OGU: Chapter 37


Chapter 37

  After waking up in the morning, Tong Yan laid in bed for a while, his eyes struggling to open.

  Xuan Gui came in and spun around his bedside: “Good morning, Sir said you should get up.”

  Before, Zhuo Xiang Ming always came to wake him up, Tong Yan rolled up the quilt and turned over, asking, “Where’s Zhuo Xiang Ming?”

  Xuan Gui played a tune called “Radiant Morning” and said, “Preparing breakfast downstairs.”

  Tong Yan: “Isn’t that your job?”

  Xuan Gui: “More accurately, that’s the job of the housekeeping robot. I’m only responsible for issuing orders.”

  ”Oh….” Tong Yan said lazily, “Then why aren’t you issuing orders today? My good morning kiss is gone.”

  ”Sir said he would do it today.”

  It moved to the bedside and pulled open the curtains, Tong Yan immediately buried his face in his pillow: “Xuan Gui!”

  Xuan Gui was heartbroken: “Can’t you call me by my new name? Dudu is so much cuter ah.”

  Thinking about it, he realized that Zhuo Xiang Ming was certainly too ashamed to see him because of last night’s excessive behavior. Tong Yan turned over again, wondering if he was too expressively inexperienced while saying pitilessly: “You leave first, I want to get out of bed.”

  Xuan Gui asked doubtfully: “Is there a conflict?”

  Tong Yan said, as if it was commonsense: “I’m now somebody with a boyfriend. As the saying goes, when giving or receiving an item, men and robots should not touch each other. I’m a small boy in the prime of my youth, you’re an AI. Don’t you understand the principle behind “avoid doing anything that may arouse suspicion”?”

  Xuan Gui walked away broken-heartedly, but before it left, it still warned Tong Yan about the dangers of love brain syndrome: “Love brain really isn’t a good thing. Really, whether it’s in terms of career, studies or interpersonal relationships, all will be adversely affected. It has an especially significant impact on interpersonal relationships, for example, if you currently have love brain, your relationship with your butler robot could…”

  Towards its hint, Tong Yan asked: “Why haven’t you closed the door yet?”

  ”…” Xuan Gui said, “Ah, this feeling of heartbreak, surely it must be an illusion caused by my dying batteries.”

  Tong Yan was indeed very sleepy, he lazed around in bed for a while before getting up.

  He didn’t feel so good. If Zhuo Xiang Ming came to wake him up and saw how sleepy he was, at least he could enjoy a few gentle coaxes. The feeling of being kissed out of your quilt and crawling out by yourself shouldn’t differ so much. Tong Yan decided that next time, he should act a bit wild, or at least shouldn’t cry again, making Zhuo Xiang Ming overly cautious, underestimating him.

  After washing up, he first went to look over his homework, which showed a submission time of 2:46 AM.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming wrote very seriously, and his handwriting wasn’t as fancy as when he signed documents. He finished the Chinese and English papers according to Tong Yan’s writing habit, and wrote two summaries for chemistry and physics.

  He carried his schoolbag downstairs. Zhuo Xiang Ming was in the kitchen. Tong Yan put down the schoolbag and walked up to his side, silently standing next to the sink.

  ”Still sleepy?” Zhuo Xiang Ming was holding a ladle he had just tasted from, after asking this, he ladled some congee, blew on it, then fed it to Tong Yan, “How is it?”

  Tong Yan’s expression was blank, his mood undetectable. He opened his mouth to accept the food, then said: “I slept enough, just right.”

  ”Ok.” He looked at Tong Yan again, then, after adjusting the fire, rolled up his sleeves to his elbows. He washed his hands first, then took a few leaves of lettuce and rinsed them under the tap, pretending not to notice anything wrong, “Just wait two minutes, it’s almost done.”

  Tong Yan hummed, but didn’t move aside, still standing beside him.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming made two sandwiches and steamed egg custard for Tong Yan; the congee needed to wait a while. Whether he moved that way to take a plate or moved this way to look for a saucer, Tong Yan followed closely behind him with a deadpan expression, like an awkward small tail. Zhuo Xiang Ming turned around and held Tong Yan’s arms with his wet hands, hugging him. Putting his chin on top of his head and rubbing against him, he said, “Go and sit for a while if you’re still sleepy.”

  Tong Yan also passively hugged Zhuo Xiang Ming’s waist, but he didn’t speak.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming lightly rubbed his waist with his wrist: “Mmm? Should I carry you there?”

  Tong Yan said: “I won’t let you carry me.”

  ”Still angry?” Zhuo Xiang Ming chuckled. He kissed Tong Yan’s hair, not releasing his hold, letting Tong Yan lean into his embrace, “Don’t be angry, I was wrong.”

  ”Don’t let Xuan Gui wake me up next time.” Tong Yan said resentfully, “Waking me up is your job, making breakfast is Xuan Gui’s job.”

  Xuan Gui came in, then Xuan Gui silently left again.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming laughed again. With a smile in his eyes, he hugged Tong Yan tighter this time: “You said that you wanted to eat steamed egg, I was afraid it couldn’t make it right.”

  Tong Yan asked again: “Why am I angry?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming carefully asked: “Why are you angry?”

  ”I don’t know.” Tong Yan said intentionally.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming bowed his head to look at his expression, wanting to confirm if he was really angry: “I was too excessive last night.”

  Tong Yan: “Yes, too excessive.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Yeah …”

  Tong Yan: “Then you know that you did wrong?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming nodded: “I know.”

  Tong Yan raised one hand to his shoulder, his chin poking Zhuo Xiang Ming’s chest as he looked up at him: “Next time, will you make the same mistake?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming looked at the paper tiger, not answering immediately. When Tong Yan asked the question again, Zhuo Xiang Ming suddenly lowered his head even more, grabbing the back of Tong Yan’s head and kissing him. Finding it strenuous, he dragged Tong Yan over to the refrigerator and pressed him against the door with a kiss, ambiguously saying: “Next mistake will be even more excessive.”

  After the kiss, Tong Yan laughed. Zhuo Xiang Ming felt a little mystified, but since Tong Yan was laughing, he must be feeling okay, so he couldn’t help but hug him for a while, kissing him. Tong Yan languidly stood to kiss him.

  The congee was ready, they couldn’t keep being lovey-dovey. Tong Yan solemnly said: “Next time, don’t let Xuan Gui wake me up!”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming also agreed, very solemn: “I’ll remember.”

  He said he wasn’t sleepy, but on the way to school, Tong Yan still couldn’t hold himself up, falling asleep.

  The temperature today had risen somewhat, the sunshine felt very good, and the sky was also a bright blue. Tong Yan had changed into a black windbreaker, while sleeping, he pulled his hood down, facing Zhuo Xiang Ming, curled up in his seat. He held a bottle of warm banana milk, only showing half his fingers through his sleeve.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming wanted to let him take a nap, so he tried to drive the car as steady as possible, and turned up the air conditioner.

  After a particularly long red light, Tong Yan woke up when the car started again. Covering his face with his hands, he asked Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Brother, are we almost at school?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming reached out to pull his hood down, helping him block the sunlight, his hand slipping over to caress his face: “Still a while away, about ten minutes. Don’t fall back asleep, wake up.”

  Tong Yan seemed to be unable to control his strength, seemingly using all his energy to nod, rubbing his cheek into Zhuo Xiang Ming’s palm.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming looked at his drowsy eyes, saying: “Next time, don’t go out with Tong Yang during the week, how about letting him choose a weekend day?”

  After saying this, Zhuo Xiang Ming felt a little regretful, feeling that he was being a bit controlling. But unexpectedly, Tong Yan didn’t hesitate, he murmured in agreement, then held Zhuo Xiang Ming’s hand to his face to continue covering his eyes, appearing fearful of the bright light, like a small animal. He was very obedient, and not very imposing, making people want to poke his belly.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming seized the opportunity to make another request: “Then, will you still go to the movies with your classmates tonight? What time will it end?”

  Last night, Tong Yan told Zhuo Xiang Ming that a Lego themed movie was premiering today. Both he and Chai ManMan were Lego fans, so they made arrangements to go see the movie together, and Zhuo Xiang Ming agreed.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming again felt that he was being a bit despicable, but when he heard Tong Yan said disappointedly, “Can’t go, I need to go to bed early tonight”, he still felt inappropriate happiness while he consoled Tong Yan: “I’ll take you to see it this weekend.”

  Tong Yan hummed, then said: “Okay. Two other classmates agreed to go, so it shouldn’t matter too much if I don’t go today…although I’ll be scolded by Chai Man.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming finally realized that when Tong Yan told him about his plans last night, he also said that a total of four people were going, but he only remembered Chai ManMan. He reflected on that for a moment.

  Fortunately, Tong Yan was completely awake when they arrived at the school. After a very short nap, his spirits improved a lot. Zhuo Xiang Ming handed him his schoolbag and pulled his warning card out from his windbreaker pocket: “Wear it on the outside.”

  Tong Yan has always been quite rebellious when this thing was involved. It was a kind of subtle rebelliousness, only noticeable after a long time. Zhuo Xiang Ming was afraid he would feel depressed, so he said in a deliberately mild tone: “When the weather’s cold, pheromones become unstable, just wear it for some insurance.”

  This was advice directly from the doctor, it needed to be worn when the temperature was below five degrees, Tong Yan also knew that.

  Stress disorder aside, Tong Yan’s sex gland itself was relatively fragile. In the end, it was still related to the lack of soothing pheromones while he was growing up, after his mother’s death.

  ”Are you going to the company?” Tong Yan asked Zhuo Xiang Ming, passively tugging at the warning card.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Yes.”

  Tong Yan: “You’re not going to take a rest?” He looked at Zhuo Xiang Ming, somewhat embarrassed: “You went to sleep so late yesterday.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming pushed and pulled Tong Yan’s forehead fringe: “I have a place to rest in my office.”

  ”Okay.” Tong Yan nodded, then he looked at Zhuo Xiang Ming one more time before opening the door and getting out, “I’m leaving.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming lowered the window to say goodbye: “See you this afternoon.”

  Tong Yan waved: “See you this afternoon.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming was about to leave when he stopped again. He looked at Tong Yan, and Tong Yan also walked over. He opened the car door, leaned in, and touched Zhuo Xiang Ming’s lips. Zhuo Xiang Ming pinched Tong Yan’s soft earlobe, then it was a true goodbye.

  Tong Yan rarely wore black clothes. Girls paid more attention to this aspect, as soon as Chai ManMan saw him, she asked, “Your coat’s pretty sweet, what brand is it?”

  When Tong Yan picked out clothes that morning, he just happened to see it. After telling Chai ManMan the brand, she thought about it, then asked: “Can you buy that brand in Jiangdu? I feel like I haven’t seen that store.”

  After sitting down, Tong Yan unzipped his jacket a little bit, saying while putting down his schoolbag, “That I don’t know, but I think I bought it myself.”

  More precisely, he thought he bought it with Lin Yue Hua the last time they went shopping.

  Chai ManMan tilted her head and sized him up for a moment. She touched his jacket hood to feel the fabric, then urged Tong Yan: “Quickly think about where you bought it.”

  Thinking about it, Tong Yan really remembered: “It should be from Los Angeles. He went there for a business trip last week; he brought back a lot of things.”

  ”Who did?” Chai ManMan asked.

  Tong Yan looked at her and, using an “You asked for this” expression, said: “My husband.”


  ”Okay.” Chai ManMan said, “Let me copy your homework.”

  Tong Yan was already used to this. He fished out his tablet and handed it to her. After receiving it, Chai ManMan immediately began to write, a moment later, she let out a strange sound.

  Tong Yan was in the middle of memorizing source materials for an argumentative essay, very focused and unresponsive. Chai ManMan had no choice but to shove the tablet in front of his face: “What’s this?”

  In the physics paper’s name box, “Zhuo Xiang Ming” was written in neat strokes.

  Tong Yan glanced at it, his face first instinctively turned bright red, then a moment later, he tried to calmly say, “Just this once, I was too sleepy, so he wrote it for me.”

  ”??????” Chai ManMan exclaimed in alarm, “Tong Yan! I just thought you wrote the wrong name because of your dangerous case of love brain! How unexpected!”

  Tong Yan was even more embarrassed, he grabbed the tablet: “Don’t copy me.”

  Chai ManMan rebutted: “I need to copy the homework written by my idol.”

  As if nothing had happened, Tong Yan continued memorizing source materials. After memorizing a short paragraph, he asked Chai ManMan, confused: “Who’s your idol?”

  ”Zhuo Xiang Ming ah.” Chai ManMan said.

  Tong Yan asked: “Why?”

  ”This still needs to be asked?” Chai ManMan said as she copied, “He’s so awesome ah, he’s every rich second generation’s idol.”

  Rich second generation Chai gave Tong Yan a small lesson about some old news about Zhuo Xiang Ming’s awesomeness that he was unaware of. Looking at her gushing and endlessly admiring expression, Tong Yan felt a little displeased for some reason, but he also felt that he was behaving abnormally. After thinking about it, he said to Chai ManMan: “Don’t make him your idol.”

  Chai ManMan asked: “Why not?”

  Tong Yan said very solemnly: “Actually, he’s not that smart. I asked him to build a small piece of the Taj Mahal’s tower, and he couldn’t even finish it.”



when giving or receiving an item, men and robots etc…- pun on some Confucian proverb about how men and women shouldn’t directly touch each other. TongTong replaced ‘woman’ with ‘machines’.

paper tiger- Wikipedia “The term refers to something or someone that claims or appears to be powerful and/or threatening, but is actually ineffectual and unable to withstand challenge.”

hood- lit. “hat on top of clothes”. Seriously confused me for a bit. I guess there’s no Chinese word for hood? idk

You asked for this- lit. “It’s not me who wants this”. Seems to be some phrase. I think it’s said sarcastically here.

Really TongTong? lol

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Dont you think Tong2 behaviour is too childish lately eventhough he is in college. ..
I mean his up and down emotional state is too unstable. ..is this because omega pheromone or his environment that’s never beings recognize suddenly becomes spoiled. .?
I thought he just like that’s infront ML, but he is like that too infront his friend

Thanks for chapter


I kinda thought it a bit but have two ‘buts’
1. He’s actually in his last year of high school I think? He is really quite young.
2. He’s never really gotten to be spoiled like this and is really into it.
Hopefully he can mature nicely.