OGU: Chapter 19


Chapter 19

Originally, Zhuo Xiang Ming was worried that Tong Yan’s classmates would talk about him behind his back, but Tong Yan persisted, so he went to school on Monday according to schedule.

    Fortunately, the students in his class seemed quite normal. When he entered the classroom, Tong Yan didn’t feel a sudden hush or curious glances. Only the few students he was familiar with that sat near him expressed their concern.

    As he sat down, the warning card on his chest swayed a few times, and Chai ManMan moved closer to ask, “Is your body okay?”

    Tong Yan took out his part of the group assignment from his schoolbag, saying, “I’m fine. After taking the tranquilizer and sleeping, I felt better right away.”

    “The things they’re saying online … don’t pay attention to it.” Chai ManMan said with a bit of anger, “Nowadays, people really can talk nonsense about things they don’t understand.”

    “I know.” Tong Yan smiled at her.

    “It didn’t upset you?”

      Tong Yan: “I felt some irritation at the start, but I got over it quickly.”

    Chai ManMan: “Right, you have your alpha to comfort you.”

     She knew that Zhuo Xiang Ming picked up and dropped Tong Yan off every day to and from school, so she always thought that the two had a loving relationship.

    Tong Yan could only reply: “Yeah.”

    The omega and beta pair sitting in front of him eavesdropped with perked ears. They really couldn’t hold back, turning back to say, “Seriously, don’t be sad Tong Yan! That’s just how strangers gossip! The mid-term exams are coming up, don’t let that kind of thing affect your work! “

    The omega echoed: “Right, right!”

    His classmates’ words of comfort weren’t groundbreaking, but they were very valuable to Tong Yan. With a relaxed tone, he said warmly: “I know, thank you.”

    Chai ManMan said carefully: “My mom said this morning that she was afraid you wouldn’t come to school, she’s also worried.”

    Tong Yan muttered: “How does even your mother know……”

    The beta boy named Xu Ji Yun couldn’t help but say, “Doesn’t everyone know?”

    “…” Tong Yan said, “Okay.”

    Chai ManMan: “Just now, we were discussing how to send you a message, so you’d know that just because of this, we wouldn’t…you know?”

    Tong Yan nodded: “I know.”

    Actually, as he was walking upstairs, his heart was also beating a drum, but now, it was completely fine. The morning study bell sounded, and Tong Yan sent a message to Zhuo Xiang Ming under his desk: No one harassed me, go to work, okay? (*  ̄3  ̄)­­­­­­ ╭

  Zhuo Xiang Ming replied quickly: Good

    Between classes, the homeroom teacher called for him, and the class leader who came over to inform Tong Yan said, “The teacher asked you to pick up the registration forms for the sports competition.”

   This meant that the class leader could bring it over if he wanted him to. Tong Yan knew that everyone was working hard to help him not feel uncomfortable, he nodded, saying, “Okay, I’ll go now.”

    Tong Yan went to the homeroom teacher’s office, she was counting a stack of paper, it should be the notice. She looked up to see Tong Yan, and immediately said: “Tong Yan, come in. Wait a minute, after I count this, you can distribute it to your classmates. Remember to tell everyone that it’s not necessary to pick, but each person mustn’t register for more than three events.”

    Tong Yan: “Understood, teacher.”

    Twenty-five copies didn’t need to be counted for long. The teacher held the stack in her hands, not handing it to Tong Yan for the time being.

    “It’s been a month since school started. How is it? Are you comfortable?”

    Tong Yan: “I’m comfortable. The teachers and my classmates are very good to me.”

    “Good.” The teacher looked at him, her usually solemn face sporting a slight smile, “I see that Chai ManMan’s grades can be further improved, you should help her when you have free time”

    Tong Yan promised: “Understood, teacher.”

    Teacher: “There’s something else. About this weekend’s sports meeting, I asked your guardian for his opinion this morning. He sent me your latest medical record. The hurdle isn’t big, but he asked me to get your opinion. Would you like to join?”

    After thinking over it, she showed some screenshots of the conversation to Tong Yan. After Zhuo Xiang Ming sent the medical record, he also circled a few more points on top. It was a few parameters that needed to be checked. He explained: If the site’s purification system can control the pheromone complexity level and concentration to within this range, I agree to let him participate, but I’ll still trouble you to ask Tong Yan for his opinion.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming also sent one more message: Try not to let him feel that he must participate in the sports meeting. There are two choices; no option is correct or wrong.

    After Tong Yan finished reading, the teacher took back her cell phone and continued, “The logistics department said that this level is completely achievable, so it all depends on you. Of course, the conversation with your guardian shouldn’t have been shown to you, but teacher also holds this opinion. Don’t force yourself, Tong Yan. You can participate in the sports meeting only if you feel you’re 100% ready.”

    That evening, Zhuo Xiang Ming came to pick him up from school. After Tong Yan got into the car, he habitually looked for milk in the small icebox, and Zhuo Xiang Ming helped him fasten his seat belt.

    “I want to tell you something.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming asked cooperatively: “What’s up?”

    Tong Yan grinned and said, “We have a sports meeting this weekend.”

    “Wow.” This time Tong Yan saw it, Zhuo Xiang Ming’s acting was very fake, “Then, would you like to participate?”

    Nevertheless, Tong Yan didn’t expose him, he simply thought, concerning school matters, how many times had Zhuo Xiang Ming and the homeroom teacher talked things over, then he helped him come up with ideas while pretending not to know?

    If the homeroom teacher had just asked his opinion normally today, then right now, he surely would be asking Zhuo Xiang Ming for a solution.

    Too cunning! Tong Yan scolded inwardly, but an enormous smile couldn’t help but pop up on his face.

    “What are you smiling about?” Zhuo Xiang Ming asked.

    “Nothing.” Tong Yan believed that he was saving Zhuo Xiang Ming’s dignity, at once feeling that he had matured a lot. “I’ve decided to participate. I also picked the 400-meter relay.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Really amazing.”

    Tong Yan carefully observed his expression, and Zhuo Xiang Ming grew uncomfortable under his stare: “What’s up with you today?”

    Tong Yan said: “You called me amazing, was that sincere?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming said immediately: “Of course!”

    A moment later, Tong Yan said, “I also felt it looked like it.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming looked at the road as he explained, “What do you mean, ‘looked’? It is.”

    Tong Yan held his half-finished milk and thought it over, saying: “Then say it again.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming had no choice but to say it again: “You’re really amazing.”

    “Why? Just because I’m doing the relay?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Of course. Not every student will participate in the sports meeting, and even if they’re participating,it doesn’t mean that everyone is involved in events. Plus, the relay is a game that requires a lot of team effort. Why can’t I praise you for doing this?”

    “Okay.” Tong Yan said, “I understand.”

    After this, he quieted down, staring out the windshield, thinking about something. Although Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t know Tong Yan’s specific problem, he wasn’t too worried.

    The worries of teenagers came quickly and left quickly, and if something was truly bothering him, Tong Yan wasn’t the type of person to conceal it. He was a very good child.

    Sure enough, just a short while later, Tong Yan turned around and looked at him with smile, dragging out the word, “Brrrooother.”


    “You constantly praise me.” Tong Yan said, “I just realized.”

    After thinking over it, Zhuo Xiang Ming asked, “Constantly?”

    Tong Yan: “Yes, for example, sometimes I’ll just turn a flower pot towards the sun, and you’ll praise me.”

    “Is that so?”

    Tong Yan: “Thank you.”

    After coming out of the homeroom teacher’s office today, Tong Yan seriously thought about Zhuo Xiang Ming’s behavior towards him, and found many details he’d ignored.

    He’d opened the post under the username “zxm” he’d bookmarked. Some of the things Zhuo Xiang Ming did really was on there, but there was no such thing as “constantly praise your child”.

    Over the past ten years, the way he and Tong Yang dealt with things like this was completely different.

    If it was Tong Yang, if he felt that he couldn’t participate, he would bluntly tell him that he couldn’t go, and if he felt he could participate, once he heard what game he picked, he might say “Don’t trip and bring us shame”, “Running with alpha, what chance do you have?”, and so on. Tong Yan knew that he was just joking around, because Tong Yang was that sort of person, so he never felt that anything was amiss.

    Still, people really did need praise. Tong Yan overlooked Zhuo Xiang Ming’s lame acting skills, no longer wanting to make fun of this clumsy adult, saying sincerely: “Thank you brother. Every time you praise me, I feel like I’m really quite amazing. Being here with you … I feel very happy.”

    After saying this, Tong Yan again felt that he was being a bit arrogant, and lowered his head. Zhuo Xiang Ming reached over and touched his burning red earlobe: “Then, I want to thank you too, because I’m also very happy.”



This meant – the way the class monitor worded it, it’s kind of implied that Tong Yan didn’t have to go if he didn’t want to. I couldn’t really bring this out in English, sorry

I also felt it looked like it- 我看着也像, unsure of translation

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3 years ago

It bless they meet each other ?

Ethereal Canvas
Ethereal Canvas
3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! So sweet! The young one is learning to notice better treatment, good.