FOD Chap 6.10


Chapter 6.10

“What does Zi Nan plan to do?” Sun Xi Mu lit a cigar and slowly leaned back into his chair.

“What do you think I should do?” The door was pushed open and an impeccably handsome young man walked in, followed by his manager. He sat down on the double sofa and continued, “Which newspaper would dare publish such an article without your consent, Sun Xi Mu?”

The manager dripped cold sweat. What was the intent behind the boss’ actions? Was he bored of playing with Ou Zi Nan, so he wanted to ruin him? What a sick rich man! Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look at Ou Zi Nan with sympathy.

Sun Xi Mu was indeed guilty as charged. But he had to do it, otherwise, there’d always be a sense of fear and uncertainty in his heart. He wanted to tell everyone in the world, ‘Ou Zi Nan is mine, you can’t covet him’. He couldn’t stand seeing everyone’s fanatical gazes, couldn’t stand having people clamor after him wherever he went, couldn’t stand the online mob crying and screaming to have his babies.

Every moment of the day, he lived in panic and torment, he only felt a moment of peace when they were deeply entangled. He never wanted to pull out from him, he just wanted to be one with him forever. This way, he couldn’t suddenly disappear, he couldn’t go somewhere he couldn’t follow.

But these crazy thoughts, Sun Xi Mu couldn’t share them with Ou Zi Nan. So, when he received the call from the newspaper, for a reason he couldn’t explain, he let it go.

Now, he was restlessly awaiting his lover’s decision.

“You can handle it any way you want.” He walked over to the sofa, and stooped to put his arm around his lover’s shoulders.

Zhou Yun Sheng expressionlessly looked up at him, waiting for his forehead to be covered in guilty cold sweat, before slowly opening, “I want to hold a press conference to come out of the closet. Prepare it.”

“Out of the closet? With who?” Sun Xi Mu’s voice was hoarse.

“You’re asking with who? Are you brave enough to announce our relationship? If not, I’ll come out by myself, then go abroad to spread my wings. I don’t want a market in C Country.” Ou Zi Nan gave a contemptuous smile.

Li Li and the manager looked at their boss, dripping with cold sweat. This proposal was too f#cking bold, their hearts were about to explode! The boss would never agree. A performing artist coming out of the closet was nothing, a financial giant coming out of the closet would shake up the stock of all the companies under the Sun clan, implicating billions of dollars.

While the two looked on in disbelief, Sun Xi Mu unexpectedly smiled. His smile was relaxed and delighted. He took out a black velvet box from his suit pocket and handed it to the young man.

Zhou Yun Sheng also didn’t make a fuss, he opened the lid and put the pair of rings on their ring fingers.

“Do you want me to kneel and propose?” Sun Xi Mu pulled his tie and earnestly asked.

“If you’re willing.” Zhou Yun Sheng looked at him and smiled.

Sun Xi Mu immediately knelt down, taking hold of his lover’s left hand, he kissed the back of it, pious and gentle. The love overflowing from his eyes was suffocating. Li Li and the manager couldn’t stand it and hurriedly fled.

That afternoon, at a five-star hotel owned by the Sun clan, Ou Zi Nan held a press conference. He and Sun Xi Mu sat down side by side, wearing the same style of silver-gray suit, hair meticulously groomed, they looked radiant.

No one dared to pull Sun Xi Mu’s whiskers, so the reporters’ questions were very restrained. When someone asked about the authenticity of the photo, Zhou Yun Sheng nodded at the microphone, “The photo is real. I like men.”

Somewhere, some people cursed in front of the TV screen, some cried, others felt depressed, but no one could stop him from continuing his speech.

“Moreover, my lover is sitting right next to me.” He openly placed their clasped hands on top of the table, smiling a satisfied and tender smile, “When I was most helpless, when I was depressed and desperate, when I was abandoned by everyone I loved, only he stood by my side and gave me selfless help. In this world, I can’t trust anyone, except him; I can’t love anyone else but him. There were no unspoken rules, no exchanges of interests or coercion between us. We are truly in love.”

In front of the TVs, the audience venting their dissatisfaction suddenly quieted. They remembered the desperate situation Ou Zi Nan had once been in. If not for Sun Xi Mu, wouldn’t he have been ruined beyond repair? When you thought about it, he really had no reason to not love Sun Xi Mu.

Sun Xi Mu’s heart trembled, it jumped wildly, his chest almost exploding in great joy, but his face only carried a faint smile. He embraced the youth and printed a kiss on his forehead, then he spoke slowly, enunciating each word, “Yes, we’re truly in love, and we’re planning to get married. We don’t need anyone’s approval or blessing. This is the end of today’s press conference, goodbye.”

He pulled the young man up and strode away, leaving behind him the blinding flashes of cameras.

The scene of the tall man taking the slim youth into his arms and kissing him was so beautiful and warm that people couldn’t bear to disturb it. Online, the tidal wave of opposition suddenly died down, no one had anything else to add.

But, the relatively conservative environment in C Country made Zhou Yun Sheng feel very uncomfortable, so he decided to go to A Country to expand. The acceptance of homosexuality in their entertainment industry was quite high, so it wouldn’t become an obstacle to his career. The fans in C Country complained again and again when they heard the news, saying that all those homophobes were to blame for this. Loving a man or a woman was a person’s freedom, why did they want to interfere in other people’s lives? Why criticize them?

If not for those irrational attacks, the idol would’ve never fled to a faraway land, discouraged.

Soon, news broke out that Ge Meng Shu’s team were responsible for posting the photo online, the purpose was to clear her reputation by discrediting Ou Zi Nan.

This news brought disaster for Ge Meng Shu. Her barely recovering singing career suffered an unprecedented blow. The sales for the new album was only in the hundreds, a dismal performance, and the netizens gave her a new nickname – Scheming Bitch.

It was also revealed that she was really the one who played by the unspoken rules. She maintained a very improper relationship with both Yun Zhi Yuan and Lin Si Qing, which was why she could quickly climb to stardom. Then intimate photos of her and the two men were attached to the post. The photos were quite R-rated, there was French kissing, photos in bed, and one particularly eye-catching photo was of her and Lin Si Qing making love in a bathtub.

Faced with Yun Zhi Yuan’s interrogation, Ge Meng Shu practically went mad, she quickly called Lin Si Qing in E country to make him clarify the situation. Lin Si Qing’s life was now very miserable, perhaps because of his poor psychological state, he not only didn’t clarify, he even admitted to it, causing Yun Zhi Yuan to be extremely furious. Even when the technicians later identified the photos as falsified, Yun Zhi Yuan refused to trust Ge Meng Shu again, concluding that she was a two-timing tramp.

He ended his relationship with Ge Meng Shu, canceled her resources, and quickly got engaged to a young lady with a similar familial status.

Without the male lead and the second male lead’s devoted support, and with her thoroughly tarnished reputation, Ge Meng Shu could no longer reach the heights she should’ve reached in the original plot. She became a struggling D-list celebrity, and in order to support herself, she took roles in many vulgar variety shows, completely sinking into obscurity.

In June of the same year, the World Cup was held in B Country, and Ou Zi Nan was invited to be the guest of honor, performing the grand finale.

In the non-stop spray of fireworks, the youth, painted in seductive smoky makeup, slowly rose to the center of the stage. He was wearing a skintight jacket and black leather pants, showcasing his thin but explosive body. His hair was completely slicked back, revealing facial contours that appeared incomparably deep even in the West, and pink lips completely painted white, looking like a block of ice-cold metal.

He was so handsome, like lightning, like a flame, but his voice was also like the sound of thunder, formidable.

He waved, and tens of thousands of people waved with him, he danced, and tens of thousands of people danced with him, he shouted, and tens of thousands returned his cry, he raised his hands to the beat, and the whole venue erupted in deafening applause. Satisfied, he moved his finger to his lips, motioning for everyone to quiet down. Immediately, a pin drop could be heard in the stadium.

He was the master of them all, no one could resist his singing and charisma.

The camera followed him, projecting his unmatched beauty on the huge screen. Some people wept, some screamed, and some were unable to bear it, fainting, then carried out by the well-trained staff to the ambulances waiting outside the venue.

Because of Ou Zi Nan’s contribution, the opening ceremony of this World Cup became the most intense and sensational event of all time. His fans were spread across the continents, with different skin colors and speaking different languages.

The cameras that were not pointing at the stage panned over the crowd, focusing on random audience members. Whoever was chosen shouted ‘Ou Zi Nan I love you!’ to the camera. Even B Country’s president sitting in the VIP lounge couldn’t help but stand up, sambaing to the beat, then blowing a kiss towards the man on the stage.

After leaving C Country, Ou Zi Nan didn’t sink into obscurity like some music critics had predicted. He not only stood firm; he became a well-deserved international superstar. Those who were once held up as legendary musicians by his father now fawned over him whenever they saw him, hoping that he could one day write them a song or two when he was in a good mood.

Lin Si Qing lived in E country for more than half a year, his cash had already run out, so he could only move out from his luxury apartment to a small single room. Due to his damaged reputation, all the advertisers canceled their contracts, and he was asked to pay them a huge amount of compensation. He sold his luxury car and mansion to finally put enough money together.

Now, he was sitting in front of the TV, staring blankly at the brilliantly shining young man on the screen. He watched him skillfully manipulate the audience’s mood, watched him hit high notes with abandon, watched him drive everyone to madness, watched him step off the stage and embrace Sun Xi Mu, who walked over to welcome him, giving him a passionate kiss.

The 200,000 people in the stadium simultaneously sent their blessings, making the young man widen his eyes and laugh.

Lin Si Qing laughed along with him, then he covered his face and wept bitterly.




EDIT: No, you’re not crazy, the author calls the performance both the grand finale and the opening ceremony. I left it in cause I thought it was funny.

Next Chapter- Ummmm…..kinky?

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9 months ago

Esto fue muy 100/100

Myung Seok
Myung Seok
11 months ago

This is my most favorite arc so far I wish the ml always like this no other people entangled.

1 year ago

He sold his luxury car and mansion to finally put enough money together.

why didn’t he sell it sooner??? and why was he still living in a luxury apartment?? cant let go of his well-off life???

1 year ago

The best version of the ML so far tho i didnt like that he outed the MC without his consent but since mc didnt mind, i can forgive hehe

1 year ago

People really should know that desire shouldnt overpower them, desire for money, for person, or fame. People who got driven by their desires didnt end up with a good ending and suffer.

1 year ago
Reply to  Xiexie

what if im driven by the desire to live a good life? will i suffer? 🙁

10 months ago
Reply to  Xiexie

This is not true. People who are driven sometimes suffer but without being driven people cant succeed in most areas. You can live comfortably without desire but you cant enter fortune 500 or win an oscar or get a spot on the olympic team. Also does the person who never chased thier dreams who works as a salesperson suffer more or less than the person who chased thier dreams succeeded for a time and then got canceled and now does the same sales job. At least the second person has good memories.

7 months ago
Reply to  Xiexie

Well theres a difference between desire and obsession

1 year ago

So far this isn’t my favorite arc because I liked the face slapping of ChengZi’s story. BUT the ML being some bashful virgin was hilarious and this personality was way way better than the old man in CZ’s arc.

What impresses me most about this story is that Yun Sheng stays (mostly) true to the characters/people if you will. He doesn’t go balls to the wall crazy and OTT. It’s refreshing. And I hope that doesn’t change later on lmao.

1 year ago

this is my absolute fucking favourite arc omg I have no words for this one it made me cry it made me laugh it made me fall in love with them all over again I’m crying sm Iove it sm

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