ABO Vol 1: Chapter 16


Chapter 16: The Prince’s Strange Feelings

The morning session soon finished. After a two hour military posture training and an hour long nightmarish intensive training, the command section students felt exhausted and hungry. Instructor Irene dismissed the students and they immediately rushed toward the canteen.

Fortunately, the school’s canteen was very large, so the lines were not long. The entire canteen had five floors, and each layer had a lot of seats, so as long as you brushed the magnetic card at the door, the canteen food was easily accessible. Lin Yuan had never seen so many delicious foods, his eyes lit up, he circled the first floor of the cafeteria with a plate, heaping on food.

Seeing the plate about to spill over, Lin Yuan finally turned around to find a seat.

Karl also came up to him, looked at Lin Yuan’s mountain of food, then back at his own plate with two simple dishes and a soup. He couldn’t help but smile: “You can eat that much?”

Lin Yuan also looked at his pile, he scratched his head, embarrassed: “I can finish it.”

He was small, but his appetite was great. At home, he was always able to finish off his sister’s big cakes, so Lin Yuan was quite confident about his own appetite. But facing Karl’s amused look, and looking at the difference in food, Lin Yuan felt shy and couldn’t help but blush.

Caesar was passing through and saw Karl and Lin Yuan sitting together, casually eating. Karl was smiling and looking at Lin Yuan, and Lin Yuan was blushing, his head lowered ……. this scene, for some reason, made him feel a bit irritated.

Moreover, he’d deliberately walked around in front of Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan actually didn’t notice him!

Caesar frowned, found a corner to sit down, and while eating, he glanced at Lin Yuan’s table from time to time, observing. After a while, he suddenly felt something was wrong – Why was a dignified prince sitting in a corner, staring at his roommate? This ……. this must be because his father had ordered him to deliberately have a good relationship with Lin Yuan.

Yes, because of his father’s order, he was more concerned about Lin Yuan.

Caesar grasped at a reason, quickly finished up his lunch, and decisively left the canteen.

Karl also finished his lunch, but Lin Yuan’s plate was only half done.

The canteen’s dishes were really delicious, so Lin Yuan was contentedly eating, immersed in enjoying the delicious food. He didn’t notice that Karl was gently looking at him, as if he was watching a small animal eat.

……. The way this guy eats is quite cute.

Karl couldn’t help thinking.

His head was lowered, carefully focusing on the food, shoving food in his mouth like a small squirrel, it was kind of fascinating watching him eat. Obviously, the food was very common, yet he was eating so contentedly, he really was an easy going guy.

Seeing Lin Yuan finally finish his plate of food, Karl smiled and handed him a handkerchief. Lin Yuan took it, wiped his mouth, and gently hiccupped.

The two people put the tableware on the conveyor belt, and left the canteen, heading towards the dormitory.

When they were approaching the dormitory, Karl suddenly stopped and spoke seriously: “Lin Yuan.”

Lin looked at him, puzzled. “Ah?”

“You have two Alpha roommates?”

Lin nodded. “Yup, Caesar and one called Brian.”

Karl was silent for a moment, then he lowered his voice: “I don’t know if I should say this … but the identity of your two roommates is not simple, you better ……. don’t get too close to them, so you don’t get yourself into trouble.”

Lin Yuan was startled, he was silent for a while, then nodded and said: “I know.”

He knew that he was just an ordinary Beta, his family background was simple, and his genes were inferior to Alpha. Plus, he’d never intended to curry favor with the noble Alpha.

However, Karl’s blunt warning made Lin Yuan’s heart feel uncomfortable.

They were the same students, but because of their different blood, there was such an awkward hierarchy.

This ​​discrimination was here from since the empire was founded hundreds of years ago, and was deeply rooted in the minds of many. Alpha genes were superior, born with advantages. There were many Alpha worshipers, and some of the more extreme Alpha chauvinists believed that society should be completely ruled by Alpha.

Beta were very mediocre, they made up most of the social working class, and as for the military, the top major players were almost all Alpha. Even when a Beta had excellent performance, promotion was very difficult.

Omega were even more miserable, because of their strong fertility, in order to support population growth, Omega were completely stripped off their human rights. From an early age, they were under governmental control, and their so-called marriage was just gene pool matching. Many Omega were married off before even seeing the other’s face.

Although, because the system matched them, their genes have a high degree of compatibility, and their offspring were the best. However, the marriages had no feelings as a foundation, this type of compulsory match for reproduction……. completely ignored their humanity, simply treating them as a tool to cultivate offspring!

Lin Yuan always felt indignant at this, when can this situation change?

Fortunately, he was not an Omega, otherwise, if he was inexplicably matched to a strange Alpha and expected to produce children, he would feel terrible for the rest of his life…….

Lin Yuan shook his fist, and looked up into Karl’s deep eyes.

Karl smiled, stretched out his hand and gently placed it on Lin Yuan’s shoulder: “Don’t worry, if you have any difficulties you can find me, I’ll try to help you. I should be older than you, right? Think of me as a good older brother.”

Karl really gave off the temperament of a brother, his smile was very gentle and cordial. Lin Yuan couldn’t help but smile when faced with his kind eyes, he nodded and said: “I know discretion. It’ll be okay, Karl.”


Lin Yuan went back to the dormitory and met Caesar coming out from his bedroom. He’d apparently just taken a bath. He was wearing a white bathrobe, and it was opened enough to reveal his beautiful chest muscles at a glance, his slender, strong legs poked out under the robe. This figure was the advantage of being an Alpha, and since Caesar was just wearing a bathrobe, his Alpha pheromone was more concentrated.

Seeing Lin Yuan, Caesar took the initiative to say hello: “You just came back?”


After meeting Caesar’s eyes, Lin Yuan quickly looked away and turned toward his bedroom.

Caesar looked at his sweaty military uniform, paused, then said: “You ……. should take a bath too. Wash your uniform with the automatic washing machine, it should dry in time.”

Lin Yuan froze a moment, then looked down at his uniform, almost attached to his body with sweat. When he was chatting with Karl he hadn’t noticed. It was a good idea to wash his uniform before his brief lunch break ended.

Caesar had kindly reminded him, so Lin Yuan looked back and smiled: “Thank you, I’ll wash it.”

“…….” Caesar’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the boy’s bright smile, when he woke up from his trance, Lin Yuan had already entered his bedroom and closed the door.

Since leaving Cepheus and coming to the academy, his body seemed to be strange. Not only did his nose repeatedly misjudge Lin Yuan and Snow as Omega, now even his body’s Alpha pheromones were strangely fluctuating.

Caesar took a deep breath to steady his heart, then turned back into his bedroom.

The assembly was two o’clock in the afternoon, it was now 1:30. Lin Yuan quickly took a bath, threw his clothes into the washing machine, pressed the start button, and watched the washing machine begin its automatic cleaning work.

This fully automatic washing machine included a washing, drying and ironing function. As long as the clothes were put into it, it could directly be worn when it was done. Especially suits, uniforms and other materials that needed to be stiff, after washing and ironing, they came out neat and clean.

Lin Yu waited a while, but the washing machine suddenly stopped after turning a few times.

……What’s going on? Is it broken?

The washing machine in his house wasn’t so advanced, he didn’t know how to use this high-tech machine. Lin Yuan hesitated for a moment, then decided to knock Snow’s door. After knocking for a long time with no response, he concluded that Snow obviously wasn’t in his bedroom.

Lin Yuan had to bite the bullet and knock on Caesar’s door.

“Caesar, you in?”

“…….” Lin Yuan actually took the initiative to knock on his door? This was really unprecedented. Caesar was shocked, yet inexplicably somewhat happy. He immediately got down from his bed, and walked over to open the door: “What’s wrong?

Lin Yuan scratched his head, embarrassed, and said: “Can you help me with my washing machine? It seems to be broken.”

Caesar followed Lin Yuan to his bathroom, looked at the state of the washing machine, and said: “There’s no energy.”

Because many planets couldn’t build power stations, and even when they had them, the limited amount of energy resources couldn’t guarantee the uninterrupted operation of large mech, so many of today’s machines operated on an internal energy box. In this type of washing machine, a common energy box could fuel it for a whole year, and advanced one could last longer. After installing an internal energy box, all electrical appliances could operate freely.

Energy boxes were made from the chemical processing of a variety of domestic waste and waste products. After use, it could be recycled and re-used, this not only helps save the planet’s resources, it also protected the environment, so it served two purposes.

The energy of the washing machine must’ve inconveniently been exhausted.

Lin Yuan thought about that and said: “Why don’t I buy one now?”

Caesar looked at the time and said, “There’s not enough time to buy a new one, the assembly is at two o’clock, you only have ten minutes. You put all your clothes in there?”

Lin Yu sighed in frustration, “Aye.”

In fact, he had only intended to take a bath, he hadn’t planned to wash his uniform, but now he’d put his uniform into a washing machine that had no energy. The assembly was soon, he couldn’t wear wet clothes.

Lin Yuan looked up at Caesar for help, Caesar quickly suggested: “Use my washing machine.”

I was waiting for that sentence!

Lin Yuan immediately smiled and said: “Thank you!”

“…… You are welcome.” Caesar opened the washing machine and took out Lin Yuan’s uniform, suddenly, a small white cloth fell out. Caesar leaned over to pick it up, puzzled. He gave it a careful look:”……”

It was actually a pair of pure white…….underwear?

Caesar’s fingers suddenly stiffened.

Lin Yuan saw the underwear in his hand and his face immediately reddened, “This ……. This was accidentally dropped in! I just wasn’t paying attention, uh, I obviously put it aside, how could it mix in…….”

Lin Yuan grabbed the underwear from Caesar’s hand, the blush spreading to his ears.

… How embarrassing!

He really hadn’t meant it, Lin Yuan had a habit of hand washing his underwear, he’d just accidentally thrown it in with the uniform in his haste.

He’d actually mixed his underwear and his shirt in the wash…….

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan awkwardly hung his head, even his neck was red.

Caesar looked at the glowing red teenager, like a boiled crab, then looked at the tightly clenched, pure white underwear in his hands. His face suddenly heat up in embarrassment, “Cough ……. I, I’ll help you put your clothes in the washing machine……. You can come back and get it in 10 minutes.”

Caesar finished this sentence and quickly left Lin Yuan’s bedroom.

It was too strange, when he was standing next to Lin Yuan in the steaming bathroom, he once again sensed Omega pheromones. And, looking at Lin Yuan’s slender, beautiful neck, he’d had the sudden desire to perform the Alpha and Omega ceremony, biting the back of his neck to mark him. Not only did his heart rate pick up, even his cheeks heated up…….

His Alpha phenomes suddenly fluctuated, and he’d stuttered…….

What’s wrong with his body?

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