OGU: Chapter 45


Chapter 45

  The lights in the living room were very dim, the brightness couldn’t compare to the street lights in the Phantom City’s Xicheng District. Tong Yan crossed his legs, sitting in Zhuo Xiang Ming’s embrace in a seemingly quite awkward posture, face to face, leaning forward, his forehead against Zhuo Xiang Ming’s shoulder, refusing to show his face.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming leaned his back against the sofa, holding Tong Yan’s waist with one hand, and caressing the back of his head with the other, like comforting a pet.

  Tong Yan had already drunk a nutrient pack for dinner, the two had remained in this state for some time. Whenever Zhuo Xiang Ming wanted to speak, Tong Yan immediately interrupted him.

  After a while, Zhuo Xiang Ming drew him into his arms and said: “I still have to explain some things to you, Ok? Don’t be scared.”

  Tong Yan hugged him back, wrapping his slender arms around his shoulders: “Of course I’m not scared.”

  Obviously scared.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming kissed his earlobe again, kissing for a while. Tong Yan was guided to turn his face, straightening up his lower back, fitting his hands on Zhuo Xiang Ming’s face, kissing wholeheartedly. After kissing for a long time, he let out a breathless hum.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming pulled back, he’d wanted to separate, but Tong Yan subconsciously followed him, his small tongue still exploring outward. Zhuo Xiang Ming couldn’t resist, grabbing his shoulders and kissing him again.

  Finally separated, Tong Yan grabbed onto Zhuo Xiang Ming’s arm and panted, forgetting to shyly hide away again.

  ”First, we have to have sex twice.” Zhuo Xiang Ming said without warning, his voice was low, but it was loud enough for Tong Yan to hear clearly, “Of course, two times is just my estimate. It may be more or less. The goal is to guide you into estrus during the process, using my pheromones.”

  ”When you enter into shallow estrus, I’ll bite here.” He found Tong Yan’s hand and squeezed, lightly scratching Tong Yan’s nape with the other hand. Tong Yan unconsciously shuddered.

  ”You’ll feel some pain, then the estrus fever comes up, and we’ll start striving to open the reproductive cavity.”

  He said these words as if reading from a textbook. Tong Yan felt no other emotions besides shame, hurriedly reaching out to cover his mouth: “Don’t explain any more. I- I’ve heard everything you’ve said … don’t speak.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming sighed deeply, kissing Tong Yan’s palm. He pulled his hand away and stared at him fixedly.

  His eyes were very deep, Tong Yan could recognize the surging love, but there were other emotions inside that, compared to love, could make Tong Yan feel even more hot and bothered. Monstrous possessiveness and restraint were tearing apart, letting Tong Yan understand that he absolutely wasn’t as calm as he appeared.

  ”It’s not as simple as it sounds. I need you to understand what you’ll be experiencing. Because this process … pain and pleasure are separated by a thin line, even pleasure can be painful. You’ll beg me, beg me to stop, beg me to let you go, say you regret it, not like this … baby.”

  He bent his legs, and Tong Yan slid forward a bit, sitting on his lower abdomen, the two were even closer together. An expression almost like discomfort appeared on Zhuo Xiang Ming’s calm face, “Genetically speaking, this is a very unfair thing. Before you give up struggling, the process can be called assault, one-sided assault from an alpha.”

  The love making before the estrus fever arrived could be wonderful, Zhuo Xiang Ming would do his best to soothe Tong Yan and be considerate of his feelings, but it occupied less than one tenth of the time in the two-week bonding. Most of the time, he would be tearing into Tong Yan, using the most forceful ways to make him submit. Venting his lust would completely occupy all the sections in his brain used to think.

  There was no tenderness, he would only display his body’s superiority using the maximum extent of his strength, turning his arms into a cage, as soon as Tong Yan revealed the slightest inclination to ​​escape, he would immediately punish him.

  Bonding was often packaged as the most sublime romantic ritual. It seemed so beautiful and dreamy, poets praise it, and writers describe it with gorgeous rhetoric.

  Singing in songs, depicting in film, chanting in scriptures, but its essence was indeed predatory. It was one personality preying on another, one thought invading and occupying another. It was close combat between individuals of unequal physical strengths, the victor and the loser obvious from the beginning.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming studied a lot of information to learn how to take care of an omega during estrus. He’d also consulted the doctor many times about Tong Yan’s physical condition. He’d made a lot of preparations, even the house’s storeroom on the ground floor, which, except for the housekeeping robots, no one visited all year round, was stockpiled with nutrient packs and drinking water, just as a failsafe. But there was a fact that he could never avoid, marking was special, and during the marking process, the alpha would lose a large extent of their rationality.

  Human rationality as a member of society would be lost, replaced by the desire for animal reproduction.

  At that time, Tong Yan would just be his prey, who existed for him to successfully capture.

  Tong Yan sat quietly for a while, observing him, but occasionally looking away. The two were silent again, but this time, the silence was more like a trial. Zhuo Xiang Ming always felt that he was despicable. Facing Tong Yan, he felt that there shouldn’t be an older spouse more despicable than him anywhere else.

  While he explained the cruelty of the marking process to Tong Yan, he hoped that Tong Yan would seriously consider it, and also fervently hoped that Tong Yan would agree. He couldn’t deny this hope, he could only complain that love was making him despicable.

  ”Then what?” Tong Yan turned towards him, his lips, that were just kissed red, were pursed up, his chin slightly raised. He looked up at him, seeming fragile, but also brave, “Open… the reproductive cavity, and then?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming stared at Tong Yan, almost as if he was examining him, after Tong Yan urged him, he said: “You’ll feel continuous discomfort, but I won’t let you move. Then I’ll form a knot inside you, and completely bite into your sex gland, injecting pheromones.”

  Tong Yan trembled a little, he let Zhuo Xiang Ming hug him, then asked: “Is that the end?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming hesitated, but still said: “No.”

  He suddenly smiled: “How did you do in your physiology class?”

  Tong Yan: “Our physiology class didn’t discuss these things, okay? The Omega Physiology class only taught us how to avoid alpha, and other common-sense stuff.”

  Tong Yan asked: “Why doesn’t it end?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming gently stroked Tong Yan’s cheek and pinched his earlobe, “This should probably be the third or fourth day, after marking, you enter estrus entirely.” He said: “Then we have sex all the time. As I said, an estrus that’s deliberately incited by an alpha’s pheromones is unusually intense and long-lasting.”

  ”Except for the necessary rest, we’ll do it continuously. Why do you think we need the nutrient packs? Because there won’t be time for you to eat, sometimes, if you’re thirsty, you’ll need to beg me for a long time before I carry you to get some water.”

  Tong Yan started trembling slightly again, Zhuo Xiang Ming felt it, his hands drawing tighter on his slender waist.

  Tong Yan sniffed the sex gland on Zhuo Xiang Ming’s nape, and his legs immediately softened somewhat.

  After this, Tong Yan shoved his hand into Zhuo Xiang Ming’s hair and grabbed, forcing him to face upward, putting some distance between them, so they could look at each other face to face: “It feels like I can imagine what sort of person you were before.”

  A somewhat mopey young man, handsome, elegant, smart, not very outgoing, a lone wolf. He thought about a lot of things, but rarely fought for anything. In terms of relationships, he was used to being the loser, used to failing. Although being used to failure couldn’t lessen the pain he felt every time he lost.

  This was merely a willful imagining. Tong Yan didn’t know what difference there was from Zhuo Xiang Ming’s, who was willing to socialize during college, actual behavior, and he even more didn’t know which aspects matched.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming stretched his chin to look at him.

  Tong Yan laughed, the corners of his mouth and eyes curving up.

  ”I’m not scared.” Tong Yan said in a low voice, “Do you want to scare me? If you don’t, why did you say those words to scare me? If you do… you prepared so much, your vacation time is already set, if I say that I want to back out, what are we going to do for these two weeks? Holiday overseas?”

  ”You do owe me a honeymoon, but you don’t have to worry about paying it back right now.”

  ”I love you.” Zhuo Xiang Ming wrinkled his brows, kissing Tong Yan. He griped the back of Tong Yan’s head with one palm, so that he could only support himself. His kiss was forceful, fervent, hoarsely whispering between lips and tongue, “I love you.”

  The two were entangled in the gap between the sofa and the coffee table. This time, no restraint was needed, they wholeheartedly immersed themselves in their love for each other. Twilight came, the sky turned gloomy, and it seemed to snow again. A few layers of heavy locks slid into place on the door of the 2-story small apartment. The LEDs on the pheromone collectors blinked, signifying that they’d started working. A sign saying “Stay Away” was hung on the outermost gate of the courtyard, no one would come to disturb this soul marking.

Near the beginning, Tong Yan didn’t feel very embarrassed. He blushed, but didn’t shrink away. The warmth when they touched each other and the whispers from his lover brought an endless sense of security. Zhuo Xiang Ming was always very gentle and slow, he asked how Tong Yan was feeling almost constantly, calling him his baby, a moment later calling him his sweetheart.

  Tong Yan’s eyes were wet, but he didn’t realize he was crying until the tears slipped out of the corners of his eyes. At that time, he was lying on the bed, turning his head to look at Zhuo Xiang Ming. Perhaps he’d used a somewhat appealing gaze, because Zhuo Xiang Ming kissed his tears away, asking him where he was uncomfortable. He shook his head, so Zhuo Xiang Ming asked why he was crying, that’s when Tong Yan realized he was crying.

  He wanted to bury his face in the pillow, but Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t allow it. He pinched his chin and kissed the corners of his eyes and the tip of his nose, his voice low and hoarse: “Don’t cry, baby don’t cry.”

  Tong Yan just shook his head, unable to speak, his face was very red, and eyelashes terribly wet, but he didn’t struggle. His willingness made Zhuo Xiang Ming’s heart, which was already soft to the extreme, soften even more, and the feeling of wanting to hide Tong Yan away appeared again. It would be great if there was only the two of them left in the world, Zhuo Xiang Ming thought, he could properly protect Tong Yan 100%.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming felt that he was extremely bad. On the one hand, he loved Tong Yan until he was helpless, but on the other hand, he made him cry.

  Tong Yan buried his face in his palms, remembering many things from when they were just married, his mind was also very disordered. He didn’t know what he was feeling, the only thing he knew was that he could trust Zhuo Xiang Ming, he could trust Zhuo Xiang Ming completely.

  But he couldn’t hold back the tears, constantly choking with sobs.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming’s quiet and gentle coaxing worked very well, at least Tong Yan’s mood stabilized slightly. They leaned on each other, murmuring, this was a rare moment of soberness.

  During the rest of the time, the two didn’t have the opportunity to speak again. The situation was worse than Zhuo Xiang Ming had anticipated, before the first wave of estrus fever arrived, Tong Yan cried until he collapsed, and his shallow estrus also kicked in when it was just beginning.

  Not a single step matched his plan.

  If, at the beginning, Tong Yan still had a little sanity, he would beg him, and fawn on him, but in the end, there was hardly any self-awareness to speak of. The instant Zhuo Xiang Ming bit deeply into the gland, he felt like he was dead, the sense of suffocation paralyzed his whole body. He and Tong Yan resembled two trapped beasts that regarded each other as the only source of life, they used every method to keep the other person close to themselves. He wanted to eat Tong Yan, but also wanted to be eaten by Tong Yan.

  How long this process lasted, he didn’t know, only knowing that the moment rationality returned a little, his love for Tong Yan surged violently, occupying the heights of his consciousness. He wanted to block bullets, sudden car accidents, and meteorites descending from the sky for Tong Yan, and every other absurd major disaster.

  Or, he could envelope Tong Yan in his arms, and never let him go, always protecting him, loving him, imprisoning him.

  But these crazy thoughts receded like a tide as soon as he looked into Tong Yan’s eyes, which he’d finally managed to open. Tong Yan’s body was still trembling uncontrollably, his eyes and nose very red, his cheeks dotted with sweat, his long lashes clumping together. He was completely disheveled, looking pitiful and fragile.

  ”Baby, Tong Tong, baby.” Zhuo Xiang Ming kissed him gently, pulling the quilt over his shoulders, covering Tong Yan too, “Does it hurt? Yes? Is it uncomfortable?”

  Tong Yan shook his head, swallowed hard, then reached out to encircle Zhuo Xiang Ming’s neck, using a little pressure to lower his head. He rubbed dependently against him, shrinking into his embrace: “Hug me, just, hug me.”

  ”I love you.” Zhuo Xiang Ming only wanted to say these words. He obediently hugged Tong Yan, and the two kissed. Not long after, Tong Yan suddenly groaned, his cheeks flushing, his voice soft and weak. He shifted around impatiently, calling out: “Brother …”

Zhuo Xiang Ming’s muscles immediately tensed. After the marking, the full estrus induced by alpha pheromones came out. The omega wasn’t the only one affected, the alpha’s agitation was even more difficult to bear.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for waiting everyone


Phantom City- The author called it Shadow City. Another typo I assumed

No details lol To curb your disappointment, go read FOD 4.7 ?. I’m not done with the full chapter yet, so don’t read past that ?

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It’s probably the only story with the ABO setting I’ve come across that doesn’t gloss over some less attractive/more dangerous aspects of succumbing to one’s instincts and having no control over one’s actions. All honour to the author for getting off the beaten track.
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