FOD Chap 13.3


Chapter 13.3

Zhou Yun Sheng wore a light gray plaid suit, classic academic style, his black hair falling to his ear, smooth and fluffy. His whole body was filled with an elegant and intellectual, but also youthful and lively atmosphere. He sat on the red velvet sofa by the window, one hand supporting his cheek, like he was meditating, tranquil perfection like an oil painting.

When Yi Zheng finally picked out a black suit and stepped out of the elevator, his expression was slightly stunned. He slowed down his footsteps, his dark pupils fixed on the younger man’s silhouette. When the youth noticed his presence too, his heart felt as if it was hit by a 500kph speeding train, all kinds of complex emotions were mixing and exploding in his chest.

But he didn’t show it on his face, he walked up to the younger man and asked, “Have you been waiting long?”

“If the person I’m waiting for is you, even 10,000 years is too short.” Zhou Yun Sheng said these tantalizing words with a serious and earnest tone.

The two bodyguards standing behind Yi Zheng glanced at him with peculiar eyes. Before, they’d thought that ZHOU’s young master only loved women, but now it seemed he was open to both men and women ah. But treating the boss as a seducing target, wasn’t he afraid of being destroyed? ZHOU was very wealthy, but compared with the Yi Group, it was nothing.

This ZHOU young master was really bold and debauched.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t care what other people thought, he carefully looked Yi Zheng over, smiled appreciatingly and nodded “You look so handsome in that suit, very restrained.” I really want to peel it off, one clothing item at a time.

He couldn’t help but lick his lips, his eyes twinkling.

The two bodyguards turned to look at their boss. The boss had always lived cleanly and honestly, never letting these people with obvious ulterior motives get close, this time he’ll definitely snap, right?

But unfortunately, Yi Zheng’s patience today was extraordinary. He just awkwardly adjusted his cuffs and mildly asked, “Where are we eating?”
“I’m at your service, tell me what you love to eat and I’ll take you there.” Zhou Yun Sheng decided he had to take good care of his lover, he even neatly helped open the passenger side door for him, his attitude diligent.

Yi Zheng glanced at him with deep eyes, it seemed that he wanted to ask something, but he held back and waited for the car to leave the hotel before saying, “I want to eat French cuisine, are there any authentic French restaurants nearby?”

“Yes, not far ahead.” Zhou Yun Sheng reserved a table while driving. Fortunately, he was a VIP customer, they had a position open for him whenever he wanted.

He parked the car, and was about to help Yi Zheng unbuckle his seat belt, when the man grabbed his fingers, his grip just shy of crushing his bones.

“What do you take me for? A woman?”

“How is that possible! You’re you, no one can replace you!” Zhou Yun Sheng refuted in shock.

When he said these words, the younger man’s eyes were shining with a sincere and eager light, as if he was the most unique existence in his mind. The repressed anger in Yi Zheng’s heart slowly dissipated, he let go of his fingers and apologized.

“Next time, if you have something to say, say it nicely, don’t get so physical.” Zhou Yun Sheng shook out his red fingers, glaring at the other man in exasperation.

“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” Yi Zheng pushed back the impulse to pull the younger man into his arms and caress him.

They entered the restaurant, each ordering their favorite dishes, and Zhou Yun Sheng asked about his lover’s life while pouring him wine. If you changed the snooper, Yi Zheng would’ve already dealt with them, but when talking to the youth, he couldn’t even raise his defensives. Intuition told him that the younger man wouldn’t hurt him, of course, this is if you ignore his rotten romantic history.

After dinner, in the gap between after dinner wine tasting, Zhou Yun Sheng snapped his finger at the violinist standing on the stage. They immediately walked up to him and politely asked, “Good evening guests, what kind of music do you want to request?”

“Give me something romantic.” Zhou Yun Sheng slipped the man a large tip.

The violinist showed an appropriate smile and played next to the two men. This was “Carmen Fantasy”, the harmony of Spain’s unique brand of warmth and cheerfulness, very easy to move the emotions of the listeners.

Zhou Yun Sheng closed his eyelids slightly, his expression languid, the glass of red wine in his hand slightly listing, he was very obviously intoxicated. But Yi Zheng was expressionless, sitting ramrod straight. He waved the violinist away without waiting for him to finish the composition. Clearly, it was their dinner date, does there always have to be a third person spinning around them?

This was not romantic, just mood dampening.

Zhou Yun Sheng saw his impatience, he probed, “You didn’t like his violin play?”

Yi Zheng was not interested in general, but he absolutely couldn’t say it to the younger man who was obviously very fond of music.

“His skill is not high enough, no matter how good the song is, it’s wasted in his hands. I only want perfection.” Someone like you. This inexplicable sentence emerged from his subconscious, making Yi Zheng’s pupils slightly darken.

Zhou Yun Sheng had never earnestly pursued his lover, every time, his lover had taken the initiative to come to his side, as if there was a mysterious traction that pulled him to him. If his lover hadn’t sent him away against his will, it might have taken him a long time to realize that he also had to take the initiative to understand his lover’s needs.

A one-sided effort couldn’t support feelings. This time, it was his turn to follow in his lover’s footsteps. What if his lover never recovered his memory? Then he only needed to see each meeting as their first love. He seemed to re-call seeing a film called “Fifty first dates” in one of his reincarnations.

The leading lady could only keep her memory for one day, the next day she would wake up and forget the leading man. He had cursed the leading man a fool at that time, repeating everything over and over again, how could anyone want to live that way? But when it was his turn, he found that no matter how flawed the other person was, even if his race and soul were different, love was love, he could never give it up.

Yi Zheng was his favorite person, the one he never wanted to give up.

He glanced at his lover with warm eyes, then stood up and borrowed the violin, smiling gently, “As long as you like it, I’ll present it to you. This song, “A Time for Us”, is dedicated to you and me, dedicated to our future.”

He bowed formally, then performed the romantic but slightly sad song with perfect skill born of countless reincarnations. His focused gazed never left Yi’s Zheng cold, handsome face, as if he couldn’t look at him enough.

This gesture, the showing of love was too obvious and hot, attracting the other guests’ attention, who started frequently glancing over at their table. They recognized ZHOU young master’s eye-catching face, and even those who claimed to be sophisticated couldn’t help but gossip like old ladies with their companions.

Chief Zhou is bored with women so he’s picking up men now? Wait that doesn’t seem right ah, that man is well-dressed, his temperament seems cold, and he looks like he emits power and oppression on a regular basis, he doesn’t look like the type to suffer for material things. Could he be with Chief Zhou willingly?

Everyone’s gossip heart started blazing. Fortunately, this was a high-end place, paparazzi weren’t allowed in, otherwise, Chief Zhou’s romantic history would be all over the tabloids tomorrow with a glorious new update.

Yi Zheng forcibly suppressed the throbbing in his heart, but his ears couldn’t help but redden. He resisted the desire to gaze back at the other man, and brought up his wineglass to sip. But the wine that should be astringent and bitter somehow tasted sweet and smooth.

He pretended to casually get up and stand at his side, bent slightly to look at the passionately playing younger man, but just a touch of his eyes full of love seemed to scald him, he had to exercise extreme self-control to look away. He feared that he wouldn’t be able to resist pushing the youth down onto the table if he looked down again. If the younger man hadn’t taken the stage in advance, he felt that he would’ve already put his thoughts into action.

The younger man’s bright eyes, bright red lips because of the wine, and slightly drooping and trembling eyelashes were tearing at his fragile nerves. He had never loved a woman, he had never loved a man either, he had never loved anyone in the world, but now, the heart he thought was dead was starting to beat, and beating faster by the minute.

At the end of the performance, everyone in the restaurant applauded. They never knew that Y City’s most famous womanizer had such superb violin skills, and the beautiful melody intertwining with his intense feelings was even more heart touching. Even an outsider could understand his passionate love for the receiver through his playing.

No wonder he dared seduce a man with such an obvious cold temperament, turns out his hunting skills were top class. The diners who were familiar with him smiled and nodded to Chief Zhou, praising his courageousness.

Zhou Yun Sheng bowed his thanks to everyone, finally sat back in his seat and said “I hope our end won’t be as cliché as Romeo and Juliet, forever separated by heaven and man. Die together, live together, what do you think?”

Before Yi Zheng could answer, his two bodyguards coughed in succession. What is your current relationship? Who asks such deep and emotional questions on the first date? Did you forget to take your meds today?

Yi Zheng glanced at them with cold, knife sharp eyes, and the two bodyguards immediately quieted down.
“If I really love someone, but we can’t go on together, I would rather let them live.” Yi Zheng rarely said such emotional words, but when facing the youth, this idea naturally appeared in his head.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes moistened, he looked up at the ceiling, trying not to let the tears fall out. This damn bastard always finds ways to move him.

He quickly blinked away the wetness in his eyes, then raised his glass and said, “Then it’s better to get out of the danger, so no one has to make a choice.” He must find a way to bring his lover out as soon as possible, otherwise, he’ll instinctually track down the Lord God, and then he’ll die with it.

Zhou Yun Sheng was actually a very selfish person, he had absolutely no interest in saving the world.

Yi Zheng didn’t understand the younger man’s abstract way of talking, but he still nodded seriously, then he seemed to think of something and his face turned gloomy, he slowly asked, “Chief Zhou, are you pursuing me? Like you pursue those starlets? You plan to capture me and dump me after a few days?”

Zhou Yun Sheng would spend a week to pursue the person his fancies, immediately giving up a week after he captures them, so the media dubbed him the ‘one week lover’.

As long as Yi Zheng thought of this hideous love history, his hostility couldn’t help but rush forth.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s elegant smile stiffened for a moment, he quickly explained, “I really am pursuing you, but if you don’t take me, I am willing to spend a lifetime waiting for you. I have no relationship with those celebrities, you’ll find out later. I swear to God, you are my first love, the first love in my life.”

He made a very cautious swearing action. When he was captured by the Lord God, he had just turned sixteen, how could he talk about true love? After he was under the villain system’s control, he lived like a dead man, it was even more impossible to fall in love. This man truly was his first love, in every sense.

Yi Zheng drained his glass of wine in one gulp and indifferently opened, “Sorry Chief Zhou, I don’t like men.” This wasn’t a lie, previously he really wasn’t interested in men, of course, he also wasn’t interested in women. He wanted to see how long the young man would hold on after he rejected him.

If his performance couldn’t satisfy him, he didn’t mind kidnapping him and taking him back to the U.S with him. Provoking his desire but letting go halfway, the consequences will be very serious.

Zhou Yun Sheng drummed his fingertips restlessly, he really wanted to grab the other man’s collar and pull him close, kissing him until he suffocated. He stared at the man’s thin lips and said, “Don’t refuse me too quickly, we can try getting along first. Right, don’t call me Chief Zhou, that’s too unfamiliar, you can call me Yun Sheng, Sheng, my love, or maybe baby.”

The last two titles were too nauseating, making the two bodyguards explode in goose bumps. But Yi Zheng didn’t find it off putting, the tip of his ears even slightly trembled when he heard the word ‘baby’. He liked this pet name, if the young man could keep him as the only one in his heart, he would give all his love to him.

“It’s getting late, let’s go back.” Yi Zheng avoided answering.

Zhou Yun Sheng revealed a frustrated expression, but he quickly covered it up, he picked the car up at the parking lot after paying.

After he sent the man back to the hotel, he remembered that he hadn’t brought a gift to today’s date and quickly walked to a nearby flower shop. He had never pursued someone, so he was pretty inexperienced in active seduction.

Yi Zheng took off his suit jacket and grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the full bar.

“Do you want some?”

“No boss, we can’t drink at work.” The two bodyguards shook their heads.

Yi Zheng drank three shots in succession, then finally looked relaxed. One of the bodyguards tentatively asked, “Boss, if you don’t like Chief Zhou’s harassment, we can help you out.” This kind of young master from a small company, just frightening him a bit should let him quit.

“If he wants to come, no one is allowed to block him.” Yi Zheng’s complexion darkened slightly.

Not only do you not hate Mr. Zhou, you even welcome his pursuit? The two bodyguards felt that they had found out the very alarming truth.

Yi Zheng put down his glass and undid the top two buttons of his collar, revealing a slice of his muscular chest, which made him look very dangerous.

The two bodyguards began walking towards the next-door suite. Obviously, the boss now wanted to calm down and reflect, after all, going gay was a one-way street.

Just then, the doorbell rang, and a bodyguard walked over to open the door.

“Hello, Mr. Zhou.” He looked a little blue, weren’t they just apart for a few minutes?

“Hi, I’m looking for your boss.” Zhou Yun Sheng glanced towards the bedroom door.

“Come in.” The bodyguard moved sideways in invitation, noticed the huge bundle of red roses trapped in the man’s arms, and his expression turned somewhat dazed. Mr. Zhou really deserves the title of Y City’s most outstanding Casanova, his hunting techniques are astonishing.

“Why are you here again?” Yi Zheng’s breath smelled of alcohol.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s fiery gaze lingered on the man’s chest muscles peeking out of his shirt for a moment, then he naturally walked over and sat on the armrest of the man’s chair, instantly narrowing their distance.

“I forgot to give this to you.” He stuffed the flowers into Yi Zheng’s arms.

“Why China rose instead of Beach roses? Reluctant to spend the money?” Yi Zheng felt that his tone was like a jealous husband. As long as he was talking to the other man, he inexplicably loses control of his emotions.

“This rose belongs to us. Do you know the language of the red China rose?” Zhou Yun Sheng bowed to look into his lover’s eyes, his focused gaze formidable.

When Yi Zheng met his gaze, his whole body suddenly felt comfortable, he asked hoarsely, “What is the meaning of the red rose?”

“My pure love, ah, I love you dearly.” The last word faded between lips and teeth, Zhou Yun Sheng bowed his head, finally fulfilling his desire to capture his lover’s lips.

Yi Zheng was stunned for a moment, but he quickly returned to reality, stretching out his arm to hoop behind the younger man’s neck, deepening the kiss. The two bodyguards hadn’t expected the plot to develop so quickly, they hurriedly pulled open the door and stepped out.

The kiss between the two men was naturally frantic and intense, like a battle, even through the door, the sound of tongue, lips and teeth clashing, and passionate groans still echoed clearly.

Ten minutes later, the blush inducing and heart racing sounds gradually faded away. Zhou Yun Sheng opened the door and waved farewell to the two bodyguards, his white shirt stained bright red, his crotch bulging, a look of dissatisfaction from unfulfilled desire on his face. Walking out behind him, Yi Zheng also had a stained red shirt, his bulging crotch even more exaggerated.

They were too passionate, accidentally crushing the roses between them in their excitement.

“Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow?” Zhou Yun Sheng reclined on the door frame and pulled at his tie. He’d wanted to roll in the sheets just then, but Yi Zheng, this prude, had put him off.

Keep pretending, you’ll break down eventually! He glanced at the man’s bursting at the seams crotch and sneered, his thoughts darkening.

Yi Zheng didn’t want to fall into the trap of a one week lover. Besides, things that were too easily gotten were often not cherished. If he gave this little devil his wish, only God knew if he wouldn’t disappear the next day. Unless it was a last resort, he didn’t want to illegally detain him.

“Let’s talk about that tomorrow.” He avoided answering.

Zhou Yun Sheng pulled down the other man’s head, forcefully nipped his lips, and leisurely walked away, humming a song.

Yi Zheng wiped off the trace of blood on his lips, letting out a heartfelt smile. This trip to China was really fruitful, he came across such a fascinating treasure.


Zhou Yun Sheng walked to the parking lot with a bounce in his step and found a woman, wearing a fiery red mini-skirt, standing in front of his car, talking on her cellphone. Listening to her tone, she seemed to be very distressed. Her body was very striking, round chest, firm butt, a perfect S-shaped figure from the side view.

She looked somewhat familiar. He carefully watched her profile, then his frown turned into a smirk after a moment. This woman again, Fang Zhifei only knows two tricks huh?

He gracefully walked up to her and asked, “Miss, is something wrong? Do you need help?”

“No, no need, sniff.” Although she said this, her crying became even more obvious. She turned to face him, her tear-stained face delicate and pitiful, a first-class beauty.

Zhou Yun Sheng revealed a timely ‘stunned’ look and approached her more ardently.

The woman stopped crying under his comfort and willing took his offer to drive her home, the two exchanged phone numbers, then frequently kept in contact.


“Mr. Zhou hasn’t called today?” Yi Zheng asked without lifting his head while signing a document.

“Mr. Zhou just called to invite you to dinner, I put if off for you as usual.” The secretary diligently responded. This was the eighth day, but Mr. Zhou still hadn’t given up on their boss, this could be considered as breaking the record of one week seduction.

Yi Zheng finished reading the document and frowned, “Give him a call back, say that I agree.”

The secretary immediately picked up the phone.

Inside a Chinese restaurant, Zhou Yun Sheng was throwing ingredients into a boiling pot, Yi Zheng was sitting across from him. The man coldly opened, “I heard you’ve recently gotten really close to a woman?”

“Jealous?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow.

Yi Zheng glanced at his watch, stood up and turned to leave.

Zhou Yun Sheng quickly hugged his thin waist and pleaded, “My love, don’t get angry, that woman and I don’t have any relationship. I know that she’s trying to get close to me for impure reasons, I need to keep her close to find out who’s controlling her from behind the scenes. I haven’t done anything with her.”

Yi Zheng looked back at him, stared into his supplicating eyes, then turned back to sit down.

Zhou Yun Sheng hurriedly added food to his plate, then grabbed his necktie to pull him in for a quick kiss, which eventually turned into a scorching hot French kiss.

“I haven’t seen you in so many days, I missed you so much.” The kiss ended, and he sighed deeply.

Yi Zheng’s irritation had disappeared, he popped a quail egg into the younger man’s mouth. The two were clearly not together for long, but they already knew each other’s preferences, as if they’ve known each other for hundreds of years.

“Do you want me to check her out for you?” He naturally helped the young man wipe the sauce from his mouth.

“No need, I already have an idea. I can solve my own problems, I’ll ask for help when I need it.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved.

After dinner, the two people went back to the hotel, and, as usual, kissed until they were loath to part. Zhou Yun Sheng tried to pull Yi Zheng to bed, tugging at his belt. When the other man didn’t resist, and was even actively straightening out to facilitate his actions, he was immediately overjoyed. But at the most crucial moment, the secretary knocked on the door, saying that there was an important video conference that night, so the boss should get ready.

Yi Zheng patted the younger man’s firm butt and exhausted all his self-control to push him away.

“You’re not deliberately hanging my appetite, right?” Zhou Yun Sheng re-dressed, his expression frustrated.

Yi Zheng’s eyes flashed.

Zhou Yun Sheng grinned, with teeth, “Fine, you can hang, but I have no interest in hanging. I’ll break you down eventually!” He slammed the door on his way out.

Before long, he received a call from the red skirt woman, asking him to meet her at a high-class club. He hung up the phone and sneered, then dressed flashily and left.

The woman invited him to drink, but he passed out after only one glass. The woman brought him to a private room upstairs with the bartender’s help, undressed and laid down beside him, waiting. After waiting for about half an hour, the woman realized that something was wrong. She tried his breath first, to make sure he hadn’t died, before making a call.

“Didn’t you say you drugged him? He’s dead asleep, he’s not moving at all.”

The other end spoke, she urged, “Well hurry up, I’m waiting in the room.”

A moment later, the door swung open and two burly men strode into the room. They checked Zhou Yun Sheng’s condition, confirmed that he couldn’t perform, then began unbuckling their belts.

“What are you doing?” The women panicked and ran towards the door, but found that the door had somehow been locked.

The two men didn’t answer her, they quickly took off their pants and pressed the woman down on the empty spot beside Zhou Yun Sheng, impatiently roughhousing her.

“Didn’t you pay me to act? Why is it real? Let me go, no I don’t want the money! Help, someone save me! Rape!”

One of them stuffed a pill into the woman’s mouth and used her underwear to block her shrill screams.

When the three were busy, the corners of Zhou Yun Sheng’s hooked up in a mocking sneer. The past life was indeed a drama, but when the lead actor couldn’t cooperate in this life, the lead actress could only perform the show with others. But a substitute would always be a substitute, in order to give it a realistic effect, a fake rape naturally turned into a real rape.

Whoever harmed him in the last life, he would make them pay the price in this life.



Restrained– jinyu – to suppress desire / self-restraint / asceticism. He’s basically calling him uptight lol

A Time for Us- It’s ‘for us’ in the raws, but ZYS mentions Romeo and Juliet afterwards, so I assumed it was referencing the A Time for Us song in Romeo and Juliet 1968.

Womanizer- They call him a 浪蕩紈褲子弟- langdang de wankuzidi. A licentious dandy.

Suffocated- ZYS threatens to 窒息-Zhixi- choke/suffocate his lover several times this chapter, but it only makes sense in English the first time he says it. I replaced the rest with ‘break down’.

China rose and Beach rosesYueji- China rose/Rosa chinensis and Meigui- Beach rose/Rosa rugosa. The roses in chap 10 and 11 are all China rose.

I’ll put a rape trigger warning if you guys want one.

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Crystal J Williams-Brown
Crystal J Williams-Brown
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anonny mouse
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