FOD Chapter 10.8


Chapter 10.8

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that Brainless Sheng was going crazy again.

He watched Brainless Sheng kneel before the statue of the God of Light, lying on his knees sobbing, saying how happy he was when he received the red rose crown, he even asked the God of Light to take him to heaven. Then he straightened up, held the God of Light’s face, and tried to kiss his thin lips.

If you dare kiss that, I’ll kill you! Rational Sheng shouted in the subconscious.

Let me kiss him! Why do you always stop me from doing what I want? Brainless Sheng was in tears again.

The two halves of the soul were fighting fiercely in the subconscious, in real life, the boy was holding the Father’s cheek, hovering very close to the statue’s lips, his face showing both a desirous and struggling expression.

In the Ninth Heaven above, the Light God was sitting stiffly in his chaise, holding his breath in anticipation. The boy’s warm, rose-like fragrance was in front of the statue, blowing into his face as a result, their lips were clearly not touching, but he still felt unsteady.

He was ready to act, the moment the boy kissed him, he would appear in front of him, embrace him, caress him, and take him away.

But suddenly, the boy released his hands, turned and quickly ran.

The Light God’s anticipation went unfulfilled. He sat stiffly in a leaning forward posture for a long time, then slowly leaned back in his chair and sighed disappointedly.

Rational Sheng finally won a victory. He suppressed Brainless Sheng back into the subconscious and quickly ran back to his bedroom and fell on his bed. He felt physically and mentally exhausted, but his heart was still experiencing a violent struggle.

He didn’t expect the God of Light to actually respond to Brainless Sheng. He burned Boel with divine flame, and gave Joshua a red rose crown with self-evident implications. Had he really fallen in love with Joshua? He’d once read on an online forum, only a ‘shameless’ person would chase after Prince Charming, that comment seemed to not be so nonsensical.

A shamelessness stat of Brainless Sheng’s level could be considered rare.

But what about my lover? Maybe he’ll seek me out soon, maybe we’ll meet again when I go out to travel. Zhou Yun Sheng silently thought.

‘The Father is our lover, it’s unmistakable.’ Brainless Sheng suddenly opened.

‘Shut up, you’re brainless, the judgment of a brainless person is definitely inaccurate. You’re trying to lie to me, so it’s convenient for you to be with the God of Light, right?’ Rational Sheng sharply rejected his little mind.

Brainless Sheng was silent.

Rational Sheng continued, ‘You know, if the Light God is not our true lover and we provoke him, the consequences will be very serious. He’s the only god in this space, he’s omnipotent, if he wants to imprison us in this space, we have no ability to escape.’

‘Are you willing to stay here forever? Can you guarantee that he’ll love you forever? You see, he doted on Boel Britte so much, and Boel Britte accompanied him for five hundred or so years, but now he’s rejected and abandoned him. Do you dare guess how long he’ll like you? Will it be longer than he liked Boel Britte? Maybe in a few hundred years, a more devout believer than you will appear in the temple, and he’ll kick you to the curb and never look back. So, why don’t you wake up and think about our future!’

The two halves of the soul engaged in a now familiar dialogue, Brainless Sheng was slowly calming down, sinking deeper into the sea of the subconscious, curled up into a ball. In real life, the boy was lying in bed, silently crying with an indifferent expression.

The Light God froze at this scene, he really wanted to cut open the boy’s head to see what he was thinking. He must be having a struggle of love and faith again right? He’s so sensitive and fragile, he felt embarrassed by his own longing for his god.

On the other side, the Pope ordered the guards to put Boel in detainment, then returned to his bedroom alone. He repeatedly checked his body with spells, and finally lost any hope that the Father hadn’t reclaimed his divine power. He’d had half a foot in the realm of the demigods, but now, he was even lowlier than the average priest, and once the dark war broke out, he would be exposed and pushed from his godly altar.

‘Damn that Boel Britte! You’re not the Darling of God, you deceived me! You tempted me into the abyss of desire, and made me lose the sanctuary of the Father. I’m going to make you pay!’

He madly cursed in his heart, and wanted to mercilessly break all the furniture in the room, but was worried about causing a scandal, so he had to be patient. This was not his main temple after all.

‘Yes, I must hurry back to my palace and think of a way.’ Thinking of this, he immediately began to pack his things.

When he took out his scepter and his other priestly robes, he was aghast to find that the four light stones that was at the top of the scepter had shattered, and the inscribed oracle on his Holy Robe had vanished, it had changed from a golden glowing robe, into an old tattered rag.

He suddenly realized just how much had been given to him by the Father, and how much this punishment would cost him. In order to gain power, he had already cast aside his devout faith. He did a lot of bad things, but his strength never weakened, so he’d thought that the Father only occasionally looked upon world, and didn’t know everything done in secret.

He was obviously wrong, the Father knew everything, he just didn’t want to pay any attention to it. But, if his actions touched the Father’s bottom line, the Father would take everything from him.

Now what? The Pope slumped on his bed, helpless.

Boel was held in a foul-smelling dungeon with several guards responsible for guarding him, they were whispering vivid descriptions amongst themselves, talking about the scene of his burning and exposed naked body.

“My God, this is the talked about Darling of God? My eyes feel tainted just looking at him. When I’m off duty, I’ll go to the holy pool to wash them out. After being fucked all night, he shamelessly used the holy priests robe to cover his sins, this is blasphemy against the gods! No wonder the ever loving Father was enraged and sent down golden flame to burn him.”

“No kidding! Why didn’t the Father just burn him to death? I heard that Bishop Byrd had strongly objected to the coronation of the new Bishop, but the Pope insisted. Hey, what do you say? Don’t you think those dirty traces on him were left by the Pope?”

“Ay, must be, otherwise, why did the Father burn only the two of them?”

The Pope’s cronies heard these gossips and immediately ran to the temple to inform him. For the Pope’s reputation, and to preserve the sanctity of the Central Church, Boel Britte couldn’t stay.

Boel was ashamed to death, he hid in the corner of the cell, recalling his carefree life in the Temple of God, drowning in complex feelings.

“Father, please forgive my sins and take me back. I’m willing to offer you my soul. Father, have you forgotten, I used to nestle at your feet and sing, you would feel relaxed and look at me with loving eyes. That was the best time of my life Father. Father, I miss you, do you hear me?”

He knelt on the ground with his hands folded, eager to pass his voice to the Temple of God.

In the Ninth Heaven above, the Light God pointed to the water mirror and lightly asked, “Do you see?”

“Yes Father, I neglected my duties. Please give your decision.” The god was revolted by Boel Britte’s behaviors. A runaway servant dared to claim to be the Darling of God and used the name of the Father to gain power and status. If this was in the past, he might have a chance of forgiveness, but now, the Father had a real darling, how could the Father spare him?

“Dismiss all the servants in the Temple and take away the divine power and power of light in their bodies. They are not allowed to do the same and fake acting in my name. Anyone bold enough will be burnt to death by my divine flames.” The Light God waved his sleeves.

The god vowed to execute the punishment and turned to retreat, the he heard the Father add, “And let them see all of Boel Britte’s deeds as a warning.”

The god bowed and retreated, then he gathered all the Servants of God, beings that were chosen from the lower realms, and promulgated the oracle. He used the time backtracking spell to show them Boel’s experience, so they could understand why they were suffering such a fate.

The servants were all mortal, but when they came to the Temple of God, they were free from growing old, sickness and death. After such a carefree life, how could they be willing to re-enter the mortal realm and face suffering, old age and death again? Not to mention, as long as they stayed with the Father, they had the chance to please him one day and receive a godhead, becoming a noble existence, but now, they had nothing.

They knelt on the ground, crying and begging, repeatedly saying that Boel Britte’s behavior had nothing to do with them, seeking the Father and the god’s grace. But the god wasn’t moved, he took away their divine light, restoring their original bodies, and casted them into the channel leading to the mortal realm.

Before long, there would be many ‘Darlings of God’ falling from the mortal realm’s sky.

The document declaring the Second Prince as Crown Prince was burnt to ashes by divine fire, and the crown rusted, which showed that the Father didn’t want him on the throne. The King had only two heirs, the rest were illegitimate children born from mistresses. In order to avoid civil strife, he deliberately didn’t train his illegitimate children, so they only knew how to eat and drink, not lead. Now, one heir died, and the other heir was rejected by the Father, he simply couldn’t pick a qualified heir.

Without a future ruler, the imperial power would grow unstable, but what could he do?

In contrast to the King’s distress, the late prince’s wife was very happy. She held her three-month-old son and gently rocked him, humming a hypnotic song. He fell into a sweet sleep, and she carefully put him into the cradle, then ordered several master level warriors to keep guard on him.

She put on her plainest dress and slowly walked into the temple. She saw Priest Joshua sitting by the holy pool and carving puppets. His eyes were lowered, he looked infinitely gentle, and the golden sun shrouded him, illuminating his beautiful figure. A few butterflies had smelled his body’s sweet rose fragrance and were hanging around him, refusing to leave.

He was so beautiful, so holy, quiet, and peaceful, even the chattiest servants were reluctant to speak loudly in front of him, afraid of disturbing him. This is the real person the Father adores, right?

All the women in the continent were well aware of the meaning behind the red rose.

She lightened her footsteps and walked to Joshua’s side, then bowed.

“Good day, Princess Elena.” The boy smiled, his voice was as pleasant as spring water.

The Princess felt a bit of trepidation, after half a day, she tentatively opened:  “The day after tomorrow is your 18th birthday as well as my son’s full 100 days.”

“Oh, Little Prince Anthony’s full 100 days?” Zhou Yun Sheng soon realized the other’s intentions and looked up at her with encouragement.

The Princess really did calm down, she slowly said, “So, I would like to ask you to give Anthony a blessing after your baptism.”

According to the mainland’s customs, newborns must have a highly respected elder bless them after their first 100 days, so people generally looked for the most powerful and honorable person they had access to, and the royal family would usually ask the country’s Bishop.

“But you know, I’m not the Bishop of Saga Kingdom, I’m not qualified to bless Little Prince Anthony.” Zhou Yun Sheng said frankly. If the other party was blessed by him, then he wouldn’t be stingy with his power of light and would definitely create a few miracles for the small His Royal Highness. He would never let the Second Prince inherit Sagya Kingdom’s throne.

“In my heart, no one is more qualified than you. Please, can you grant my request?” The Princess knelt down and folded her hands together.

Zhou Yun Sheng quickly stood up and helped her up, he smiled and said, “Since it is your wish, then I promise. May you and your little son be in good health.”

“Thank you. This is very kind of you. Your decision is a salvation for me and Anthony, we will never forget this kindness!” The Princess teared up and repeatedly bowed before quietly retreating, she walked to an unmanned corner and lifted her sleeves.

Her maid, who was waiting for her in the distance, came to her side and saw several burnt black fingerprints on her arm, she whispered in dismay, “My God, is this something Priest Joshua did to you? But he looks so kind, not like this kind of cruel and insidious person. What reason does he have to hurt you, you’ve never offended him, right?”

“No, I didn’t offend him, but I offended his admirer. This is the mark of divine fire from the Father. The Father doesn’t permit others to touch Joshua, so this is his way of telling us to stay away from him.” The Princess shook her head with a wry smile.

The maid gaped in surprise, staring at the fingerprints, her expression turned from anger to reverence, as if it was a matter of pride that her master was burnt by the Father’s fire, it would be better if it left a scar.

The Princess pulled down her sleeves and gave a contented smile. She’d made the right bet. Because of the unstable living environment, no Kingdom on the mainland would take a less than one year old baby as Crown Prince. That risk was too great, not to mention, the King had a few bastards that were eyeing the throne.

But, as long as Anthony got Joshua’s favor, it was equal to getting the Father’s favor, then, no matter how young the heir, he could firmly secure the position of Crown Prince. From now on, no one would dare trample on this mother and son.


Three days later, Joshua turned eighteen, after his baptism ceremony he would travel the continent. Because Boel had taken away his Bishop position, the temple had reduced the importance of his baptism ceremony and had only invited the clergy, not the elites of the Kingdom.

But, the day after Boel and the Pope were burnt by God fire, the King held an emergency meeting and demanded that Joshua’s baptism be treated as the most important event in the continent, and that all the nobles in Gagor had to attend. He also discussed with the Elder Bishop to have Joshua be coronated as the new Bishop on the day of his baptism ceremony, but his idea was rejected by the Elder Bishop.

The two coronation ceremonies were too close together, it would look as if Joshua was just selected to clean up the mess. Because Boel lost his eligibility they turned to him, that was obviously an insult, it would be belittling to him. Joshua would never agree.

So, the Elder Bishop made a proposal to the King, wait for Joshua’s return from his travels, then hold an unprecedentedly grand ceremony.

The King agreed after some contemplating. What about the Pope’s opinion? The two men silently chose to ignore it. As the Pope, he should be the embodiment of the Father in the mortal world, but the Father personally sent down his Godly Fire to severely punish him, such an ‘honor’ for a Pope had never been seen before. Once the news spread out, he would not be qualified to stay on the Pope’s throne.

On the day of the ceremony, except for the Second Prince who was under house arrest, all the nobles of Gagor gathered in the open space of the temple. Their expressions were solemn, and they dared not speak loudly. They now knew that Priest Joshua was the true Darling of God, and at the moment, the Father was likely looking upon him from heaven.

Zhou Yun Sheng knelt alone in the hall to pray, and when the sun rose to the middle of the sky, he walked along the long red carpet toward the holy pool outside the temple. Along the way, people constantly threw pure white roses in his path to show their blessings. The petals were repeatedly swept up by the breeze, then slowly fell back to the ground, the scene looked very ethereally beautiful.

Today, Zhou Yun Sheng’s mental state was very good. Rational and Brainless Sheng lived and moved together in harmony. Today was Joshua’s most important day, neither of them wanted to ruin it.

He walked to the holy pool. The Pope, clad in the robes of a common priest, reached out to take the boy’s hand and lead him into the water. This was the Pope’s duty at a baptism.

But Zhou Yun Sheng waved him away in refusal, his oblique glance implied contempt and disgust, as if to say ‘you are not qualified to touch me’. The Pope’s heart stirred in anger, but his face was still smiling. He didn’t want to be disgraced in public, so he forcefully grabbed the boy’s wrist and pulled him towards the holy pool.

Then everyone saw that as soon as the Pope’s palm touched Joshua, it started emitting black smoke, followed by golden flames. This time, not only did it burn the Pope’s soul, his flesh was also burnt, the strong stench of burning flesh filled the room.

The Pope finally couldn’t maintain a dignified posture, he immediately let go of the boy’s wrist and retreated to the side, his handsome face twisted and deformed, showing just how much pain he was suffering. Half a minute later, the flames went out by themself, but he felt so weak that he could no longer stand. He was helped out of the central temple by several holy officials and laid to rest.

After they laid him down, they hurried back, refusing to miss Priest Joshua’s baptism. There was endless chatter questioning the Pope’s authority.

“What did the Pope do to make the Father so disgusted? Look, he has been burnt by God twice. Is a man who has been severely punished by the Father twice still worthy of the Pope’s position? If everyone in the Church is under such a dirty man’s rule, the Father will abandon us in anger sooner or later, just like the other gods.”

“Don’t say that. The Father would not be so cruel. Besides, we have Priest Joshua, he is holy, noble, and loved by the Father. As long as he lives on this contentment, the Father will not abandon us.”

“You’re right. When I went back home after last time, my wife reminded me of what the red rose means in the flower language. I had no idea the High Father had such a romantic side. Maybe because the Pope touched Priest Joshua just now, he angered the Father. The Father was jealous.”

The man seemed to realize that what he had just said could be treated as criticizing the Father, so he quickly covered his mouth and stopped talking, and the rest of the people also quieted down.

At the same time, Zhou Yun Sheng took off his robe and walked into the holy pool wearing a thin undershirt. The water dampened the fabric, making it transparent and sticky, it clung to the boy’s slender, flawless body, even the two red cherries on his chest were clearly visible.

The scene was extremely beautiful and sexy.

The present elite only had a chance to glance at him before their eyes started stinging, then a golden light beam projected down from the Ninth Heaven, enveloping the holy pool.

Everyone’s vision was cut off, and they bowed their heads, their expressions fearful.

Zhou Yun Sheng was in the center of the beam of light, his eyes were stabbed by the golden light, it was almost impossible to open them. He was about to stand up to try and figure out his situation, when suddenly, a warm, tall, and strong body embraced him from behind, a big palm gripped his jaw, pointed his face back and upwards, and a fiery hot tongue drilled into his mouth, stirring inside his mouth with frantic strength, exploring, tightly intertwining with his soft tongue.

Another big palm explored his clinging wet robe, gently rubbing his two pink points, then it slid down, pressing him up against a stiff place, while gently caressing.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart pounded in incomparable horror, he quickly released the power in his body, intending to kill this random molester, when a thick, sexy voice suddenly appeared in his mind, “Baby, don’t be afraid, it’s me, Adounis.”
Adounis? What kind of demon is that? Zhou Yun Sheng glared in anger. Anyone who was inexplicably sexually harassed by a man, who also dared to speak to them with such a familiar tone, will be angry as a matter of course.

Adounis?! Aaaahhh!! That’s the Father’s true name! It’s the Father! Brainless Sheng pushed himself to the front in a millisecond.

The boy’s angry eyes of flame instantly extinguished into wet yearning and adoring. His stiff body relaxed, and he softened like warm honey in the Father’s arms, stretching out as much as possible to facilitate the Father’s caressing.

“Father, is that you? Are you loving me?” He panted, his curled eyelashes trembled as his neck was kissed and suckled. He wanted to see the Father’s beautiful otherworldly face, but when he turned around the man once again covered his lips, biting and licking, the frantic force seemed like the person wanted to swallow him whole.

Is this really the gentle and loving Father?

The thought just entered his mind, when a sexy voice chuckled and said in an indulging tone, “My Joshua, my Little Believer, only I can treat you this way.”

This sentence made Brainless Sheng completely lose any lingering resistance, he tightly gripped the Father’s strong arms, and wrapped his legs around the Father’s waist, clinging to him like a vine, opening himself up.

He was fiercely kissed, silver saliva slipped from between their locked lips and dripped into the water, and pulse racing moans occasionally sounded.

He tried to restrain his moans, berating himself with a sad expression. Tears were hanging in the corner of his eyes, refusing to fall, making him look very pitiful.

“Call out baby, no one will hear. From now on, you are mine, and you only belong to me.” The Light God chuckled, he licked the silver off his mouth with a fascinated expression, as if tasting the world’s most delicious nectar.

“Father, I’m yours, my everything is yours. Please take me, please enjoy me heartily. I’ve already promised myself to you.” The boy arched his body and moaned with ecstasy, releasing his inhibitions.

As the fiery moans became louder and more high-pitched, the Light God’s golden eyes turned completely black. He pressed the boy into his chest, trembling with him as they climbed the pinnacle of bliss. He has existed for hundreds of millions of years, but he finally realized what it was to be truly alive, what was true happiness.



Adounis –亞度尼斯 – Yaduonisi- Adonis, not 阿多尼斯- Aduonisi – Adonis, aka the Greek god. If you goggle the first one you get pics of a clothing company. You google the other you get pics of Adonis the god and an anime or VN character with purple hair. It’s weird so I added a u to avoid confusion.

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You can find the Nsfw parts on wattpad just search “Quickly wear the face of the devil” and select the chapter you want

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For those who are asking. There is a detailed nsfw in this chapter and the other chapters. You can just search fod nsfw in goggle and you can see an nsfw chapters in wattpad. The translation is decent.

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What happened to the NSFW scene??? Maybe I just misremembered the ending scene to be more lewd than is written… o//-//o

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hey, there was this theory that the ml would follow the script not until zhou yun sheng take over of a body in that world. And, if the ml would not love zys back then what it would be? this story is about them anyway just with diff story arcs

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Because Adonis soul data already swapped with ML when MC enter this world ah… So of course don’t be weirder out when he kinda OOC

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Did you seriously think that that was the same god of light from before, from the og story? smh. Its obviously ML who took over or merged with Adounis. ML is tied to MC, no matter what universe, he will always be like that.

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Also its in the foreword. Did you read? It says that the main characters are not subjected to one personality cause of different reincarnations esp in ML’s case, but one thing is always right, they will always fall in love and ML will always obsessed over MC.

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Kawaii Panda
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