FOD Chapter 4.1: Slapping the Pretending to be Poor Rich Second Generation



4.1 Slapping the Pretending to be Poor Rich Second Generation

Zhou Yun Sheng and Tian Qi Emperor stayed together for a lifetime, but they never had a red face. Before Tian Qi Emperor’s death, he’d firmly pulled his hand, desiring to take him with him, his eyes full of crazy love was touching.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t hesitate to agree, after seeing his instantly brighter eyes, he deeply felt that he’d made the correct decision.

Back in the XingHai space, he stood in the stars to absorb the world’s power, but he sensed that half of the power of the whirlpool had been extracted, he couldn’t detect where it had flowed to.

How was this possible? Could it be the Lord God?

He frowned and soon rejected this idea. If the Lord God could plunder his power, it should’ve already discovered his existence and was sure to think of ways to kill him. But now had no signs of movement, it was obviously not the Lord God.

So, who could it be?

An idea faintly emerged, but he didn’t dare ponder on it. He feared that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.


After absorbing the power, he fell into a deep sleep. When he woke up again, he was sitting in a bright classroom, a loud sound of reading in his surroundings. He glanced at the English book in his hand and immediately found the part that was being read aloud, while following the crowd, he quickly scanned the contents of the AI.

After visiting many Stallion Upgrade Style worlds, he’d finally entered a BL world.

This body was named Lin ChengZe, his parents were dead, leaving him hundreds of thousands in bank savings and an apartment. The original owner could’ve relied on this money to study until university, then look for a job, living a smooth and steady life. But he happened to be a very vain person, he had serious money worship. When his parents were alive, he wore brand-name clothes and watches, but after his parents died, his lack of self-control intensified.

Hundreds of thousands in savings was soon squandered by him, leaving nothing left, having no alternatives, his thoughts went awry.

He was gay and had a strong sense for the same kind. He found out that a rich second generation in his class was also gay, so he deliberately seduced him. That boy was very promiscuous, he originally wanted to play with him, then get rid of him with some money. How could he expect to overhear Lin ChengZe chatting with a close friend in the bathroom, saying that he just wanted him for his money, and also saying that he had ‘more money than sense’, etc.

The rich second generation felt humiliated, wanting to rush in and teach him a lesson, but was stopped by a meddlesome friend. They said that it would be better to play with Lin ChengZe, then throw him away, letting him regret his actions and lose all face.

The rich second generation thought it was a good idea, so he pretended to be bankrupt and looked to Lin ChengZe for refuge, while also intentionally introducing Lin ChengZe to his wealthy friends.

Lin ChengZe unknowingly stepped into his trap. Although he didn’t break up with the rich second generation, he secretly began seducing his friends, and was played with and passed around, photographed in many unsightly situations.

If that was the end, then that would’ve been okay, but in the process, the rich second generation unexpectedly sincerely fell in love with Lin ChengZe’s best friend. When they were found out by Lin ChengZe, the rich second generation bluntly laid his cards on the table, exposing that everything was a scam.

While Lin ChengZe was astonished, those photos were posted on the school wall by the rich second generation. Not only did Lin ChengZe lose his friends, he also lost the opportunity to take the college entrance examination. He eventually had to rely on selling his body to live, then finally contracted AIDS and left like that.

After his death, his best friend just sighed and the rich second generation just scolded that he deserved it.

After looking over Lin ChengZe’s life, Zhou Yun Sheng’s face turned completely black, he slowly looked toward the handsome boy sitting on his right. This person was the rich second generation that pretended to be poor, this world’s protagonist gong, Ji Han Yu. The protagonist shou was the original’s best friend, Fang You Ran. He went to a different school and was the White Lotus type.

Between a Green Tea Bitch and a White Lotus, you didn’t need to think to know who the protagonist gong would love.

At present, Ji Han Yu had faked bankruptcy and was already living in Lin ChengZe’s home. Furthermore, he’d developed inexplicable feelings for Lin ChengZe’s best friend and roommate, Fang You Ran, and was secretly seducing him. And, under Ji Han Yu’s inducement, Lin ChengZe fell for his uncle, Cao Mo Kun, and was also secretly seducing him.

Of course, Ji Han Yu’s love eventually came to fruition, while Cao Mo Kun regarded Lin ChengZe as air. Lin ChengZe repeatedly hinted to Cao Mo Kun, but he didn’t respond. He eventually had no choice but to transfer his target to seduce others, which set his cursed future in stone.

Understanding his situation, Zhou Yun Sheng wiped the expression off his face and looked over Lin ChengZe’s death regrets. The first regret was falling into Ji Han Yu’s trap and being completely ruined; the second regret was not taking the college entrance exams and studying in college; the third regret was being reduced to prostitution and not being able to support himself financially.

Fortunately, the current Lin ChengZe had only just started seducing Cao Mo Kun. The other man was a mature adult, not willing to bother with him, so he had merely privately warned his nephew to not be cheated. So, he still had time to avoid the pornographic incident. The last two wishes were simply a piece of cake for Zhou Yun Sheng, whose IQ reached up to 180.

Thinking of this, this world was also not too terrible.

Zhou Yun Sheng picked up his English book and narrowed his eyes, smiling. As a petty, revengeful villain, only avoiding the danger was not his style. He also planned to ruthlessly slap Ji Han Yu’s face, to let him understand that the world didn’t revolve around him.


“ChengZe, let’s go.” When the bell rang, Ji Han Yu picked up his schoolbag and kicked Zhou Yun Sheng’s stool. He couldn’t wait to see Fang You Ran.

“Yup, wait for me.” Zhou Yun Sheng leisurely packed his bag.

Ji Han Yu’s face betrayed annoyance, quickly exchanging a malicious look with several of his friends by the classroom door.

“All right, let’s go.” Zhou Yun Sheng pretended not to notice, throwing the school bag over his shoulder and walking ahead.

Back home, Fang You Ran was wearing a Winnie the Pooh apron and cooking in the kitchen. His pretty face was smoked red by the stove, he looked very fresh and lovely.

Ji Han Yu’s eyes brightened slightly, he immediately flung his schoolbag to the sofa and walked in to help. The two bumped heads, speaking in whispers, they looked very close.

Lin ChengZe thought that the kitchen was disgusting, he wouldn’t voluntarily set foot in it, so he never noticed the two’s ambiguousness. Now, Zhou Yun Sheng also wouldn’t join in the fun, carrying his bag directly into his room.

Fang You Ran was an orphan, a typical gentle and virtuous wife, with him at home, everything was spotless. Compared to Lin ChengZe, the indifferent and vain gold digger, Ji Han Yu would naturally fall in love with Fang You Ran.

At this point, the two have had their first kiss, although Ji Han Yu had forced it on Fang You Ran. Ji Han Yu’s story about his family being on the verge of bankruptcy was also true, because his father had offended Cao Mo Kun, so Cao Group was putting pressure on them.

Cao Mo Kun was known as the ‘great white shark’ in the business world, regardless of if it was small fish and shrimp, anyone who entered his mouth was chewed to bits. Although Ji Han Yu’s mother was from the Cao family, she was an illegitimate daughter. Cao Mo Kun had no feelings for her, so of course he wouldn’t care if the result of his actions destroyed their marriage.

But Ji Han Yu was clever, he’d curried favor with him from a young age, so Cao Mo Kun still had a bit of affection for him. He would also occasionally take him out to eat, especially after his family came to the verge of bankruptcy. Lin ChengZe took a fancy to Cao Mo Kun after being invited to one of these dinners.

Actually, the family’s bankruptcy didn’t greatly impact Ji Han Yu. He was extremely smart, under his uncle’s training, he had already established his own company, and the profits were very good. Ji father kept a group of mistresses who gave birth to a football team of illegitimate children. He was looking forward to Ji father’s bankruptcy, to devastate the mistresses and illegitimate children.

Now, he was happily watching Ji father break under the pressure, and even had the mood to court, where was that down and out person Lin ChengZe thought him to be.

Zhou Yun Sheng casually threw his schoolbag on the bed and went into the bathroom to examine his body.

No wonder Lin ChengZe later became the club’s star callboy. He had always lived in luxury, so his appearance was really worthy of being called gorgeous. White, lustrous, jade-like skin, slender eyebrows, straight and tall nose, bright red lips, plus a pair of clear, watery peach blossom eyes. Now, the frivolous expression in those eyes was gone, and only cunning intelligence remained, requiring only one look to steal a person’s three immortal souls and seven mortal forms.

Blame him for knowing that he looked outstanding, thinking that any mistake he made would be forgiven, so he acted indulgently, still too naive.

Zhou Yun Sheng attached great importance to good looks, so he was naturally very satisfied with the original’s features. He quickly bathed then opened his computer to play games. He was in DaZhou for decades and had almost forgotten the touch of a keyboard.

After playing for about half an hour, Fang You Ran shouted outside the door, “ChengZe, supper time.”

Zhou Yun Sheng shouted an acknowledgement, then checked ChengZe’s bank account before shutting off the device. His face immediately turned green. There was only 200 dollars left in the account, no wonder he was so desperate to leave Ji Han Yu and find a new sugar daddy.

If it was like this, self-reliance was the first regret he was going to have to resolve. Although he just had to move his fingertips to hack into the bank treasury, this was not self-reliance, it was a crime. Lin ChengZe had already gone wrong once, he couldn’t go wrong a second time.

Plus, as a qualified pretender, he preferred using the original’s skills to make a living. This not only suited his tastes; it also increased his survival skills. Whenever he played the villain, he would seriously study and improve on all of the body’s skills, until he was better than the original. Of course, in cases like Shen Yi Bin where he had no talent and was forced into a dead end, he could only improvise.

What were Lin ChengZe’s skills? Thinking about it, it seemed that his extreme attractiveness was the only feature?

Zhou Yun Sheng squinted, he felt that in this lookism-based world, having this feature was already enough.

While he was thinking about his future life plans, he walked into the dining room and saw Ji Han Yu helping Fang You Ran serve food, reminding the other boy to be careful not to burn his hands.

“Dig in.” Zhou Yun Sheng sat down and tapped his fingers on the tabletop, his high loftiness leaked for a brief moment, then quickly disappeared.

Ji Han Yu and Fang You Ran didn’t notice, passing food to each other.

“When are you going home? Your mother must be very sad, right? You haven’t gone back to check on her?” He asked, seemingly unconcernedly.

“She doesn’t need me to check on her, she already ran away with a new man.” Ji Han Yu sneered. Fang You Ran looked at him, distressed.

Zhou Yun Sheng clipped a piece of tofu and continued, “Then, what are you going to do?”

Continue pursuing my darling ah, and playing you along the way. Ji Han Yu sneered in his heart, but his face exposed an embarrassed expression, he sighed, “I plan to work while studying. A while ago, Wang Jie asked me to open a factory with him, but I don’t have the capital.”

“How much do you need? I could lend it to you, I’ve saved up a little money from work.” Fang You Ran immediately asked.

Ji Han Yu smiled, not a fake smile, but a smile from the heart, “How could I take your money? I need about 300,000, you can’t get that much even if you sell yourself. It would be better to use your money to buy yourself a few down jackets. It’s winter, but you only wear two sweaters and a light coat, aren’t you afraid of the cold?”

Fang You Ran’s nature was thrifty, kind-hearted, even though he was poor, he unreservedly offered help to others. These qualities really tempted Ji Han Yu. In contrast to Lin ChengZe, who was burying his head in his food, pretending to hear nothing, the superior one was immediately apparent.



Red face – they never quarreled

Stallion – regular story with boyXgirl relationships, harems, etc.

Upgrade Style- Stories where the protagonist starts out a loser but eventually becomes overpowered

BL – Danmei, love between men or boys, especially as a literary genre.

rich second generation –   Linguee “children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the 1980s”

gong – attack , seme, top etc.

shou – receiver, uke, bottom etc.

White Lotus – saintly, pure hearted etc.

Green Tea Bitch – Relatively new slang for a beautiful woman who pretends to be pure but is actually a gold-gigging slut.  Urbandictionary “popularized by Chinese netizens when a whole bunch of female models and actresses were revealed to be paid escorts/prostitutes for the rich and powerful during a fashion expo in 2013.”

I’m back! My vacation was cool, thanks for all the well wishes  😎

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“An idea faintly emerged, but he didn’t dare ponder on it. He feared that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.”

Is it Du Xu Lang?? It get me agitated! Hoping it would be him 🙏🙏🙏

Blue Wine
Blue Wine
6 months ago

Now, the frivolous expression in those eyes was gone, and only cunning intelligence remained, requiring only one look to steal a person’s three immortal souls and seven mortal forms.
*ahem* three immortal souls? is this who I think it refers too? The guy our MC seduced twice?

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Demonic Reader lv451F
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