Chapter 6


Chapter 6

Zhou Yun Sheng brought Xiao Anchun back to the temporary cave, finding out more information about the other party on the way, including his involuntary circumstances.

Pitiful Xiao Anchun unconsciously devolved a lot of information, even though he thought he was covering it up well.

His real name was An Chun, a pharmacology student. He was the chief physician’s assistant at a Chinese medicine hospital before crossing over. His exact words were ‘apprentice to the tribe’s pharmacist’ and ‘he knew how to identify herbs’.

Study of medicine on the beastman planet had only just begun, there was a pharmacist profession, but not every tribe had one. When people fell ill, they were more willing to go to the shaman, and let him read a spell or give a bowl of holy water blessed by the beast god. There was no pharmacist in the Bayan tribe. Xiao Anchun wanted to introduce the Chinese medicinal technology of the Empire to the tribe, but there hasn’t been an opportunity.

“Male god, if you ever get sick or injured, you can come to me. My medical skills are unparalleled on this planet.” Xiao Anchun puffed out his chest.

He hasn’t chatted so much with another person in a long time. The females in the tribe ostracized him, and the males only cared about sleeping with him. No one wanted to talk to him. Of course, even if they did, they couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

But there was no such feeling of disconnection when talking to the male god. Although the other party rarely responded, as long as he smiled slightly, or looked at him encouragingly, Xiao Anchun felt like he was bathed in a spring breeze. How exhilarating, he felt like the male god understood everything.

“Okay, if I feel sick, I’ll come find you.” Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t hate Xiao Anchun’s babbling, and he could understand the sorrow of drifting alone on a primitive planet.

Zhao Xuan was not happy, he reared back and buckled his lover, reminding him to not to just talk to others, but also pay attention to his husband.

Xiao Anchun received the golden lion’s glare and quickly closed his mouth and raised his hands, making a gesture of surrender. This made Zhou Yun Sheng burst into laughter. He leaned down and printed a kiss on the big lion’s furry ear, and kneaded his slightly raised chin, his eyes full of tenderness.

Zhao Xuan was very satisfied. He used his tail to hook his lover’s ankle. The tip of his tail rubbing along his slender legs. He rubbed his groin and poked his tail into his loincloth.

Xiao Anchun’s cheeks reddened, and he didn’t dare walk besides the big lion. He slowly fell back a few steps, and, finding nothing after looking left and right, secretly muttered in his heart:  Only on this beastman planet would such a combination of male god and beast exist. I don’t know how they have sex. That golden lion’s thing seems to be thicker and bigger than all the male beastkin I’ve ever seen. Can it even fit…

Thinking of this, he unconsciously shivered, and his red cheeks almost let out smoke, he was even more afraid to look up.

Two hours later, the group finally arrived at their destination. Zhou Yun Sheng jumped down from the back of the big lion and invited Xiao Anchun to have dinner. The sky was already dark, at this time, the food would have already been distributed. If he went back, he could only fill his stomach with some wild fruits. Not wanting to go hungry, Xiao Anchun immediately agreed.

“Male god, don’t move, I’ll do it.” His principle was to always repay kindness. He stopped Zhou Yun Sheng, who was about to cook the dragon meat, and took out two pieces of flint, lit a fire and made a simple grill, then he dragged the over hundred catties of meat to the flame. In his opinion, although the male god was a few centimeters taller than him, his body was very slim, and there was a big lion to take care of. The male god must have no strength, so this kind of heavy work should be left to him.

Zhou Yun Sheng was a little amused, he smiled slightly but remained silent. But when Xiao Anchun almost fell into the fire, he easily pulled him up one handedly.

“Holy f#ck!” The meat was too heavy, and Xiao Anchun couldn’t properly lift it up, almost burying himself head first in the red-hot charcoal. He thanked the male god while patting his chest, then poured the red wild fruit out from his hide sack. Using a clean stone, he smashed them into pieces, and sprinkled it on the sizzling dragon meat.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes flashed, and he pointed to the grain-like fruit and asked “What’s this?”

“Ah, this is called Sichuan pepper, it’s a herb that can also be used as food seasoning, so I sprinkled it on the roast meat. It’s a bit spicy, I don’t know if the male god will get accustomed to it. I only sprinkled it on this side, this side is plain.” Xiao Anchun also took out some coarse salt wrapped in leaves from his bag and sprinkled it evenly. He was not used to the food distribution network in the tribe, so he often hid outside and ate wild food, naturally he carried around a lot of seasonings.

Although the beastman planet was in a different space-time, it had the same basic plants as on earth, along with plants earth didn’t have. As long as he met familiar edible plants, Xiao Anchun would collect them, especially Sichuan pepper, pepper, chilis and other condiments, which were the top priority in his searches.

Zhou Yun Sheng raised his eyebrows and watched Xiao Anchun with interest, who took out more seasoning from his bag. He layered it on the barbecue, after careful cooking, the roast meat scent filled the air, and his mouth watered. Even Zhao Xuan, who was resting at his feet, opened his eyes and stared at the grill.

Before, they were prepared to eat tasteless barbecue, but now Xiao Anchun gave them a big surprise. It’s not that they couldn’t make great food, but anything beyond the native culture shouldn’t be spread out by them. In other words, they should eat what the indigenous people eat, their way of life should be highly consistent with the locals.

But Xiao Anchun was different. He was not bound by interstellar law. No matter what he brought to this planet, the Empire couldn’t interfere. Although he was from earth, he was from a lower civilization when compared with the Empire, and belonged to a category that’s legally protected. He could change everything around him with his knowledge.

Now, he was improving his new friends’ food situation, which made Zhou Yun Sheng’s impression of him instantly sky-rocket, and even Zhao Xuan no longer minded him intruding into their two-person world.

After an hour, the meat was finally roasted, and Zhao Xuan nipped the most tender piece and fed it to his lover.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t mind the saliva at all. He slowly savored it, and seeing the lion continue to bite off pieces to feed him, he quickly refused: “You eat it, you worked hard today, I love you.” He kissed the big lion’s wet nose.

Zhao Xuan was moved, he shook his mane and circled around his lover. He placed his two front paws on his lover’s shoulders, and incessantly nuzzled his forehead, nose, cheeks, etc. his posture was very possessive.

Xiao Anchun looked at the pair happily embracing with a look of envy. Before, he felt that the combination of human and beast was awfully perverted, but the longer he stayed with them, he didn’t find it nauseating at all, and even felt that they were a natural fit.

How much did they love each other? With only a slight glance, a light kiss, a gentle smile, everything was obvious.

If only he could also find such a life companion, he silently sighed.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt full after eating the first piece of meat, the rest was fed to the stupid lion. Seeing Xiao Anchun tearing off a bit of meat and slowly stuffing it into his mouth, he sat down next to him and asked the other man for the names and sources of the various seasonings. Xiao Anchun was now a native, what he learned from him could naturally be applied to all aspects of life. He was basically Zhou Yun Sheng’s cheat.

The male god liked his craft, Xiao Anchun was thrilled. Not only did he explain everything in great detail, he also gave the male god a bundle of coarse salt.

“Do you know where you can get more salt?” Zhou Yun Sheng gratefully accepted it and continued to probe for more information. Salt was an important item in life, without it, people would quickly die out.

“We exchange for some from the merman race who live by the sea. One red crystal can get you a packet of salt, it’s stupidly expensive. Our tribe sends warriors to the coast to buy salt every six months. I heard that they need to traverse over several mountains and swim across several lakes, then they have to cross a savanna. It takes two to three months for a round trip, and it’s very dangerous. So many warriors die on the journey every year.” Xiao Anchun’s eyes revealed fear and anxiety.

Zhou Yun Sheng recorded this information in his mind and continued to ask: “Where do you get red crystals?”

“Red crystals are a very rare mineral found in the mountains in the westside of the forest. Due to it being the territory of the most powerful tribe, the Renault tribe, if you want red crystals, you have to exchange for it with food, salt, animal hides, and even females. The Renault tribe was the first tribe to discover that red crystals could be used to enhance the potential of beastkin, so the average strength of their warriors is generally level six or higher. They’re the unofficial rulers of the eastern continent, all the scattered tribes must obey their command.”

Xiao Anchun felt that the male god was somewhat lacking in common sense, so his explanation was very detailed.

He thought about how the male god had such a powerful big lion for protection, whatever he needed, the lion got it for him. No wonder he felt untouchable, like a deity. He guessed that in their original tribe, the male god certainly didn’t have to worry about material things, just look at his soft, white skin, he looked like a fat jade lamb.

“The big lion is a throwback beast, he can’t use red crystals. Male god, you shouldn’t go near the Renault tribe, the people there are all bandits. If they see a beautiful female, they immediately try to grab them. If you need salt, I’ll bring you some more later. Don’t go looking for the red crystals to buy salt, it’s not worth it.” Xiao Anchun repeatedly urged.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded with a smile of understanding, extracting important information from his words. His understanding of the mainland was getting more and more profound. The beastkin here had already mastered a unique cultivation system, and were graded according to strength. Red crystals were the key factor in all of this.

However, as Xiao Anchun said, this really had nothing to do with him.

“Salt is so precious, it’s definitely scarce in your tribe. You should use it yourself. I’ll find a way.” He refused Xiao Anchun’s proposal, planning to go to the coast with the stupid lion in a few days, or maybe even try to find a salt mine.

Xiao Anchun insisted that it didn’t matter, but hearing the male god’s firm tone, he increasingly felt that he was a really good person, and returned to the tribe with a large piece of dragon meat and a touched heart.



I’m not 100% sure why XA is recognized as a native, but my guess is that he’s not from the current timeline. He doesn’t seem to recognize the famous couple, and he never talks about space travel or any advanced technology. So, if the couple is from the year 4000, he’s from 2019, and is technically from a lower civilization. But that’s just my guess. Who knows, maybe I mistranslated something.

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1 year ago

Whatever it’s im glad to read about it

Blue Girl
Blue Girl
1 year ago

If you need an analogy, think of Star Trek’s “Prime Directive”.

An Chun got there “naturally”, meaning without the empire’s interference. ZX & ZYS can not introduce any technology or concepts that are not already on the planet “naturally”.

Since any knowledge AS has was on the planet already (from a source that is not from the empire), then ZX & ZYS can use anything he “teaches” them.

TL:DR – Since he was already there before our “heroes” got there and the empire didn’t put him there, he counts as native.

Ma. Roda Abaño
Ma. Roda Abaño
3 years ago

yap, my guess is the same, XA came from ancient earth while ZYS came from the future and the current time line they where in now was thousand years in the future,future???

3 years ago

Can they bring him back to his era? I sure hope so! Then that guy can write some fanfictions about them for us to read!!

Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
3 years ago

That golden lion’s thing seems to be thicker and bigger than all the male beastkin I’ve ever seen. Can it even fit…

Im blushing so much ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

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Xian Yi Xi
Xian Yi Xi
3 years ago

So…. they did it? In his lion form? Really?
My imagination is getting weird……. F*ck, it would have been better if they also provided us NFSW scene.

3 years ago

When looking at the translators note I 100% agree, especially when he talked about how it was an isekai and stuff, to our MC and ML it’s not a shock to travel through space and time and they can get back whenever with some materials or co-ordinates. To me, this means the other guy is obviously from a time like ours were it’s not possible to travel like that.

4 years ago

@t/l note
Yes, that’s most likely the case.

I also love how ZYS is hiding his strength and pretending to be a pretty vase.