FOD Chap 11.11


Chapter 11.11

Osborne sent Joshua back to school that night and sponsored him a box of 100% purity inhibitors as a gesture of friendship, he stayed at home to be interrogated by Old Matthew. It seemed that his strength had increased from being stimulated by the pheromone, when Old Matthew saw him kick out the high-pressure bearing door, he’d felt both pride and helplessness.

Such a good Alpha, unique in the galaxy, why do you have to choose the infertile Cecil? Earlier I engaged you to Cecil, you refused, but after the other man castrated himself from grief and indignation, you want him back, aren’t these actions too tyrannical?!

Old Mathew tried his best to persuade his grandson with no results, he had no choice but to let him go back.

Cecil’s relationship with Kyle seemed to grow more intimate by the day, if Osborne hadn’t developed a very rigorous training program that took up all of Cecil’s private time, the two would’ve probably reached the point of romantic intimacy.

In order to resolve the hidden dangers as soon as possible, Osborne launched the field survival training program after the physical evaluations, he picked a remote minor planet as the training ground and personally led the students.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that Joshua would go into estrus in six months, so he had been planning to persuade Osborne to cancel his military mission in six months, the sudden field training caught him off guard. When Osborne arranged Joshua and Kyle in a team, he walked over and urged Kyle to pay attention to safety.

Joshua stood not far away, staring at him with gloomy eyes, then his line of sight shifted to Kyle’s gorgeous face and he suddenly smiled. In fact, strictly speaking, Kyle’s condition was not inferior to Osborne. He was a prince, and although the royal family were basically figureheads, they still held a little bit of real power, which would very helpful for his future plans. And Kyle’s personality was much more gentle and considerate, an easier target to hold on to.

In contrast, Osborne could even resist pheromones, anyone could see how determined his spirit was. With Kyle you might be able to establish an equal partnership, with Osborne you could only become his vassal, unless he loved you wholeheartedly.

Yes, Osborne’s heart was hard, but once it opened up for someone, it was incredibly soft inside. Wasn’t that what he constantly does for Cecil? Bringing him back and forth from school every day, spending all his free time with him, personally cooking for him, even picking the most beautiful rose for him.

Joshua had known Osborne for half a year and never knew that he could cook, and he also didn’t know that he allowed others to pick the flowers in his garden. He remembered the one time he’d wanted to pick a half-blooming white rose, Osborne had harshly shouted at him to stop.

In the interstellar era, most of the primitive plants were extinct, the rose was indeed a very precious species that came from the planet of human origin billions of years ago, Earth. At that time, Joshua didn’t think much of it, he just thought that the man cherished the flowers he’d carefully cultivated, but now he knew that that wasn’t the case, it’s just that the person who picked it was not the person he’d wanted.

No matter what Cecil wanted, he would give it him, no matter how absurd Cecil’s demands, he would agree. When Osborne truly fell in love with someone, that person would become the object of interstellar jealousy.

Now Joshua’s heart was being tortured by intense jealousy, but he abruptly let go before reaching the point of apprehension, since Cecil had snatched Osborne, then he would return the gesture and take Kyle.

With this idea, he stepped forward, bid Cecil farewell and grabbed Kyle, then meaningfully said, “I wish you a pleasant journey.”

Osborne glanced at him with cold eyes, then he led Cecil into the depths of the jungle. They only had the simplest weapons and equipment, but they had to survive on the minor planet for two months, taking responsibility for their own life and death. Once they entered the second grade, Chelman handed the students over to the military, they were already real soldiers, and soldiers dying on the battlefield was a very natural thing.

“Why am I teamed up with you again?” Zhou Yun Sheng swung an energy sword to cut his way through vines while slowly opening, “Training with you I can understand, that will give me a challenge, but surviving in the field with you, isn’t that obviously cheating? You should partner me with the weakest.”

“No, you’re wrong, we’re not a team. To be exact, I’m just following you to see how you survive. Even if you meet a fatal danger, I won’t intervene. I’ll take your body back and bury you with martyr status.” Osborne expressionlessly said.

In fact, when he’d said the last sentence, his heart had tremored in intense pain. How could he ever impassively watch Cecil die? He would bury the entire planet and himself as his funerary objects.

Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at him and sneered, “Are you mocking me? If a person with 3S level spiritual and physical power dies during field training, they would certainly become the biggest interstellar laughing stock, although I already have that title.”

“No you don’t, I do. They all curse me for having no eyes.” Osborne deadpanned.

“Well, do you think their curses are correct?” Zhou Yun Sheng poked the man’s hard pecs with the hilt of his energy sword.

Osborne almost groaned, he couldn’t stand Cecil’s touch, even indirectly. His chest muscles couldn’t help but tremble, and the movement was particularly noticeable through the tailor fitted training clothes.

Zhou Yun Sheng was most envious of muscular men like this, the way they flexed their muscles was too sexy. In particular, Osborne’s body proportions were perfect, wide shoulders and narrow waist, plus long legs, which looked very explosive. He couldn’t help but poke again, he found the reaction very interesting, then cheerfully laugh.

Osborne really wanted to pin him against the tree trunk and ruthlessly take him from behind. He was too naughty, he needed to spend a lot of time to discipline him.

“I think they’re right, I really do have no eyes.” Osborne grabbed the hilt and frankly said.

“Humph! It’s good you finally recognize your mistakes. Giving up Cecil was your greatest loss.” He really had loved you, he’d loved you so much, and not for the sake of the Matthew family’s power, like the outside world had gossiped. But Zhou Yun Sheng would never tell Osborne these words, since the opportunity was already missed, there was no need to mention it.

So, can I salvage those losses? Osborne almost said this sentence. He opened his mouth, but finally said nothing, now was not the time.

He deliberately led Cecil aimlessly through the jungle, admiring his combat skills as he took down the Zerg they came across. When Cecil ended the fight and walked back to him covered in sweat, he felt so desperate to hold him, his every cell longed for him until it was painful. He tortured himself in this way for three days, then he began leading Cecil toward Joshua and Kyle’s location.

“There’s an Omega in estrus!” He suddenly showed a ‘shocked’ expression and asked, “This minor planet is uninhabited, how can an Omega appear here?”

Zhou Yun Sheng immediately thought of Joshua, then thought of his only possible partner, Kyle. He searched around with a gloomy face and found a cave that was closed off by a stone. He was about to kick the stone away when Osborne stopped him.

“What are you doing? If you disturb an Omega during mating, they’ll die.”

“Can’t you smell it? The Alpha inside is Kyle!” Zhou Yun Sheng’s expression turned ferocious, but even in his rage, he didn’t expose Joshua’s identity. No one had ever smelled Joshua’s pheromone, he hid it very well, so reasonably, he shouldn’t be able to recognize that it’s Joshua in there.

But why did his estrus come six months early? Was this just the inescapable nature of fate?

“Even if you go in now, it’s too late, they’ve already bonded.” Osborne cruelly said.

Alpha could read the pheromone trail to determine whether an Omega was already bonded, if they were, they could restore a bit of reason and force themselves to leave, if they weren’t, they would fight for the right to mate.

Pheromone lured Alpha into becoming a pack of wild beasts.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes exploded with strong killing intent. His lover was bonded to someone else? Fuck that!

He took out his energy sword and aimed a kick at the huge rock, but the instant he raised his foot, Osborne pulled him into his arms and persuaded him in a low voice, “Who do you want to kill? Killing a mating Omega is punishable by death! Is your life worth an Alpha that can’t even control his own lust? If Kyle truly loved you, he would never be tempted by pheromone, think about it Cecil, realize it, he doesn’t truly love you.”

The words Osborne said were somewhat dishonest. In fact, except for himself, there were probably no other Alpha that could resist pheromone seduction, unless they were sexually dysfunctional.

But he’d managed to appease the boy’s rage, he stood still and mused for a while, then nodded, “Yes, you’re right. If he really loved me, he would be able to resist his instincts.” His lover was the most unique existence in the world, he was strong, resolute, loyal, and gentle, although he had some unspeakable small hobbies, he wasn’t someone that couldn’t control his own desires.

He was so convinced that he starting seriously thinking over his decision again, maybe he’d found the wrong person and Kyle wasn’t Adounis. Joshua also looked exactly like his previous incarnation, but his soul was completely different, so this situation could have happened to Kyle too. At this thought, he quickly calmed down, and his thoughts became clearer.

If he’d killed Kyle and Joshua in his rage, that certainly would’ve been a ‘fun’ time. As an outsider who’d killed the fate of the world’s sons, the world’s consciousness would’ve used a powerful force to attack him, tearing his soul apart. Don’t underestimate the energy of an A-Class world, if it was furious, it would be strong enough to devour his soul.

And as he moved on, the worlds’ levels became higher, if he entered an S-Class world with a badly traumatized soul, the outcome waiting for him was complete obliteration.

At this moment, he finally discovered the sinister hidden intentions of the world’s consciousness. Perhaps Joshua and Kyle’s appearances weren’t so coincidental. Perhaps the Lord God had found his trail and had begun its retaliation. But these means were too mild, they were more like a temptation than a strangulation.

Perhaps the Lord God was afraid of something? Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t help but think of his lover, more curious about his origins. He lingered in front of the cave for a while, then waved, “There’s still a few days of estrus left, we’ll come back when they’re finished.”

“Have you calmed down? If not, I can spar with you.” Osborne earnestly proposed. His favorite activity was sparring with Cecil, because he could unscrupulously touch him during the fights.

“We’ll spar after we get back, I still have a task to finish.” Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at his personal terminal, in these two months, they wanted him to kill at least six thousand Zerg, this time was not like in the entrance examination, they wouldn’t convert the high level Zerg into one hundred or two hundred low level Zerg, no matter the level, one kill counted as one, there was no room to take advantage.

Osborne saw him able to separate his work from his privacy, and his tense lips couldn’t help but curve. “Then let’s go.”

They quickly disappeared into the jungle, dropped by the cave three days later, found that the pheromone scent was still rich, and left. They dropped by each day, totaling seven full days.

Only the most pure blooded Omega could continue in estrus for so long, and their ability to tempt Alpha was even greater. This was the golden finger the world’s consciousness had gifted to the fate of the world’s son, he would be able to give birth to an excellent heir. Zhou Yun Sheng was already completely calm, he kept guard in front of the cave, lost in his thoughts.

The smell of pheromone gradually faded, and the blush inducing screams and groans suddenly got higher and higher, then stopped abruptly. Obviously, the two people inside had reached climax, ending the seven days and nights of mating.

How the fuck are these people humans, they’re obviously beasts! Zhou Yun Sheng silently sneered.

Kyle, his clothes torn to rags, pushed open the rock and helped the frail looking Joshua walk out. If it was a regular Omega, they certainly wouldn’t be able to lift a finger after such a long pleasure session, but Joshua’s physique was comparable to an Alpha, so he could actually stay upright.

Seeing the two men waiting outside the cave, Kyle paled, and Joshua immediately bowed his head to conceal his malicious expression. He had been looking forward to this moment. How would Cecil react? Cry? Curse? Launch a hysterical attack? The more pain you feel, the happier I will be.

But his imagination was completely wrong, the boy leisurely walked forward, suddenly grabbed Kyle’s shirt and pulled him down for a kiss, then he retreated a few steps, revealing an expression of relief.

“Cecil, I’m sorry, I …” Kyle was desperate to explain.

“Don’t bother, I won’t date an Alpha that already has a marked Omega.” Zhou Yun Sheng could only use happiness to describe his own mood. Kyle really wasn’t his lover, and fortunately, Joshua had wrapped around him, otherwise he really couldn’t think of a way to break off this unfortunate love affair if they continued dating.

Kyle was the second heir to the Lennon Empire, he came to Chelman for further education in order to recover the declining glory of the royal family. He wanted to master some military power, so he needed to win over a lot of talent. In the original course of his fate, after Osborne’s death, he mastered the First Army through Joshua, and he also secretly murdered his older brother, becoming the king with the most military power in the history of the Lennon Empire.

He looked gentle and shy on the surface, but he was deeply calculating. In public and in private, he would never easily give up Cecil’s great potential. Now, having witnessed his adultery with Joshua, Zhou Yun Sheng could successfully get rid of him.

“I never thought Joshua was an Omega, you hid it well.” Zhou Sheng Yun said, pretending to be surprised.

“Please help me keep it a secret. You’re also an Omega, you should be able to understand my feelings. Omega are not weak, we’re not child-bearing machines, if we have the ability, we should assume greater social responsibility, isn’t that what you said?” Joshua raised his head and looked at him with sincere eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng had no intention of exposing Joshua. He pretended to be persuaded and slightly moved, then he looked deeply at the two men before turning away.

Osborne immediately followed.

Kyle also wanted to chase them, but considering Joshua’s frail body, he had to stay put. He’d marked Joshua, whose blood was very pure and strong, he should be able to give birth to a very strong heir. He rationally told himself that he must take responsibility.

Zhou Yun Sheng expressionlessly swung the energy sword to wipe out obstacles, Osborne followed him around, silent all the way. When evening came, they found a temporary resting place.

Osborne was concentrating on cooking Zerg meat, and Zhou Yun Sheng was poking the fire with a stick, he looked up and suddenly asked, “How are you feeling? The Beta you’ve been dating for so long turned out to be an Omega, but before you even had the chance to be shocked, he was mating with another Alpha. Are you suppressing your pain?”

In fact, if he had to compare misery, Osborne was the unluckiest. At that thought, Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth couldn’t help but curve up. That’s what you get for abandoning Cecil, absolutely no pay-off!

Osborne was indeed suppressing his pain. Why did you kiss Kyle after cutting off your relationship? He’d almost used his spiritual power to carve out Kyle’s lips.

His whole body was enveloped in a black cloud, he was in a very bad mood.

“Are you really suppressing it? Do you still love Joshua? Are you going to keep chasing him in the future? I’ll advise you now, don’t become such a brain-dead person. Since he’s already found his own happiness, you should let him go. Guarding him is no longer your responsibility. You’re first-rate, you’ll be able to find a better partner than Joshua.” Zhou Yun Sheng sincerely comforted. Cecil had regretted Osborne’s death for the rest of his life, so Zhou Yun Sheng wouldn’t allow him to quietly give up everything for Joshua again.

The black cloud surrounding his body was gradually fading, Osborne earnestly asked, “Do you really think I’m first-rate?”

“Of course, you’re the most powerful warrior in the galaxy.” Zhou Yun Sheng nodded.

“How first-rate can I possibly be, I’m not even able to keep my most beloved person.”

Osborne was absolutely not talking about Joshua, but Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know that. He wasn’t one to excessively comfort others, after dinner, he pulled Osborne into the jungle to hunt Zerg. They carefreely hunted for a few days and nights, casually found a cave to sleep, then continued hunting after waking up, soon, half the forest was cleaned up.

Joshua was very weak after mating, he rested for two weeks before slowly hunting, and therefore failed to complete the task.

There was no doubt that the most outstanding student was none other than Cecil, he killed just over 20,000 Zerg, setting another brilliant record in the history of Chelman Military Academy.

When issuing the award, Osborne smiled proudly, and he could barely control his lower body’s reaction when he watched the boy give the military medal a customary kiss. Cecil didn’t need pheromones to invoke his lust, his whole being was the most powerful pheromone, he could make him go crazy for him anytime, anywhere.

Back on Empire Star, Osborne pretended to still be immersed in ‘heartbreak’, using sparring to vent is emotions every day, of course, his only sparring partner was Cecil.

Zhou Yun Sheng fought with Osborne under 100 time’s gravity for a full two hours, his body was on the verge of collapse. He quickly dodged Osborne’s fist, giving him a spin kick, then he spun around to Osborne’s right side, striking him in the head with his elbow.

Osborne dodged his fierce offensive, grabbed him by the wrist, and pressed him on the floor with his knee. Both men were covered in sweat, panting heavily.

Zhou Yun Sheng had lost every day, losing again today made him especially irritable, since his body couldn’t move, he simply gathered his spiritual power to sneak attack Osborne.

Osborne sensed a force approaching, so he also quickly released his spiritual power to block. But the moment both their spiritual forces, or more precisely, their souls, touched, they immediately fused together, squeezing and rubbing against each other, moving in harmony. Intense pleasure poured over them like a flood, rapidly drenching the two men’s bodies and minds.

Osborne’s eyes reddened, he turned the absent-minded Zhou Yun Sheng onto his back and hugged him. They clung together, airtight, their lower bodies reacting, pressing into each other’s underbelly. The feeling of their souls being directly entangled was too wonderful, it made their bodies lose the ability to act.

They gasped, growled, and kissed, desperately pressing into each other.

An hour later, the spiritual blending slowly separated, but it brought the two into a violent wave of climax. A few veins emerged on Osborne’s forehead, and he frantically rubbed the boy’s butt with his large palms. The two let out hoarse groans, their crotches wet, and the intense smell of Chinese Photinia perverted the air.

Turns out Osborne is my lover! And I was the one he’d dumped! Good, nice work! Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyebrows flew upwards, how could he not recognize the familiar feeling of their souls being intertwined?

He pushed the other man away, mercilessly kicked at thing between his legs, then sneered as he turned to leave.

Osborne was kicked in his most vulnerable place, he clutched at his crotch for a while before crawling. And when the pain subsided, he licked his teeth over and over, reflecting on the extreme pleasure he’d just experienced, and his body began heating up again. His spiritual power had collided with others’ before, but there was never this feeling, as if they were both an incomplete semicircle, born to be merged together. There was the sensation of the soul being shaken, the feeling of being filled couldn’t be described in any beautiful language.

He climbed up and walked to the door of Cecil’s bedroom, shouting, “Cecil, my love, we need to talk about this. Don’t you think that situation was very strange? We need to experiment again, to find out what’s going on.” Of course, this time he wouldn’t forget to enter Cecil’s body.

Zhou Yun Sheng had just finished showering and was drying his hair, he heard the words and couldn’t help but sneer. Even after so many lifetimes, this guy is still so insatiable. Why not directly say you want to fuck? Every time you have to come up with a lot of pretexts.

He opened the door, grabbed the man’s shirt, and very rudely pulled him in and tossed him onto the bed.

“Say, was Joshua and Kyle’s affair designed by you?” He sat on the bedside sofa and straightforwardly asked, his bathrobe half open, revealing his trim belly and that secret place.

Osborne stared, dumbfounded, not answering after half a day, his crotch slowly pitching a tent.

Zhou Yun Sheng gave a fake smile and walked over to step on the man’s crotch, he grinded his teeth as he asked, “Did you plan to pursue me a long time ago, so you designed that estrus drama to get rid of Joshua and Kyle? Well, did you?” If he was in his lover’s position, then he would’ve kept a close eye on himself from as early as possible.

“Yes, I broke up with Joshua a while ago ……” Osborne smashed open a cracked pot, confessing everything.

Zhou Yun Sheng lowered his eyes and didn’t speak for a long time. He sat down on the edge of the bed and earnestly inquired, “Why did you fall in love with Joshua?”

“I didn’t love him, I just loved his face, and his name. He looked exactly like the boy I always dreamt about, standing in a field of roses and smiling at me. When I met him in reality at Chelman, I thought it was fate, but then you showed up and woke me up from my insane obsession. I’m now well aware of who I really love. Cecil, you can affect my soul, if you don’t believe me, release your spiritual force to probe me.”

The front was very touching, but the last sentence revealed his true sex-fiend nature, Zhou Yun Sheng punched the other man in his belly, but then he suddenly let out a soft delightful laugh. This man already has vague memories of himself, so after a few more reincarnations, he’ll be able to remember everything.

He was the only light in the limitless dark nights he saw before him.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes were a little moist, he propped his hands on both sides of Osborne’s cheeks, slowly closing the distance between their lips. Osborne held his breath, anticipating his sweetheart’s kiss, but he was suddenly fiercely slapped, then he heard the boy snap, “Get out!”

Osborne blanked, when he snapped out of it, he immediately pulled the boy into an embrace and released his spiritual power to wrap around the trace of spiritual power naturally pouring out from his mind. The souls that had mixed together numerous times immediately merged, the collision releasing dazzling sparks.

Zhou Yun Sheng cursed breathlessly, then he sat up on the man’s belly, resentfully tearing at his clothes……



Target –對象 – duixiang- target / object / partner / boyfriend / girlfriend. I chose target out of all those meanings cause Joshua is a leech.

Chinese Photinia -石楠花- A stinky tree rumored to smell exactly like semen.

Smashed open a cracked pot –破罐破摔 – crazy despair in the face of a blemish, defect, error or setback

What?! Osborne is ML?! I never would’ve guessed……


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13 days ago

In this arc, despite a few wrong turns, it seems their souls are even more in tune with each other, i mean stronger than the previous worlds. I suppose thats cause of their last reincarnations in the god arc.. since ML is a god there, Adounis/Adrianne must have done something in order to sense his lover quickly, even it was briefly hinted before about the soul thing and how Adounis/Adrianne cast a spell on his next reincarnations. I guess this means ML will be even more aware in the next arc.

19 days ago

And some characters in every area like Kyle and Joshua in this arc, don’t deserve being played down to highlight/gaslight MC and ML. This is truly disgusting.

19 days ago

In every recent arc, MC : I think he is my dear immortal lover whom I love for incarnations. Let’s check. *either kisses or persuades them leaving the real ML behind who is desperately persuading him like a waste*
After ML’s revelation : Oh! He is my lover, okay, now that the truth is revealed, I love him desperately. Previous feelings and treating don’t give a sh*t to think.
WTF MC?!! You can’t even recognise your “immortal lover” with whose soul is connected yours, whom you love for incarnations?! But your lover recognises you. Truly weird. I can’t with your weird relationship.

Last edited 19 days ago by Prakruti
19 days ago

ML is getting unbearable by every arc. His obsession is reaching the space! His presence just makes me sick. Instead of him, side characters like Darren and Kyle are more likable. Now, in every arc, this is getting repeated. I don’t understand why the author designed his character like this. *sigh* He never holds clean and clear thoughts for MC only wanting to possess him, imprison him, devour him and conquer him. And best not to talk about the so called protoganists and MLs. Poor guys. *sigh*

Last edited 19 days ago by Prakruti
4 months ago

i just read the nsfw part and- 😳😳

3 months ago
Reply to  Sapphire

where did you read it? 🥺

3 months ago
Reply to  Sapphire

I also can’t find the nsfw part

2 months ago
Reply to  Nice

Go to Wattpad haha… Imma reread this entire thing on Wattpad after lmao

2 months ago
Reply to  Croissant

Can you please share a link? I cant seem to find it.

2 months ago
Reply to  Rero

I don’t know if I can share it, but here are only the nftw, when the translator got to that part nftw, if they tell me I’ll erase it, I’ve already read fod 6 times, I hope you enjoy “the most” with this …

Last edited 2 months ago by 9vampireza6
4 months ago

The thing that I’m still wondering here is how the MC’s personality gradually change whenever he find his lover, like today he will hate the character, will not pay attention to them, no hint of love, but when he find out it’s his lover he COMPLETELY change, like I can barely feel his love for the ML, and the only part that I see him that he was indeed in love with the ML was the zombie apocalypse arc, when he said he feels lonely without the ML, that he should he find him quickly as possible (damn that part was so heartbreaking)

2 months ago
Reply to  Aaaa

Honestly i don’t blame him because if it was me i would never put all my eggs in one basket, like did you see how he reacted when he found out they fucked? He was furious and ready to kill lmao. If it was actually his lover (who is incredibly lucky to have smelled the MC’s scent) imagine how heartbroken he would be??? Like bro that kinda love and betrayal would wreck anyone so i don’t blame him for not putting his entire heart in it until he checked

15 days ago
Reply to  Aaaa

Agreed with this, and also the zombie arc was my fav eventhough its tragic. In there i can really feel MC’s desperate love for ML. His dialogue at the end…and then the god arc happened and ruined the continuity imo. I love the god arc but after the zombie arc’s last desperate scene, its a really letdown in terms of MC’s love. Brainless Sheng was hilarious though but it distracted the MC for a long time. Another arc that is a fav is fourth story where he discovers ML was following him in his reincarnations, the sheer happiness he felt in that moment.