OGU: Chapter 35


Chapter 35

  The next day was Monday. In the morning, small classmate Tong Yan had a little trouble getting up. Zhuo Xiang Ming called out to him for a long time, and finally, he sat up. His eyes still couldn’t open, and his toothbrush was just hung from his mouth. He gave himself up to Zhuo Xiang Ming’s embrace, his hands and feet soft, half awake, half dozing off.

  ”Hmm …” The snowflakes were still fluttering around outside, and the temperature was only getting lower and lower. Zhuo Xiang Ming embraced Tong Yan’s shoulders and pondered.

  ”You have to add clothes today, a pair of long johns or fleece trousers, you choose.” Zhuo Xiang Ming said.

  Tong Yan’s eyes immediately snapped open; his expression incredulous: “!”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming straightened out the toothbrush in his mouth: “Brush your teeth first.”

  On the way to the bathroom, Tong Yan kept looking back at Zhuo Xiang Ming pleadingly, but after showering, long johns and a pair of fleece pants were placed on the bed.

  Tong Yan hadn’t changed out of his pajamas yet, his recklessly blow-dried hair in chaos, standing at the bathroom door, he put his hands on his hips and glared: “No!”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming reasoned calmly: “Don’t do it if you don’t want to, but what degree is it outside today? Last week was already cold, if you don’t want to wear it, does that mean that you want to catch a cold?”

  Tong Yan opened his mouth, but had nothing to say, only thinking that Zhuo Xiang Ming’s face flipped faster than a book.

  ”How thick can it be?” Zhuo Xiang Ming used the policy of employing both strictness and gentleness, his tone softened a little, and he held up the “cool” black long johns he’d tried so hard to pick out, earnestly persuading, “Your winter uniform was already baggy, adding one more undergarment has no effect at all.”

  Because of what happened last night, Tong Yan originally woke up with a love-struck mood, but now, running all the way to the North Pole, where was there room to reminisce.

  But after standing his ground… He really couldn’t logic his way out of it, completely overruled by Zhuo Xiang Ming in a sentence or two. In the end, he was pressured by authority, and put on the fleece trousers in humiliation.

  Because of these fleece trousers, Tong Yan had no spirit that morning, listlessly walking downstairs and listlessly eating breakfast. After getting into the passenger seat, Zhuo Xiang Ming held the car door open, lowering his head to pinch Tong Yan’s mouth: “It’s just missing a hanging box of banana milk.”

  Tong Yan turned his face away: “I won’t drink your banana milk.”

  ”It’s snowing, who would only wear one pair of pants?”

  Tong Yan couldn’t think of someone, so he could only remain silent.

  The early winter morning sun shone on the boy’s stubborn face, illuminating a little bit of fine, silky hair and somewhat immature thoughts. His nose, eyes and mouth were obviously all beautiful, but they were unfortunately wrinkled in a scowl, making Zhuo Xiang Ming both slightly frustrated and amused, rubbing the top of his head.

  Arriving at the school, it was time to get out of the car. Usually, at this time, Tong Yan would look very reluctant to part, asking for a kiss was common, and saying a few sweet words was even more necessary. But today, he just took the school bag from Zhuo Xiang Ming’s hand and said: “Goodbye, brother.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming endured all morning, finally, he couldn’t help but laugh. Reaching out, he poked Tong Yan’s cheek: “Are you that unhappy?”

  ”I don’t like you.” Tong Yan snorted out, turning his head towards Zhuo Xiang Ming’s hand, he made a chomping motion, looking ferocious.

  ”You obviously loved me so much yesterday.” Zhuo Xiang Ming was aggrieved.

  This Tong Yan was unambiguous: “I also love you very much now.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming was sweetly choked up for a moment, then gently asked: “Then why did you say you dislike me?”

  Tong Yan choked for half a day, his face was flushed, fiddling with his fingers, but he still had to enumerate Zhuo Xiang Ming’s criminal charges: “I dislike you going back on your word, you broke your promise.”

  Last night, at first it was just some light back and forth teasing between them, but later, the two fell onto Tong Yan’s bed. Tong Yan slept on that bed every day; Zhuo Xiang Ming’s rationality was forced into ruthlessness by pheromones again. Unable to control his ferocity and strength, his arms became a prison cage, hooping around Tong Yan. His lips and teeth only wandered around his nape, slowly but forcefully nibbling, not stopping, his hands also groping wherever they wanted. Tong Yan felt like his body was going out of his control, a French kiss position was almost stronger than a real knife, real spear.

  Naturally, the lamb was played with to tears. After snapping out of it, he was both ashamed and scared. His mouth was red, his eyelids were red, and his neck was also red. Aggrievedly dangling his thin arms around his alpha’s neck for comfort, the extremely aroused and enduring alpha naturally agreed to anything. To say that he would immediately die for Tong Yan wasn’t an exaggeration, the matter of adding or not adding clothes was completely out of his range of consideration.

  Love him, love him forever, mark him in winter vacation, don’t make him wear long johns, these were all Zhuo Xiang Ming’s willing promises.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming was momentarily struck speechless. Seeing Tong Yan’s seething appearance, he found it cute, but there was nothing he could do. Tong Yan had always been sensible and obedient, only revealing a defiant look when it involved secretly staying up late to watch horror movies or adding clothes.

  But this was only recently discovered, and it wasn’t a big problem. Zhuo Xiang Ming just thought that he was cute. He still hasn’t noticed that, no matter what Tong Yan did, he found it cute.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming reached out to grab Tong Yan’s hand. They quietly held hands for a moment, Tong Yan only speaking up when he noticed the time: “I really need to go, class is starting.”

  ”Ok.” Zhuo Xiang Ming said, “See you this afternoon.”

  Tong Yan hesitated, still holding Zhuo Xiang Ming’s hand. Imitating Zhuo Xiang Ming’s style, he kissed his fingertips: “See you this afternoon.”

  After his morning conference, Zhuo Xiang Ming received a text from Tong Yan:

  It was just an emoji, but Zhuo Xiang Ming immediately laughed, replying: “Not mad anymore?”

  Tong Yan: My desk-mate said she didn’t notice [Proud] [Proud]

  Tong Yan: Sorry, I shouldn’t have lost my temper this morning, maybe it’s because I was too sleepy [Kiss]

  Could that be called ‘losing temper’? Zhuo Xiang Ming swiped his phone, typing out a few words then deleting them. His heart was very soft, finally, he just returned Tong Yan’s kiss emoji.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming put down his phone, still a little confused, why did Tong Yan always think he looked fat? He recalled his school days, thinking of what kind of thoughts he had at that time, but he didn’t seem to have felt troubled over something like this.

  Not confident in his appearance, lacking self-confidence? Did he not give Tong Yan enough encouragement?

  The more he thought about it, the more Zhuo Xiang Ming felt like he was going crazy. But when he picked up Tong Yan that afternoon, watching him run all the way from the school gate, lively and excited, completely different from this morning’s listlessness, Zhou Xiang Ming breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that he was overthinking. He asked, “How was your day?”

  ”Super good.” Tong Yan said.

  Usually, Tong Yan would say “very good” or “OK”, this “super good” has only appeared once or twice, the frequency wasn’t very high.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Did something good happen?”

  ”Nah.” Tong Yan sat upright to allow him to fasten his seatbelt, pondering, “I just feel very happy.”

  He apparently didn’t want to say it, but it was a happy thing, so Zhuo Xiang Ming just hummed, and the two went home.

  That evening, Tong Yang called and said that he would pick Tong Yan up after school tomorrow, so they could go out to eat. Originally, Tong Yang proposed directly returning to the Tong family house after dinner, but Zhuo Xiang Ming had just come back from his business trip, Tong Yan really didn’t want to separate from him. After hemming and hawing, he finally rejected, saying that he still had homework to do and school the next day.

  ”Why are you looking at me?” After hanging up, Tong Yan also felt guilty.

  ”I can’t look?” Zhuo Xiang Ming turned around, “Then I’m leaving.”

  Tong Yan chased after him and hugged him from behind, wrapping his legs around his legs. Zhuo Xiang Ming couldn’t move, so he had to halt. Putting on a helpless look, he looked down at Tong Yan: “I can’t look, but I also can’t leave, what’s going on?”

  Tong Yan laughed and said, “Look, look, look, you can look, look until you’re annoyed.”

  ”Do I dare get annoyed at you? I haven’t gotten annoyed and you already dislike me.” Zhuo Xiang Ming bent over and easily lifted him up by his buttocks. He took a few steps, then suddenly remembered, “I have something for you.”

  ”What is it?” He’d finished his homework a good while ago, but Zhuo Xiang Ming was busy with work, only finding time to take care of him after he was finished. Tong Yan just wanted to wrap around him, lying in his arms, and rubbing his hair.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming effortlessly carried Tong Yan, as if he was a large hanging ornament that smelled of cape jasmine, carrying him out of the living room.

  He pulled out a few pieces of paper from his briefcase and handed them to Tong Yan: “Here.”

  Tong Yan received it, then he carried Tong Yan back to the living room, and sat on the rug, dragging over the Lego set Tong Yan had been working on for several days.

  Tong Yan looked down at the papers, discovering that it was a letter of appointment. Zhuo Xiang Ming’s company was Party A, and Party B was vacant, the position was Zhuo Xiang Ming’s senior assistant, the salary … “This is for me?” After reading the annual salary and job benefits, Tong Yan asked.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming pointed to where he needed to sign: “Write your name here.” He joked, “You’ve been a legal adult for five months, you don’t need a guardian to sign for you.”

  ”What …” Tong Yan grinned and rubbed against him, flipping through the pages of the contract, “I still want to look to make sure you haven’t set a trap for me. There are many money cheats, and beauty cheats are no good! “

Zhuo Xiang Ming hugged him from behind, lowering his head to sniff behind his ears. He kissed Tong Yan’s cheeks, again and again, before reluctantly stopping to say: “Beauty still needs to be cheated? I kiss when I want to kiss.” He asked seriously, as if debating, “What can you do to me?”

  Tong Yan felt ticklish, shrinking his neck away: “In the end, is your company rich or poor? You don’t even have an RV, but you can hire an assistant for so much money. How many zeros are there? I’ll count.”

  He deliberately teased, and Zhuo Xiang Ming replied, still with a deadpan expression: “How’s that the same? This is for my wife.”

  Tong Yan cried out in surprise: “Then it’s too little!”

  He avoided Zhuo Xiang Ming’s interference and climbed to another side. He looked at the proof of income Zhuo Xiang Ming gave him like he was looking at a treasure. After reading front and back, there was a letter signed by Zhuo Xiang Ming and the company’s financial affairs manager, and an attached bank statement: “Is this really useful?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “At this income level, even buying a villa will be simple, forget about renting an RV.”

  Tong Yan didn’t want him to mention the RV renting event, although Zhuo Xiang Ming always wanted to say, “Renting to kiss is very serious business.”

  However, Tong Yan didn’t raise his hackles this time, so he generously pardoned him, still smiling.

  This thing wasn’t very useful, but Tong Yan still liked it. It was like the needs of a child playing house, others might find it childish, but why was Zhuo Xiang Ming so earnest about it? Tong Yan put away the contract and said contentedly, “Now I’m also a working adult!”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming reached out and pulled him closer: “Look at the contract, there’s a trial period.”

  Tong Yan noticed it just now, but he didn’t take it seriously, asking: “How can I pass the trial ah?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming rolled his shoulders, as if he was very uncomfortable: “Begin by massaging my shoulders.”

  Tong Yan held back a smile, moving behind him and asking in a very serious tone: “Boss, do you want a general massage, or focus on your key points?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Key points.”

  Tong Yan gave his best massage, but after a few squeezes, both of them laughed. Zhuo Xiang Ming pulled him into his arms and kissed him, saying: “Very unsatisfactory.”

  ”Eh?” Tong Yan looked panicked. “On no, what do I do boss, I really need this job.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming was a very serious boss, what else could he do? He could only kiss and kiss him, again and again, hoping that he could manage to earn his wage.



real knife, real spear- 真刀真枪, idiom meaning “very much for real”, but that doesn’t work in this context, so I left it literal

beauty cheats-騙色, pianse, to trick someone into having sex

What can you do to me-你能把我怎么着?, unsure of translation

Well, that was adorable

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1 year ago

The real knife real spear might have also been a bit of an innuendo. I think I’ve seen uh, going all the way referred to as real swords or guns. MTL often translates spears as guns so I’m not sure if it’s the exact same phrase. It IS clear that he is saying that the kissing was as fierce as the ‘real thing’ winkwinkwink. Things definitely got a little out of control and they may have even woken up next to each other. I feel the author will definitely point out when they sleep on the same bed, so the latter isn’t very likely.

2 years ago

ZXM really is kissing maniac

3 years ago

How the ML has so much patience when it comes to the MC I can’t understand. If I have a lover who acts like this when I’m simply worried, I’ll dump them. The ML is so good, one of the best that sometimes I feel angry seeing the MC act ungrateful. MC’s a tsundere and tsundere aren’t my favorite creature.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kim

When you love a person, will you find them annoying especially when they are so much younger than you? MC is not ungrateful but he is still young. Did any anyone treated him good before to be grateful? Or did anyone treated him bad to learn to be grateful for good? No, MC’s life is just so simple, he by himself, so he can’t notice other’s actions easily.

1 year ago
Reply to  June

Yeah. For me, the arguement about wearing underpants were just part of their daily life, not even in the range of breaking up. It’s not even about tsundere or not. It is about understanding each other better. After all, in the end ZXM said he still didn’t know why TongTong fixed on feeling he is “fluffy” and who had said that to him. For me, TongTong is too simple that ZXM is very lucky to meet him. I pity whoever had to be partner of original poster, either now or as part of him growing as human. Finding a life partner isn’t about finding fault and unlikeable traits, it is about accepting and guiding those faults and traits to a be better suited for both.

3 years ago

this is so .. so …
im gonna cry from happiness

4 years ago

I was smiling the whole time, so mundane yet so sweet

4 years ago


4 years ago

Ahh more details on last night please ?

4 years ago

Thank you for the chapter and for translating this beautiful story. This chapter was so adorable ??

4 years ago

And so they live, happily wrapped around each other’s little fingers…
Thank you very much for the chapter!