you that he is very blessed by the Father. His hair, his eyes … …”

The hint was enough for the King to remember the legend, he looked surprised, then he silently nodded and said, “Well, I hope everything goes as you predict. But for insurance, I will immediately send troops to search for a child with the power of light. I always felt that the test at 3 years old is too late, I want to change the test age to one year, and the test will be taken every year until they’re 18. I don’t want to miss any potential children.”

The Bishop nodded, “Your idea is very good. I agree, the Kingdom needs more light priests.”

The two reached a consensus, then began to discuss the Second Prince’s travel plans. The Deputy Bishop was expelled, so they could only chose between the Bishop and Joshua to accompany the Second Prince.

The Bishop was already very old, it was a chore for him to travel. Joshua was in the prime of youth, and the God of Light was watching out for him, they should let him out to exercise.

Thinking of this, the Bishop opened, “Let Joshua accompany the Second Prince.”

“What did you say?” The King saw only the Bishop’s mouth moving, but there was no sound.

The Bishop realized that this was the work of the Father’s word ban. He understood not being able to talk about the Father’s activities, but he couldn’t even say such ordinary words? Did the Father not want to let Joshua leave the temple?

He speculated for a while and said the sentence once again, but no sound came out, he gave a helpless sigh, “Then let me accompany the Second Prince on his travels.”

The King was also more confident about the Bishop’s strength and experience, his age was not a problem, either way, they had carriages. He nodded and accepted the offer.

At the same time, Zhou Yun Sheng finished his cultivation in the trial pool, put on his robe, and walked silently to the outer hall. He looked around and made sure that there were no outsiders, then locked the temple door from the inside and walked up to the Father’s statue with a wildly pounding heart. He clung to the statue’s legs, burying his flushed hot face in its lap.

“Father, my mind is very chaotic. I don’t want to do anything else but snuggle at your feet, and quietly feel your body temperature. I know this is wrong, but just this once, okay? Next time, I’ll obediently kneel at your feet in prayer. You punished Colin because his wickedness tarnished the sacred vocation of the light priest, and he embraced the dark priesthood. But can I think of it as your love and affection for me?”

He smiled and gently rubbed the statue’s knee with his cheeks.

The hot, gentle, and soft sensation transmitted to the Light God’s body, the Light God stared at his knees, revealing a trance like expression. This feeling was so wonderful, much more wonderful than he had imagined countless times. He couldn’t help but think more greedy thoughts: What if the real person was snuggled up to my feet?

He would hold him up and put him on his lap, press him into his broad chest, and never let him go back to the mortal world. But now was not the time, he was too timid, he had too much sensitive low self-esteem, he would definitely be frightened by him. And as long as he stayed with him, he would inevitably discover his other side. What kind of expression would he reveal at that time?

Surprise? Despair? Maybe even hatred?

His heart stung in sharp pain at that thought. The Light God frowned, unwilling to think further about it. When he came out of his depression and looked back, the Little Believer had fallen asleep on the statue’s lap, his mouth curved in a sweet smile.

The Light God put his avatar in place of the statue and raised his hand to gently cover the Little Believer’s head, his fingers smoothing his hair, rubbing him with affectionate eyes.

So be it, he could live like this for a while and quietly watch him grow up.


Zhou Yun Sheng was brainless in the day, rational at night, he lived with this divided soul for two years. For those two years, because of the constant infusion and integration of divine power, his mortal flesh and blood had slowly turned into a body of a pure god. Of course, he wasn’t aware of this.

As for the world’s leading protagonist, he followed the Second Prince and the Bishop back to Gagor, after an audience with the King, he was walking toward the temple at an elegant pace.

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Reeta khanka
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