ABO Vol 1 Chap 12


Chapter 012: The Reappearance of the Mysterious Crystal Card

Meanwhile, Cepheus Galaxy, Starfield Planet, the Lacey Empire palace.

The buildings were similar to the ancient Earth era’s European churches. There was a staggered arrangement of pure white buildings. A tall building had a carving of the magnificent pentagonal Cepheus galaxy flag, the flag was a space chart of all of Cepheus’ stars, flashing and glowing bright. The man-made stars merged with the real distant stars, blending into a vast galaxy.

In the silence of the night the palace stood solemn, from time to time Royal Guards wearing pure white uniforms walked about. In the largest fortress in the depths of the palace a red carpet was extended from the entrance to the depths of the building, leading to an exquisitely carved tall throne. A middle-aged man with deep facial features was sitting on it, holding a miniature light computer, he was looking at the computer with a serious expression.

Trent Watson, Lacey Empire’s seventh king.

At this time, a platinum ball suddenly flew in front of Trent, a soft voice jumped out: “Your Majesty, the Royal Bank’s President Mr. Lexington sent a confidential video request, do you receive?”


Trent put down the miniature light tablet in his hand, placed his hand gently on the ball and softly said, “Connect online.”

After the fingerprint password verification went through, a virtual projection screen was immediately projected out.

On the screen an old man with a white beard soon appeared, he was the president of the Royal Bank. The man placed his right hand gently over the position of his heart and deeply bowed to His Majesty Trent. He respectfully said: “Your Majesty.”

On the highly realistic projection screen, it was as if the other man was really present in the room.

Trent nodded to him, “What happened?”

Lexington replied cautiously: “Your majesty, you wanted the banking system to fully monitor for appearance of the crystal card. Because the connection was interrupted during the sailing of the spacecraft, the bank only recently received a report on this crystal card.”

The always calm Trent raised his brow, he stood up from the throne and said: “Tell me the details.”

Lexington immediately reported the detailed information: “January 5 at 3:11 pm, this crystal card was used in the Pearl 731 spacecraft B cabin, the amount spent was eight crystal coins, the purchase was two boxes of cookies.

“…” Trent was silent for a moment, “Is there a trade video?”

“Yes” Lexington used the network to transmit the video footage. “The crystal card was used in the terminal for the interstellar spacecraft, in the No. 7158 intelligent robot. This is the video of the time, please check, His Majesty.”

The video was quickly sent over, Trent opened the video files.

On the spacecraft in a cabin, a black short haired and clear eyed young man was looking at the food list on the robot’s chest, scratching his head he asked: “What’s delicious?

The voice of the young man sounded very clear. His pair of black eyes looked curiously at the list again, then he put his fingers on the spicy cookies, “I want this.” Then he paid with the card, took out the two boxes of cookies, and smiled toward the robot, “Thank you!”

7158 said: “Thank you, goodbye, I wish you a pleasant journey!”

After the short video was finished Trent was silent for a moment, then he said softly: “Track the details of this person immediately.”

“Yes, sire.”

All those who boarded the spacecraft would be registered with detailed information during the security checks, their respective cabin and seat directly corresponded. The process of trading on the spacecraft was also recorded by the infrared camera installed in the eyes of the intelligent robot, it was one of the means to ensure secure transactions.

It was quite easy to check the information of a passenger on a spacecraft in this era of advanced communications.

Lexington soon found the information and sent it to Trent.

– Lin Yuan, 18 years old, male Beta, from Cigar Galaxy’s Rennes Planet.

On January 5th he boarded the pearl 731 spacecraft, on the afternoon of January 18th he exited in Bear Galaxy’s Broken Army Planet. Then he reported to San Romia Military Academy for admittance. He is a military department freshmen, tested in with 300 points, full marks.

Trent looked at the information and slightly frowned.

Lexington nervously asked: “His Majesty, this infinite capacity Crystal Card has been missing for 19 years, should the Royal Bank remove its jurisdiction?”

“No.” Trent looked up from the projection at Lexington and softly said, “This has my permission, you don’t need to log it out. Continue to monitor this crystal card’s consumption records, be ready to report it to me at my request.”

Lexington once again put his right hand on his heart and respectfully bowed towards Trent: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

The communication ended. Trent had just sat back on the throne when the silver ball flashed again.

“Your Majesty, Marshal Rosen has requested a call!”

Trent didn’t respond, he just put his hand directly on the fingerprint sensor area.

On the projection screen a portrait of Rosen soon appeared. As usual, his handsome face had no expression, his eyes were calm with no waves. Even when facing the Emperor he was neither overbearing nor humble.

The uniformed man was like a hard rock that had weathered many storms.

Rosen wore a white glove on his right hand. He placed it on the brim of his hat and gave a respectful standard salute to Trent.

– He always gave a military salute to His Majesty, not the expected royal ceremony.

Many years ago, when Trent was still a prince, they studied at San Romia Military Academy. Trent was the most respected senior of Rosen and Ling Yu.

This was the etiquette between soldiers.

Trent’s face slightly warmed, he returned a salute and softly said: “Rosen, are you back?”

“Yes, sire,” replied Rosen “I received the emergency recall order and returned.”

This was why the Glory Corps happened to appear near Cigar galaxy. Trent had just given an emergency recall order to the Glory Corps, but he didn’t expect Rosen would meet the, in the middle of a hijacking, Vlad on the way back. So he could easily rescue the people on the interstellar spacecraft.

Rosen paused, then asked: “Your Majesty’s emergency recall of the Glory Corps, does it pertain to the celebration for the 700th anniversary of the establishment of the Empire?”

Trent nodded and said: “This celebration includes a grand parade. I was afraid the federation would take the opportunity to play in our boarders. With you here I am naturally more assured. Let Bayh supervise the military exercises and armor races. Stay in the capital, after the end of the celebration you can go back.”

Rosen nodded, “Yes.”

Silent for a moment, Trent finally said: “It’s late, first go home to rest. After three days I’ll summon you to the palace with the other generals. We’ll have a detailed discussion of the military exercises.”

Rosen gave a salute and whispered: “Yes, sire.”

The man was handsome and indifferent, his saluting posture was so meticulous it could be used as the military students’ teaching material. His eyes were cold and lifeless since the year Ling Yu left. He became like this, face expressionless, like a mobile robot.

Trent deeply looked at him, retracted his hand and cut off the video call.


Outside the window was the stars in the night sky, and an occasional falling star. They dotted the dark night.

In the long cosmic migration, shooting stars have become one of the most common occurrences. Even common people were very clear on the conditions for the formation of meteor showers. Scientists could even create meteor showers, but there were still some old people who remembered the ancient legends about meteors.

Like Ling Yu. He always believed that a meteor fall was the symbol of a person’s passing. Human life was like a meteor, bright one moment then quickly disappearing in the vast universe.

Rosen had explained to him in detail: “A meteor fall is the result of cosmic dust and meteors burning up in the atmosphere because of intense friction, resulting in a streak.”

Ling Yu had waved his hand in disdain and said: “That’s just how it is formed. You’re too much of a mechanical and scientific person. You won’t understand the meaning of the legend.”

Rosen: “…”

At that time, they were studying together in the military academy, their constant quarreling gradually turned into a strong friendship.

As their senior, Trent saw the two men as little brothers.

If Ling Yu wasn’t an Omega, if the army hadn’t sent the Night Corps to attack the Nami Star, if Ling Yu’s inhibitor didn’t suddenly fail on the battlefield ……. that wouldn’t have happened, Rosen wouldn’t have become an imitation of an emotionless zombie.

For many years he repeatedly suggested marriage to Rosen, but every time he refused on the grounds of being busy with the war. Trent knew that Rosen had set up a tombstone in his garden, and that his heart was buried underneath it.

Trent frowned when he remembered the boy in the video.

That young boy’s hair was black as ink, he had a pair of big clear eyes, and the smile on his face was sunny. He gave off a lively and warm feeling.

– Lin Yuan.

He meditated on the name a bit, then turned to the smart communicator. He put his hand on the sensor and commanded: “Immediately connect to Prince Caesar’s communication device. I have something to say to him.”

“Yes, your Majesty!” The communicator began to spin, waiting for connection.

San Romia Military Academy, student dormitory A13.

Caesar, who was finishing his dinner, suddenly received a communication request from the royal palace. There was a familiar fifteen character alphanumeric request code… that was the special communication code belonging to His Majesty.

Caesar immediately put down the plate and returned to his bedroom. He locked the door, pulled the thick shade curtains, and opened the communicator.

A familiar man appeared on the projection screen, Caesar respectfully asked: “Father? You want to see me?”

Trent calmly replied: “This is your first time out of the palace. How’s military school, are you used to it?”

Caesar said, “It’s Okay.”

Trent was silent for a moment, then he asked: “Caesar, your classmates, is there a man named Lin Yuan?”

Caesar nodded: “Yes, he is my roommate.”

“His grades were the same as yours. It must not have been easy for him as a child from a civilian family. It’s clear that he is a very talented and hard-working person,” Trent paused, then softly said, “Get along with him, I think there’s a lot you can learn from him.”

“…….” Although his heart was very puzzled Caesar still nodded earnestly.

Trent continued: “Also, don’t use your prince identity to bully your classmates. I don’t want to hear any negative news from the principal. You’re my Alpha son, so study seriously and come up with the best results. Don’t make me disappointed.”

Caesar immediately placed his right hand over his heart and respectfully saluted: “Yes, father.”

After the call ended, Caesar still had some doubts.

Father specifically mentioned Lin Yuan, was Lin Yuan’s potential so great that even his father was impressed? Did he want to recruit him for the empire in the future, or for a personal guard, so he specially instructed him to keep a good relationship with Lin Yuan?

Of course, even if his father didn’t instruct it, Caesar would still try to be friendly with his roommate. After all, they’ll live in the dormitory for three years, if their relationship was bad no one would benefit.

The problem was not that he wanted to rely on his identity to bully Lin Yuan, but that Lin Yuan was dodging him.

Thinking of the boy’s full bodied small hedgehog look and alert eyes, Caesar always felt very puzzled – he doesn’t remember doing anything to offend Lin Yuan? So why did he always look at him like he could attack him at any moment?

Whatever the reason, this rigid relationship should definitely be improved.

Lin Yuan, Snow ……. two hostile guys living in the dormitory wouldn’t be enjoyable.

Thinking of this, Caesar turned back to the cafeteria, took a few five-star fruits and walked to Lin Yuan’s bedroom door. He gently knocked and probed: “Lin Yuan, you in?”

Lin Yuan was holding Hobby while watching a movie, when he heard the familiar voice he couldn’t help but frown again.

– Why is this guy knocking on my door again?

– What an annoying roommate! I haven’t provoked you, why do you always come to provoke me?!

Lin Yu paused the video, got up and slightly opened the door: “What’s the matter?”

The handsome boy showed a friendly smile, “Want some fruit?”

“…….” Lin Yuan glanced at the five-pointed star shaped things in his hands. He stiffly asked, “This is ……. what is it?”

Caesar smiled and explained: “This is called a five-star fruit, it’s the specialty of Starfield Planet. I brought a lot with me, try some.” Caesar looked at Hobby cuddled in Lin Yuan’s arms and added, “Hobby should also like this fruit.”

Hobby immediately nodded his head, grabbed one from Caesar’s hands and tightly gripped it in his paws.


Hobby the betrayer once again succeeded in inviting the prince to his master’s bedroom.



Trent Watson – MTL really likes to play around with names. The translations switches around constantly. This one sounded the most like a name so I’m keeping it. The pinyin is ‘te lan de’.

Caesar must’ve inherited the whispering habit from his dad. I replaced them with softly.

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mangali subedi
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Fallen Leaf
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I was thinking maybe they reacted to each other because they’re both omega? Or something like that xD!

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