FOD Chapter 8.3


Chapter 8.3

Zhou Yun Sheng had stayed silent in the corner, so the sponsor hadn’t noticed him, but when he saw him walk out of the crowd, his eyes suddenly brightened. This phone had a total of five colors, one of which had a pure white body and a deep black screen, giving off a clean, stylish, and noble feeling. And Zhou Yun Sheng’s look and this phone was a perfect match.

Jeffrey was about to give him the black cell phone when the sponsor said: “Give him the white.”

Jeffrey shrugged, changed to white and thought: Well, don’t be too disappointed with this child later. He becomes a rigid and dull fool whenever he gets on camera, even his pure looks can’t save him.

The fool, Romeo, was slowly hanging over the pit. Jeffrey kept soothing him, “Don’t move, don’t move, keep your center of gravity downward, you can do it child, I believe in you.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded and tried to move his hands and feet after the landing gear stopped moving. His long and slender legs crossed, as if he was not in the air and surrounded by broken walls and a rusty metal frame, but in a magnificent palace, sitting on a huge and soft sofa.

Like he was sitting on the sofa, leisurely fiddling with his phone, thinking: Who should I invite to the party?

“Oh my God, I don’t know how he maintains this posture, does he really have a chair behind him? It must be a gorgeous chair.” The sponsor was surprised at the teenager’s style. That’s right, what they wanted was to blur the line between imagination and reality.

Zhou Yun Sheng was using his two hands to fiddle with the phone. This time, he stretched out the hand with the phone far away from him and leaned his forehead against his other hand. He raised an eyebrow and made an expression that said: Why should I call first? I’ll wait and see, the first person to call me will get a reward.

These actions didn’t feel stiff even in the sky, and on the camera, he manipulated the phone to be seen in the best position, making it the star of the photo while his slightly playful expression became the perfect embellishment.

“It’s great! I love him, he’s the one I was imagining.” The sponsor passionately praised.

The photographer was also going crazy, as soon as Zhou Yun Sheng changed his pose he’d shoot non-stop, the camera flashes were constant, almost enough to blind. A lift of a hand, a turn of his face, even a raise of an eyebrow or a blink of an eye, all his motions were so clever and moving, each photo was picturesque.

And so, when Zhou Yun Sheng relaxed his hands and feet to change his pose, Jeffrey suddenly stopped him, “Well done Romeo, you can come down.”

“But I’ve only been up here for three minutes.” Zhou Yun Sheng held on to the cell phone, his expression was flawless and somewhat aggrieved.

Before Jeffery could reply, the sponsor beckoned, “Come down child, we’ve already gotten the photo we most wanted. You’re awesome!”

The photographer touched his nose, embarrassed, “I already used up all your 30 shots, we can’t take anymore. Kid, you’re the darling of the camera, you’ll have no trouble.” In fact, he’d taken more than 100 photos in those three minutes. He was very satisfied with each one, and each one was difficult to let go, but this couldn’t be said in public, or the other players will find it unfair.

“Come down, be careful.” Jeffrey let the mechanic slowly lower the teenager back to the ground, encouraging, “You stayed strong and did very well.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded and turned to see all the contestants looking at him with jealous eyes, except Emily, Hayden, and a red-haired woman.

Emily didn’t regard him as an opponent, Hayden was too afraid to pay any attention to him and the red haired woman was just open-minded. Zhou Yun Sheng remembered that her name was Ivana Brewster, a very strong name, her height was 180 cm, the tallest of all the female contestants, and she had a bit of masculine charm.

She and Emily were the only two who didn’t react to Romeo’s cynicism to the other players. But in Emily’s mind, she was just too superior to react, while Ivana was genuinely kind-hearted, tolerant and open-minded. In her view, Romeo was just a child who hasn’t grown up yet, he was too naive to know the adult world’s rules.

This opinion was entirely excusable.

She gave him a thumbs up and Zhou Yun Sheng quickly gave her a smile, then he continued to hide in the corner.

The next few contestants couldn’t bring out the sponsor’s satisfaction, and finally, only Hayden was left. Hayden tried to suppress his fear, and his tight facial lines actually made him look more calm and reliable.

Jeffrey pushed him into the pit and said to the sponsor, “He is one of my favorite contestants. I’ve always been very satisfied with his performances.”
Then he immediately regretted his words. Hayden was like a bug stuck in a spider web about to be killed, he trembled violently and threw the phone away, dropping it to the bottom of the pit.

“Oh, no no no, no let me down! I can’t, I really can’t do this.” He shouted and flailed his hands, then his center of gravity destabilized and he turned head down, hanging in the air by his feet. The sense of weightlessness made him let out a shrill scream, and the ‘tough guy’ started wailing like a child.

Jeffrey was stunned, and the sponsor covered his mouth and showed a dismayed expression.

The cameramen were circling around, shooting Hayden’s antics from all angles. Their task was to film interesting scenes, the more entertaining the better.

“Don’t move, don’t be afraid, take a deep breath to calm yourself. Our security measures are in place, you aren’t in any danger. Hayden you have to trust me, believe in the staff.” Jeffrey tried to comfort him to little effect, he was still struggling, stirring up the safety rope, making it more and more difficult to maintain balance.

A man’s terrified screaming was no less loud than a women’s, the sponsor felt like digging out his eardrums, the photographer saw his expression and quietly walked to the side.

Jeffrey had no way to calm him down, he waved tiredly, “Let him down, wait for him to calm down and try again.”

The mechanic immediately controlled the landing gear to lower Hayden back to the ground.

All the players circled him to comfort him, and Emily held him tightly in her arms and patted him, saying, “Shh, okay, you’re safe, they won’t let you back up, you’re safe.” God knew how depressed and embarrassed she was at the moment. She liked strong and powerful men, not a sissy who yells at a slightly higher climb. She felt cheated, but Hayden’s family background made her temporarily tolerate the deceit.

Jeffrey interrupted her, “No, he’s going back up honey. If he doesn’t finish shooting, he won’t have enough points to qualify for the next round.”

Hayden, who had recovered a little calm, collapsed again. His face paled, his eyes reddened, his whole body couldn’t contain his shaking.

The players immediately comforted him, but their heart’s true thoughts were unknown.

Only two people didn’t join in the fun, Zhou Yun Sheng and Ivana. Zhou Yun Sheng was waiting for the right time to act, but Ivana just plainly hated Hayden. The other players always complain about how arrogant Romeo was, or how difficult it was to get along with him, but in her opinion, the most arrogant and most difficult to get along with man should be Hayden. But, he was very good at concealing himself, and he had the halo of a rich young master, so he could temporarily blind everyone’s senses.

The more warm comfort he received, the weaker Hayden felt, he repeatedly told Jeffrey that he couldn’t do it, and suggested filming on the ground.

This was obviously unfair to the other players, so Jeffrey, of course, refused. The scene was suddenly at a stalemate.

At this time, Romeo walked out, clapping and laughing, “Awww, look, who is this wittle crying baby? Oh, it’s tough guy Hayden! Haha, I had no idea that under tough guy Hayden’s skin lived a nappy wearing, tit-sucking baby!”

Before Emily could react in anger to his mocking, he continued, “Hayden can hide behind his mum’s knickers and cry for a nappy-changing all he wishes. It’s his natural habitat.”

“Romeo, you jerk!” Emily scolded.

The other players also condemned, “Romeo, you’re too much! Don’t you have a little compassion?”

Hayden had forgotten his fear, he gathered a fist and tried to rush over and beat the boy, but Jeffrey tightly held him and advised, “Hayden calm down, our program prohibits all physical violence. People who fight will be kicked out, so please calm down.”

Hayden was still struggling as Zhou Yun Sheng continued to stimulate him, “Oh Baby Hayden, except for hiding and weeping in your mum’s bosom and thrashing others, what skills do you have? Why don’t you hang up and show me? Go on now…What, don’t have the balls? Then quickly pack up your luggage and head home. I’ll be very happy when you stop pissing in the wind.” Then he lifted his hands and jiggled his ass, doing an early celebration dance.

If this scene was aired, Romeo’s reputation would hit rock bottom, he was being too unsympathetic. But, the cameramen didn’t care about this, they only cared that the program needed a gimmick. A high retention rate was good, so they did their best to cover all the conflict.

Hayden suddenly regained his composure and turned to Jeffrey, “Hang me up again, I want to continue the shoot.”

“That’s great, I’m proud of you.” Jeffrey gave him a warm hug and let him hang up.

With his anger and hatred as support, Hayden’s performance was very great, although his face was somewhat pale, when he balanced his body, he immediately entered the zone. The photographer captured several attractive shots, expressing high praise for Hayden’s formidable spirit.

The sponsor also gave a satisfied nod.

Everyone looked up at Hayden and cheered his every move to encourage him. They’d forgotten Romeo, but the cameramen wouldn’t forget. They wanted to capture Romeo’s surprise, disappointment, or jealously.

But when they moved the lens to the periphery of the crowd, they found that Romeo was smiling, even his eyes were filled with real joy and eagerness. But when he saw the camera pointing towards him he froze, then he gave a cold ‘humph’ and turned away.

What’s wrong with him? Why was he complaining? The cameramen looked at each other.

Ivana rubbed her chin thoughtfully: It seems that Romeo is not as disgusted with Hayden as he acts. That child has a lot of things on his heart.



Ivana – Original calls her Ivan. Please don’t cruelly name your female child Ivan. It’s the English equivalent of naming her John. You will ruin her life.

178 cm – It calls Ivana the tallest girl in the group. But Emily was also 180cm. A rare inconsistency from this author, so I took 2 cm from Emily.

Did you notice I gave Romeo a bit of a British accent? It’s how I hear him in my head for spoilery reasons. Nothing big, I just exchanged terms for the British equivalent- changed diaper to nappy, mom to mum etc. Yes he really did call Hayden a diaper wearing sissy.

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3 months ago

favorite arc, wohoo!!!

6 months ago

I love Ivana! I want Ivana! *sends 100 dowries to ask for her hand in marriage*

6 months ago

I didn’t enjoy this arc as much the first time I read it but now I’m absolutely loving it! Probably going to be one of my favourites now. XD Funny how that can change.
Thank you so much for translating!! <3

6 months ago

As soon as I saw ivanna’s180 CM .. I was like ok…. Found hi- her–😶 wait WHAAAAAATTTT

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6 months ago

Hope ivana becomes his bff

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i’m loving ivana!! and romeo, is he going to re-establish his ruined reputation by him being somewhat a ‘tsundere’? like on the surface, he has a sharp mouth but actually has soft heart inside?

10 months ago

i know a person whose birthname was Ian and born female. They’re a demiboy and very satisfied with the name their parents gave them XD

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Ivanaa, seria mi arco favlrito por Ivana ;–; es el personaje mas cuerdo de toda la novela :’)

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