FOD Chapter 9.6


Chapter 9.6

After Zhao Ling Feng left, a few people came and knocked on Zhou Yun Sheng’s door, he gripped the pistol silently. These people were either curious ordinary people, or spies from the other bases. They wanted to connect with the doctor to persuade him to follow them away.

Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui were eager to get rid of Bai Mo, but to others, he was a treasure, and the most promising hope of developing an anti-zombie virus vaccine. Although Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui established a free and equal base to accommodate a large number of survivors, and re-created a new order in this devastated world, they killed Bai Han, ironically dooming the world to hopelessness.

So in Zhou Yun Sheng’s view, they were not his saviors, but his destroyers, so he must find a way out of the two people’s sphere of influence. Zhou Yun Sheng still did not understand the other bases’ situations, so he couldn’t rush and seek refuge with them. First, he needed to find a place to settle down with Zhao Ling Feng, and then slowly probe around for a more powerful base by word of mouth. He really did not want to seek refuge with B Base like in the previous generation and be killed again after the vaccine was successfully developed, but in any case, he was indifferent to his life and death after it’s made, since the task would already be completed.

At the thought of accomplishing the task, Zhou Yun Sheng remembered Lei Chuan’s blood. Now, Lei Chuan should be regarded as the country’s highest level Warrior, he was afraid that currently no one could overpower him and get enough blood, and even if they were lucky enough to harm him, with Lei Chuan’s powerful healing ability, the wound would heal in a few seconds, and not much blood would flow. And after the slight, no one could predict how the crazy Lei Chuan would seek revenge.

So, it was simply wishful thinking if Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to get a bottle of Lei Chuan’s blood before leaving.

Zhou Yun Sheng covered his face and sighed, he had to give up for now. He remembered that Bai Mo Han had put Lei Chuan down with highly toxic drugs, maybe he could use it. Either way, they still had to quickly seek refuge with a base and get a laboratory. In a laboratory, Zhou Yun Sheng could feel omnipotent again.

While pondering, another person knocked on the door, Zhou Yun Sheng immediately silently raised his gun and aimed at the door. Soon after, that person left. These uninterrupted visits didn’t make Zhou Yun Sheng feel annoyed, on the contrary, he welcomed their knocking. If there were witnesses, Lei Chuan’s people wouldn’t move against him.

As for Lei Chuan, he had led his subordinates and left to clean up a large supermarket. The supermarket was surrounded with zombies, densely packed as far as the eye could see, their howling and foul rotten stench could give fill someone’s heart with fear.

If this was the last life, Lei Chuan absolutely wouldn’t dare try to infiltrate, but after his rebirth, he suddenly found that he’d retained some of the abilities he had as a ghost. He could release his consciousness like those with psychic abilities and cover a large area, then he could see anyone’s inner light to determine their ability and their strength. He could even perceive where those with space abilities hid their space, if given some time to practice, he could even use his mental force to directly take material out from their space.

His strong matchless spiritual force also helped his abilities level up in a short period of time, yesterday he was only a peak level-4 Warrior, but today he was already a low level-6. He had a premonition that one day he would be able to transcend to King level, then Saint level, and even God level.

But this didn’t make him feel ecstatic, just sorrowful. The doctor should have become a King level powerhouse, and also one of the country’s top powerhouses, but because of his bias, he’d destroyed the man’s fate. He felt that his abilities were somehow stolen from the doctor, so he felt ashamed and irritated. If the initiator was not his good brother, someone he owed a life, he would definitely torture that person.

Guo Zerui suddenly felt his neck chill, he hesitated, “Boss, there are too many zombies. If we hastily jump in, I’m afraid we’ll be wrapped up like dumplings. Let’s abandon this supermarket. Plus, a few other bases have been secretly following us, if we suffer heavy casualties, they would definitely loot us.”

“It doesn’t matter, you stay here, I’ll open the way.” Lei Chuan raised his hand and called down thunder, the crowd of zombies in front of the supermarket door were all hammered. A gust of wind blew, blowing away the black residue cloud to reveal many bright, flashing crystal nuclei.

The group of people were all dumbfounded, when they finally recovered, the boss had single-handedly killed most of the horde, and the opened up road was covered with ashes.

“Why are you fooling around, our boss has always had unyielding power! Brothers, let’s move in!” Guo Zerui was ecstatic, he quickly led everyone into the building, while the Space Warriors were in charge of collecting the scattered crystal nucleus.

On this trip, Lei Chuan’s harvest was quite abundant, when he came back to the base his mood was more relaxed. He gathered some treasures for the doctor and hurried to knock on his door.

Zhou Yun Sheng recognized Lei Chuan’s voice, so he naturally wouldn’t open the door. He sat on a chair that was facing the door and raised his pistol. Traditional weapons could still cause fatal injuries to the level-3 and 4 Warriors, once they reached level-5 and above, these kinds of weapons were as lethal as water guns to them.

Lei Chuan spread his consciousness into the doctor’s room and found that the doctor was obviously inside but refusing to open the door. He was holding a pistol, his face alert, anyone could see that he was already the No.1 person on his blacklist.

Like a bucket of cold water had splashed on him in winter, Lei Chuan froze, his heart shrank tighter and his discomfort increased.

“Doctor, I brought you something. I’ll put it by the door, you can come get it after I leave.” He put down the huge bag, and glanced meaningfully at two of his subordinates.

The two nodded, saying that they would not let other people take the doctor’s things away.

The footsteps gradually faded, and Zhou Yun Sheng put down his pistol and sighed. This black hearted man Lei Chuan was difficult to deal with. He treated the enemy in an absolutely unwavering way, although his current performance was calm, it made Zhou Yun Sheng feel even more nervous. It’s been a long time since he experienced the feeling of being rolled around in someone else’s palm.

After many days, Lei Chuan would still personally send a package of supplies and then take away the previous packages that were ignored, but he didn’t show the slightest impatience. Zhao Ling Feng brought a lot of circuit boards, magnets, wires, copper wire and other items. After seeing the doctor tilting his head, his nose almost affixed to the circuit board just so he could see it clearly, he went out to find him a magnifying glass and glasses.

Zhou Yun Sheng reacted like he’d gained a precious treasure, as soon as the sun rose he got up to fiddle with the circuit boards and the other parts. He had not told Zhao Ling Feng the specifics of his escape plan because he’d remembered that this was the Apocalypse, there were people with very sensitive eyes and ears everywhere. Especially the Psychic Warriors, these walls could not prevent them from listening in. He and Zhao Ling Feng must be very careful of their words and deeds.

So when Lei Chuan left with his subordinates to collect materials, Zhou Yun Sheng finally put the finished product on his table. It was about a dozen fingernail sized metal buttons. Fortunately, Zhao Ling Feng was a Metal Warrior, he could manipulate metal to any shape he wanted and meld the parts to each other. The shape was very smooth, and the metal buttons’ performance were far beyond his expectations.

He picked up a remodeled PSP and pressed the start button, the metal buttons suddenly extended out eight thin steel wire feet, and walked flexibly around the table, like a dozen spiders. When he pressed the pause button, they returned to their original button appearance.

Zhou Yun Sheng tested them many times, and the lump in his heart finally disappeared after determining that there were no problems.

The next day, Lei Chuan finally cleaned out all the supplies in the vicinity, and readied to move on to Shu Prefecture. Zhao Ling Feng led the doctor towards his jeep. His car was parked at the end of the convoy, which was Zhou Yun Sheng’s idea, so he could sprinkle a button onto every car he passed. He finished his button spilling when they reached Zhao Ling Feng’s jeep.

When the two men opened the door, Lei Chuan came over, smiled and said, “Doctor, you’re riding with me.”

“No.” Zhou Yun Sheng took out his pistol, his tone a flat refusal.

If he let the doctor ride with Zhao Ling Feng and there was an accident on the road, the two could take the opportunity to escape, how could Lei Chuan feel relaxed? He couldn’t indulge the doctor on this decision, he raised his hand and lightly touched the muzzle. The steel cast around the muzzle melted, like ice cream under the sun, but the burn didn’t reach the doctor’s fingers.

Such precise control could only be displayed by those who were level-5 or more. Zhao Ling Feng had a wide eyed stare, his expression both resentful and helpless.

Zhou Yun Sheng understood their position, he pushed up his glasses and said “Ling Feng must stay in the car with me.”

“Okay.” Lei Chuan grinded his teeth in irritation.

The people crowded into an SUV and the line of vehicles slowly embarked toward Shu Prefecture. Guo Zerui, Zhao Ling Feng and other soldiers crowed into the back seat, Lei Chuan and the doctor squeezed into the co-pilot position.

The two were 193 cm and 183 cm, they were not short, but fortunately, the doctor’s body was very thin, he only occupied a little space. Lei Chuan’s spine was quite straight, looking forward expressionlessly, but his heart was nervous and excited. This was the first time he was so close to the doctor, the doctor’s body temperature passed through and heated up his clothes, giving him a feeling of paralysis.

He wanted to find a topic to talk with the doctor, but just as he opened his mouth, he was surprised to see the doctor take out a pink PSP and bow over it. There were more than a dozen black spots on the screen, and the doctor controlled them to walk to different locations. Lei Chuan looked for a long time but could not recognize the game, he smiled and asked “Doctor, you play games? I thought you didn’t do anything but experiment.”

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t even give him a glance, he just continued to play with the PSP.

As the road conditions were getting worse, the convoy’s speed was slowing to a crawl, seeing that they were about to leave the town’s zone, the car’s communication device suddenly rang.

“Boss, not good. None of the 16 cars in the back can start. Come take a look.”

Sixteen cars can’t start at the same time, it’s definitely not an accident. Because there were other bases following them, Lei Chuan didn’t dare take this problem lightly, he immediately led Guo Zerui off to observe.

He saw that the doctor also wanted to follow and turned on the central control door lock, he warned, “Stay in the car obediently. This glass is bulletproof, it’ll prevent danger.” Ultimately, two men were left to guard.

He had recruited a few skilled repairman to his team, but they checked for most of the day but were unable to find the problem. Although this was the suburbs, there were still a lot of zombies, if the cars couldn’t be repaired as soon as possible, the consequences could be disastrous.

The two soldiers guarding the doctor were also a bit anxious, after making sure that the doctor couldn’t open the door, they left to support the others.

As soon as the others were all gone, Zhou Yun Sheng pulled out a steel wire, inserted it along the window’s gap and into the door to fiddle for a few seconds, then the car lock opened.

Zhao Ling Feng’s eyes lit up, he immediately got off and pulled the doctor firmly into his arms, a barbed cable shot out from his palm and hooked into the top floor of a building. Like Spider-Man, they rapidly rose up, jumping along the tightly packed buildings together, flying away, farther and farther.

A few minutes later, the stalled vehicles started up at the same time, like someone had been manipulating them.

Lei Chuan felt a bad premonition and ran back to his car to look, sure enough, the doctor had really left. He had a furious heart attack, he punched a big hole into the door, hissing out a roar, “Why are you still stunned, find him! Go! ”

Everyone was shocked by his crimson eyes and twisted face. They had never seen their boss’ manic side, he was unlike a human, more like an out of control beast.

Guo Zerui immediately dispatched the vehicles with the major powers on a chase. The other people from different bases who were directed to capture Dr. Bai saw him run away and naturally no longer followed them, they’d already scattered, hoping to find the doctor first.


After running a few kilometers away, Zhao Ling Feng put down the doctor, picked up a still performing roadside SUV, then drove toward the opposite direction of Shu Prefecture.

Zombies were more active at night than at day, and the faster and more powerful ones came out then. Zhao Ling Feng had the doctor with him, he naturally wouldn’t drive at night, after seeing the sky darkening somewhat, he stopped by the roadside. While cleaning up the zombie, he guarded the doctor and ran into a toy store to hide.

The store’s anti-theft door was stronger than the other stores’, although the zombies had hit it crooked, it could still persist for several nights.

The store was only 20 square meters large in total, the back wall only had two rows of shelves, enough space to camp. Zhao Ling Feng looked around and made sure there were no zombies lurking, then whispered, “Doctor, I’m going out to find water and food, you can relax here. I’ll come back soon.” Finally, he took out a Type 54 pistol from his bag and stuffed it into the doctor’s hand.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, “I won’t run around. Move quickly, watch out for your safety, and don’t force yourself to find food. It doesn’t matter if we go hungry for one night.”

Zhao Ling Feng wanted to cry again, thinking that the doctor always suffered when he followed him. In the final analysis, his abilities were still too weak, if he had been reborn earlier, he absolutely wouldn’t have let Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui touch a hair on the doctor.

The man stepped back and left, Zhou Yun Sheng finally picked up the toys to clear an open space and sat down, staring at a yellow toy car on the shelf in a daze. About 10 minutes later, a chill crept up his spine, he sensed some extreme danger that made his scalp tingle and his bones cool.

He quietly clenched his pistol, but it was too late to see, he heard a whistling sound come from behind his ear. He quickly dodged, but couldn’t escape, his arm was cut by a sharp object, and the pistol was knocked down to the ground.

The next second would have killed him if a premonition hadn’t made him use an amazing burst of adrenaline to climb up a shelf in the fastest speed. He looked down and saw a small teddy dog looking up at his neck, revealing its sharp teeth and barking, attracting the wandering roadside zombies.

The teddy dog ​​had been infected with the virus and was a zombie dog, its mouth was completely rotten, revealing two rows of sharp teeth, its black nails were curved and long, just a gently scratch could eviscerate.

Because it was petite and hidden in a pile of fluffy toys, it had escaped Zhao Ling Feng’s survey.

Zhou Yun Sheng clutched his blood covered arm, watching the wound bleed from bright red blood into black and red. He suddenly wanted to curse the sky. In this world, the only person who could save him from becoming a zombie was Lei Chuan, but the man had a grudge against him, if he knew he was infected with the zombie virus, he would clap his hands and celebrate.

Fuck, it consumed most of his soul force, but the task was still a failure. Zhou Yun Sheng cursed, then considered whether he should abandon the world and go back to his Xinghai space.

The zombie dog under the shelves smelled fresh blood and turned agitated, from time to time, its sharp teeth gnawed at the steel shelves. The sound of teeth against steel made the scalp grow numb.

Even if you want to leave, you have to solve this little thing, then go. Thinking of him, a wise immortal, finally being bested by a small teddy dog made him feel shameful. Zhou Yun Sheng’s expression darkened. He quickly unscrewed the screws on the shelf, separated out a steel pipe, gripped it in his hands and waited for the shelf to collapse before jumping, planning to insert the steel pipe into the teddy dog’s head.

After a few minutes of tossing, the teddy dog finally chewed off one of the shelf’s legs, the loose steel pipe and the screws rubbed against each other, making a screeching creak.

Zhou Yun Sheng held his breath, waiting for the best timing, but at that moment, a fireball burst through the security door and accurately exploded the teddy dog’s ​​head. With a boom, there was only a heap of rotten, unpleasant minced meat on the ground.

Immediately, a group of Special Forces soldiers cleaned up the zombies that had wandered to the door, and a tall figure walked over through the weak sunlight. He gently touched the steel security door and melted it into red hot metal. It flowed onto the floor tiles and issued a hissing sound.

“Lei Chuan?” Zhou Yun Sheng eyes’ widened, he watched the gloomy faced man walk up to him.

“Doctor, I’m here to pick you up.” Lei Chuan stretched out his arms and motioned the man on the shelf to jump down.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t speak to him, he just backed up to the wall and slightly sighed. Being killed by Lei Chuan was better than being killed by a teddy dog, he was finally at a psychological balance.

“Doctor, come down, you’re hurt!” Lei Chuan’s husky voice had a hint of haste.

Zhou Yun Sheng continued to ignore him, he took off his skewered glasses, lifted part of his torn clothes and slowly wiped it. He would be slain, but he wouldn’t die in an undignified demeanor.

Lei Chuan’s forehead veins jumped, he wanted to pull down the man but was afraid to hurt him, he grinded his teeth and opened, “Doctor, my healing ability can remove the zombie virus in your body. My blood hides the cells that can devour the zombie virus. Come back with me, I’ll provide you with blood for research. I believe you will someday be able to develop a vaccine to save all the survivors. I believe you in you, please believe me.”

Zhou Yun Sheng froze while wiping his glasses, he looked down at the man with unbelieving eyes. The brain dead Lei Chuan should not know these things, but he knows, and even understands it very clearly. Why?

An idea surfaced in his mind, causing Zhou Yun Sheng to suddenly feel like a storm had passed. The Lei Chuan from before was not reborn, Guo Zerui was, so his seemingly prophetic actions were guided by Guo Zerui. But this Lei Chuan was 100% reincarnated, and although he was sleeping at that time, he still had perception of the outside world, so he knew that Bai Mo had developed the vaccine. No wonder he suddenly changed his attitude and began trying to win over Bai Mo Han.

Whether or not he wanted Bai Mo to develop the vaccine first, then kill him in revenge, Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t care. He’d thought that the task had failed, but he unexpectedly made the right choices, his gambling always had lucky outcomes.

Zhou Yun Sheng was laughing in his heart, but his surface was very calm, except for his burning hot and penetrating eyes, firmly staring at Lei Chuan.

That look was sharp like a scalpel, anxious to cut into Lei Chuan, but Lei Chuan didn’t feel the slightest anger or hatred. On the contrary, he liked that the man was looking at him with such focus, as if he was his whole world.

Yes, that’s it, look at me, don’t use that gaze on others. His subconscious was shouting, but his body was quiet, he stubbornly stretched out his hands and pleaded, “Doctor, come with me, I will not hurt you.”

Zhou Yun Sheng put on his glasses, loosened himself from the shelf and fell into the man’s warm and broad arms.

When the emaciated man fell into his arms, Lei Chuan felt every inch of his muscles tremble. He wanted to tighten his arms and fiercely hug the doctor’s waist, but was afraid to break him. He wanted to scold him for escaping, but he couldn’t bear to say harsh words. He could only gently hold him and sigh in relief.

Guo Zerui stared gloomily at his boss hugging Dr. Bai like a recovered lost treasure. He was usually such a rough and tough person, but he was actually raising his hand to groom Dr. Bai’s messy hair, then he covered Dr. Bai’s wound with the palm of his hand in treatment, took off his coat and carefully wrapped him up, and finally helped him walk out with a possessive attitude.

Guo Zerui was flustered by his boss’ change. He knew that something must’ve happed to his boss at Dr. Bai’s side before his rebirth. His extremely gentle manner was clearly beyond the boundaries of friends.

Before they walked out the door, Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly stopped and said, “Wait a minute, Ling Feng will come back soon.”

“Can’t wait, more zombies will start coming out at night. We’re a small group, we won’t be able to deal with them all.” Hearing Zhao Ling Feng’s name come out from his mouth made Lei Chuan feel irritable.

“You leave first, I’ll wait.” Zhou Yun Sheng was fearless.

Lei Chuan endured, he pressed down his hostility and said with a gentle tone, “Okay, we’ll wait, but we can’t stay here for long, we have to find a more secure place. Don’t worry, we’ll leave signs. Zhao Ling Feng is also a soldier, he’ll understand.”

Speak of the devil, a silhouette quickly approached, shouting, “Lei Chuan, let go of the doctor!”

Guo Zerui immediately stepped forward to intercept, but Lei Chuan ran past him and the two quickly tangled. Lei Chuan could take the other man out in a single move, but he was partial to hand-combat, they punched and kicked at each other, the powerful forces of thunder and flame bashing against a metal covered body, issuing eardrum breaking sounds.

“Is that how you take care of the doctor? He was almost killed by a zombie!” Lei Chuan smashed through Zhou Ling Feng’s metal layer, and glared at him with red pupils. Then he hugged the pale Dr. Bai and ran with him to the nearest SUV, leaving a short ‘keep up’.

Guo Zerui immediately pulled the remorseful Zhao Ling Feng and squeezed into the back seat. The convoy rumbled away, knocking down the shambling zombies into a fleshly highway.



Teddy dog – poodle. This, but zombified:


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2 months ago

Like Spider-Man, they rapidly rose up, jumping along the tightly packed buildings together, flying away, farther and farther.

I always chuckle a bit in this part

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That cute things become zombie? Aww~ bite me anytime

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Ml doesn’t smoke anymore?

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thats what im saying maybe finally mc got him to quit

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I love qwfod and I love zys but for all the intelligence he always takes such a long time to recognize bae

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Omg not the dog!
Also, the autor chose the sweetest looking dog to zombify.?

Catherine Briar
Catherine Briar
2 months ago
Reply to  TomatoDevourer

I don’t know. There’s a dog in Japan with a heart-shaped pattern. I think THAT might be the sweetest dog in the world as of now.

2 years ago

Gou Zerui x Zhao Ling Feng
It is impossible for me not to see them as a future couple

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Oh no not the poor teddy dog??i don’t want to imagine a zombie teddy dog…who the f*** even infect that poor dog?
Man this arc is sad af, it suffocates me. But i like the challenge here and MC is not too op here so thats a nice change. This is why action type setting is always my favourite, it gives the main players a challenge.

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Zombie doggo ??

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Such a cute creature had become s zombie ? I can’t !!!

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It’s a toy poodle…

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Daring to Dream
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I want a teddy dog!

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A puppy zombie… Nope, I don’t want to picture it!