FOD Chap 1.3


Chapter 1 .3

Zhou Wenjing simply wanted to rip Zhou Yun Sheng apart, just as he was about to get up, he was kicked away, vomiting out a mouthful of blood.

The original owner, because of Zhou Wenang’s calculations, lost his identity as Zhou family’s eldest son and the family property, his life instantly fell into the pit. But the protagonist, who had already become a commercial giant, still pummeled him while he was down. Because of him, the original owner had doors slammed in his face everywhere he went, and spent a lifetime unable to find a decent job, finally, he ended his life in depression.

After receiving this body and learning the fate of the original owner, forgot about Zhou Yun Sheng holding the protagonist’s thigh, not immediately killing him was already considered valiant self-control. If Du Xu Lang hadn’t pressed down his shoulder with force, he still would’ve walked over to kick him a few more times.

“Sheng -shao, don’t pointlessly bully young people.” The handsome young man pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose, seemingly kindly comforting, but also seemingly warning.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t mind, he brushed away the hand on his shoulders, and slowly strolled to Zhou Wenjing’s side. Zhou Wenjing already couldn’t climb up, only able to glare at him with eyes of hatred.

“Do you hate me?” Zhou Yun Sheng tilted his head.

In response, Zhou Wenjing spit out bloody saliva.

Zhou Yun Sheng stepped sideways to avoid, then stepped on Zhou Wenjing’s stomach, opening with a sneer, “You actually hate me? What qualifications do you have to hate me? Without my mother’s support, could your orphan mother afford to go to the best domestic university, and graduate to an instant job in the Zhou clan, taking home a few hundreds of thousands annual salary? My mother treated her like her own daughter, and how did she return the favor? Climbing into her foster father’s bed? Giving birth to a child for her foster father? Even if she chose to kill herself, why do it in my mother’s bathtub? Was she atoning for her sins or using her life to take revenge against my mother? Well, she got her wish, and my mother eventually followed in her footsteps, leaving me to face the world alone. I ask you, who should I hate?”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes grew redder as he spoke, and had to stop to take a deep breath. His hoarse voice was filled with such strong rage and hatred, as if he wanted to destroy everything in front of him.

Zhou Wenjing was frightened by his sudden outbreak of intense emotions, for a long time, he dared not look him in the eyes. Du Xu Lang’s, who originally wanted to pull him away, heart trembled slightly.

Before he came, he investigated Zhou Wenjing’s situation in Zhou family. He only felt that he was pitiful, but he never looked from Zhou Yun Sheng’s perspective. Now, he listened to his complaints and suddenly thought, right, the biggest victim was really Zhou mother. And as for this child abandoned by Zhou mother, the pain and hatred in his heart wasn’t less than Zhou Wenjing.

Illegitimate children are pitiful, then what about legitimate children? Du Xu Long, another illegitimate child, had never considered this issue.

The air stagnated for a moment, Zhou Yun Sheng’s mood also calmed down, slowly asking, “You, find your conscience and ask yourself, if you were in my position, how would you feel?”

What would I feel? Naturally, hate, monstrous hate. Zhou Wenjing quietly clenched his fists, his eyes revealing a bewildered look.

Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly found it very boring, he removed his foot from his stomach and sneered, “The person you should hate the most is not me, but Zhou Hao (Zhou father), he is the one who killed your mother.” Saying this, he waved toward Du Xu Lang, “Let’s go.”

“What about Wenjing-shao? Do you want to send him to the hospital?” Du Xu Lang worriedly inquired. He always put on a show of being a nice-to-everybody man, so he wasn’t afraid Zhou Yun Sheng would be suspicious.

“His skin is tough, he can’t die.” Zhou Yun Sheng smiled faintly and glanced sideways at him, that look, one of seeing everything clearly, made Du Xu Lang’s breathing stutter.

The car slowly pulled away, leaving behind Zhou Wenjing’s bewildered and lonely figure. He still had not stopped hating Zhou Yun Sheng, but his hatred for Zhou father had reached unprecedented heights. At this moment, he secretly swore, sooner or later, one day he’d destroy Zhou father, and destroy Zhou family. As for Zhou Yun Sheng, letting him lose everything he was proud of was enough.

Du Xu Lang seemed to be focusing on the road, but in fact, he was unobtrusively sizing up Zhou Yun Sheng out of the corner of his eye. Right now, his thoughts on the juvenile was complex, he thought he was hateful, but he also thought that he was pitiful, and there were still some hard to express interest.

“Sheng -shao, although Jing-shao’s mother….” Speaking up to here, he was at a loss for words, pausing before opening, “…. Sorry about your mother, but Jing-shao has done nothing wrong. You target him all the time, aren’t you going too far? As the saying goes, don’t burn any bridges. After all, he’s your brother, don’t fight to the death.” He’d once thought about finding someone to educate the oldest son, but now, he’d completely dispelled that idea. Why bother with a young basically orphaned child?

Although Du Clan conglomerate was very powerful, he wasn’t able to find out the insider story of Zhou family. Zhou father’s cover up of the events in that year were too good, the dead child was passed off at the mistress’ child and was brought back to her home town to be quietly buried. The mistress’ acting skills were pretty good, at the funeral, she cried her heart and lungs out, inconsolable, fooling everyone. Also, either her luck was no good, or Zhou father’s luck was too tough to overthrow his wife, but soon after the successful switch, she was diagnosed with acute leukemia, dying not a few months later.

This matter was completed in top secret, except for Zhou father and Zhou Wenang, only Zhou Yun Sheng, who had invaded the Lord God’s database, knew the truth.

“He’s done nothing wrong, so the mistakes are all mine?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow in a sneer.

Du Xu Lang was silent a moment, then said, “You bully Jing-shao so much, aren’t you afraid he’ll hate you? After all, he’s also a son of the Zhou family, he’s qualified to inherit the family property. It doesn’t matter that he’s currently being suppressed by Director Zhou, in the future, when Director Zhou backs down, it wouldn’t be difficult to make trouble for you. Why make multiple enemies, when you can make multiple allies?”

If it was a usual day, he would never say such truthful words to Zhou Yun Sheng. Don’t think that just because Zhou Yun Sheng was the perfectly legitimate eldest son of the Zhou family, then he was the most qualified to inherit Zhou Group, because Zhou father might not be thinking this way. Zhou Yun Sheng was not aware that he was in this situation, but as a bystander, Du Xu Lang could clearly see the score. Zhou Hao’s attitude towards Zhou Wenang was clearly different from the other two brothers, simply spoiling him endlessly. If Zhou Wenang was interested in becoming the Zhou Clan master, Zhou Haoabsolutely wouldn’t object.

Most likely, the current Zhou Wenang already regarded the Zhou Clan as within his grasp, and pitiful Zhou Yun Sheng only regarded him as a good younger brother, not only completely off-guard with him, but also extremely exploited. If Zhou Wenang rose to the highest position, judging by his ruthlessness, even if they were brothers, Zhou Yun Sheng’s days would probably not be good. Who knew when he’d be plotted against and die horribly?

Thinking of this, Du Xu Lang cast a glance mixed with some subtle sympathy towards Zhou Yun Sheng. Looking from this perspective, of the three Zhou brothers, Zhou Yun Sheng was actually the most pitiful. Zhou Wenjing had him for protection, and Zhou Wenang had Zhou Hao, only Zhou Yun Sheng had no one to rely on, a very bleak situation.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know what was filling Du Xu Lang’s brain, even if he knew, he also wouldn’t care. He chuckled for a bit before waving, “I don’t intend to go after the Zhou family, so whether or not he hates me doesn’t change a thing.”

Du Xu Lang’s eyes flashed slightly, following up, “You don’t plan to go after the Zhou family? Sheng-shao, what do you mean?”

“The literal meaning.” Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at him sideways, then looked out the window and didn’t speak again.


Zhou Wenjing didn’t return to the Zhou family house until after nine pm. He opened the door to see Du Xu Lang standing by the French window, smoking. The hair that usually laid scattered over his forehead was meticulously combed up, revealing handsome and sharp facial features. He put the cigarette out and turned to look at him, the powerful breath he involuntarily emitted made Zhou Wenjing feel some fear, but even more worship.

“Uncle, I’m back.” He immediately closed the room door and lowered his voice. He didn’t understand Du Xu Lang’s true identity, the other man simply stated that he was close friends with his mother in the orphanage. They loved each other like siblings, so he specifically came back to take care of him. But judging by the other man’s powerful aura and omnipotent means, Zhou Wenjing guessed that he must not be an ordinary person.

“How are your injuries?” Du Xu Lang snuffed out the cigarette.

“Once he got your message, Dr. Fang came right away. I have a cracked hand bone, the rest is some skin trauma.” Zhou Wenjing shook his casted left hand, gnashing his teeth, “Sooner or later, I’ll stomp all over the Zhou family, and make Zhou Yun Sheng pay the price for everything today!”

Listening to him say he’d deal with the Zhou family, Du Xu Lang felt nothing, until he heard the last sentence, only then did he frown, but he also didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Zhou Wenang knocked on Zhou Yun Sheng’s door.

“Big Brother, are you the one that made someone beat up that bastard? You’re really worthy of being my big brother.” Zhou Wenang intimately embraced Zhou Yun Sheng’s shoulder.

“Yes, I set up the fight.” Zhou Yun Sheng unobtrusively pulled away, walking to his desk to play with his computer. A string of code quickly appeared on the pitch-black screen then quickly disappeared, his face reflected light and dark.

“Big Brother, that bastard really is such an eyesore, you should think of a way to get him to go abroad, it’ll best if he never came back.”

All of the evil plots against Zhou Wenjing have always come from Zhou Wenang, Zhou Yun Sheng just carried them out. Zhou Yun Sheng pulled all the hatred, while Zhou Wenang pretended to be a good man behind his back, selling Zhou Wenjing little favors. Therefore, Wenjing and Zhou Wenang’s relationship, although it wasn’t intimate, it also wasn’t bad. Even when Zhou Wenjing bought out Zhou Clan in the future, Zhou Wenang was still a member of the board, his life was very comfortable.

This was what also originally occurred. Zhou Wenang not only urged Zhou Yun Sheng to send Zhou Wenjing abroad, he also bribed a few drug dealers to guide Zhou Wenjing to become a drug addict. If Du Xu Lang had not arrived in time to force him to detoxify, Zhou Wenjing’s life would’ve been ruined.

All the retribution fell on Zhou Yun Sheng, while the real villain Zhou Wenang rode on the protagonist’s coattails, living a lifetime of prosperity. What the hell kind of world was this?

Zhou Yun Sheng sneered in his heart, staring into the computer screen, he indifferently said, “You do it, I’m very busy recently.”

“What are you busy with?” That was the first time his big brother refused him, Zhou Wenang couldn’t help but frown.

“I’m moving abroad, I’ve already selected a good school, I’m applying for it right now. Dad doesn’t know yet, I’ll tell him when the application gets through. You have to help me keep it a secret.” Zhou Yun Sheng hit the Enter key, and the computer screen showed an entrance application form for A Country’s Connecticut, Hodges High School. It was signed to signify that the preliminary trial had been passed, he just had to wait for the final ruling a week later.

Hodges High School was one of the best secondary schools in A Country, the admission requirements were very strict, it was known as a ‘small ivy’ league school. Every year, countless people applied for the school, but only a few could smoothly pass the audit.

Zhou Wenang’s eyes flashed with a touch of jealous hate, but it soon subsided. Compared to getting rid of Zhou Wenjing, he actually preferred getting rid of Zhou Yun Sheng. This was good, since he chose to leave, it saved him a lot of effort. When he came back, the Zhou family would not be sure who was in charge.

Moreover, A Country’s law and order wasn’t good, every year, there were always a few foreign exchange students who inexplicably went missing. Who knew if Zhou Yun Sheng wouldn’t become one of those unlucky ghosts.



snuffed out the cigarette- Yes, he puts out the cigarette twice

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