FOD Chap 5.1: Small Farming Landlord



Chapter 5.1 Small Farming Landlord

This time, Zhou Yun Sheng and Cao Mo Kun fell into eternal rest at almost the same time. When he woke up, he was already in the XingHai space, violent energy, the result of fate’s derailing, formed a huge whirlpool. One share flowed into Zhou Yun Sheng’s sea of knowledge, but the other share was missing.

Zhou Yun Sheng launched a perception search with all his power, but he still couldn’t probe into the whereabouts of the energy.

Does he also have a space, like his own XingHai space, independent of the Lord God’s world? This was the only explanation Zhou Yun Sheng could think of.

In order to determine whether his lover would really follow him into every reincarnation, Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t hibernate this time, immediately jumping into the next world.

Now, he was lying on an antique BaBu bed, a drowsy little servant girl was resting on a footstool beside him, and an incense burner on the Bo Gu rack was emitting green smoke, carrying a sweet smell.

Zhou Yun Sheng avoided the little girl’s clothing as he got out of bed, then extinguished the incense burner while reading the information the AI sent over.

This world was very strange, there were men, women, and Ger. The so-called Ger were men who were able to give birth to children, their appearance was seemingly no different from a man’s, but there was a sindoor somewhere on their body, the purer the color of the sindoor, the higher the Ger’s fertility.

This country was called Chu Yun Country, the reason was unknown, but the fertility of women was getting lower and lower, either decades or even a lifetime of infertility, or pregnancies that only resulted in males, no females. Seeing the country’s dangerously low population, on the eve of extinction, the courtiers were anxious. They attributed the cause to the emperor setting up a male empress and angering God, strongly urging the emperor to execute the male empress.

The emperor loved the male empress, so he naturally refused, but he built a sacrificial alter to pray to God. God was touched by his sincerity, and lowered a beam of light into the male empress’ stomach. The male empress gave birth to Chu Yun Country’s first Ger.

Most women could only give birth to males, but Ger could give birth to female, male and Ger children, moreover, their children were generally beautiful, intelligent, and healthy. Therefore, in Chu Yun Country, Ger were very popular, in order to ensure population growth, the emperor of Chu Yun Country promulgated a law that stipulated that all Ger must get married by the age of twenty. For those who were unengaged, the local government office had the authority to designate them a husband.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s body was a Ger named Zhu Zi Yu. Between his eyebrows was a pale pink sindoor, so his fertility was very low, only a little better than a woman’s. Because Zhou Yun Sheng had a habit of adjusting the data of the original body to the best status, his sindoor had already become a deep blood-like red.

Zhou Yun Sheng sized up Zhu Zi Yu in the mirror, giving a self-deprecating laugh. He always bragged that he was capable of doing anything, except giving birth. But this time, lucky or not, he finally became an omnipotent being, he could even give birth.

Even so, he didn’t want to adjust the body’s data back, firstly, health and strength were his most basic dependencies. Secondly, although this Zhu Zi Yu was a Ger, currently, in Zhu Jia, only his personal servant girl, Tweety, and his nanny, Lu-shi, knew this secret.

Zhu Zi Yu’s father had only him in his lifetime. Anxious that, because of his low fertility, his husband’s family would dislike him, and he wouldn’t be able to keep the huge family property, he covered up his sindoor and raised Zhu Zi Yu as a man. Three years ago, the Zhu family husbands went out to visit relatives, on the way, they met with mountain bandits and were killed, the family property was then inherited by Zhu Zi Yu.

Zhu Jia was located in Qing Min County, which was close to the capital. Transportation was convenient and the land was fertile, making it a very affluent county. And Zhu Jia had a vast space of fertile land, they could be called the richest family in the vicinity.

Zhu Zi Yu was raised as a man, his abilities and means were first-class, therefore, the outside world never doubted his identity. If the protagonist shou of this world hadn’t crossed over, he would’ve probably lived a very comfortable life. Unfortunately, the protagonist shou did cross over, and Zhu Zi Yu was immediately downgraded to a vicious male rival, then finally reduced to cannon fodder.

Yes, this was a transmigration, BL, faming culture world, the protagonist shou entered the body of a man named Zhang Shu Lin, a Ger. On his wrist was a brilliant red sindoor, making him very popular locally. But his family was poor, and he had a group of annoying relatives, so he had yet to find a husband at 17 years old. In order to protect his useless parents and clever younger brother and sisters, the protagonist shou persevered, hit gold with farming, and eventually became the richest landlord in the vicinity.

And Zhu Jia was just a stumbling block on his road to prosperity. They were kicked to the horizon by his loyal dog gong, and turned into a meteor.

When Zhou Yun Sheng woke up, Zhu Zi Yu had already irreconcilably offended Zhang Shu Lin, forget about robbing him of the means he used to support his family, he also threatened to destroy his younger brother’s promotion route to the imperial examinations. By now, Zhang Shu Lin had already picked up his injured and suffering from amnesia loyal dog gong and brought him to his home for treatment. This loyal dog gong was actually the heir to a HouFu, and in the future, he would become a monstrously powerful regent. Presumably, they’ve already cultivated their feelings.

When the loyal dog gong recovers his memories, he would ride a majestic, tall horse, and lead a palanquin with eight carriers to marry the protagonist shou. The protagonist shou’s younger brother would also become the top scorer in the palace exams, and rise to fame and fortune.

Afterwards, Zhu Jia had a miserable outcome. They were stomped into the mud by the protagonist shou’s, who was holding a grudge, younger brother and loyal dog gong. In the meantime, Zhu Zi Yu’s Ger identity was seen through by the protagonist gong, who prompted the authorities to wantonly marry him off to an infamous gambler. Not only was his family’s vast wealth squandered away, he was also abused, his life worse than a pig or a dog’s.

In short, how content the current Zhu Zi Yu was, was how miserable the future Zhu Zi Yu will be. Therefore, Zhou Yun Sheng’s only task this time was to save the Zhu family property.

A regent, holding massive military force, enough power to overturn all levels of society, this type of person wasn’t easy to deal with. Zhou Yun Sheng pondered while applying face rouge to his sindoor.

“Ya, young master, why didn’t you call me when you woke up?” The girl lying on the footstool unhurriedly woke up. She promptly went to the bronze mirror to look at him, then was stunned, “Y-young master, how did your sindoor change color?”

The little girl had never seen such a pure, blood-like deep red on any other Ger’s body. If young master had this color from birth, why would they worry about not being able to find him a good husband? Why would master bother raising him while concealing his identity?

“I also don’t know how it got this way, it was like this when I woke up today. Help me thicken this rouge a bit, it’s too thin to conceal it now.” Zhou Yun Sheng handed the case over.

The little girl snapped out of her shock, while stirring some flesh colored powder into the case, she hesitantly opened, “Young master, the color of your sindoor probably changed because you were nursed back to health. Young master, you not only look beautiful, even the color of your sindoor is so pure, marrying a high official isn’t impossible. Then we’ll see who would dare covet Zhu Jia’s family property.”

“Tweety, your thoughts are too simple.” Zhou Yun Sheng smiled faintly and waved his hand, “How can you know that the high official wouldn’t look down on your family property? Must a high official have a noble personality? Relying on others will always be worse than relying on yourself. Zhu Jia’s family property is still better off under my guard.”

“But young master, you can’t spend a lifetime all alone, how sad that would be!”

“I won’t be alone, someone is waiting for me.” Zhou Yun Sheng confidently said. Although he didn’t know who that guy had become, he had a mysterious and inexorable feeling that they would definitely meet again, love each other, and stay together, just like every life in the past.

Tweety gave a sweet smile at these words, then she applied the adjusted rouge to the sindoor until it was undetectable.

Zhou Yun Sheng ate breakfast, then entered his study to look over the account books. His brain was comparable to the most powerful computer, in just a few glances, the outgoing and incoming finances were simplified into tables and stored in his mind.

About a quarter of an hour later, he had already mastered all the circumstances of Zhu Jia. He was preparing to have Tweety grind ink to make a summary of the property, when he heard a knock. Zhu Jia’s head butler, Zhu Lao Si, was outside requesting an audience.

Zhu Zi Yu was spoiled by his fathers, his character was very high-handed and selfish, so he usually often bullied others, extorted, plundered, etc. And Zhu Lao Si was his most effective henchman.

This time, Zhu Lao Si had been ordered to go to Zhang Jia and seize Zhang Shu Lin’s secret century egg recipe. Zhang Shu Lin relied on selling century eggs to earn his first pot of gold, he planned to save some money to send his younger brother to attend school in the county, and conveniently repair his house. Unexpectedly, Zhu Jia resolutely demanded the recipe from him, and also forbad him from selling them again, planning to monopolize this source of revenue.

Zhang Shu Lin was naturally unwilling, but his younger brother, Zhang Jia Rui, was participating in the courtyard examinations soon, if he didn’t compromise with Zhu Jia, he wouldn’t be able to find a guarantor, and unjustly lose qualifications.

For his younger brother’s future, Zhang Shu Lin had no choice but to suffer in silence.

Currently, Zhu Lao Si was presenting this ‘evil’ secret recipe to Zhu Zi Yu, expecting a few words of praise, but surprisingly, he heard the boss ask, “What’s this?”

“This is the recipe for century eggs, young master, didn’t you order me to get it?”

“Was there something like that?”

“Young master is always so busy, perhaps you forgot.”

“But these are just some petty profits, I’m not interested, take it back.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved.

Zhu Lao Si didn’t question it, withdrawing after promising to return it. But he didn’t return the recipe, instead, under the boss’s name, he let his wife pickle the century eggs for sale, earning a good profit.

Zhou Yun Sheng had received Zhu Zi Yu’s memory, of course he understood Zhu Lao Si’s greedy nature. When he went away, he knew that he would certainly do this. So, this was exactly what he wanted.

He was now only a small landlord, he couldn’t afford to offend the bigwigs, so building some good will was necessary. But he couldn’t simply do some good deeds, it was too low effort, and the effect wouldn’t be good enough, he needed to be a bit high-tech. Plus, he had to let the protagonists view him as an enemy first, anyway, he wasn’t in a hurry.

Through the data transmitted by 007, he knew that there would be a big drought in the next few months. The protagonist shou was the first to see through the weather changes, so he warned the villagers to stockpile food, saving many lives. Zhu Zi Yu believed him, and also stockpiled a lot of food, but he sold it at high-prices during the critical moment, profiteering from the disaster. Because his actions were so immoral, when the refugees and bandits looted his manor, the loyal dog gong’s troops refused to go rescue him, and he almost died.

This was the turning point for the downfall of Zhu Jia.

Of course, now it had become the turning point for Zhou Yun Sheng’s self-rescue.

He lived comfortably for almost a month, when the drought was nearing, Zhou Yun Sheng finally put on a light blue gown and went to the fields to oversee the harvest.

“Good day Landlord.”

“Landlord, you’re here.”

“Landlord, where are you heading, do you want me to lead the way?”

The laboring tenant farmers saw him and successively fawned over him.

“You guys keep busy, I’ll just look around.” He took two steps, then saw a tall, handsome, muscular man, standing in Zhang Jia’s paddy field. He couldn’t help but look twice. This person should be Qin Ce, the leading military operations with extraordinary skill, powerful enough to overturn all levels of society, Shen Wei Hou Shizi.

The other man also frowned and looked over at him, his gaze sharp.



Ger– 哥兒, Brothers/boys, I thought it would be too confusing to call them brothers, so I’m leaving it in pinyin

Sindoor– 硃砂痣, Zhusha Zhi, Cinnabar Mole, Wikipedia “Sindoor is a traditional vermilion red or orange-red colored cosmetic powder from Indian subcontinent, usually worn by married women along the part of their hair. Sindoor is traditionally applied at the beginning or completely along the parting-line of a woman’s hair or as a dot on the forehead.”


Jia- family/home/house

Tweety– Cui Er, but also another name for Tweety, as in

I left it as Tweety, cause why not?

HouFu- Marquisate

Shen Wei Hou Shizi– Shen Wei – mighty power/ invincible might/martial prowess, Hou- Marquis, Shizi- heir of a noble house

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(This isn’t meant to be a complaint that it happens, I expected it coming into the genre and don’t mind it happening, especially since I’m not the targeted demographic in the first place. Just curious on the “how” it is typically imagined, because otherwise, I can only picture it as a ‘#2’ baby)

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