OGU: Chapter 4


Chapter 4

Tong Yan didn’t get up before nine o’clock during the vacation, and even if he woke up earlier, he would stay in bed for another half an hour to an hour, as a result, Zhuo Xiang Ming hardly met him during the day.

    The company went public recently, there was a huge pile of official work that needed to be handled personally. Because of both habit and necessity, since the first day after their marriage, Zhuo Xiang Ming continued working from nine to five. This made the young newlywed omega wholly feel that he had encountered the legendary “cold-shoulder”.

    However, instead of feeling troubled by this cold-shoulder, Tong Yan secretly let out a sigh of relief.

    It felt awkward when the two strangers met. Not to mention the fact that Zhuo Xiang Ming always seemed dispassionate and taciturn, his rank was so obviously higher than his own that Tong Yan felt like a little cringy little kid whenever he tried to make conversation with him.

    Obviously, if he wanted to ignore him, Zhuo Xiang Ming could just stay in his bedroom or study room, even more, he could use the excuse that he was working overtime to not come home at all, Tong Yan absolutely wouldn’t complain.

    But for some reason, the other man remained fair-minded. He always called home when he had to work late, explaining things clearly to Tong Yan. He even explains who he had a meeting with and why. The rest of the time, he came home punctually and ate dinner with Tong Yan, then routinely watched the financial news with him in the living room.

    Sitting in the living room, watching the news, with Tong Yan.

    Those three elements were consistent, inseparable.

    One day, after dinner, Tong Yan wiped his mouth and tried to slip away, but he was stopped as soon as he took a step: “Do you have any plans tonight?”

    Tong Yan quickly halted and turned around, standing obediently: “None, Brother Xiang Ming.”

    “Okay.” Zhuo Xiang Ming also finished his meal and got up, saying, “Then go turn on the TV. I’ll be right back, I’m expecting an email.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming never got annoyed, and he always talked things through, but Tong Yan still felt quite scared of him.

    At that moment, he had no choice but to meekly agree, obediently turn on the TV, obediently sit down, and obediently watch the thirty-minute financial news broadcast with Zhuo Xiang Ming.

    Then he had to obediently accept the hug that was part of, as dubbed by Tong Yang, “The Desensitization Treatment Course”.

    Before getting married, Tong Yan knew that he needed Zhuo Xiang Ming’s help. On behalf of Tong Li Qin, his doctor had explained the reasons to him clearly, so at first, he didn’t feel concerned.

    But the reality proved that young hearts were very delicate.

    When he was politely embraced on the first day after marriage, Tong Yan immediately knew that this task wouldn’t be easy.

    After thinking about it, the only non-relative who has hugged him a few times has been the big brother next door, who was said to be promising and upright. But if he had to sketch out this “big brother”, he would only be able to come up with a silhouette, faceless and flavorless, naturally ignorable.

    Compare that to Zhuo Xiang Ming’s ridiculously handsome face, his light flavored pheromone after suppressing it to the highest degree, the trust worthy calm enveloping his body, and his charming deep voice as he said to him:

   “Come here, Tong Yan.”

    “Is this okay?”

    “Are you uncomfortable?”

    His expression was entirely impassive, neutral. However, the extreme coldness was rather sexy, making Tong Yan honestly feel like a torturous experience was waiting for him every night.

    It’s not that he really had any intentions towards Zhuo Xiang Ming, but after living in harmony for a few days, although Tong Yan still felt very uncomfortable, he had to admit that Zhuo Xiang Ming was indeed a very respectable senior—news about the wedding had stopped being broadcasted, he never interrogated him about his stress disorder, and he never suppressed him with his pheromones, something the doctor had warned him that an alpha could do.

    He gradually came to deeply respect Zhuo Xiang Ming.

    However, because of this respect, whenever Tong Yan faced the inevitable nightly close contact with Zhuo Xiang Ming, his heart couldn’t help but beat wildly, his face turning beet red. Tong Yan felt like he was being tortured.

    The face above him was obviously wearing a very dutiful expression, similar to how Tong Yan looked when he was doing his homework, but Tong Yan didn’t get upset.

    When the clock hands pointed to 5:35, and Tong Yan heard the sound of an engine shutting off outside, he could only lament, unwitting seducers are the deadliest.


    “Tong Yan … Tong Yan?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming shouted a few times before Tong Yan snapped out of it.

    He had already gotten used to the hug that only touched the back of the head over the past few days. Now, when Zhuo Xiang Ming approached him, Tong Yan wouldn’t feel panicked.

    A moment ago, Zhuo Xiang Ming had asked him if he could go further, and Tong Yan had nodded, then Zhuo Xiang Ming had truly hugged him.

    Originally, the two were sitting on the sofa, about a foot apart. After Tong Yan subconsciously agreed, Zhuo Xiang Ming got up and rested one knee on the sofa, pulling Tong Yan into his arms.

    The soft touch of home clothes, the faint male scent mixed with cedarwood flavored pheromone, fingertips very lightly touching his nape …Tong Yan.exe immediately crashed.

    Tong Yan got up abruptly, then sat down again a few beats later, trying to keep his rationality as he mumbled incoherently, “I-I’m okay, it’s fine, I’m fine.”



   The robot which had come over at some unknown point in time, having understood the patterns of its two masters’ interactions, explained: “He’s reminding you to breathe.”

    At this, Tong Yan realized that he was hyperventilating.

    But the robot poured more oil onto the fire: “Accelerated heartbeat, hyperemia of the face, surging adrenaline…… Do you require me to switch to medical mode?”

    Tong Yan gritted his teeth: “Xuan Gui, shut up.”

    The robot who greatly valued troubleshooting problems for its owners was suddenly deadnamed, searching its music library for a sad orchestral piece, it broadcasted it while running away.

    “… You said that this is normal!” Tong Yan defended himself.

    Looking at the young omega practically bristling in embarrassed anger, Zhuo Xiang Ming couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile: “Yeah, this is quite normal.”

    “I, I’m only like this, because I’m still young, and inexperienced … When, I’m your age, it won’t, won’t be like this.”

    But this time, Zhuo Xiang Ming unexpectedly refuted him, saying, “That’s not a certainty.”

    Tong Yan deeply felt that he was being underestimated. Zhuo Xiang Ming actually thought that he would still be as useless as he was now in ten years. He pinched Zhuo Xiang Ming’s cuff, which he hadn’t yet undone, and said angrily, “It’s a certainty!”

    “Oh …” Zhuo Xiang Ming said, “Fine. It seems that you need to fall in love a few times. Just like me, you’ll be like this even when you’re thirty.”

    Tong Yan paused, then asked, embarrassed: “How many times have you been in love?”

    He regretted it as soon as the words came out, it felt like a very rude question.

    But Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t seem to mind, saying: “I haven’t.”

    Maybe the expression on Tong Yan’s face was too astonished, because Zhuo Xiang Ming added: “I’ve never been in love.”

    “Why?” Tong Yan was an 18yr old boy, it goes without saying that he had a burning curiosity towards adult romantic relationships. Zhuo Xiang Ming seemed very forthcoming about such questions, so naturally, Tong Yan wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity. “You’re so handsome and nice, and Tong Yang mentioned that you were a top student, none of the omegas chased you?”

    “Of course, alphas too.” Tong Yan propped his chin on his hand and said.

    When he was still in school, his desk-mate was a round faced omega girl named Zou Jing Yu. Although Zou Jing Yu was an omega, she was addicted to AA romance. Tong Yan was indoctrinated by her whenever she got the chance, and now, facing Zhuo Xiang Ming, he couldn’t help but fall into a disgraceful AA fantasy.

    Tyrant A was chased by a cute little A and eventually falls deeply in love, spoiling the cute A terribly- this kind of plot never got old.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming was stunned by this ‘handsome, nice, top-student’ three-hit combo. His expression was calm, but his earlobes were slightly red, he didn’t even notice Tong Yan’s alpha suitor comment.

    But when Tong Yan saw that he wasn’t responding, he thought that he’d guessed right. He leaned closer to Zhuo Xiang Ming and asked in a gossipy way: “It’s true? What kind of alpha was it? Why didn’t you go out with them? Or do you still prefer omegas?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming grabbed onto the only question in that barrage he understood: “Yes, I should like omegas.”

    “Okay.” Tong Yan said, “So why didn’t you date an omega?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “I’m celibate.”


    Tong Yan, who was legally married to Zhuo Xiang Ming:


    Tong Yan: “Does that mean that you like to be alone?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming paused, then said: “So to speak.”

    Tong Yan whispered: “But being by yourself can get so lonely sometimes. Aren’t you afraid of loneliness?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming replied earnestly: “Everyone gets lonely, but you can’t avoid loneliness just by finding a partner.”

    Tong Yan was hugging his legs, while Zhuo Xiang Ming was resting the crook of his arm on the sofa back. Tong Yan rocked back and forth, after thinking for a while, he still couldn’t fully understand what Zhuo Xiang Ming meant, so he tried to ask, “Then why should you find a partner?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “I don’t know either.”

    Tong Yan: “Oh …”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Maybe people do it so their own loneliness can be understood.” He smiled gently at Tong Yan. “After all, when people feel like they’re being understood, they’re happy.”


    The sunset clouds were smudged into a gorgeous ink painting on the horizon, the outline of a crescent moon was already very clear, and the last person who returned home also drank hot soup.

    The smart lights in the room gradually lit up, and soothing piano music flowed through the air from each tiny speaker in the wall corners. Tong Yan’s attention was pulled, and he listened attentively, then his confused expression disappeared: “Murmures!”

    “Yeah.” Zhuo Xiang Ming said.

    Neither of them picked the conversation about loneliness and partners back up again. Before returning to their respective bedrooms, Tong Yan recalled something, then earnestly said to Zhuo Xiang Ming: “When I find a partner in the future, I’ll definitely learn the answer. I’ll tell it to you when that time comes.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming looked at his tender face, always open and beautiful, but still carrying a touch of childishness, he couldn’t help but smile: “I’d like that.”



Senior- senior as in someone older than you, not senior citizen

Murmures – A piano song by Richard Clayderman. The song Dudu plays is called ‘Moon Reflected on Second Spring’, but I didn’t want to put that long ass title into that short sentence lol

According to the comments on the raws, it looks like the author was involved in some shady shit. She did things like delete negative comments/reviews and steal donations from another author. The story is still very cute, but it sucks that the author…well, sucks lol

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Ethereal Canvas
Ethereal Canvas
1 month ago

Thanks for the chapter! What an interesting ML!

3 months ago

Omega acts more like he’s 15, not 18. 😆. Well, that saves us a time skip. 😉
Thank you

4 months ago

Good writers don’t have to be good people. After all, many bad parents give birth to great children and beautiful flowers grow up on a patch of dirt.

Thank you for yet another great novel for us to read, Kez. I love bits of humour here and there in the text. All those hugs and kisses given and sex to be had in the name of therapy. Indeed.

Zo Arai
Zo Arai
4 months ago

Why the fuck did she do that?
I was thinking of supporting her when I have some money, but now I don’t want to.
Too bad, because this story is quite interesting.
Thank you for the update ❤️