FOD Chap 1.2


Chapter 1 .2

Because of their fine genes, Zhou family’s three sons grew up to look pretty good, but since he was the protagonist, Zhou Wenjing naturally looked the most outstanding, his deep and flawless face was like a work of art carefully crafted by God, no matter from which angle of observation, he was perfect.

Compared to him, Zhou Yun Sheng’s facial features felt slightly dull, but his pair of star-like bright peach blossom eyes made up for the gap. When he looked at someone, they wouldn’t know how to feel, when he tilted his head and cast a sidelong glance, the kind of hooking and piercing gaze people could someone’s ear flush and heart pump.

As the deuteragonist, Du Xu Lang’s appearance was almost on par with Zhou Wenjing’s- extremely impeccable handsome face, cut and chiseled. But his ear length hair cut in a layered style, pair of gold-rimmed glasses, gentle mannerisms and friendly smile covered up his strong and sharp aura, which occasionally flowed out when he wasn’t paying attention.

On the surface he was an elite returnee, with an innocent family background, when in fact, he was at the helm of the Du Clan conglomerate. Because he was childhood friends with Zhou Wenjing’s mother, he intentionally returned to his home country in order to take care of his old friend’s son. Zhou family was also very rich, in C Country, it was regarded as a first-class family, but it could not be compared to the fortune of J Country’s Du family. A group and a conglomerate, the difference between the two words was the difference between heaven and earth.

In J Country, underworld organizations were legal, and Du family was a top-ranked yakuza family, their arms business covering the whole world. Such a powerful character, but now, he was a personal assistant for Zhou father, ordered around like a nanny. Zhou Yun Sheng really couldn’t figure out what was going on in his mind.

Just because of childhood memories? Perhaps Zhou Wenjing’s mother was the only sunshine in his dark world, and when she died, this beam of sunshine was immortal, so he naturally shifted his affections to Zhou Wenjing? He protected Zhou Wenjing, in order to protect his barely surviving slice of paradise?

No matter how ridiculous these speculations were, the fact was that he was already here. Zhou Yun Sheng also no longer delved into that line of thought, unhurriedly drinking his cup of milk.

Zhou Yun Sheng, Zhou Wenjing and Du Xu Lang quietly ate breakfast, Zhou father and Zhou Wenang occasionally talked and laughed while they ate, the atmosphere between them was very warm and harmonious. These two were the real father and son, everyone else was superfluous. If the previous Zhou Yun Sheng had seen through this earlier, he wouldn’t have reached such a tragic ending.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth pulled upwards, revealing a slightly mocking smile, then he glanced sideways at Du Xu Lang, who was glancing at him.

The juvenile who should be gentle and handsome suddenly exuded a very evil aura, Du Xu Lang was obviously stunned, his heart jumping sharply worry. But when he looked back, the juvenile had already looked away, concentrating on his porridge.

After breakfast, Du Xu Lang, as usual, drove the three children to school. No matter what he thought in his heart, in front of everyone, he always treated the three children equally, but because the third son Zhou Wenang was the most lively and cheerful, it looked like they were the closest.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded off as soon as he got into the car, and Zhou Wenjing also remained silent. Zhou Wenang had no choice but to chat with Du Xu Lang. He was seemingly concerned about Zhou father’s daily life, but in fact, he was always inquiring about corporate affairs, inadvertently or otherwise. When facing Zhou father’s beloved third son, Du Xu Lang naturally answered truthfully, unwary.

High school life was very boring, the complex homework questions were a piece of cake for a high IQ hacker. Zhou Yun Sheng slept through the first two classes, but was awakened by a loud noise in the third class. He opened his eyes to see snowflakes floating outside the window.

It was rapidly approaching summer time, the girls had short skirts on, how could it snow?

Zhou Yun Sheng took a closer look and found that the snowflakes were in fact many small pieces of cut up paper, dumped from upstairs to become artificial snow, the scene was very spectacular. Now was a class break, many students squeezed into the corridor to watch, and Zhou Yun Sheng was also pulled out by his buddies. They pointed to the silhouette standing downstairs in the snow, “All his textbooks were shredded, you and Wenang can finally breathe. An illegitimate child should act like an illegitimate child, but he actually wanted to fight with you and Wenang. He simply doesn’t know his place.”

Zhou Yun Sheng only then remembered, Zhou Wenjing and Zhou Wenang were both third year middle school students, and also classmates. A few days ago, they had a dispute over a girl. That girl constantly shielded Zhou Wenjing, which made Zhou Wenang lose a lot of face. As the boss of the school, the original Zhou Yun Sheng sent out orders to teach Zhou Wenjing a little lesson.

Shredding books, splashing water, verbal abuse, group beatings, an endless stream of comparable pranks plagued Zhou Wenjing. Before Zhou Yun Sheng took over the body, the original’s relationship with Zhou Wenjing had already reached an irreconcilable level.

Zhou Yun Sheng drooped his gaze to the stubborn figure standing perfectly straight, the other side was also looking up, apparently coincidentally. The former narrowed his eyes, then suddenly, an extremely provocative smile bloomed on his face, making the latter clench his fists in hatred.

If he was someone else, once they knew their future destiny, the first thing they would do was repair their relationship with the protagonist, in order to hold on to the thickest thigh. But Zhou Yun Sheng was a very proud man, his extreme intelligence and ruthlessness never allowed him to force himself to cater to others.

Attaching himself to the protagonist would change the fate of the original owner, but his fate would still be controlled by the protagonist, what was the difference between that and being the Lord God’s puppet? So, he never thought of sticking to Zhou Wenjing.

Of course, he never thought of getting rid of Zhou Wenjing either. As the protagonist, if Zhou Wenjing was killed, the world would collapse, and the Lord God might notice the data anomalies and track him down. Although the Xinghai space could shield him from the Lord God’s search, it would be very detrimental to his future plans. It would be more difficult to execute his plans, and any inattention would cause him to be found by the Lord God.

A super intelligent program like the Lord God surely must have an anti-virus installed, Zhou Yun Sheng absolutely didn’t want to test it.

So, his current plan of action was to change the fate of the original owner, causing data disorders that wouldn’t lead to the collapse of the world. The protagonist was still alive, the world was still alive, but the world was changed beyond recognition, no longer resembling the Lord God’s calculated setting.

Reviewing the plan in his mind, Zhou Yun Sheng leisurely recovered his line of sight.

When mucking about, time always moved quickly, in a blink of an eye, one day had passed. Zhou Yun Sheng opened his school uniform jacket, a black tie hung loosely on a white shirt, hands in his pocket, leisurely striding towards a business car packed by the roadside. He was clearly slovenly dressed, but he gave off a yuppie feeling that attracted many girls to stop and watch.

“Sheng-shao, looks like you’re a very popular boy, do you have a girlfriend?” Du Xu Lang opened the car door for him, his smile revealing that he was somewhat joking.

Before the Lord God trapped him in this heterodimensional space, Zhou Yun Sheng was a pure homosexual, he naturally didn’t like women. But after being loaded into the villain system, he had no choice but to compete with protagonists for women, and sometimes behave immorally towards women. Only God knew that in reality, even if one hundred beautiful women stood naked in front of him, he wouldn’t be able to get it up.

Du Xu Lang’s teasing comment suddenly made him remember the nauseating feeling of being gang-raped. His gentle smile receded, and his chilling glare pierced the other man’s eyes.

Du Xu Long had never put the two brothers Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhou Wenang in his eyes. Especially Zhou Yun Sheng, who was a downright fool, ignorantly being played with by Zhou Wenang. But that sharp look instantly subverted his impression of Zhou Yun Sheng.

Those were not the eyes of a weak, naïvely trusting youth.

However, before he could focus on that thought, Zhou Yun Sheng lowered his eyes and said faintly, “Go, you don’t have to wait. Wenang’s last class is PE, they were dismissed 20 mins early.”

Du Xu Lang nodded, started the car and left. When he approached a dark alley, Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly said, “Stop here, I have some business to take care of.”

The car slowly pulled up to the roadside, but Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t get out, he just lowered the window, and propped his cheek on his hand as he smiled into the dark alley.

Towering skyscrapers occupied both sides of the alley, the light was blocked by the buildings, it looked very dusky. A few huge trash cans emitted strong smells, attracting many feral dogs and cats for scavenging. Suddenly, a muffled thud was heard, and a shadow crashed into a trash can, then pitifully laid on the ground. A feral cat that was hiding inside a trash can yowled and quickly fled.

After seeing the shadow’s face, Du Xu Lang’s eye color changed slightly. He immediately wanted to go rescue the person, but his shoulder was pressed down by Zhou Yun Sheng.

“He can’t die.” The boy’s tone was very unhurried, but his palm secretly exerted force.

Du Xu Lang had no choice but to take his hand off the door handle, pretending to smile indifferently.

Zhou Wenjing apparently wanted to fight back, but before he could get up, a tall man ruthlessly stomped on his back, a few young people with dyed hair of every color crowed around him, plundering all his valuables. After another spell of kicks and curses, the men walked away, laughing and playing.

This type of scene wasn’t uncommon in the noisy and bustling city, almost unable to arose the slightest sympathy from passers-by. As the evil mastermind, Zhou Yun Sheng exposed a smile of satisfaction.

Yes, these people were hired by the original Zhou Yun Sheng, the goal was to teach Zhou Wenjing a lesson. Although Zhou Yun Sheng had received the original owner’s memory, he didn’t intend to abandon the plan. He not only came to enjoy the show, he also brought the protagonist’s guardian angel along.

Du Xu Lang pushed up the gold-rimmed glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, covering the slowly condensing ice in his gaze. This Zhou family eldest son really…. Wasn’t afraid of death.

Zhou Wenjing staggered up, but when he stooped to pick up his schoolbag, he almost fell over. This made Du Xu Lang secretly grip the steering wheel. Zhou Wenjing tried a few times before finally picking up the school bag, then he stood upright, spiting a mouthful of bloody spit into the trash can. His face was expressionless as walked toward the exit, but when he caught sight of Zhou Yun Sheng sitting in the car, smiling elegantly, his face instantly warped.

“It’s you!” The voice was squeezed out between tightly clenched teeth, filled with difficult to conceal hatred.

“Yes, it’s me.” Zhou Yun Sheng nodded indifferently.

Zhou Wenjing couldn’t hold back anymore, he rushed up, wanting to punch the other boy, but was ruthlessly knocked down by the suddenly opened car door. He laid on the ground, unable to get up for a long time.

Zhou Yun Sheng stepped out and slowly walked to his side, then he bent slightly at the waist, looking him up and down with ridiculing eyes, like he was looking at a clown. Du Xu Lang also immediately got out, wanting to prevent Zhou Yun Sheng from carrying out another vicious attack.



hold on to the thickest thigh – cling to a powerful person

Xinghai – star ocean

P.S I’m not breaking these chapters up, the chapters are separated by universe so this story technically has 15 chapters. 15 looong chapters.

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3 months ago

Hmmm, he’s taking a different approach.
Thank you for the chapter.

5 months ago

Why doesnt the mc want to change the og body’s fate and somewhat help the protagonist?

15 days ago
Reply to  Eueu

Are you serious? That was already explained by the MC on this very page!

15 days ago
Reply to  foofoo3344

I said “somewhat help”, not hold the protag’s thigh, wc was what was explained here… sigh. Maybe think a little harder before being this condescending lol. I already finished this novel but at this point i was just asking why didn’t he stop the bullying, wc he orchestrated, when he could’ve. I later found out his reason but I still found it unreasonable. Still bullying plain and simple.

4 days ago
Reply to  Eueu

Idk abt u but I mean if I were the MC, after being thrown into an AI world without my consent, being killed again and again by the so called protagonists, had to do all immoral things under control, yeah I would be hating and bullying too.

6 months ago

I got confused with “Because of their fine genes, Zhou family’s three sons grew up to look pretty good” in previous chapter zhou wenjing himself is born from the female university student who was sponsored by Zhou mother and I think he is not related blood

Northern star
Northern star
6 months ago
Reply to  Bella57

They have same father

6 months ago

Mmm I don’t know how to feel. The original protagonist of this world is not someone like Zhou Yun Sheng? They all are data? Without feelings? I feel pity for Wenjing

11 months ago

Wait I got confused on this line “ These two were the real father and son, everyone else was superfluous.”

Was it talking about how mc took over the body thereby making him and wenjing illegitimate? Or their interaction as if they are the real son-father pair??

Or is the body not a true son..?? Nanii haha

8 months ago
Reply to  Juju

I mean the MC is not the real son, but the body is. Either way, that sentence is like saying that the father only interacts with the third son like a real father and son should but everyone else is unnecessary for he doesn’t love them as much as he does with the third son probably. It mentioned as well, that the third son was born from the real love of his father, probably because the son looks like the love of his life, he favors him more. (Thats my opinion)