OGU: Chapter 26


Chapter 26

  He agreed to eat out with Zhuo Xiang Ming on the final day of his mid-term exams, Tong Yan even specifically selected a recently popular restaurant.

    But Tong Li Qin, who had been abroad for a while, returned and told Zhuo Xiang Ming at noon that he would send a car to the school to pick up Tong Yan that afternoon.

    When he received Zhuo Xiang Ming’s text messages, Tong Yan finally remembered. He’d been busy dating recently, it had already been many days since he last thought about his father and brother.

    “Did my dad say I have to spend the night?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming replied: He didn’t say.

    Then he sent another message: But he hasn’t seen you for so long, he should want you to stay overnight.

    In fact, there was no need to say it, Zhuo Xiang Ming was already aware that when Tong Li Qin returned, if nothing came up, Tong Yan would certainly have to spend the weekend with him.

    To be honest, he wasn’t exactly excited about it, but they were still Tong Yan’s family, there was nothing he could do. Plus, Tong Yan himself was likely homesick.

    He always remembered Tong Yan’s first weekend away from home, lying on his stomach in the freshly cleaned bedroom, silently shedding tears.

    Tong Yan: Then we can’t go out tonight? I’m sorry [sobbing] [sobbing]

    Tong Yan: What about our reservation?

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: It doesn’t matter, I’ll just cancel it. Remember to call me when you get home

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: We’ll go next time, don’t cry

    Tong Yan: ?

    Zhuo Xiang Ming pointed out the crying emoji on the shared screen, Tong Yan: … Okay

    The driver who was sent to pick up Tong Yan also felt that he hadn’t seen him for a long time, greeting: “Little Master, you seem to have grown taller.”

    “Really?!” Tong Yan liked to hear these words the most, “Is it very obvious?”

     The driver said: “You really look taller than before.”

    Elated, Tong Yan got into the car and sent a message to Zhuo Xiang Ming: Brother, I’m in the car, the driver said I’ve gotten taller!

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: In two weeks?

    Tong Yan’s good mood was unaffected: That’s because you see me every day, so you didn’t notice

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: Makes sense. Put your phone away in the car.


    Tong Li Qin and Tong Yang were both home, the father and sons ate a quiet dinner.

    When not at home, Tong Yan didn’t feel that he was especially homesick, but after seeing them, he felt different.

    After eating, Tong Li Qin brewed a cup of coffee and sat on the living room sofa with Tong Yan and Tong Yang.

    “Are you used to living there yet?” He asked.

    Tong Yan: “I’m used to it.”

    “That thing …” Tong Li Qin paused, “The Zhuo family’s oldest child handled it very well.”

    Tong Yan knew that he was talking about those rumors and nodded.

    “Is everything okay?”

    “Ah?” Tong Yan said, “Oh, it’s okay, the doctor said that my pheromones were just slightly disordered, I got better that same night.”

    Tong Li Qin fell silent again.

    He wanted to ask about it a bit more, but because the matter was already old news, it was hard to bring it up now.

    He heard about it very soon after it happened, but when Lin Yue Hua contacted him, he knew that everything would be taken care of. Plus, he was extremely busy abroad, so he just let it go.

    But until yesterday, Tong Li Qin hadn’t personally seen all the photos taken by the paparazzi–those released and unreleased.

    Was Tong Yan actually already so close to Zhuo Xiang Ming?

    Besides his reputation, Tong Li Qin didn’t know much about Zhuo Xiang Ming, so he couldn’t judge his meaning behind that intimate hug. But he knew Tong Yan, Tong Yan wasn’t a people person at all, he took a while to warm up to others. Probably because he was always neglected by the adults in his life while growing up, he became like a little turtle, always carrying around a shell, retreating into it if something was wrong. He could never easily perform the actions in the photos.

    Combined with the complaint Tong Yang unintentionally let out when he got home—Tong Yan was now more intimate with an outsider than his father. They hadn’t called or seen each other in two weeks, but every day on OUKM, he shared the dinner “brother” made.

    After the death of his wife, he loved this little omega son dearly, but they lacked communication. Even now, Tong Li Qin rarely communicated with Tong Yan, forget about asking him to reveal the secrets in his heart.

    The other man was mature, steady and handsome, definitely an excellent alpha. Tong Yan was also so young, it wasn’t surprising that he became interested. Tong Li Qin was mainly worried about Zhuo Xiang Ming’s mindset.

    If it worked out, it wouldn’t be too much to say that Tong Yan was a blank piece of paper, while the other man had already been immersed in the business world for many years. Tong Yan’s vulnerability was simply visible to the naked eye.

    If it didn’t work out — if it didn’t work out, then it would be Tong Yan’s first heartbreak. The family only had two burly, clueless men. Tong Yang had always been rough with his younger brother, but if Tong Li Qin brought it up …… he estimated that Tong Yan would feel very embarrassed. So, there was no one who could bring up the topic, Tong Li Qin felt a headache.

    “Is Zhuo Xiang Ming treating you well? “

    Tong Yan nodded: “He’s very good to me, and he takes care of me.”

    He was good to him till bedtime, and when he woke up the next day. Before he closed his eyes and after he opened his eyes, all he saw was Zhuo Xian Ming. Tong Yan supplemented these sentences in his heart, his face reddening a little.

    He turned off the AI x human melodramatic love and ethical war drama Tong Yang was watching, switching to the unfinished horror movie from last week.

    In Tong Li Qin’s eyes, his appearance resembled someone who was already deeply in love. Tong Li Qin probed: “Starting next month, Dad won’t be as busy anymore. Why not move back in?”

     “Eh….” Tong Yan abruptly turned around, “What?”

    Tong Li Qin: “The paparazzi should no longer follow you guys around, and our business partnership is also on the right track. If you keep living over there, you might eventually trouble him, so why not just move back home.”

    Tong Yan stared blankly.

    He came here with every intention to stay one night and leave tomorrow, but only now did he fully realize, besides Zhuo Jia Shuo, no one else knew about his new relationship with Zhuo Xiang Ming.

    Tong Yan didn’t think that their relationship was unspeakable, but he always remembered Zhuo Xiang Ming’s “celibacy”, so he didn’t want to prematurely put a chain on Zhuo Xiang Ming.

    Tong Yan knew, dating wasn’t a contract, but it was a fact that he was much younger than Zhuo Xiang Ming. If Zhuo Xiang Ming ever concluded that he didn’t like him that way, the two would unavoidably separate, and he wouldn’t be able to cover up his sadness, then, in Tong Li Qin and Tong Yang’s view, Zhuo Xiang Ming would definitely become the one who “pumped and dumped” him.

    He didn’t want to add unnecessary inconvenience to Zhuo Xiang Ming.

    “No need.” Tong Yan said, “I … the semester is almost over, and now that I’m finally getting used to where I am, it’ll be very troublesome to move again. So, I’m good, for now.”

    Tong Li Qin said in his heart, sure enough, Tong Yan was determined. His heart was filled with complex feelings, but he didn’t reveal much, only saying: “That’s true. Then, be on your best behavior, don’t cause trouble for him.”

    Tong Yan said in a low voice: “I won’t cause trouble.”

    Crisis averted, Tong Yan secretly let out a sigh of relief, turning back to watch the horror movie.

    Tong Yang popped up from behind the sofa to scare him three times, each time claiming it would be the last. Eventually, Tong Yan’s patience evaporated, and he chased Tong Yang around the living room. Tong Li Qin stepped in to end the fight, and they ate a midnight snack. It was already after 11, it was time to sleep.

    The afternoon went by very quickly, but Tong Yan felt different lying on his bed.

    Learning that he would be going home today, Tong Yan wasn’t very reluctant at first. He missed Tong Li Qin and Tong Yang. Also, although Tong Yan didn’t want to admit it, his relationship with Zhuo Xiang Ming was changing too quickly, he actually felt a little uncomfortable with it.

    He really wasn’t comfortable with it.

    Prior to last Saturday, he was still repeatedly telling himself that Zhuo Xiang Ming was an elder brother, he could never feel that way about him. But suddenly, his secret desire came true, and the two became lovers.

    Tong Yan was certain that he really liked Zhuo Xiang Ming, he also liked all their interactions… but still, everything happened too quickly.

    Being able to return home and spend some time apart made him feel a bit more relaxed. Sitting in the car that afternoon, he felt a little guilty.

    But a teenager’s mind was unpredictable, the speed at which his feelings changed even surprised himself –now, he was lying in bed, tossing and turning, unable to stop thinking about Zhuo Xiang Ming.

    They couldn’t chat on the drive home, couldn’t eat dinner together, couldn’t study and work in the same room … There was also no good night kiss.

    In the afternoon, why did he think it was a good idea to take some time apart? Was his brain rotting?

    Tong Yan rolled in one direction, annoyed with himself, then stopped cautiously, still three bodies widths away from the edge of the bed. The cell phone that was resting on his pillow rang, it was Zhuo Xiang Ming.

    After the call was connected, Zhuo Xiang Ming immediately sensed Tong Yan’s gloominess.

    “Are you sleeping?” He asked.

    Tong Yan: “I haven’t fallen asleep yet, just lying down.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “It’s late, don’t stay up all night just because it’s the weekend.”

    “You called just to remind me to sleep early?” Tong Yan said. He fell silent for a moment, then said, “You didn’t even say you missed me.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “I also wanted to ask if you ate all right, if you had any homework this weekend, what time you’d come back … and to say I missed you.”

    The last few words were said in a very deep, magnetic voice, wrapped in electric current. Tong Yan felt the hand holding his cell phone go numb, his heart pounding painfully.

    “I didn’t hear it clearly.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Shameless.”

    Tong Yan: “You’re the one who mumbled it.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming asked: “Then why don’t you say it?”

    Tong Yan: “Because I…..”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming’s voice lowered again: “Hmm?”

    Tong Yan went limp, his face buried in the pillow, calling out stickily: “Zhuo Xiang Ming.”

    “Cheeky.” Zhao Xiang Ming chuckled, “Go to sleep.”

    Tong Yan complained at him: “You always want to hang up!”

    Surprisingly, Zhuo Xiang Ming said: “Who’s the one who was in a hurry to return home this afternoon, and didn’t keep his promise to call? After letting me worry till now, you still have the cheek to accuse me?” 

    He’d noticed it … Tong Yan thought again, how could Zhuo Xiang Ming not notice it? He’d always been very sharp, seeing through him like an x-ray.

    But even though he saw through his temporary escape, he wasn’t angry. Did he know how much he liked him? That’s great. Tong Yan’s heart melted, because of the trust and acceptance that had gradually built up between him and Zhuo Xiang Ming, he knew that he was understood, and as a result, he felt secure.

    Finally, after chatting for a long time, Tong Yan fell asleep holding his cell phone. Zhuo Xiang Ming listened to his soft breathing before hanging up.

    The next day, Zhuo Xiang Ming had an urgent morning meeting. He called Tong Yan after 8 o’clock. Tong Yan said that he was organizing the garage with Tong Yang, he even opened a video call to show him the overalls he was wearing.

    Wearing a cowboy hat on his head, a white shirt, overalls, and even a pair of boots, standing with his hands on his hips, he looked authentic. Zhuo Xiang Ming couldn’t help but laugh: “Great.”

    But halfway through his meeting, during a short break, someone from the secretary unit came to say that a Mr. Tong was here.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming was expecting Tong Li Qin or Tong Yang, but when he stepped into the office, Tong Yan rushed over to hug him.

    He didn’t seem to respond for a while, his expression remained unchanged, merely asking: “How are you here?”

    Tong Yan hugged his neck, observing his expression: “Tong Yang escaped halfway. I was bored, so I wanted to come see you. Are you busy?”

    “Oh.” Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t smile. Tong Yan couldn’t see whether he was happy or unhappy, and slowly began to feel nervous, regretting coming over suddenly.

    Fortunately, he finally took action, reaching out to hold Tong Yan’s back. He lowered his head, watching Tong Yan closely, saying, “The meeting should be starting back up soon.”

     Tong Yan really didn’t know, hearing this, he stuttered: “Oh … I thought it was almost over, then, you should …”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming raised his free hand to Tong Yan’s face, his thumb slowly stroking Tong Yan’s cheek, his eyes dark. Tong Yan subconsciously shut up, the atmosphere immediately changing.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming turned around, guiding Tong Yan along, and pressed Tong Yan’s back against the office door.

    “Missed me?”

    Tong Yan murmured softly, his breathing a little chaotic. The hand stroking his face fluttered to the corner of his lips, and Zhuo Xiang Ming said again, “You were in a hurry to go home yesterday.”

    His voice was very deep, and Tong Yan’s heartbeat sped up again. Tong Yan even felt that the thumping sound would cover up Zhuo Xiang Ming’s complaining yet teasing words.

    “I wasn’t …” Tong Yan subconsciously defended himself.

    “You weren’t?” Zhuo Xiang Ming’s eyes deepened, as if he’d finally caught Tong Yan red-handed, and could start his punishment, enunciating each word, “Little liar.”

    A touch of slightly dry lips, quickly departing, Tong Yan’s heart instantly soared, but before it could land, Zhuo Xiang Ming kissed him again.

    This time, it was a hard kiss, and it wasn’t brief. Zhuo Xiang Ming pressed Tong Yan, as if he couldn’t get enough. There was almost no transition from gentle to rough. The doorknob poked painfully into Tong Yan’s back, but he couldn’t even find a chance to ask for mercy—in fact, he could only breathe and whimper through his nose. At some unknown point, Zhuo Xiang Ming had grabbed his waist, teeth, lips and tongue collided, clumsily yet sweetly, and Tong Yan soon lost the rhythm of breathing.

    Until the secretary knocked on the door: “Mr. Zhuo, are you in there?”

    The voice seemed to come from directly behind Tong Yan, he was so startled that he tensed, accidentally biting Zhuo Xiang Ming’s lips.

    “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Zhuo Xiang Ming pulled the frightened boy into his arms, completely ignoring his own wounded lips. Still reluctant to lose their intimacy, he kept their lips close as he talked, “It’s okay, don’t be scared.”

    “Um …” Tong Yan’s waist was hugged tightly, but his legs were soft. He couldn’t stand Zhuo Xiang Ming’s deep, husky voice, and reached out to push his shoulders, whispering, “Someone called you … you, the meeting …”

     “I’m sorry.” As if he didn’t hear him, Zhuo Xiang Ming peppered Tong Yan’s lips with light kisses a few more times before frowning, “I didn’t control myself, I hurt you.”

    He was telling the truth. Originally, he just wanted a brief kiss, but no one warned him that Tong Yan’s lips would unexpectedly be so soft and sweet, a light peck wasn’t enough.

    Tong Yan glared at him: “You were too rough, I wanted to ask you to slow down, but I couldn’t speak.”

    He didn’t know that currently, his eyes were filled with mist, and his lips were very red and a little swollen. At first glance, he looked like he’d been bullied. He’s blaming look was even more stimulating, and the alpha that had just tasted sweetness absolutely couldn’t let go.

    The secretary waited a long time for a response, then knocked the door again: “Mr. Zhuo?”

    “Go.” Tong Yan just wanted to be separate from Zhuo Xiang Ming for the moment, and struggled to get out of his grasp. Zhuo Xiang Ming wasn’t as dazed as before, and let him break free.

    Then, without giving Zhuo Xiang Ming a chance to stop him, he opened the office door, still wearing that ravaged face, he thought that he was very calmly driving Zhuo Xiang Ming out: “Get out of here.”

    Secretary: …

    The secretary turned and walked away; their steps weak. Imagining a drama about a young innocent O acting like a rogue, knowing that they had just disturbed their boss’s private matters, and the outcome wouldn’t be good.



Oh my!

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3 years ago

Originally, he just wanted a brief kiss, but no one warned him that Tong Yan’s lips would unexpectedly be so soft and sweet, a light peck wasn’t enough.

I found this sentence is funny ? like someone suddenly pop up and say, “Hey, Sir! Tong Tong’s lips is soft and sweet!” ?

4 years ago

*peaking through my fingers* heehee 1st kiss *fans face*

4 years ago

What a family! (throws her hands up in disgust) Tong Yang’s got the nerve to complain about being neglected and the father… I understand his misgivings but I don’t get why he’s having them NOW – has he never heard about looking before he leaps?
The second part though makes up for all the previous annoyances – so heart-warming <3
Thank you for the translation!

4 years ago

Hehe things are moving in a nice direction. The fact their kiss was fervent but unskilled is super sweet. I bet ZXM was a bit upset someone saw his cute Tong Tong like that.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

4 years ago

HAHA did the secretary think that tong yan was telling them to get out of here instead of zhuo xiang ming?? ty for the chapter!! ahhhh its so satisfying to read an abo thats 1, in modern world and 2, has a reasonable and consensual relationship TT but the age difference is still hot hehe

love your translations as always!!

4 years ago