FOD Chap 7.1 Counterattack of a Death Row Prisoner



7.1 Counterattack of a Death Row Prisoner

After so many instances of meeting and separating, then meeting and separating again, Zhou Yun Sheng was already completely composed. Sharing the energy that erupted out of the other dimension, he quickly jumped into the next world.

The surroundings were very dark, with a strong smell of blood and a rotten stench in the air. His body radiated bursts after bursts of sharp pain, as if all his bones were broken. Zhou Yun Sheng struggled to turn his neck and found that he was in a prison cell, opposite the cell door was a rack of blood-stained instruments of torture, indicating that the situation the original owner was in was very bad.

He didn’t rush to adjust the body’s data, he just opened the AI to examine the original owner’s details.

This was another world where men, women, and Ger coexisted, and also a protagonist gong and protagonist shou double rebirth world. Before the rebirth, the protagonist gong was Da Yan Country’s incapable ruler, he only knew how to tax by force and enjoy luxuries, eventually forcing his own younger brother, Xuan Wang, to revolt and pin him with arrows.

The protagonist shou was a Ger, from a family of generals, master of the pen and the sword, he should’ve been fighting in the battlefield on behalf of the country. But because of his beauty, the incapable ruler forcibly brought him into the palace as an imperial concubine. However, the incapable ruler was surrounded by countless beauties, all of them extraordinary schemers, how could the no-nonsense protagonist shou cope with them all? When they saw that the protagonist shou was receiving more and more favor, they joined hands to deal with him, killing his ten-year old son.

After that, the protagonist shou was rejected by the incapable ruler and lived alone in the cold palace for years, his heart dead. But, although he didn’t love the incapable ruler, he had a soldier’s loyalty. When Xuan Wang seized the palace, he did not surrender and pledge allegiance like the other concubines, instead, he broke through the siege while protecting the incapable ruler. But ultimately, while embracing each other, the two were shot by arrows and killed, then they were both reborn.

The slag gong became a loyal dog gong, the worthless shou became an emotionless shou. These two cannon fodders counterattacked everyone, and the plot became invigoratingly cool. But those who received the cannon fodders’ counterattack suffered greatly. House raids, property seizing and extermination of entire family lines was a common occurrence.

This body belonged to the most tragic being, he was named Qi Xiu Jie and he belonged to the richest and most influential family in Da Yan Country, the Qi family. He was also extremely beautiful and very favored by the incapable ruler. He even threatened that as long as he gave birth to a prince, that prince would immediately be established as the crown prince.

Of course, that was all in the past. In the last life, when Xuan Wang rebelled, the Qi family was the first among the influential families to surrender, and because Qi Xiu Jie was beautiful, Xuan Wang took him into the harem, receiving favor for two consecutive dynasties.

So, after the incapable ruler was reborn, he had two major goals; one was to protect the protagonist shou and his child; the second was to eliminate Xuan Wang and the Qi family.

After three years of careful planning, Xuan Wang was executed by him, and the Qi family was uprooted. Now, Qi Xiu Jie, who was lying in the prison cell, was the last one alive, and his execution date was tomorrow.

After reading the information, Zhou Yun Sheng let out a sigh of relief, then tugged his lips, bored. He always liked challenging the highest-level difficulty, but Qi Xiu Jie’s hopeless situation wasn’t really difficult for him.

While he was pondering, a group of people slowly walked into the prison, at the head was an elderly man with an elegant temperament, followed by a harsh looking man, frowning tightly. It was Prince Li, Li Jin, and Right Prime Minister, Gao Lang. Presumably they were responsible for interrogating Qi Xiu Jie.

In the previous life, Prince Li, Li Jin, was subject to suspicion and jealousy by the incapable ruler, Li Jin Tian, so he was abandoned and not used. He was an idle prince, and also the loving and supportive second male lead. If not for his frequent help, the protagonist shou, Gao Min, wouldn’t have lived so comfortably in the cold palace. In the past life, he also contributed to the rescue of Li Jin Tian and Gao Min, so in this life, Li Jin Tian assigned him important roles. He went from being an idle prince to an influential, powerful prince in Da Yan Country.

Gao Lang was Gao Min’s older brother, in the last life, he was killed in a scheme by the Qi family. In this life, the protagonist shou saved him at the key moment, from then on, he held a deadly grudge against the Qi family. Because Li Jin Tian was deeply in love with Gao Min, the Gao family received very preferential treatment. In just three years, Gao Lang was frequently promoted, moving him up from a simple assistant minister in the Ministry of Works, to second in command, the Right Prime Minister.

He had a ruthless personality, any small grudge would be remembered until the moment of death, let alone revenge for attempted murder. So, when Qi Xiu Jie fell into his hands, he was inhumanly tortured. The Qi family was also slaughtered by his hands, even the babies were not spared.

So, Zhou Yun Sheng had naturally already guessed Qi Xiu Jie’s wishes, it was sure to be stay alive, then get revenge.

The group walked up to the prison cell door, the attendant who followed behind Prince Li placed a food box on the floor, inside was Qi Xiu Jie’s last meal.

“What are you feeding him?” Gao Lang kicked open the food box, saw the relatively rich dishes inside, and glanced at Prince Li in dissatisfaction.

“He is at death’s door, do not dwell on the past, let him eat until he is full.” Prince Li’s temperament was gentle and benevolent, he was not at all offended by Gao Lang’s disrespectful words and deeds.

Gao Lang sneered, he kicked the food box over and ordered, “Come eat.”

The cell was a torture chamber, due to the spilled blood over the years, the ground had a layer of dark brown stinky filth. Gao Lang’s actions were an insult towards Qi Xiu Jie.

Zhou Yun Sheng lowered his head to hide the killing intent in his eyes, cupping his hands towards Prince Li, “Please, let this villain see the Emperor one last time Your Highness. This villain has a confidential matter to tell His Majesty.”

“What confidential matter? Telling this minister is the same as telling him.” Because of Li Jin Tian’s unbridled favor, Gao Lang had long lost the humbleness courtiers should have.

Prince Li glanced at him; his thoughts unknown.

Zhou Yun Sheng gave a contemptuous smile and retorted, “This matter involves the country’s throne, so I need to talk to His Majesty personally. Minister Gao, your status, no matter how high, can you replace the Emperor?”

In Da Yan Country, who would dare say that they could replace the emperor? Is that not a rebellion? Xuan Wang’s death, hacked to pieces, bones crushed, and ashes scattered, was still a vivid memory. Moreover, the Qi family was once the first ranked family, they hid away many important secrets, who could conclude that Qi Xiu Jie’s secret wouldn’t have any impact on Da Yan Country.

Thinking of this, Gao Lang had to concede.

Prince Li ordered a replacement meal and left with a sigh.

After the rebirth, Li Jin Tian’s temperament changed greatly. In the last life, he was an incapable ruler, in this life, he’d completely skipped becoming sober and calm, turning into a suspicious tyrant. Whenever a courtier displeased him, he would wipe out their family, causing chaos in the imperial court. If not for the protagonist shou being able to control him, and also giving birth to a brilliant son who inherited the throne and stabilized the country, the emperor’s death would’ve probably led to Da Yan’s death.

When he heard that Qi Xiu Jie had a confidential matter to tell him, he couldn’t get it out of his head, and finally paid the prison a visit.

“What do you have to report?” Li Jin Tian dismissed his attendants and impatiently questioned.

He looked handsome, with a graceful temperament, but his height was less than six feet, so he was apparently not the man he needed to find.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s suspended heart dropped and he slowly opened, “Please, look into my eyes Your Majesty.” His voice was very low and soothing, seemingly magical, making Li Jin Tian involuntarily look down, then he was caught in an inescapable black vortex.

“Your Majesty, what do you see in my eyes? Is it not utmost sincerity? The Qi family was loyal to Your Majesty, why does Your Majesty want to destroy the Qi family? Your Majesty is mistaken, trusting the Gao family is like raising a tiger to invite calamity, Your Majesty, it’s self-destructive ah.”

After planting a series of suggestions into Li Jin Tian’s mind, Zhou Yun Sheng waved him away, then he adjusted the physical data of his body to the optimal state, quietly waiting for tomorrow’s arrival.

Muddleheaded, Li Jin Tian returned to Yang Xin Palace and fell asleep. He had a dream; the dream was a scene from his last life. Soon after he was taken away from the palace by Prince Li and Gao Min, the head of the Qi family sent a few soldiers to rescue him, but they were unable to find his shadow anywhere in the palace. Seeing Xuan Wang’s soldiers resolutely storming in, they had no choice but to retreat. A few days later, the head of the Qi family found his arrow pierced corpse, and wept bitterly as he secretly buried his body.

Qi Xiu Jie submitted to Xuan Wang and used his stunning appearance and charming temperament to become the most favored concubine, but he never forgot his former husband. Not only did he secretly enshrine Li Jin Tian’s memorial tablet, he also secretly poisoned Xuan Wang.

Xuan Wang eventually died to the poison, and the head of the Qi family led an army to besiege the Imperial City, killing Xuan Wang’s children one by one. Then he placed Li Jin Tian’s last descendant, whom he had secretly fostered in the Qi family, on the throne. On the day the child ascended the throne, Qi Xiu Jie personally buried his bones in the imperial tombs, then hanged himself, committing suicide to follow his late husband.

The death knell sounded, and the whole of Da Yan waved white banners to send him off.

Li Jin Tian woke up from the shock. He recalled the dream, but it actually felt scarily real, as if his soul had really been bound to the cold and desolate palace, accompanying Qi Xiu Jie for five humiliating years.

How? Did I recover lost memories? After his miraculous rebirth, the current Li Jin Tian had a strong belief in the supernatural. He held his forehead in thought, more and more bewildered.

“Are you having nightmares? Then go sleep in one of the side chambers. I can’t sleep either if you keep twisting and turning.” Gao Min, who was lying beside him, woke up and impatiently asked. Before he died in the last life, he had vowed to never love Li Jin Tian again, so in this life, his attitude towards Li Jin Tian was very cold.

Li Jin Tian would’ve usually tolerated and pampered him without principle, but today, for some reason, he actually felt a little uncomfortable. He got up, dressed and really went to a side chamber. He drank a cup of hot tea and let a palace maid massage his temples, then he once again fell asleep.

The dream scene changed from the previous life to the present one. In order to repay Gao Min for his loyalty until death, he treated the Gao family very well. Not only did he promote Gao Lang to Grand Duke Yu, he established Gao Min as Empress on the day of the Vast Longevity Festival. He looked on as Gao Min walked towards him in the imperial court, dressed in splendid clothes. The courtiers simultaneously kneeled in congratulations; the red carpet stretched on and on, all the way to the bottom of the imperial throne. He smiled and stood up, as he was reaching out to take Gao Min’s hand, the scene suddenly distorted and changed. He was dead, a transparent ghost, the palace was decorated in white banners, and the servants and courtiers were kneeling in front of the palace, weeping bitterly.

Inside the hall, Gao Min was standing in front of the huge coffin, his face held no grief or tears, instead, he had a strange smile.

Li Jin Tian felt a little frightened, just as he was about to take a closer look, he saw Prince Li walk out from a side hall, hold Gao Min’s hand, and sigh, “The day we’ve been waiting for finally arrived.”

Gao Min nodded and slowly leaned on his shoulder, his expression overflowing with fatigue and relief.

What is your relationship? What are you doing? How did I die? Tell me! Li Jin Tian wanted to grab the lapels of the two men and question them, but his hand passed through their bodies. Then he remembered that he had died again, for two lifetimes in a row, he suffered a dubious death.

Panic and hatred swallowed him like a tide, he shouted as he woke up, then rejoiced as he realized that it was merely a dream. But the dream that lasted two lifetimes seemed so real that he couldn’t stop shuddering every time he recalled it.

Did I trust the wrong people? Could it be that the Qi family was innocent? Was Min’er really having an affair with my younger imperial brother, and the two will join hands to plot against me? Li Jin Tian’s head throbbed in pain, seeing the chamberlain holding out his imperial robes and kneeling by the bedside, he quickly asked them, “What time is it now?”

“Replying to Your Majesty, it is now 5:00am, there are still two quarters of an hour before the Imperial Court convenes.”

The execution was scheduled for 12:45pm, it was not too late. Li Jin Tian immediately made the attendant change his clothes and rushed to the prison.



Gong – It’s been a while, so in case you forgot, gong means attack, seme, top etc.

Shou– uke, receiver, bottom etc.

5:00am- Maoshi Chu, 12:45pm – Wushi San Ke

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1 month ago

I feel sorry for gaomin. I also feel good about his character because after rebirth he didn’t just forgive the cheap emperor but followed his vow and morals.

6 months ago

I beg anyone with some understanding of psychology, is hypnotism like in the novels even possible? lmao I have a feeling is isn’t, but I’ve only studied one year of psychology in college pfft

6 months ago
Reply to  magicmau5

hypnotism does *technically* exist but even though it works, it doesn’t work like this or most other depictions of it. its more like a “suggestion” and is only really effective if the subject is under intense mental stress or is weak mentally. using swinging objects like a pocket watch helps their brain relax or calm down, and getting them to look into your eyes isn’t strictly necessary but it helps with building trust and preventing paranoia.
as far as I know hypnosis is most effective against mentally ill patients and against strong willed people it usually doesn’t work that well. honestly something like gaslighting or just straight up lying is more effective so its not a common practice lol

6 months ago
Reply to  Dragon

okay this was slightly outdated apparently it is used medically but its not completely ineffective.

“Although there is a widespread belief that hypnosis produces accurate memories, researchers found that hypnosis does not work well as a memory-recovery method. In addition, people who have been hypnotized tend to feel confident that their memories are accurate, contributing to the persistence of false memories.”

there are 4 types:
“1- Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to deliver therapeutic results. …
2- Stage Hypnosis. Stage hypnosis also uses hypnosis to entertain the crowd. …
3- Self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that is very similar to meditation. …
4- Natural Hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis can be seen as ‘a waking state of awareness, (or consciousness), in which a person’s attention is detached from his or her immediate environment and is absorbed by inner experiences such as feelings, cognition and imagery’”

I learnt something new, too!

11 months ago

Poor Qi, he even saved the empire for this dude. Yet he still lost more than last time. He even had all his innocent baby siblings killed. Evil people man.

6 months ago
Reply to  Dokata

The dream is not real. He dreamed of that because of the hypnosis that ZYS put on him.

1 year ago

I just hate such reincarnation stories, bitxx u were the manwhor3 not them lol they only wanted to have a responsible emperor, instead of actually repenting you killed ppl very good lol…… And this pitiful canon fodder what’s his fault? That he got favor from next emperor? What?? ????