FOD Chapter 9.7


Chapter 9.7

Guo Zerui related the doctor’s distressful situation to Zhao Ling Feng in a brief description, causing the six feet tall man’s eyes to redden. His lips trembled as he said an awkward apology, his grief-stricken like expression made the soldiers stare, a few covered their mouths and snickered.

Being in distressing situations was very common in the Apocalypse, how can this man act like his father just died?

Only Lei Chuan was able to understand his feelings. They were the same, still stuck in their memory of the moment of the doctor’s tragic death, the painful feelings of helplessness was already rooted deep in their souls, and they could never forget it. Even now, when Lei Chuan closed his eyes, he would still involuntarily remember the doctor covered in blood with his eyes closed.

His heart couldn’t be at peace unless the doctor was tied to his side.

At the moment, the doctor was intact and sitting next to him, his body was warm, his breathing and heartbeat was smooth, so Lei Chuan’s hysterical mood slowly recovered, his grip on the doctor’s arm loosened, he was afraid he was hurting him.

Zhou Yun Sheng really couldn’t stand Zhao Ling Feng’s tears, he had to look back to comfort him, and ask if he was injured. This made Lei Chuan extremely dissatisfied, he sneered, “He’s a Metal Warrior, his body is harder than steel, what can happen from a few punches?”

Zhao Ling Feng was fighting back his desire to vomit blood, in order to not make a fool of himself in front of the doctor, he only waved his hand, indicating that it wasn’t a problem.

The car suddenly quieted down.

Lei Chuan bent down to pull out a duffel bag from under the seat, he took out a set of clean clothes and placed it on his lap, then started unbuttoning the doctor’s shirt.

“What do you want?” Zhou Yun Sheng blinked.

“You’ve got blood stains on your clothes. You have to take them off and throw them, or you’ll lead zombies.” Lei Chuan talked while continuing to undo the buttons, his tone was like he was coaxing a child, “Lift up your arms, lean forward a little bit. You’ve had these clothes for a while anyway, they’re so dirty you can’t tell the original colors.”

Dr. Bai was very used to being wait upon in life, and so was Zhou Yun Sheng. Now that his life had a guarantee, he didn’t need to resist anymore, he did as Lei Chuan commanded, look up, lean forward, lift the left arm, lift the right arm … … obediently changing out of his dirty clothes.

Seeing the doctor’s emaciated, almost broken body, Lei Chuan’s breathing was slightly stifled, a sharp pain originated in his heart and spread throughout his body. The doctor’s body was no better than the last life. He never took care of himself, all his thoughts were dedicated to developing the vaccine, he was like a devout worshiper, he could dedicate everything to his beliefs.

He was cruel to the experiments’ bodies, but even more cruel to his own, a lot of people called him the devil, but Lei Chuan knew that this person’s heart hide a pure, beautiful, colorful and magnificent world. He watered that world with blood, pulled it from his imagination and into reality, and brought hope for all the survivors.

As long as they saw the doctor’s pureness hidden under his indifferent appearance, no one could hate him, they would even crazily worship him, admire him, and be willing to closely follow him. Like the laboratory researchers, like Zhao Ling Feng and his subordinates, and even Lei Chuan the experimental body.

Seeing such a thin doctor, Lei Chuan only felt anguish.

His eyes darkened with bitterness, he very gently and carefully helped the doctor put on a clean coat, then gathered the stained and dirty clothes and threw them out the window. His voice was hoarse as he opened, “Doctor, you lost weight again. You should eat more.” He opened the same duffle bag and dug out cans of meat, he placed them on his palm and used his ability to heat them.

He opened the cans, and the aroma of food instantly filled the whole compartment. Zhou Yun Sheng gulped with difficultly. He had not been able to eat for many days.

“Let Ling Feng eat first, I’ll eat the remainder.” He restrained himself and handed the cans to the faithful dog in the back seat.

“Doctor you eat, I’m not hungry.” Zhao Ling Feng was moved to tears, even the internal bleeding didn’t hurt as much.

“There’s more if he can’t deal without. However, I have to be upfront.  If he dares secretly take you away again, I’ll twist off his neck.” Lei Chuan took out another can and carelessly threw it into the back seat.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that the reborn Lei Chuan had a dark heart, he gave Zhao Ling Feng a meaningful glance and picked up the cans to slowly eat. Lei Chuan stared at his bulging cheeks and a great sense of satisfaction welled up in his heart. This was his doctor, although he was still unhealthy, he was alive, and this time, no one could take him away from his side.

Everyone in Lei Chuan’s car were his most trusted people, their abilities were also very extraordinary. A soldier sitting by Guo Zerui’s side waited for the doctor to eat and immediately rushed to the back of the seat and exposed the nail sized metal button. He curiously asked, “Dr. Bai, this is something you created? How did these things get into the engines? I didn’t see you tampering with our cars.”

A whole sixteen cars, each car had a button under the hood, the planning involved must’ve been outstanding. And there were patrols around the convoy every day, no one reported seeing the doctor walk near it. They tried to reason it out, but no one could understand what happened.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t answer, he took out the PSP from his backpack and pressed the start button.

The metal button suddenly stretched out eight slender steel feet and moved around flexibly, it jumped from the man’s palm and into the car seat, then it slowly climbed the dashboard, lifting its fine feet to tap. It seemed to be looking for a gap to let itself in.
The man looked dumbfounded, then he stared at the PSP in the doctor’s hand with hot eyes, he wanted to hop over and play with it. He was worthy of being the country’s top scientist, he could casually invent such fine machine spiders and give it such a useful function, no wonder B Base dispatched an army to escort him. What versatile talent ah!

“Doctor, can I play with it?” He gave a coy smile.

Zhou Yun Sheng ignored him, he manipulated the machine spider to jump up Lei Chuan’s arm, then pressed a button. A needle dropped down from inside the metal button and it quickly tried to stick itself into Lei Chuan, but it made a sound like hitting an iron plate, then fell to the ground, broken into two parts.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t feel surprised, he picked up the button and handed it and the PSP to the obviously technician soldier. The man immediately played around in full swing.

Zhou Yun Sheng made this thing to both interfere with the car, and steal some of Lei Chuan’s blood. The tip was coated with an anesthetic, the pricked person wouldn’t feel a thing. But Lei Chuan’s strength was far beyond his imagination, he’d reached the level of unconscious self-protection, even bullets couldn’t penetrate him, not to mention a needle.

Fortunately, fate had turned, otherwise he’d have to continue to think of ways to get Lei Chuan’s blood.

Lei Chuan also noticed the real purpose of the buttons and he couldn’t help but have a conjecture. Before the doctor learned that he had special healing ability, he was planning to steal his blood, does that mean he was reborn? The three of them died at almost the same time, there was no reason for him and Zhao Ling Feng to reborn, but the doctor was still original.

The ecstasy that rushed into his heart quickly soured, Lei Chuan’s eyes slightly darkened. What does it change if the doctor was reborn? Only Zhao Ling Feng was in his memory, not him. He was just a transparent, invisible ghost.

But, at that last moment, why did the doctor kiss his body? In his heart, he should be special too, right?

Lei Chuan spiraled into a deep thinking session, his expression was sad, then joyful, then distorted in jealousy.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that he had doubts, but he felt that it didn’t matter.

As long as Lei Chuan set up a laboratory, he could re-peat the vaccine development process, he could even put out Dr. Bai’s other research projects and completely fulfill the doctor’s wish. When that moment came, he could directly leave the world, how could Lei Chuan seize him then? Either way, the world’s energy would already be in his hands.

Even with such a thought, his future was still very bright. Zhou Yun Sheng slowly leaned back in the seat, and his nerves relaxed for the first time.

Lei Chuan wanted to ask him whether he was reborn or not, but finally held back. If he was, so what? In his heart, he was just a precious experimental body, as it was now, the two people could have a new understanding, and maybe they would be able to develop a normal, intimate friendship.

The two people were lost in their thoughts, silent, at this time, a soldier sitting in the back row with a pen and paper exclaimed, “Boss, I got it!”

“You got it? Good job, it’s only been half a month ah, is your brain a computer?” Guo Zerui immediately took the dense notebook from his hands and read it.

“Is this it? What the fuck, half a month just for 6 characters? How maddening!” A soldier suddenly shouted this sentence.

Guo Zerui read the notebook and handed it to the boss, he secretly gave him a look, telling him not to let Dr. Bai see. This thing was snatched from the hands of Dr. Bai’s army.

Lei Chuan turned a blind eye to this and generously spread the book on his knee. Zhou Yun Sheng only slightly glanced at it before chuckling in his heart. He wondered what was so secretive, it was just a cracked password formula.

This was a formula to operate a very high-end password generator, with this formula, the generator installed into a door lock or computer could produce a set of passwords every second, only with the matching decoder could it produce the correct key to get into the door or computer within this second.

The more complex the formula, the harder the password was to crack, and if there was no decoder, almost no one could break through the defenses, unless it was a powerful genius.

From this formula, the generator specifications Lei Chuan wanted to break into were very high, generally only installed on a big bank vault. Now was the Apocalypse, currency was not circulated, all material goods needed to be looted, and gold was useless. However, these people spent half a month to calculate this, breaking the lock must be very important.

What was worth as much as gold and needed to be securely guarded, something indispensable even in the Apocalypse? Zhou Yun Sheng could only think of the word ‘weapons’. There was only a small detail in Bai Mo Han’s past memories, the army that was escorting him made a stop in Shu Prefecture, a city famous for its military industry. The team took more than a dozen military trucks and stay there for a few days. From then on, B Base suddenly had a surge in strength, and quickly annexed a few nearby small bases.

Guo Zerui was mixed into B Base for many years, he must know about the mystery behind it. It seemed that they were here to kill Dr. Bai Han as a side mission, their main purpose was to capture those arms.

Now Zhou Yun Sheng and Lei Chuan had common interests, only Lei Chuan could use his powerful forces to provide him with the best experimental equipment. In order to have a quiet and peaceful environment to experiment, he should reasonably help Lei Chuan out.

At this thought, Zhou Yun Sheng calmly opened, “Wrong.”

The rest of the people were dumbfounded, only Zhao Ling Feng proudly laughed, he secretly cursed the others as fools in his heart. Such a simple formula needed half a month to figure out, and they were even elated about it. While the doctor only spent three days to crack 3% of the molecular formula for the serum protein, he was even more powerful than a computer’s computing power. If he said it out loud, the group of people would probably be scared to death.

“Oh? What’s the correct password?” Lei Chuan immediately asked. He knew the doctor too well, and ‘clever’ wasn’t a good enough word to summarize his talents.


Lei Chuan recorded the characters, as if he was instantly convinced.

The soldier that had calculated for half a month to get his conclusion felt indignant, he shouted, “Boss, don’t believe him. How many days did it take me to figure out, yet he only glanced at it and called it wrong, how is that possible? Can he do such a huge amount of computing in one second? That’d make him God!”

The rest of the soldiers also exposed doubtful expressions, Guo Zerui even secretly pulled his boss’ clothes, indicating that he shouldn’t divide their team just to pamper a fool.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t refute them, he just closed his eyes and went to sleep. Zhao Ling Feng gave a cynical smile, his contemptuous expression was very irritating, making the other soldiers really want to beat him up.

Lei Chuan didn’t feel like clearing things up with his brothers, he just quietly closed the notebook.

The convoy rushed to G City in Shu Prefecture overnight. Because Dr. Bai escaped half-way, the other bases that were following Lei Chuan scattered to chase the treasure, sparing Lei Chuan from the trouble of getting rid of their tracking. After making sure no one was around, they quickly cleared away the zombies shambling around a humble looking warehouse and went straight to the basement.

The deeper the walls were built, the thicker and firmer the walls were, and cameras and remote-sensing devices were installed in all corners of the aisle. Although the power outage made them useless, it was still possible to see just how heavy the security was before the Apocalypse.

Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to stay in the car, but Lei Chuan wanted him by his side, his arms were like iron pliers, firmly locked around his thin waist, afraid he would run.

They walked up to a thick titanium alloy steel plate cast on the front door, Guo Zerui glanced at the lights still flashing on the door lock and sighed. The lock had a built-in energy battery, even if the power was out for a hundred years, as long as the battery didn’t go bad, it would always operate properly. Their biggest worry was if the lock was broken by the zombies, which would render the password useless.

“The door is intact!” He slapped the back of the man and made an ‘ok’ gesture, then he bowed and waited for the time to open the lock.

The password they calculated was for 12:00 today, meaning, at 12 o’clock they had to enter the correct password into the keypad and the door would open, one second more, and the password was useless, then they had to re-calculate the password for another time.

As for the legendary decoder, it was estimated to be lost to the Great Unknown when the Apocalypse started, or the B Base people wouldn’t only have a formula.

Everyone looked down at the lock, nervously waiting for 12 o’clock.

Lei Chuan handed the notebook to Guo Zerui and said, “Use the doctor’s password.”

Guo Zerui took it, but didn’t nod or shake his head. When 12 finally arrived, he quickly pressed the unlock key, the door lock on the electronic screen froze at 12:00, followed by 6 free spaces and several typesetting keys.

His eyes flashed, and he didn’t hesitate to enter the password his comrade had calculated, he waited for the door to rise with full confidence.

There was no movement, the number on the electronic screen started changing again, from 12:00 to 12:04, and it was flashing a red light, which meant that they if they couldn’t enter the correct password within 10 seconds, the alarm installed in the lock would issue a sharp sound. The alarm was connected to the lock’s energy battery, so it could still work even if the power was out.

The howling sirens would certainly sound amazingly loud.

Now was the Apocalypse, of course there would be no security or police rushing over to catch some thieves, but the sound of the sirens ringing through the sky would be enough to attract all the zombies in the whole city, a death siege.

Ten seconds? No decoder? Who can calculate the password every one second in 10 seconds? This was simply a dead end! Guo Zerui’s face paled, dripping cold sweat as he said, “Password error, boss we have to quickly withdraw!”

Ten seconds was not enough time to get them to the exit, and there were dozens of brothers guarding outside, they certainly couldn’t just abandon them. What should we did now? Call all the people in to hide? But the outside gate was not made of titanium alloy, it was just an ordinary iron gate. It was also mottled with rust and vulnerable in several places, the zombie siege could easily destroy it, a bloody battle was inevitable.

Surrounded by a city’s worth of zombies, even if they had God level ability, they would have to fold here.

Guo Zerui felt extremely reluctant, the soldier that was responsible for breaking the password wanted to bury himself in a hole. The rest of the men had a despairing look on their faces.

Zhou Yun Sheng silently sighed, and stepped forward to press the unlock button again. The time fixed at 12:07, and he entered a string of characters. The constantly flashing red screen immediately turned into a normal silver blue, and the heavy door slowly rose.

The crisis was ended in a flash.

Fuck my life, what is this situation? There was only three seconds to stop the red light, three seconds to produce three passwords, each password must rely on a large number of operations to calculate, but Dr. Bai didn’t even pause to think, he just entered the correct password, in other words, his brain didn’t even need a second to calculate such a massive operation.

If it was a normal day, their feelings wouldn’t be so profound, but these days, they could only stare blankly at the nicknamed ‘180 IQ genius’, their talented comrade that spent half a month to calculate 6 characters, but was still wrong. Compared with Dr. Bai, it was simply the difference between a brain and a pig brain.

“Dr. Bai, the password you gave before was also correct?” His voice faded and Guo Zerui felt that he’d just asked a stupid question. To perform such complex operations in three seconds, Dr. Bai had fully demonstrated that his brain structure was different from ordinary people.

His degree of intelligence was far beyond the limit ordinary people can imagine.

God! Everyone was amazed, and the soldier who specialized in digital information stared at the doctor with glowing eyes, completely convinced of his ability.

Such talent, no wonder B Base was willing to dispatch hundreds of troops to escort him.

Zhao Ling Feng laughed, “What is cracking this simple formula worth, doctor’s computing power is higher that Rapid 7.” Rapid 7 was the most advanced computer developed by China, the doctor’s laboratory had three.

This time, no one ridiculed his bragging, everyone was silent, their facial expressions leaning toward embarrassed. They walked into the arsenal, a soldier walked up to Guo Zerui and whispered, “Zerui Ge, we picked up a treasure this time!” Bai Mo Han was proficient in medicine, machinery, electronics, mathematics and other knowledge, he was an all-round talent. In the Apocalypse, powerful Warriors were needed to guard humans, but only people like Bai were needed to promote human society and continue their progression rather than regression.

Guo Zerui reluctantly smiled, then he looked down at his own hands. It was these hands that almost killed Bai Mo Han, if he’d really died, how many years would humans have to struggle? He didn’t dare dwell too deeply on it, he immediately looked up to pay attention to the arsenal.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s expression did not change significantly, but his heart was very satisfied at the soldiers’ respectful attitude. Bai Mo Han was not the devil, on the contrary, his work was of great significance to the survival of mankind, he deserved everyone’s respect rather than slander. In his satisfaction, he also took a little bit of cheap complacency.

In fact, he didn’t need to show off, the crisis was simply not a crisis. Although the password was wrong, Lei Chuan’s powerful lightening could quickly penetrate the titanium alloy steel plate and directly destroy the lock’s alarm system, so it wouldn’t lead the zombies. Any other Warriors’ ability couldn’t do it.

The warehouse was 20 meters underground, very well hidden and insulated, they could’ve used ice, fire, water, lightning and other methods to slowly open the door, and in order to prevent the arms on the other side of the door from detonating, they could just spend a month or two to slowly chip away at it, it wasn’t a big deal.

As the saying goes, a strong man can beat ten martial artists. Of course, even if Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t say it, the other soldiers would’ve calmed down from their initial panic and think of this approach. But it was better to help them directly to solve the trouble, since he could establish a foothold in the team.

Although they were already prepared, the weapons covering the 3,000 square meters area still stunned everyone. With this much, the few Space Warriors and the sixteen trucks they had would probably not be enough.

They immediately searched above ground for sturdy trucks. Fortunately, there were several military factories in G City, although the military trucks were snatched up by passing survivors, a lot was still left over.

Everyone kept busy for two hours, and finally properly raided the arsenal before the sun went down, they also visited several other arsenals, but they had all been plundered, so they directly left Shu Prefecture.



Maddening – originally said ‘vomiting blood’, but that doesn’t really work in English.

Ge – In case you didn’t know, it means elder brother. Not necessarily blood related.

A strong man can beat ten martial artists – brute strength can overpower technique.

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maybe because he knew that guo zerui would enter the wrong password, and by doing so, the doctor can personally prove himself in front of the group. maybe lei chuan did that to earn the doctor the respect he deserves

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ecle chan
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