ABO Vol 1: Chapter 15


Chapter 015: Karl

Caesar, of course, was calling Lin Yuan an idiot. As a Beta, he’d actually tried to compete with an Alpha in physical fitness, even putting on a “If you don’t quit, I won’t quit” posture. When Caesar saw that he was about to pass out, he could only withdraw from the competition.

Thinking of this, Caesar couldn’t help but glance back at the young man –

The boy’s white skin was tanned red, because of the excessive sweat, his military uniform was tightly attached to his body, making his body look thinner. His waist looked like it could be circled by a single arm, his black ink like hair clung wetly to his ear, and his clear black eyes shined like a starry night.

Caesar couldn’t help but admire the guy’s perseverance in his heart, but he just quietly changed topic: “Lin Yuan, in the military entrance exam, how did you get full marks?”

He’d always wanted to ask this question. Every year, the exam had two theoretical exams, it wasn’t strange to memorize all the topic points. But there were also practical exams, including exams testing basic intelligent armor control, simulating piloting miniature warships, virtual combat training in three events, all on the exam’s dedicated network.

It’s not easy to get a full score on so many diverse subjects.

So, when Caesar had learned that this year’s Command Department had a guy named Lin Yuan who’d also scored full marks, he was very surprised. He’d thought that Lin Yuan was from a military family, he didn’t expect he was a civilian born in the desolate Cigar galaxy, and also a Beta – it was too incredible.

After hearing Caesar’s question, Lin Yuan scratched his head, embarrassed. He leaned over to Caesar’s ear and whispered: “Actually, on the theory test, there were two questions I didn’t know the answer to, so I just guessed them. Then they turned out to be correct.”

“…….” Caesar looked at the sincerity in his eyes, then helplessly asked: “And the practical exam?”

Lin Yuan smiled: “The practical exam wasn’t difficult. Armor operation only tested C-class mech and I usually play a battle simulator online, so it was easy to pass. The piloting was similar, I dedicated a month in online training for those tests. As for the final tactical exam…….” Lin Yuan tilted his head and thought,” This year’s test was to sneak a pioneer battalion into an enemy camp. I first sent in a reconnaissance ship to monitor, found that they were staging an ambush, so I made them try to detour, but it turned out to be an ambush ring, trying to sneak in would lead to annihilation. Obviously, this was a deliberate trap set by the examiner. Since going in would lead to death, I ordered my troops to withdraw.”

Lin Yuan said with excitement: “I didn’t expect that doing that would get me a full score.”

Caesar: “…”

Looking at the boy’s happiness, Caesar couldn’t help but feel some complex emotions.

The purpose of the test was to examine the candidate’s ability to observe and critical decision-making ability. Destroying the enemy camp wasn’t the purpose of the test, it was to accurately determine the pros and cons of the situation and calculate the chances of successful infiltration. A quick retreat to avoid unnecessary solider death would get you a full mark.

This guy…

Was this self-defeating good luck, or natural military talent?

Caesar suddenly felt more interested in the young man beside him.

What a weird Beta!

After standing for so long, most of the students were wet noodles, lying down weakly, yet after drinking a bottle of water to restore his physical strength, Lin Yuan had immediately become vibrant again, his big black eyes were shiny, his mouth was curved up ……. his appearance made people ……. not want to look away.

Caesar stared at Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan was bewildered by his staring, he scratched his head, puzzled, then turned his head away.

At this time, a tall boy suddenly walked over, looked at Lin Yuan, smiled and reached out his hand: “You’re called Lin Yuan, right? I’m Karl.”

The boy named Karl had a pair of light blue eyes and long, flowing platinum blonde hair tied in braid. The handsome boy didn’t look like a righteous soldier in his military uniform, but like a celebrity, and he looked very gentlemanly when he smiled.

This boy was also an Alpha, but the usual oppressive Alpha aura was very light on his body, obviously, in order not to pressure others, he’d deliberately converged his pheromones, and had on a very friendly and cordial smile.

Lin Yuan was touched by his smile, he couldn’t help but reach out and shake his hand: “Hello.”

Karl withdrew his hand and sat down next to Lin Yuan, he spoke softly, “Is your hometown in Rennes? I have an uncle over there.”

Lin Yuan was surprised: “For real? Is your uncle a soldier?”

Planet Rennes didn’t have much aboriginal residents, most of the residents were soldiers and miners sent to mine and monitor the mining of resources. Karl was elegant, and his speech was very aristocratic, so his uncle should be a military officer on Rennes.

Lin Yuan was thinking this, but Karl softly said: “No, my uncle is a doctor, he’s called Fornt.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes widened in shock, “Really? Dr. Fornt?!”

Karl nodded and looked at Lin Yuan in surprise, “Yeah? Do you know him?”

Lin Yuan immediately nodded, excited: “Of course I know him! Dr. Fornt lives next door to us!”

“Really? What a coincidence. I haven’t seen him for a long time, is he okay?”

“He’s in good health, he even insists on running 5 miles every morning. He also opened up a private hospital.”

“… Sounds good,” Karl smiled, “This holiday, my parents and I planned to go visit Uncle Fornt, when we go, can I visit you?”

Lin Yuan immediately bumped his chest and said: “No problem, come to my house to play. I’ll be your tour guide.”

The two people began to chat eagerly.

About the snow on Rennes planet, about Dr. Fornt’s activities, and even about Dr. Fornt’s pet puppy.

Caesar listened to their chatting, slightly frowning.

Lin Yuan met this guy named Karl and just left him hanging. Although, after meeting a “nephew of an acquaintance”, it’s normal to have more familiar topics to chat about, but ……. What is this feeling of discomfort?

Caesar felt inexpiably gloomy!

Because of his unhappiness, Caesar’s expression was serious as he coldly sat next to Lin Yuan, silent.

Karl was undoubtedly a very talkative person and Lin Yuan didn’t feel any pressure chatting with him. When the topic was about to go into his childhood, Lin Yuan suddenly remembered that he had someone else sitting with him……. his roommate.

They were the only three people in the corner, and he was chatting with Karl happily while he’d left Caesar hanging. Not good. Lin Yuan quickly smiled, pointed to his cold faced roommate and said: “Right, let me introduce you two. This is my roommate, he’s also in the Command Department.”

Karl looked at Caesar, slightly smiled and reached out his hand, “Hello, Karl.”

Caesar shook his hand and faintly said: “Caesar.”

Karl withdrew his hand and promptly ignored Caesar, he continued chatting with Lin Yuan: “What’s your dorm room number?”

Lin Yuan replied: “A13.”

“No kidding? You’re next door to me,” Karl paused. “You have two students who are not in the command department, right?”

Lin Yuan was surprised: “How do you know?”

Karl smiled: “There are 50 students in the command department, 13 rooms, A01 to A13. Your room is the last one, except for you and Caesar in this department, the other two should be in another profession, right?”

“…….” Lin Yuan froze. He suddenly understood why Brian and Snow could be in their room. The 12 dorms had 48 command students, in the last one, except for him and Caesar, there would be two extra bedrooms. So naturally, students from other professions were transferred over.

Lin nodded and said, “Yes, there’s a medical and engineering department student.”

Karl smiled and said: “Sure enough.

Caesar heard this conversation and couldn’t help but slightly frown.

– This dormitory arrangement wasn’t a coincidence.

When he’d entered the school yesterday, the principal had personally met him and the Royal Guards and asked him if he needed any help. Caesar had proposed to change his dormitory because he’d wanted to live with Brian.

He and Brian grew up together, they were best friends. They would get along better than with total strangers, and with Caesar’s identity as a Prince and Brian’s identity as a General’s son, the two could take care of each other and also keep their secrets.

So the principal had directly transferred the two to A13 dormitory.

Caesar had also asked the principal to transfer Lin Yuan over because he’d scored full marks. Caesar had wanted to get to know the other student who’d scored full marks, so he’d thought living together was a good choice. As for Snow, he was a real random student. The medical department was overstuffed this year, so Snow, as a late check-in, was randomly assigned to their A13 dormitory.

Because of these circumstances, A13 made Lin Yuan, Caesar, Brian, and Snow roommates.

This kind of dormitory transfer was harmless. Caesar had only mentioned a simple request, and his tone was humble and courteous, so the principal had naturally agreed and immediately re-arranged the dormitory list.

Unexpectedly, Carl had suddenly deduced that the 13th dormitory was strange.

Does he know that Lin Yuan was originally supposed to live in A12, and be his roommate?

Caesar turned around, and met Karl’s smiling eyes.

They looked at each other for three seconds, then simultaneously looked away.

Karl gave Lin Yuan a gentle smile: “Wanna get lunch together?”

Lin immediately nodded, “Okay!”

Lin Yuan was very happy to meet Dr. Fornt’s nephew in such a faraway planet. Thinking of Dr. Fornt, his heart felt very soft. He’d never known his father and Dr. Fornt had always cared for him like a father. He felt that Dr. Fornt’s nephew was naturally like his own brother.

Looking at Lin Yuan and Karl smiling happily at each other, Caesar’s unhappy mood actually doubled!

– What the hell is wrong with this Lin Yuan? Why does he always look alert when he sees me and avoid my eyes when he talks to me, yet gives Karl a bright smile, treating him kindly like they’re old friends?

– I … am I inferior to Karl?

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Vera of Zevadar
Vera of Zevadar
1 year ago

But when Dr. Fornt called his friend to ask about the academy entrance tests, he told him that his grandson wanted to go to the academy and his friend told him that he had no chance.?

3 years ago

No darling, your much more Alpha then Karl and that’s why our Lin Yuan avoids you

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Didn’t Dr. Fornt say that his nephew is Claude? I mean Knox.

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Jealous Caesar (。’▽’。)♡

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Already eating vinegar so quickly ? *pats Caesar*

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Reply to  XY

His name is Xiwei and he was mentioned once as a violent omega XD

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Hehehe look who’s jelous *snickers* Ceasar is such a cutie~ his my fave now in this novel hahah!

6 years ago

thank you for the translation ^^

6 years ago

It’s the green eyed monster! ?? Caesar’s so cute being all jealous already.

6 years ago

The stern-faced officers frowned slightly, he then said, “Your nephew? Claude who plays games all day? He has no hope of getting into San Romia Military Academy, you’d better let him give up. ”

Was Karl / Claude a typo, is there another nephew, or is Karl lying to befriend LY?

Thanks for the update!

6 years ago
Reply to  XD

Oh damn, completely forgot about those events. Claude is kind of mysterious…

6 years ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Caesar got jelly from Carl