ABO Vol 1: Chapter 13


Chapter 013: Plan To Get Along With Your Roommates

Lin Yuan doesn’t particularly hate Caesar.

On the contrary, Caesar was very handsome, had an elegant smile, he doesn’t look down on others, he’s a peacemaker, and brought food. Even if Lin Yuan felt uncomfortable, it’s not good to slam the door on people.

Lin Yuan’s initial resistance to Caesar was completely because of his strange body reaction making him feel very uncomfortable. But after eating the tablet, his body has returned to normal, Caesar’s strong Alpha aura shouldn’t cause too much Impact. It’s just… looking at his deep eyes made Lin Yuan feel uncomfortable again.

Lin Yuan invited Caesar into his bedroom, pointed to the stool and said: “Sit here.”

Caesar sat down on the stool, placed the five-star fruit on the table, and looked at Lin Yuan: “Wanna try some?”

Lin Yuan scratched his head: “Ah …….”

He’s always had a big appetite since childhood, as a child, he habitually stole Lin Yao’s cakes, and got beaten to a pulp whenever she caught him. Looking at this strange fruit, Lin Yuan was naturally very curious, he cautiously walked to Caesar, picked up a five-star fruit and asked: “How do you eat it?”

Caesar smiled and took the fruit from his hand. “I’ll teach you.”

The boy’s slender fingers moved to the middle of the five-star fruit and he pulled gently, the hard silver shell immediately spilt with a small hole, Caesar gave the fruit back to Lin Yuan: “Peel the shell from here, then eat the flesh inside.”

“Oh.” Lin Yuan took over, carefully stripped the shell halfway and stuck out his tongue to taste a bit. The sweet and sour taste suddenly filled his mouth, it almost tasted like his favorite fruit, strawberry, but it was more cool and delicious than strawberries.

“……. It’s nice!” Lin Yuan made an evaluation of the taste then finished the fruit. Then he picked up another, peeled it and ate. And then he picked up another one, and quickly swallowed it.

One, two, three, four…

Caesar: “…”

Why does this guy eat like a squirrel?

Hobby: “…”

The master forgot to leave one for me!

Five-star fruit are only the size of a child’s palm, for the foodie Lin Yuan, all the fruit was just enough for one serving. Lin Yuan ignored Hobby and Caesar’s complex eyes, and finished off all the fruit. He held himself back from licking his lips and looked at Caesar: “This fruit is Cepheus’ specialty? I’ve never seen it before. ”

Caesar nodded and said: “This fruit only grows in Starfield Planet. The fruit trees are silver and white, and the five-star fruit glows at night, so it looks like the tree is covered with stars.”

Lin Yuan was curious: “That sounds cool, I wanna see it.”

“There may be a chance in the future.” Caesar paused, “Right, I still have a lot of specialty products from Cepheus, you interested?”

“…..There’s more?”

Looking at the boy’s shiny eyes, Caesar couldn’t help but smile: “Come on, see for yourself.”

He suddenly felt that Queen Anna’s food meddling was good judgement.

For example, when persuading a ‘foodie’, a thousand words are not as effective as a few fruit.

Caesar took Lin Yuan to the dining room. Brian was eating dinner, his black eye looked very bleak. When he saw Lin Yuan, he smiled and waved: “Heya roomie! I didn’t introduce myself right? My name is Brian, a Military Engineering student … oh right, sorry I rubbed your hair last time. It’s just because you look like my…”

“Cough.” Caesar quickly coughed and gave Brian a meaningful glance.

Brian immediately swallowed his ‘my clumsy pet bear’ and cleverly changed it to: “You look like my cousin! I felt really close to you when I saw you!”

Caesar: “…”

He always knew that Brian didn’t have the word ‘tact’ in his vocabulary.

“Hello.” Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and shook Brian’s hand, smiled and said, “I’m Lin Yuan.”

Brian had just petted his head and Lin Yuan had immediately punched at him. His body was in some weird state, so he’d instinctively feared being close to Alphas and had overreacted.

Now in retrospect, Lin Yuan also felt very embarrassed. Brian had just touched his head, it was probably only playfulness. Since they were roommates and had to live together for three years, Lin Yuan didn’t want to make their relationship too stiff.

Lin Yuan smiled a ‘let bygones be bygones’ smile to Brian

Fortunately, Brian didn’t hold a grudge, he wore Snow’s hand delivered black eye and continued cheerfully eating.

Caesar pulled a stool out for Lin Yuan and pointed to the pile of food on the table: “These are the specialty foods my parents sent, I can’t eat them all by myself. All the kitchen cabinets are filled, everyone can take what they like.”

“…….” Lin looked at all the strange foods and gulped.

Hobby happily stretched out his claws and immediately grabbed a box of his favorite cheese.

Lin Yuan felt mortified by Hobby’s boldness. Fortunately, Caesar didn’t mind, he gently touched Hobby’s ear and said: “This is Gera’s favorite cheese. There’s a lot here so feel free to take as much as you like.”

Lin Yuan looked at Hobby, who was tearing away at the cheese’s packaging, then gave Caesar an embarrassed smiled: “Thank you.”

Caesar smiled and said: “We’re roommates from now on, we don’t have to be so polite with each other.”

Lin Yuan suddenly felt that Caesar’s smile looked more charming than before?

But he was right, they’re roommates, although he didn’t want to offend these pure blooded Alpha, Caesar and Brian’s temperaments were good, they weren’t arrogant and domineering, so …….

So it’s okay to get along with them and become friends, right?

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan was relieved, he didn’t need to walk on eggshells around these Alphas. So Lin Yuan bluntly picked up some interesting looking foods off the table, looked up and smiled: “Then I won’t be so polite ah!”

Caesar said, “You’re welcome. Don’t hesitate to take more.”

Lin Yuan happily embraced a large pile of food and walked back to his bedroom.

When his back disappeared behind the door, Brian lowered his voice and meaningfully asked: “Hey, Caesar, why are you suddenly so good to him? Trying to buy him with food?”

Caesar glanced at Brian’s black eye, “Because I don’t want to be beaten every day ah.”

Brian: “………………”

Caesar smiled, and pointed to Snow’s room door: “Since you’ll live together for three years, don’t you think you need to improve your relationship with your roommate?

Brian: “………………”

Three minutes later, Brian was holding a box of five-star fruit and gently knocking on Snow’s door, he smiled and said: “Snow, you in? Do you want some fruit? These are five-star fruits from my hometown, I brought some for you to try!”

The door opened.

Brian froze.

Snow had obviously just taken a bath, his platinum hair gently dropped by his ears, his hair was still dripping wet, his slender body was wrapped in a bathrobe and a slice of his smooth white skin was exposed. Some water dropped from his hair and ran down his delicate collarbone, sliding down towards his …….

Brian stared blankly at Snow.

Snow looked at the five-star fruit and said lightly: “I don’t like this fruit, too sweet, thank you.”

The door gently closed.

“…….” Brian touched his nose and walked frustratedly back to the dining room, he looked at Caesar and grumbled: “Why does he hate me so much? I swear I saw a look of despise. The look in his eyes says he wishes I am at least three meters away from him at all times!”

Caesar calmly said, “Didn’t he tell you this when he punched you? It’s because he’s a neat freak.”

“…….” Caesar’s words directly stabbed Brian. The ‘dirty’ Brian suffered a heavy blow and gloomily turned back to his bedroom.

You’re avoiding me cause I’m dirty, right?

Well then! Snow!

Someday I’ll take you…

That’s it … then that way…

He thought of the cold-faced boy being overwhelmed, tightly clinging on to him, his red face desperately panting, crying, begging for release… Brian couldn’t help but smile smugly.

After a moment, Brian’s smile suddenly stiffened!

Wait a minute!

This fantasy seems to be a bit lewd?

Oh my god! Why would he have such dangerous thoughts about a Beta boy? He must’ve eaten too many fruits so his brain was suddenly poisoned?


So, Brian’s inexplicable idea made his sleep restless.

A naked and ravaged Snow even appeared in his dreams, his cold face was blushing as he tightly held him, breathlessly calling his name, he was simply ……. way too tempting!

Brian eagerly kissed the other man’s body, leaving countless kiss marks on the man’s white skin, he also lewdly thought: A blushing Snow looks way too good, his body is also super good, his waist is slim, and his legs are straight and long…

At the end of the dream, Snow suddenly clenched his fist and heartlessly punched Brian’s face, he coldly said: “Classmate Brian, I’m a neat freak, please stay away from me.”

Brian: “…”

The awakened Brian clutched his still sore eyes and ran to the bathroom for a cold shower, exterminating his desires. Then, with a gloomy expression like the world was ending, he sat on the end of his bed and bowed his head.

– Damn, I actually had a wet dream, and it was about my new roommate!

– Is the world actually ending?

After a long while, Brian fiddled with the sky blue watch on his wrist, pressed a small button and whispered: “Little Blue, come out!”


“Come out! Do you want me to use you for scrap?”


That aperture finally lit up and reluctantly became a smart robot a head taller than Brian. He hung his head and softly said: “Can you change my name…….”

Don’t you think ‘Little Blue’ as a name for a huge machine armor is unfortunate?

Brian raised an eyebrow, “Why are you dissatisfied? You were my debut robot, I racked my brain to give you such a nice name!”


Is ‘Little Blue’ nice? Isn’t it because my whole body is blue, so you called me Little Blue?

Brian’s second armor was red and called Little Red. The third was yellow, called Little Yellow. The fourth was black and white ……. called Zebra.

Even as an emotionless machine, he really wanted to cry in sympathy for his brothers. Compared to His Majesty Trent’s Lion King, Marshal Rosen’s Black Dragon, General Lin Yu’s Suzaku… Little Red, Little Blue and Little Yellow as armor names is too disgraceful!

In the middle of a fight, the fighters begin to summon their mech, then you hear one loudly shout: “Come out Little Blue!”

… Wouldn’t you burst into laughter?

Although he was only a D-class mech, and because Brian was only 13 when he made him, he was low level and had obvious flaws, so he can’t be used for fights and could only stay with Brian as a smart robot (aka Full-time nanny). But Little Blue felt that with such a master, he really wanted to hold his armor brothers and weep!

Brian didn’t care about his armor’s inner turmoil, he smiled and said: “I’m going to become the Empire’s greatest mech maker, as the first robot I personally crafted, you should feel honored!” Brain glanced at the laser wrench by his bedside, “If it’s so bad I can always dismantle you.”

“…” Little Blue obediently bowed his head: “Master, is there something you need me for?”

Brian touched his nose and said a little sheepishly: “Cough, I need some statistics. What are the probabilities of an Alpha male falling in love with a Beta male at first sight.”

Little Blue’s CPU immediately began to gather statistics, he announced the results: “Master, the probability is as low as an impossible event, the exact probability is 0.00001%.”

Brian was relieved, he immediately gave a relaxed smile, “Oh, good, with such a low probability it clearly can’t have happened to me. K’ then, back to sleep. You can go back in.”


“By the way, help me with this damn black eye.”


The black-eye less Brian went back to sleep, finally in a good mood, and had a dream-less sleep.

When he woke up the next day he bathed and walked out the door, and met Snow exiting his bedroom.

Snow was wearing dark blue trousers today, his pants wrapped his straight legs. He also wore a simple white shirt, an open button revealed his white neck.  His shirt was tucked into his trousers, and his waist was tied with a black belt, making his slender and symmetrical body look flawless.

Snow was holding on to the white coat medical students need to wear. Even such a simple shirt and dress pants outfit could make Brian’s eyes light up.

Really … really nice…

Although he was a little thin, his slender waist and long legs make anything he wears look nice ah!

When Snow looked at him, Brian couldn’t help blushing a bit after recalling last night’s dream. He scratched his golden hair, smiled and said: “Snow ……. you’re up early?”

Snow walked by him, stopped and looked up, then quietly said: “It’s 7:50, almost late.”

And then he walked past Brian, turned and walked out the door.


Brian looked down at the time…

I’m really late!

Brain had to skip breakfast and hurriedly put on his uniform.

Disguised as a watch on his wrist, Little Blue couldn’t help but be puzzled: “Should I tell master, the moment he saw Snow, his heart rate suddenly accelerated greatly?”

……. Uh, forget it, maybe the master’s heart rate is like his IQ- abnormal.



Platinum – Author wrote Auburn again. I swear Snow is blonde.

Suzaku – Vermilion Bird, the bird guardian of the South and one of the Four Symbols of Chinese constellations.

Lin Yuan is your typical Shounen protagonist.

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