OGU: Chapter 7


Chapter 7

On Saturday morning, the hospital called to remind Tong Yan to come get the results.

    It has been more than half a month since the start of the desensitization treatment. How well he was recovering depended on the test results. He also required a doctor’s certificate in order to report to school on Monday. In the end, this was also a decisive factor in the original decision to get married.

    Tong Yang had just returned from a business trip, he had nothing to do for the time being, so he was idle at home this weekend. Of course, Tong Yan didn’t need him to accompany him, but Tong Yang insisted, in the end, the two left together.

    The test results were as expected. Tong Yan’s stress disorder had dropped from severe sensitivity to class B sensitivity. The doctor issued him a certificate permitting him to attend school, but as part of the sensitive community. Before he healed completely, for his own safety and to prevent disturbances, when he went out in public places, like a school, he was required to wear a warning card.

    After seeing the doctor, the two left. Tong Yang flipped through a few pages of the file, his heart was happy, but his mouth couldn’t help but be despicable: “Almost done already, my dear baby brother, this marriage was not pointless.”

    Without waiting for Tong Yan’s rebuttal, he raised his hand and rubbed Tong Yan’s head vigorously: “Your performance in the hospital today was also very good.”

    Tong Yan was irritated by his actions, and struggled to get away. Instead, the other man grabbed his arm and wrapped the sign issued by the doctor around his neck.

    This warning card wasn’t a rare object. It was most commonly seen in schools. It was modeled after a work pass, but the border was red. At night, it also reflected under light. The card was labeled “Sensitive Person”, words that prompted nearby alpha to restrain their pheromones.

    Tong Yan couldn’t fight back, and could only randomly stuff the sign into his thin coat. This time, Tong Yang didn’t bother him. After returning home, Tong Yan was heading to his bedroom when he was stopped by Tong Yang, who said seriously: “You can’t hide it at school. Wear it well, understand?”

    Tong Yan said, “I know, I know.”

    “Brat.” Tong Yang scoffed. “I’m going out this afternoon, I don’t think I’ll be back early. You can eat by yourself, and pack up your things, I’ll send you over tomorrow.”

    “To where?” Tong Yan asked, “School opens the day after tomorrow.”

    Tong Yang had already turned around and walked away a few steps, hearing those words, he turned back, and looked at Tong Yan with a faint smile, “Come here.”

    “Why?” Tong Yan definitely wouldn’t listen to him.

    Tong Yang scowled: “I told you to come!”

    “Why are you shouting?” Tong Yan also scowled, but he still moved forward a few steps, “What the hell is it?”

    Tong Yang looked down at him, fighting back a smile: “What did you tell me last night?”

    Tong Yan felt that this flipping between angry and happy expression was simply neurotic, but they were standing too close, he didn’t dare say that out loud, so he could only curse silently.

    “… Hugging isn’t a temporary mark.” After organizing his language, Tong Yang said, “Fortunately, I called Zhuo Xiang Ming this morning to find out what happened. Do you have a brain?”

    Tong Yan was stunned: “Why did you call him?”  

    “Are you kidding? After only a few days, he dared ‘temporarily mark’ you, why wouldn’t I look for him?” While Tong Yang spoke, he again looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry, “Have you never taken a biology class?”

    Although a temporary mark was called temporary, and indeed, compared to a true mark, the degree of intimacy was much shallower, but for the current Tong Yan, it was still a little too much.

    Tong Yang knew that the reason the family sent off his younger brother was to ask Zhuo Xiang Ming to do a humanitarian job on the basis of a business partnership. Although he enjoyed teasing Tong Yan about it, his internal boundaries have always been very clear: Tong Yan was only eighteen, he was still in school, he was a naïve boy. Zhuo Xiang Ming was a twenty-seven year old man, to say that he had a lot of life experience wouldn’t be exaggerating. Although the reports were good, if something really happened emotionally, it was obvious that Tong Yan would be at a disadvantage.

    But he never thought that Tong Yan would really have something with Zhuo Xiang Ming, nor did he think that they could have anything. Nothing was impossible, but in just a few days? Leaving a temporary mark when you barely know each other, aren’t you a scoundrel? Could Tong Yang let someone play around with Tong Yan?

    He wasn’t that much older than Tong Yan, additionally, when their mother left after contracting a sudden illness, Tong Yan was the only omega in their family. Although the two brothers were close, there was still a distance between them, he couldn’t be called overprotective.

    But having an outsider bully Tong Yan, he could never be lenient.

    However, due to his understanding of Zhuo Xiang Ming’s character, he decided to call before doing anything. After exchanging a few trivial words, Zhuo Xiang Ming by chance asked about the results of Tong Yan’s examination.

    It turns out that he was worried that Tong Yan would feel uncomfortable going to the hospital without an alpha to accompany him, so he’d hugged him a little longer, to allow him to get accustomed faster, and also carry around the pheromones for comfort.

    Hearing this, Tong Yang sighed in relief, luckily, he hadn’t embarrassed himself.

    “That’s the schedule from now on, stay home on Fridays and Saturdays, return Sunday afternoon.” Finished speaking, Tong Yang left to get ready to go out, leaving behind a, “Brat.”

    Oh … so it wasn’t a temporary mark …

    For the time being, Tong Yan didn’t realize that he had almost ruined Zhuo Xiang’s reputation, he was too caught up in feeling reluctant to leave his home again.

    Now, Zhuo Xiang Ming wasn’t a stranger to him, but he wasn’t a marriage partner. He called him brother, but they weren’t blood related. Maybe he could be considered a sort of friend, but on what level was he a “friend”?

    No one lived at a friend’s house on school days, and in addition to the age difference between the two, Zhuo Xiang Ming was also physically and psychologically more mature than Tong Yan. There was no way Tong Yan could really treat him as a peer, an ordinary friend.

    When they separated yesterday, he’d honestly felt that Zhuo Xiang Ming was a good person, and today, he honestly didn’t want to leave home. Both feelings were true.

    In the evening, Zhuo Xiang Ming called and asked him how he’d managed at the hospital. Tong Yan still hadn’t come out of his depressed state, so he spoke very little.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming asked: “Your brother said that he’d drive you back, do you know what time?”

    Tong Yan: “I don’t know, he didn’t say.”

    “I think it’ll be at night.” Trying to be clever, he added a sentence, “He’s busy during the day.”

    “All right, “Zhuo Xiang Ming said, “I have to meet someone in the morning, so you can sleep in. I’ll pick you up at noon.”



TYang’s thinking is pretty weird. You stick an alpha and an omega together, and even require that they have intimate contact, but the thought that they’d go further than hugging never occurred to you? Evil people pretend to be good all the time. You basically handed ZXM a free omega.

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Marries off younger bro as part of a business deal, angry that an alpha and omega could have possibly had some intimate contact.

Ah well I know he does care in the end. I endlessly appreciate ML though. He really is caring. I wonder if the lap hug affected him 😏

Thanks for the great translation ♥️


This story is almost too much. The previous chapter was so sweet. This chapter is so unfair, full of mediocrity, showing ZXM only from a distance. Both Tong brothers are blind to the treasure that ZXM is. Their thoughts and feelings are based on their belief that he is not good enough. And neither brother is a giver.


Loooove this story! Thanks so much for translating.


I too find this Tong Yang annoying… First he (and the father) managed to totally overlook Tong Yan illness, and now he’s lecturing his brother and suspecting his brother’s spouse of indecent behaviour, as if getting married was ZXM’s idea. And I don’t think that bullying equals love so the relationships b/w the two brothers make me feel uncomfortable (maybe I’m just oversensitive)
Thank you very much for the translation! <3