FOD Chap 3.9


Chapter 3.9

The Seventh Prince said in his heart, the plague was incurable, even he only narrowly escaped from death’s door, how could a bowl of medicine cure it? That Shen Yi Bin was just speaking nonsense. So, the Seventh Prince quickly dispelled the doubts in his heart, and pulled Xie Yu Rou in to comfort her.

Xie Yu Rou dropped into his embrace, her face pale, teeth trembling.

Before long, the Tian Chen Emperor dispatched his chief eunuch, who arrived with a group of imperial guards. He gloomily opened, “His Highness the Crown Prince has already been completely healed. Lady Concubine, please take a walk with this sage, this sage has some questions to ask.”

The Tian Chen Emperor was old, his health was progressively declining, he was naturally looking for a longevity god medicine. The attendants that followed him also wanted everlasting riches and honor, they were naturally also anxious on his behalf. So, the Crown Prince didn’t even need to command it before someone came to capture Xie Yu Rou.

Xie Yu Rou knew that her space and spiritual spring were too miraculous, she couldn’t let others know about it, otherwise, the outcome would be fatal. And the space was already bounded to her soul, with a jadeite bracelet as a medium. As long as she didn’t wish it, even if she wore the bracelet on her wrist, no one could see it.

This bracelet couldn’t be robbed, as long as she had the spiritual spring and space, she always had a way to survive this calamity.

Because of this assurance, no matter how the chief eunuch interrogated her, Xie Yu Rou was not willing to confess. The emperor had not yet sent down directions, and the group was not brave enough to carry out punishment on a prince’s concubine, so the chief eunuch was helpless, and had no choice but to leave angrily with the imperial guards.

Soon after they left, Xie Yu Rou quickly swallowed a rejuvenation pill, then finally slumped in the corner, panting. She could hide in her space, but when she came out, she would still be stuck in the prison cell, so what was the use? Moreover, her family was still in the capital, her younger brother also had great future prospects, if she ignored them and disappeared, the emperor would certainly take out his anger on the Xie family.

So, her only choice was to offer the longevity prescription to the Tian Chen Emperor, to help nurse the Tian Chen Emperor’s health, making the Tian Chen Emperor eternally grateful to her. This could still be considered a shortcut to promotion, the Seventh Prince would also benefit a lot.

Thinking up to here, Xie Yu Rou smiled slightly, her previous panic and helplessness were swept away.

If she could think of it, how could Zhou Yun Sheng not? That night, he hypnotized the imperial guards and boldly walked into the prison.

“Lady Concubine, how are you feeling?” He smiled and cupped his hands, his eyes full of banter, then he sniffed the air and sighed, “The Lady always has so many remarkable medicines on her body, and this medicine is very peculiar. Based on the scent, this Shen fears that a few of these medicinal ingredients cannot be found in all of DaZhou. If the Lady offers this as tribute to the Emperor, and the Emperor lives for a hundred years, the Lady will certainly experience a change in fortune.”

Xie Yu Rou sneered but remained silent. She was now somewhat fearful of this champion scholar, she felt that he was not mortal. How could a mortal man break into her space and spiritual spring with just a glance?

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t mind, he walked up to the prison door, picked up a random straw on the ground, and inserted it into the brass lock. After a little fiddle, the big lock opened. As the villain, there really was no disadvantage to having many skills, except for giving birth, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Xie Yu Rou gawked at him, after she snapped out of it, she huddled herself into the corner, shouting in panic, “What are you doing?”

“Relax, I won’t kill you.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked over, bending to look at her. If he killed the world’s hero or heroine, the world would immediately collapse. Because he was a foreign force, there was devastating might. But if a resident of the world killed the hero and heroine, except for skewering the world off its original track, there wouldn’t be any other effects.

So, he wouldn’t take the initiative to deal with the hero and heroine, he was after the space and spiritual spring. As a mass of energy, the space and spiritual spring was food.

Hearing this remark, Xie Yu Rou became even more alert, the hands wrapped around her shoulders were rigid, wanting to shout, but finding that she was unable to make a sound. What was going on? She looked at Zhou Yun Sheng in indescribable horror.

“Just a bit of hypnosis, don’t panic.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s smile was very gentle, pointing to her slender wrist, he sighed, “An Imperial Green Jadeite Bracelet, really rare.”

“You, you can see it?” Xie Yu Rou could still speak at a normal volume. She was now almost scared enough to lose her soul, constantly guessing at this man’s identity. The bracelet was an immortal’s gift, if Zhou Yun Sheng could see it, wasn’t he also an immortal?

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t answer, he reached over and pulled the bracelet off, then rolled it around in his palm.

Xie Yu Rou stared in endless horror as the bracelet turned into little fluorescent lights, all absorbed into Zhou Yun Sheng’s body.

“Although it’s nothing compared to absorbing a whole world, mosquito meat is still meat. So, thanks a lot, Lady Concubine.” Zhou Yun Sheng elegantly cupped his hands, then strolled out of the cell. In the end, he didn’t forget to re-hang the copper lock. Putting a finger to his lips, he said in a low voice, “As long as the spiritual spring and space is taboo, let it not be mentioned before others.”

This was the last hypnotism.

Xie Yu Rou maintained her horrified expression, but obediently nodded. Because the bracelet was bound to her soul, forcefully taking it away would also injure her mind. Soon after Zhou Yun Sheng left, Xie Yu Rou felt a terrible headache, and she rolled on the ground in pain.

“Where did you go?” When Zhou Yun Sheng returned to the room, the Crown Prince was leaning against the bedhead, staring at him.

“To the bathroom.”

“Is there not a close stool in the house?”

“The smell is unpleasant, and the sound is also indecent.”

The Crown Prince chuckled, then opened the quilt and said, “You’re such a busy body, come in already.”

Zhou Yun Sheng hesitated for a few seconds before removing his robe and getting into the bed. This half a month, while the Crown Prince was critically ill, he slept in his bed every day, refusing now was somewhat unnatural.

The Crown Prince embraced him, his strength was strangely great, without another word, they slept peacefully.


Xie Yu Rou was insane, not responding to any questions, the chief eunuch had no choice but to escort her back to the capital to be personally interrogated by the Tian Chen Emperor. A god medicine that could almost instantly cure the plague, the Tian Chen Emperor naturally wanted to obtain it, personally going to the Office of Punishment to oversee.

Xie Yu Rou looked deranged, shouting that the Crown Prince would be abolished, the Seventh Prince would ascend the throne, she would be empress and so on, her ambition was abundantly clear.

The Tian Chen Emperor was furious, inevitably thinking that if this small concubine could be so ambitious, what were the Seventh Prince’s thoughts? Perhaps he desperately wanted him and the Crown Prince to die, clearing the path for him? Otherwise, how could he know that Xie-shi had god medicine, but refuse to use it on the Crown Prince?

In this way, the Seventh Prince fell into an extremely unlucky situation. The Tian Chen Emperor imprisoned him in his residence, and snatched away all his assignments. Xie-shi’s family also met with misfortune. The Tian Chen Emperor’s imperial guards completely turned over their properties in search, and imprisoned the entire family for treason and other felonies.

Xie Yu Rou’s conduct was not at all cautious, she’d indiscriminately arranged medical prescriptions and other objects from her space on her shelves, really allowing the Tian Chen Emperor to seize a bounty. But many of the medicinal ingredients could only grow in the space, where could they be found in the mortal world? The Tian Chen Emperor handed over the recipes to the imperial physicians for research, after no results were found, he handed them to several wandering Taoist priests. Over time, he unexpectedly became obsessed with concocting pills of immortality, and went down the path of the pursuit of longevity.

The Crown Prince frequently advised him to stop, but he was ignored, so he had no choice but to drop the subject. Slowly, he began taking over governmental affairs.

When the Tian Chen Emperor was fifty-six years old, he collapsed, and the whole country mourned his passing. The Crown Prince sat on the supreme throne with almost universal support from the officials.

After the grand crowning ceremony, the newly appointed Tian Qi Emperor impatiently summoned the newly appointed grand academician.

“Am I wise or not wise today?” The Emperor intimately gripped the young man’s hand.

“Wise.” Zhou Yun Sheng struggled to get free, seeing his strength getting increasingly bigger, almost crushing his hand bones, he had no choice but to give up.

“Imposing or not?”

“Imposing.” The corner of Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth twitched.

“Then are you still fond of me?”

Zhou Yun Sheng was silent, seeing the storm brewing in the other man’s dark eyes, he considered for a moment, then said, “You are now the Emperor, I am a court councilor. If our relationship exceeds the boundaries of monarch and minister, forget about whether or not other people notice, only between ourselves, suspicion and jealously will eventually arise, contradictions are inevitable. Over time, our love might whittle away.”

The Tian Qi Emperor automatically ignored the first few sentences, asking in delight, “Love? You also have feelings for me, I knew it.”

He pulled the young man into a tight embrace, his voice low and dangerous “Why don’t you give me a chance? Maybe our feelings will not whittle away, but refresh for an eternity? If you don’t agree to be with me today, the promised 100 years of prosperity for the Shen family will not count.”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s shoulders ached under his grip, he raised his head and glared, clenching his teeth, “The Emperor never goes back on his word, haven’t you heard this saying?”

“The Emperor is unpredictable, haven’t you heard this?” The Tian Qi Emperor retorted.

Zhou Yun Sheng, “…”

“Ah, don’t get angry,” The Tian Qi Emperor saw his ugly complexion and quickly coaxed in gentle tones, “As long as you obediently stay by my side, and don’t disappear, I won’t touch the Shen family. Yun Sheng, Yun Sheng, I’m begging you, please, I’m begging …”

Like a child, he buried his head in the young man’s neck hollow and rubbed, where was that imposing momentum from during the day? Zhou Yun Sheng originally held some inexplicable affection towards him, now, seeing him so fragile and panicky, he pondered for a long time, then slowly embraced his slender and powerful waist, compromising.

The Tian Qi Emperor rejoiced in his heart, then hurriedly took hold of his lips … …


Xie Yu Rou was sentenced to death by the Tian Chen Emperor, and the Seventh Prince also had his tittle and rank stripped away. Now that the new emperor had ascended the throne, his rank couldn’t be reinstated. The Seventh Prince’s huge residence was deserted, the income not covering the expenditures, he unexpectedly had to rely on Shen Qiao Dan to maintain it.

“My brother has just been bestowed the title of Duke ZhongYong, today he is hosting a banquet. Are you coming with me?” Shen Qiao Dan no longer showed her former humbleness in front of the Seventh Prince, her addresses had long changed into you and I.

“Naturally, I will go with my beloved imperial concubine.” The Seventh Prince’s smile was extremely gentle.

“Now that you have lost your rank, don’t call me beloved imperial concubine, lest others find fault.” Shen Qiao Dan retorted, not lightly or heavily. She left without looking at the Seventh Prince’s drastic change in complexion.

The two arrived at the Shen residence, only to see guests coming and going, the entrance as busy as a marketplace, the scene was very grand. The whole world knew of the Tian Qi Emperor’s extreme trust in Official Shen. In front of the emperor, a hundred sentences from others was not equal to a single light comment from him. Naturally, everyone wanted to curry favor with him.

Shen Qiao Dan left behind the Seventh Prince, who was wholeheartedly trying to make friends with the courtiers, to stroll through the back garden. But she met a row of majestic imperial guards stationed at the courtyard gate, whenever someone came near, they would look over menacingly.

Shen Qiao Dan was frightened, she stood on tip toe, trying to get a look inside, but there she saw her younger brother and the Tian Qi Emperor drinking wine by the lotus pond. She couldn’t hear what her brother said, but the Tian Qi Emperor raised his wine cup and laughed heartily. While laughing, he reached out and combed his hand through her brother’s wind tossed hair, his expression was very gentle.

This monarch and minister had already gotten along for nearly a decade, but their feelings seemed to never change.

Shen Qiao Dan felt rest assured, she smiled faintly and turned away.



ZhongYong– brave and loyal

Done. This took twice as long to translate as a normal chapter. Can you guess what it’s like to translate a paragraph and see the prince call ZYS a horse headed chicken? Then see ZYS show off by listing out an entire paragraph of ingredients? Then trying to find the English equivalent for all that gibberish? 3 more stories are ancient settings and one is a xianxia. I feel like crying. But the next one is modern again, thank God.

3 years later, this arc still sucked to re-translate. But I gained a new appreciation for the relationship between ZYX and the Crown Prince

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Also, the ending scene with them being lovey dovey is cute!

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