FOD Chap 15.13


Chapter 15.13

“You this slut, what did you do to Jin Yu? Come ah, seize her, quickly seize her!” Worry about her son overwhelming her reason, the Empress Dowager waved her sleeves and shouted crazily.

The courtiers, who were already kneeling down behind the banquet tables, were now hating that they couldn’t retract their heads down into their necks, to block their ears. Empress Dowager, this kind of reaction is simply an unprovoked confession ah! Looking at her grief and indignation, that thing truly must belong to the Gong Prince, meaning, the Gong Prince was having an affair with Hui Yi Imperial Consort?! Ahh, don’t think about it, the more you think about it the more ludicrous the world will feel!

Zhao Bi Xuan went down to her knees, falling at the Emperor’s feet, her body shaking violently. She wanted to explain, but found that her throat was impossibly dry, unable to even spit out a word. In the end, she could only bury her face in her hands to escape the Emperor’s cold eyes.

Qian Fangfei already thought of her escape before entering the palace, the worst case being her dying in the palace, what’s the big deal? Every person had to die someday, the problem was whether it would be early or late. If she died, at least the Gong Prince, Zhao Bi Xuan, and the Second Prince would accompany her, not too bad. As for her mother and two brothers who were also detained in the capital, thinking of them, she could only sneer. Since the day her mother abandoned her to Qian Tong’s whims, her familial expectations and her desire for her family’s love completely disappeared. She originally thought that she’d found another path with a good husband, only to find out that that path lead to a dead end.

Because of this, she had nothing to long for, and no apprehensions. Afraid the Emperor, in order to cover up the family scandal, would dismiss the guests and send her to the dungeon for a secret execution, Qian Fangfei spoke quickly, opening up the package of evidence the shadow guards had collected.

“Your Majesty, you may not be aware, but your Hui Yi Imperial Consort and Qi Jin Yu started secretly seeing each other when they were eleven years old. This is a love token Hui Yi Imperial Consort sent to Qi Jin Yu, attached to a love letter.” She tossed over a jade ornament and a letter, then immediately followed up, “After Hui Yi Imperial Consort entered the palace, the two didn’t break off their relationship. There’s a tunnel from the Empress Dowager’s palace to the Cold Palace, Qi Jin Yu used this tunnel to privately meet Hui Yi Imperial Consort at night before leaving the palace. The two could make love whenever they pleased, very passionate. But when Hui Yi Imperial Consort carelessly got pregnant, the two people grew anxious, and after several discussions, they actually schemed to have you pay for their sins.”

Seeing fury flicker across the Emperor’s eyes, Qian Fangfei neurotically smiled and opened, “Yes, it’s exactly what you think, the Second Prince is not your son. Because you and Qi Jin Yu are brothers, we’re unable to prove it with a blood drop test, but I’ve brought many correspondences between the two – how much they yearned for each other, how they wanted to embrace each other, how they’ll pass the prince off as your son, all kinds of disgraceful things are clearly written. And as for your good Mother Empress, she knew everything from the start! Otherwise, why would she dote on the Second Prince, but never pay any attention to the First Prince? Because the Second Prince is her true grandson ah! Ha ha ha, it’s ridiculous, too ridiculous! The common people have a saying for this, the palace gates dazzle like jade and glitter like gold only to hide the dirt and conceal the corruption behind it. The younger brother sleeps with his older brother’s wife, and the mother not only helps cover it up, but also plans to have the bastard turtledove drive the magpie away from its nest, seeking to seize Da Qi’s throne. It’s a ridiculous, morally depraved drama!”

She grinned evilly and tossed the package in her hand, scattering the evidence around on the floor. There were letters, a brocade purse, embroidered handkerchief, and other private trinkets, even scarlet red lingerie and a pair of gauze stockings. There was no need to examine closely to imagine how addicted to each other the Gong Prince and Hui Yi Imperial Consort was.

Qian Fangfei was still giggling, and the courtiers had curled up into balls, trying to burrow themselves into the tiles. Hearing such a dirty royal scandal first hand, how would the Emperor deal with them to cover it up? Only Luo Zhen sat straight up, looking up at the head seat.

The Empress Dowager had already gone completely mad, shouting at the guards to seize Qian Fangfei, even ordering to have her killed on the spot. Hui Yi Imperial Consort was bawling at the Emperor’s feet, constantly shaking her head in denial. The Emperor’s expression was very calm, he had even folded his slender legs and was sitting in a more relaxed pose, now, he said in a heavy voice, “Shut her up.”

Qian Fangfei immediately stopped smiling and kneeled, red faced, but she soon realized that this order was not directed at herself. Duke Yu Gou waved his hand, and the guards that were standing like wooden pillars at the doorway immediately moved forward, casually picking up a handkerchief and shoving it into the Empress Dowager’s mouth, then dragging her out. No one said anything about the Emperor treating the Empress Dowager in such a rude way, thinking of what the Empress Dowager and the Gong Prince colluded to do, even if the Emperor had her flayed alive in the imperial court, it would be justifiable.

Qian Fangfei’s heart immediately settled down. She thought that the Emperor, for the sake of the royal family’s reputation, would disregard all reason to kill her, but judging by his actions, he didn’t seem to have that intention. That was good, as long as she was still alive, she always had a way to escape, because she still had her trump card, and that card would certainly move the Emperor’s heart.

The hall quieted down until a needle drop could be heard, everyone was waiting for the Emperor to launch an attack. It wouldn’t be so unbearable if he was raging and shouting, but he was so indifferent, his pupils dull, as if he was a spectator. His calmness only made them feel more frightened. The courtiers who’d previous tried to recommend the Second Prince for heir were dripping cold sweat, their organs trembling. As for Marquess Wen Yuan and Fang-shi, they’d almost fainted to death, and Li-shi, who was still celebrating in schadenfreude, was also very confused, wanting to raise her head to peek at her son’s expression, but not daring to act rashly. She settled on cursing out Zhan Bi Xuan this slut in her heart.

Zhou Yun Sheng raised his wine glass to take a sip, seeing Zhao Bi Xuan about to throw herself on his feet to beg for mercy, he thought to kick her away, but Zhao Xuan was the first to move, a slap across the face sending her flying, tumbling down the short steps and out into the main hall, her cheeks immediately swollen.

Zhao Xuan’s character dictionary never had space for the phrase “Real men don’t hit women“.

The courtiers unconsciously dived further under the tables, saying in their hearts: if Duke Yu Gou now wants to ‘punish family for the sake of justice’, I’m afraid it’s already too late. The Emperor’s beloved darling for three years turned out to be such a dirty thing, not only passing a bastard off as his son, but even trying to bewitch him to set the bastard up as heir to the throne, it’d be strange if the Emperor could swallow down this insult!

Zhou Yun Sheng finished his glass of wine, seeing the courtier’s ‘whishing one could fade away’ expressions, and even the court scribe had stopped writing the “Daily Notes”, instead kneeling on the ground, shivering, not daring to record these scandals, he couldn’t help but shake his head, chuckling.

“The Gong Prince and Hui Yi Imperial Consort’s adultery, was it my fault?” He asked gently.

“Those two are immoral, they have no respect for human relationships, it’s not the Emperor’s fault.” No one dared to answer except Zhao Xuan, who stood still, diligently pacifying.

“If that’s the case, why should I feel ashamed and cover it up for them? I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m not afraid of our current people’s comments, or the later generations’ comments. Court Scribe, take up your brush and record it, your words must not be vague, but you also shouldn’t exaggerate.”

Court Scribe nodded, leaning forward to write at tremendous speed. The courtiers heard these words, and all admired the Emperor’s magnanimous and broad-minded worldview, increasingly less anxious about their own lives. If the An Prince, the Gong Prince, or any other prince was emperor, perhaps Qian Fangfei and Zhao Bi Xuan’s heads would’ve already been sent flying, and all the people present wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed.

His Majesty really is the Holy Emperor!

Qian Fangfei quickly glanced up at the handsome man in the imperial seat, her mood unprecedentedly stable. The Emperor really was like the rumors, both resolutely ruthless and generously merciful. Although she entered the palace with the determination to die, if she could keep her life, she was naturally happier. It now seems that the Emperor didn’t have the intention to hurriedly kill, because from beginning to end, she never saw murderous intent enter his eyes.

Noticing Qian Fangfei secretly looking at him, Zhou Yun Sheng nodded to her and asked, “Gong Qin Princess, where is the Gong Prince now, is he dead or alive?”

Qian Fangfei respectfully kowtowed and answered, “Replying to the Emperor, the Gong Prince is quite well, he’s currently lying in the bed, sleeping. I never had the intention to kill him, only to pluck out his roots, that’s all.”

Gasp, plucking his roots his only a “That’s all”? The Gong Qin Princess was truly vicious. For a man to lose his member, being alive would be more unbearable than death. Even if you found out that the Gong Prince and Hui Yi Imperial Consort were having an affair, wouldn’t it be better to secretly report it to the Emperor? Why go straight to this kind of deadly blow? The courtiers sighed in their hearts, but they didn’t know about Qian Fangfei’s suffering.

She refused to expose her wounds to onlookers, so she could only grin and bear it. Was she vicious? How could they know that Qi Jin Yu was countless times more vicious than her? If he’d succeeded in squeezing out all her value, the next step would’ve been to send her a bowl of poison. He didn’t treat her like a man, so she made sure he could never pretend to be a man again!

Zhou Yun Sheng supported his forehead on his hand, once again impressed by this woman’s toughness. He flicked his sleeve and said, “Come, take Gong Qin Princess into custody, I’ll soon come to personally interrogate her.” Under watchful eyes, he had to punish her, but in this life, he could give her a better way out.

The guards moved forward to arrest Qian Fangfei, but she kowtowed three times and suddenly stood up, smiling spiritedly, “There’s no need to bind me, I will walk out by myself.” Then she turned and swaggered out.

Zhou Yun Sheng had people carry Zhao Bi Xuan away and dismissed the courtiers, from beginning to end, he never threatened them to keep quiet. The courtiers were even more in awe, and naturally didn’t mention these things after going back, only deliberately alienating Wen Yuan March and Yu Gou Duchy. The once illustrious because of Hui Yi Imperial Consort’s favor Zhao Jia, would probably soon be eliminated. Old Marquess Wen Yuan and Fang-shi’s legs were too weak to walk, so they were thrown out of Tai He Hall by the guards. Zhao Xuan ignored the two paralyzed people on the steps, slowly walking to the carriage, supporting the also limp Li-shi.

“Finished! Our family is finished! You clearly earned your title with blood and sweat, but that slut Zhao Bi Xuan has ruined it. She was so favored, why did she have an affair with the Gong Prince? She has no brains! That slut doesn’t know shame, she’s just like her mother!” Li-shi wept and swore, if Zhao Bi Xuan was in front of her right now, she would probably pounce on her and tear her to shreds.

“You don’t have to worry so much mother, this matter won’t implicate Yu Guo Duchy. Go back first, I have something to do.” Zhao Xuan gave a simple explanation and jumped onto his horse, galloping away.


Feng Yi Palace, Zhao Bi Xuan had her hands bound by two chamberlains, and her mouth stuffed with a balled up handkerchief.

Zhou Yun Sheng was browsing the letters Qian Fangfei had handed over. The two knew each other for 6 or 7 years, and started dating at age 11. The first few letters were very PG, sweet and warm, but as they got older, the writings became more explicit, especially at the time of the Cold Palace love affair. Each letter seemed to be drenched with the smell of male and female arousal- the smell of desire. Zhao Bi Xuan even sent him her lingerie, gauze stockings, and other clothing articles that made the imagination run wild. Perhaps those articles spent their nights concealed away in Qi Jin Yu’s arms, sniffed repeatedly every night.

Imagining that scene, Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head and scoffed, then used his brush to push the evidence off the table, the thick stack of letters landing by Zhao Bi Xuan’s feet. He ordered in a heavy voice, “Release her.”

The two chamberlain untied her and backed away a few steps.

Zhao Bi Xuan removed the handkerchief from her mouth and wailed, “Your Majesty, I was wrong, please give me another chance! I’ll completely forget about the Gong Prince, I’ll serve you wholeheartedly!”

Zhou Yun Sheng snorted out laughter, then shook his head and sighed, “Oh Zhao Bi Xuan, I’ll let you know the truth, I found out about your and Qi Jin Yu’s rotten adultery a long time ago. Whenever I look at you, can you guess how I feel?”

Zhao Bi Xuan was dumbfounded, finally understanding why the Emperor suddenly started snubbing her and the Second Prince. So he already knew everything, and was merely biding his time. She didn’t want to listen to the words he was going to say, because they were bound to hurt. While she was thinking that she could start over with this man, he had already rejected her a long time ago, and even arranged for everything to happen today. He destroyed Qi Jin Yu, and simultaneously ruined her.

Zhao Bi Xuan understood all that she wanted to, she shook her head while struggling to climb up.

Zhou Yun Sheng strode away from Feng Yi Palace, coldly saying, “Zhao Bi Xuan, every time I see you, I instantly feel like vomiting. Since you like Qi Jin Yu so much, I’ll grant your wish.”

The next day, Hui Yi Imperial Consort and the Empress Dowager both had medical emergencies. The Empress Dowager’s life was saved, but her lower body was paralyzed, however, the Hui Yi Imperial Consort’s luck was not as good, and she passed away the next day. She didn’t receive a posthumous title, and wasn’t enshrined, only wrapped in a blanket and buried in the capital’s suburbs, not even given an honorable tombstone. The Gong Prince had his title and properties stripped from him for rebelling against the emperor, and was reduced to a commoner. Plus, because he didn’t get timely treatment, there was some festering, so he would be bedridden for a very long time. Zhao Xuan had personally traveled to Gong Qin Mansion to issue the imperial decree, then he instructed his men to carry the half dead Qi Jin Yu to a dilapidated building in Yan Wei alley, and delivered the slave girl the Emperor had gifted him.

That female slave was covered in a cloak, her face concealed, and in her arms was an infant baby, crying piteously for nursing. As Zhao Xuan walked away, what sounded like a tea cup breaking echoed from the house, and sounds of the incessantly crying woman and baby. The courtiers saw the Emperor quietly taking care of the matter, not indiscriminately killing innocents or taking out his anger on bystanders, and felt that the Emperor was even more benevolent.

The capital already knew that because of the title dispute, Duke Yu Guo had cut all ties with Hui Yi Imperial Consort, and whenever the Empress Dowager gathered courtiers to try and set up the Second Prince as heir, the usually silent in the imperial court Duke Yu Gou would always strongly express his opposition, saying that the Second Prince was not the eldest nor the child of a first wife, so he couldn’t be appointed. Because of this, Yu Guo Duchy was not implicated in Hui Yi Imperial Consort’s rebellion, but Marquess Wen Yuan was. As the saying goes, old age does not guarantee virtue, the Emperor casually convicted him and stripped away his title, seizing his family property.

That day, Old Marquess Yuan Hou disregarded all dignity, chasing after Fang-shi to beat her to death. If she hadn’t raised that sort of shameless daughter, how could he be in this situation today? Finished, he actually remembered the Li-shi that he himself had driven out of the house, and sullenly ran to her for help. Worrying about saving face, Li-shi let him in, but when Zhao Xuan returned that night, he mercilessly drove him out, threatening that if he dared come back, he would have his legs broken.

Old Marquess Wen Yuan wanted to use filial piety to pressure him, but Zhao Xuan blocked his argument with a sentence, “If you think I’m unfilial, by all means, go to the government office to report me, let’s see how the Emperor rules .”

How could Old Marquess Wen Yuan have the face to speak in front of the Emperor? Even when he passed a familiar-looking noble on the street, he would hang his head and shrink into the wall, hating that he couldn’t turn into a wisp of smoke and disappear. He wiped his face and hobbled away, thinking of his monstrously powerful eldest son, but also thinking of his fallen into ruin eldest daughter, suddenly regretting his past decisions.

When Qi Jin Yu woke up from a sharp pain, the Gong Qin Mansion was already surrounded by the capital’s guards. Catching sight of his blood drenched lower body, he immediately sunk into madness, hammering the bed’s pillar, shouting himself hoarse. He was now neither man nor ghost, rather than clinging to a worthless life, it was better to just die. On several occasions, he tried to run into the imperial guards’ swords, but they always moved out of the way in time.

After his suicide attempts failed, Qi Jin Yu could only mutilate himself, but when he saw that the Emperor had sent Zhao Bi Xuan to him, he was convinced that his current situation was all this slut’s fault. If she hadn’t seduced him, he would still be the untouchable Gong Prince, how could he be reduced to this point? So he began torturing Zhao Bi Xuan in various ways, not only beating her, he even used foreign objects to invade her privates, not stopping until she was badly mutilated. Zhao Bi Xuan struggled and begged for mercy, bawling pitifully.

Thus, a few months later, the household’s funds slowly dwindled, in order to get money to survive, and also pay to treat his festering wound, Qi Jin Yu would often call the local ruffians and rogues into the house, after money was exchanged, he would pick up the child and go for a stroll in the sun. Zhao Bi Xuan’s desperate cries and mournful screams would echo from behind, but he never looked back.

At the same time, the imprisoned Qian Fangfei passed away, and a widow named Qian Tu traveled to the Northwest’s frontier with many tall and burly bodyguards, and vast wealth. Because she had the Northwest King’s care, in just a few years, she became Da Qi’s most famous fur merchant, and after recuperating for a few years, she got remarried to a local vice-commander, and gave birth to a chubby son. Her days seem to be filled with satisfaction.


The Emperor calmly and quietly settled a scandal that should’ve shaken up all levels of society. Although the Emperor didn’t forbid speaking of it, everyone wished to erase their memories of that day. Thus, when all was still calm a year later, some courtiers suddenly noticed that the Emperor’s heirs were unusually sparse, and the harem was empty, so they quickly submitted a request for a harem draft.

When the person putting forward the request was finished talking, Zhou Yun Sheng clearly felt Zhao Xuan’s knife sharp eyes land on him. He pretended to ponder for a moment, then said in a gloomy tone, “I’ll comment on this matter later, the court is dismissed.”

Seeing the Emperor’s slumped back as he departed, like he had a thousand worries hanging on his shoulders, the courtiers felt distressed for him. Don’t look at the Emperor’s calm performance, his heart must certainly feel shaken, after all, he lost his beloved woman of three years. Master Li really doesn’t have any sense, carelessly poking the Emperor’s sore spot. Even if the Emperor’s heirs are thin and the harem is empty, at least wait for the Emperor to recuperate before bringing it up ah!

Master Li also realized his faux pas, just as he turned the corner, he accidentally bumped into Duke Yu Gou, and was cut by his sharp, ice-cold eyes.

“Master Li, watch where you walk, careful not to fall.” Zhao Xuan said, putting on a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

Li Master repeated apologized and quickly left the palace, riding off on his horse. However, just as he reached his house gates, his horse was suddenly spooked, and it ruthlessly threw him off, stomping on his right leg, breaking the bone. He was bedridden, unable to move about for at least three or five months.

Zhao Xuan hurried back home and called over his subordinates.

“Is it done?”

“Yes, he was seriously injured, and won’t be able to attend imperial court for at least three months.”

“Good, deliver this message to beyond the Great Wall so they can start moving, I’m going back to the Northwest.”

“General, you’re finally going back?! This subordinate will make arrangements right away!” The subordinates were overjoyed, after a short discussion, they left to perform their tasks.

Half a month later, the court suddenly received a war report, the barbarians in the Northwest were behaving unusually, it seems that they were gathering forces to invade again. As the person in charge, Zhao Xuan immediately kneeled, asking for directive.

Zhou Yun Sheng noticed that Zhao Xuan was eager to leave the capital, perhaps he was still upset about the previous draft suggestion? He wanted to go, so Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t block it, because he knew that this man was inseparable from him, and would come back sooner or later. Taking the memorial, he wrote “Accepted” in bright red, apparently not planning to urge him to stay. Zhao Xuan kneeled and thanked him for his favor, his eyes glowing a cold light.

Zhou Yun Sheng personally accompanied the army ten miles outside the city gate, watching the majestic troops disappear into the distance, his eyes slightly misted, unexpectedly feeling somewhat melancholy. Now that he thinks back on it, his previous-self really was still too naïve. An animal like Zhao Xuan, how could he ever throw a cowardly “Running away to a foreign land” tantrum? He was a self-destruct program- destruction and plundering was his nature, meaning, even if he reincarnated tens of thousands of times, and took on tens of thousands of different identities, his instincts would never fade.

So that night, after Zhou Yun Sheng went to bed, he was secretly carted out of the palace by a few shadow guards, and delivered to Zhao Xuan’s carriage. In order to prevent his sweetheart from suffering bumps on the journey, Zhao Xuan had his men prepare the extremely rarely used luxury carriage, and had the interior compartment lined with thick quilts and pillows. Pulling the other man into his arms, caressing and kissing, Zhao Xuan played with him all night, and fell asleep with the rising sun.

Zhou Yun Sheng found that his chest felt very heavy, like a large stone was pressing down on him, and his hands and feet felt very weak, in fact, his whole body felt weak. Plus, he was obviously awake, but he couldn’t even open his eyes. He licked his dry lips and shouted with difficulty, “Water, I need a drink of water.”

“Here’s the water, drink slowly.”

Soon, he found himself in a familiar warm embrace, the husky voice Zhao Xuan used when disguised as the black-dressed man whispering in his ear. Zhou Yun Sheng bit his tongue to make sure he was truly awake, then ruthlessly cursed in his heart: Mother fucker, kidnapped again!

“Where are you taking me?” He avoided the cup and asked.

“I’m your man, naturally you go where I go, why ask?” Zhao Xuan chuckled and pinched his jaw, pouring the cup of water into his mouth, then he lowered his head to kiss him, teasing with his tongue, reluctantly backing away after seeing his sweetheart’s breathless and flushed, seemingly about to asphyxiate, appearance.

“Don’t you know that I’m Da Qi’s Emperor? As they say, under the heavens, every soil is the Emperor’s land, to the borders of that land, every individual is the Emperor’s subject. Even though you kidnapped me, where can you escape to?” Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t expect his lover to do such an insane thing, disregarding all consequences.

Zhao Xuan laughed out loud, caressing his still unable to open eyes, he kissed his thick eyelashes and whispered, “Da Qi’s Emperor is now in the palace, you don’t have to worry about.”

“You’re planning to steal my throne?” Zhou Yun Sheng’s tone suddenly became sharp.

“No, I won’t let an imitation occupy your seat. After a few days, he will die, and the First Prince will become the next Emperor.” As for the turmoil that would ensue in the imperial court after the First Prince ascended the throne, Zhao Xuan didn’t care.

The First Prince was only five years old this year, how could he bear the responsibility of Da Qi’s throne? Even if Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to abdicate, he still needed to wait for the prince to be over fourteen, if not, the imperial court would fall into disorder and the common people would suffer as a result. Hating that he couldn’t hang Zhao Xuan upside down and flog him, Zhou Yun Sheng used all his strength to roar, “Zhao Xuan you fuck, send me back right now!”

Zhao Xuan was speechless, taking almost half an hour to snap out of it, he asked disbelievingly, “How did you know it was me?” His voice instantly returned to normal.

“Of course I know! Since the first time I dragged you into bed, did you really think I was mistaking you for someone else? Your rough face is not even slightly mistakable for Zhao Bi Xuan’s. The one I always wanted to get close to was you, your body left a deep imprint in my mind, I instantly recognized you, if not, why would I constantly condone your insolence? Of course it’s because I fucking love you. You don’t need to bind me, and you don’t need to drug me, if you just tell me you also love me, I’d be happy to be with you.”

Zhao Xuan didn’t speak for a long time. Zhou Yun Sheng waited for nearly half an hour, and finally felt a cup of medicinal smelling water pressed against his mouth. He drank slowly, and gradually felt his body gaining strength, and he could even open his eyes slightly.

Zhao Xuan’s tense face and blood shot eyes appeared in front of him, he looked terrible.

“You said you always knew it was me?” He asked in a heavy voice.

“Ay.” Zhou Yun Sheng lazily acknowledged.

“You said that you love me?”


“You said you’ll happily be with me?”

“Have you recently gone deaf? Or are you just unable to understand human language?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow, his expression arrogant.

This finally made Zhao Xuan feel a sense of reality, he pushed the other man down into the quilt and frantically kissed him, his expression overflowing with ecstasy, excitement, anxiety and other contradictory emotions. He pinched the Emperor’s jaw, forcing the Emperor to meet his eyes, saying, “Okay, I’ll send you back.”

Maybe these were lies his sweetheart were saying in order to bait him into bringing him back to the capital, maybe as soon as he stepped into the palace, he’d be skewered by a thousand arrows, but in order to hear his sweetheart’s “I do”, even if mountains of daggers and seas of flames, dragon lakes and tiger caves were in the front of him, he wouldn’t hesitate to gamble.

Good boy.” Zhou Yun Sheng smiled, then hooked his arms around his neck and laughed, “I’m not in a hurry to go back. I finally have my strength back, didn’t you have something planned?”

Zhao Xuan’s anxiety instantly soothed, he laughed, pulling the other man into a tight embrace. He now knew that he’d win his gamble. If he wasn’t sincere, if he didn’t deeply love him, how could Da Qi’s dignified Emperor willingly lay under him? As it turns out, this love wasn’t a one sided pursuit, but two people’s secret mutual love.

Of the world’s happiest things, nothing could surpass having your beloved person love you back.



Real men don’t hit women-怜香惜玉- to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex (idiom)

Good boy- 乖- Guai- clever/well-behaved/ obedient/nice. Wiktionary, 乖 is almost always a positive compliment when used to describe a child. When used for an adult, the word is often disparaging.

Didn’t you have something planned? – ZYS asks the same question from ch 10. I’m pretty sure he’s asking Zhao Xuan to make love to him openly.

Ugh, this took so long to translate. I hated it.

Next Chapter: Zhou Yun Sheng’s story ends.


At this point, you can read the extras that come after this:

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Then come back for the ending. Enjoy!

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2 months ago

It may have taken you long to translate and you may have hated it but you still gave it your all and gave your readers an exceptional storyline. This is one of my favorites arcs although they are all works of art. Thank you for your outstanding hard work.

2 months ago

This is the most satisfying arc I read so far… love it…

9 months ago

So if there is anyone confused like me the first time..the chronological order is:
Main storyline(this arc being the last)
Extra 2
Extra 3
Real World(ch 169, can be continuation of extra 3)
Extra 4
Extra 1 (alternate universe XZX)

9 months ago

I’m sorry but i can’t help but feel sorry for Zhao BiXuan..i know that she deserved a faceslapped like all the others who wronged MC in the past and present life and i hate them all but this is too much for me. All the implications of her torture, it feels really horrible to imagine, and i won’t wished it on even my worst enemy. I wished she was just imprisoned for life, not given to that beast gong prince, who even hired ppl to gangr**** her. At least the baby was not killed cause i felt sorry for the innocent baby so much. I felt sorry for ZBX, i know its karma but still i can’t help it.

Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
8 months ago
Reply to  LingMomo

I can see your hypocrisy

2 months ago

Shut up

2 months ago
Reply to  Mulala

The woman was just a fucking idiot who only had looks. How tf is she suddenly supposed to become a scheming genius or even barely sensible aside from relying on the person she supposedly fell In love with. From her perspective she was forced to enter the palace thanks to her rotten father and that shit prince. Setting aside her obsession over his appearance which is infact so fucking common she’s just some brainless idiot who can’t even clearly see the things around her. Even if she was rotten to the core(which i can’t seem to see) that prince’s actions were too ridiculous. And so fucking twisted. Instantly putting the blame on her the moment the situation became irreversible and what sort of person sends their supposedly “beloved” person to their brother to gain more power. No matter I can’t seem to see his actions as justifiable at all. And in no way does anyone deserve to experience all that.

2 months ago

I can’t seem to understand how u can consider this as hypocrisy at all.

1 day ago

What the fuck is your problem? Did i offend you in any way?

11 months ago

i’m glad qian fangfei could have her own happy ending, she deserves it

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