FOD Chapter 8.20 & 8.21


Chapter 8.20 & 8.21

The two stylists circled around Zhou Yun Sheng and Ivana, occasionally gathering together to whisper in discussion. A quarter of an hour later, the two finally reached a consensus, and laid an array of makeup tools on the table.

“In order to cover up the masculine figure, our clothing for this session is a 17th century court dress. The huge skirts and gorgeous bubble sleeves will completely shield your muscles. The female contestants don’t need to go through this trouble, they’ll look very beautiful in tight trousers.” The stylist daubed the teenager with makeup and explained. He was always very patient with beautiful creatures.

“But what about their chests and our chests?” Zhou Yun Sheng asked, worried.

The stylist was silent. Bonnie and Jeffrey were laughing hysterically.

“The women are just going to wear a corset, you…need to wear this.” Jeffrey took out a bra and two soft silicon boobs, snickering like a wolf grandmother.

“Oh my God!” The teenager’s horrified groan made everyone laugh.

Half an hour later, the stylists pushed the completely transformed persons out of the changing rooms. Ivana was wearing a gorgeous double-breasted red velvet coat, white tights, and a pair of exquisite calfskin boots. Her facial lines were hardened so she looked more handsome and she was holding a silver cane. She turned around in place, then half bowed to kiss the back of Bonnie’s hand, her low husky tone was completely like a man’s, “Beautiful lady, can I have the honor of inviting you to dance?”

Bonnie covered her mouth and squealed, then she was spun around under Ivana’s tug. If they didn’t know the inside story, no one would doubt her sex. She was a nobleman who came out of an oil painting.

Just then, the door to the fitting room opened, and a ‘maiden’ in a gorgeous pale blue dress slowly walked out. Because of nervousness and embarrassment, his beautiful big blue eyes, which was painted in make-up, looked wet. He carefully carried the heavy looking, blooming flower like skirt and walked, step by step, like a little lost lamb.

His exquisite facial features and ethereal make-up was amazing.

Not to mention the stylist, the cameraman, sound engineer, Ivana and others, even Jeffrey and Bonnie, who have seen countless beautiful people, melted. Romeo looked soft to the extreme, he had breasts, a curvy waist, and an angelic face. No matter from which angle you looked at him, there was no sense of unnaturalness!

Gustav was purely homosexual, he was not interested in women, he couldn’t get hard for them even if he tried. He had thought it would be somewhat uncomfortable to see Romeo in a woman’s dress, but he was wrong. No matter what sex Romeo was, or what he looked like, he still loved him, he couldn’t stop himself from loving him. He had never loved a man so deeply, as if the whole world was in faded gray, and he was the brightest splash of color.

He held up the camera and took several photos in succession, then he noticed the props pile. He picked up a doll and pushed it into the boy’s arms. Then he said seriously, “I’ll test a few shots, pose a little for me. Remember, you’re now a graceful lady, your actions can’t be too rough.”

Zhou Yun Sheng had mixed into the entertainment and fashion circle for many years, he knew that in order to win the public’s favor and love, entertainers had to lower their tolerance limits. Even if the most popular idol star had a naturally cold personality, when the audience stopped being interested in it, he had to immediately transform into a cheerful star. Fame had a price.

It was a glamorous and bizarre vanity fair. If you’re too obsessed with a perfect public image, and always restrained your actions, you were doomed to never get very far ahead. When possible, you have to do everything to please the public, this is an entertainer’s spirit.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that the viewers would be particularly fond of this episode’s theme because it had a fun gimmick to attract people’s attention. His appearance gave him an advantage, if he performed properly, he could get more of the viewers’ recognition and love. In order to complete Romeo’s wish, he would pour in all his efforts. Making him pretend to be a woman was not a problem, he had a professional attitude, he would passionately play.

He hugged the doll in his hands and pressed its fine little face to his face, then he tilted his head and looked up at Gustav. His pure and naïve eyes were like a clear pool of water, it could drown people.

He maintained this pose for only a few seconds, then he lowered the doll, and used his left hand to grip the doll’s waist and hold it to his chest, then he stuck the tip of his right index finger into his tender mouth and widened his eyes.

It’s a brilliant seduction! How wicked, baby, that’s a serious foul! Gustav shouted in his heart as he frantically pressed the shutter, refusing to miss a single frame. He wanted to collect all of Kitten’s pictures, and when they were too old to move, they could sit by the fireplace in the living room and slowly look through them, serenely recalling old memories.

While he was shooting, Bonnie and the others had also taken out their phones to capture the moments. The staff’s phones were private goods, they could not be seized since their whole lives were on them. If they hadn’t signed a confidentiality contract, they would’ve immediately shared these cute enough to kill photos on social media.

Ivana’s mobile phone had been confiscated by the program group, so she could only beg Bonnie to forward a copy to her later. She liked women, but seeing Romeo like this, she felt that she could straighten out slightly. As long as Romeo dressed up every day, she could love him till the seas dried up.

In order to get a higher number of net votes, Zhou Yun Sheng could sell cuteness all day. He played up Romeo’s cute appearance to 200%, he even puckered his lips and sent Gustav’s camera a kiss.

Gustav’s cheeks flushed, he looked shy and embarrassed like an inexperienced boy. Fortunately, the camera was blocking his face, so no one noticed his blunder. He took more photos until the temperature in his cheeks receded, then he pretended to be a calm as he waved, “Sorry, Romeo’s appearance is too wonderful. As a photographer, I love to chase beautiful things, so I went out of control. Can you allow me to keep these pictures? If not, I’ll delete them right away.”

His tone was bland and polite, but his tense palms were sweating. He loved the scene of Kitten sending him a kiss, if it wasn’t for Bonnie and the others, he couldn’t wait to run up and kiss him.

“It doesn’t matter, keep it if you like. At the end of the game, send me a set. It’s the first time I’ve played a woman, I want a souvenir.” Zhou Yun Sheng gave him a generous smile.

Jeffrey and Bonnie immediately cheered. These selling cuteness shots could make a lot of people’s hearts pang, they will definitely be popular on social media.

While Ivana and Zhou Yun Sheng were in the dressing room, the rest of the players were also posing and joking with each other.

“Ahhh look! Who’s that?!” A female player screamed.

Everyone turned around and stared, stunned. The female contestants were fascinated by Ivana’s handsomeness, and the male players were surprised at Romeo’s perfect female dress up. Although he had muscle, he wasn’t broad and tall, his lines were very smooth and compact, which made his clothes look elegant and soft.

Now, he wore a gorgeous light blue evening dress, like a quietly blooming iris, and his bright sea blue eyes became this flower’s dew- extremely vivid, lively and lovely.

A man who was close to Romeo’s age, immediately blushed, then he hesitatingly asked, “You, you’re Romeo?” They were also wearing heavy and puffy dresses, but they weren’t even a little bit cute, rather, they looked like large sentient barrels, it was both a funny and odd feeling.

When they’d gathered together, they didn’t hesitate to laugh at each other, but with Romeo standing in their mists, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

“Rage comic characters and a beautiful manga character have a cross-over, hilarity ensues. This is probably the closest reality would ever get to that…..Pfft, oh crap we haven’t even started yet and I can’t stop laughing.” Jeffery held his cell phone and laughed loudly, making a racket. He loved this show too much.

Bonnie was not idle, she aimed at a female player with a beard glued to her face and pressed the capture button, her mouth puffing out in suppressed laughter.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt that the studio was now in chaos. Everywhere was exposed skin, rough like a grindstone, waists thicker than barrels, ‘noble ladies’ with chests like two large and exaggerated silicon pads, and ‘noble gentlemen’ with delicate voices, slim bodies and graceful walks.

The picture was really too painful. He needed to look at Ivana or himself every few seconds to wash his brain. He noticed that several “ladies” were walking towards him, his mouth twitched and he finally responded, “It’s me.”

“God, it’s really you!” A male player shouted, caught off guard, baffling Zhou Yun Sheng. Later that day, in the diary room, the male player would confess that it was love at first sight, but he didn’t expect his goddess would be a male god, so his heart immediately broke.

“What’s wrong with him?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised his eyebrows.

“He’s been hit.” A male player suddenly leaned forward and whispered mysteriously, “Romeo, tell me you’re actually a woman, you were concealing your sex before right?”

Zhou Yun Sheng opened his neckline and revealed two sets of false breasts to answer his question, seeing him still dubious, he helplessly said, “Do you need me to lift my skirt to show you? You’ve all already seen me in my swimming trunks.”

The male players were abruptly disappointed, they awkwardly waved their hands no, but still refused to leave, they stayed to chat with him, occasionally staring at his face in a trance. They had never been so friendly with the boy before, but because he dressed up, their attitude changed, this really was the way the world worked.

Who was the one who said ‘music is borderless’? Even the Celestial Peking Opera was enjoyed by, but lost on foreigners. Beauty was truly borderless. Zhou Yun Sheng sighed. He saw John zooming in on his face again, and mischievously blinked to moisten his big clear eyes.

John suddenly blushed, almost dropping the expensive camera. His Idol was getting more and more naughty! How mean!



To keep the best for the finale, Bonnie made Ivana and Zhou Yun Sheng shoot last. This was also to prevent the boss form losing his patience and quitting after finishing Kitten’s shoot. If he hadn’t been lured in by Kitten, he absolutely wouldn’t want to take pictures of people.

Whether it was the male or female players, they all had very awkward performances, one had to act feminine, one had to act masculine, but they had to use their body language to express it, so there was a lot of hilarious results. Bonnie and Jeffrey had completely forgotten that they were supposed to be guiding them, they were too busy holding their bellies and laughing.

When it was Emily’s turn, she knew that if she didn’t fight, she would soon be eliminated. Her net score was up against Romeo, it would no doubt fall to the lowest valley. So when she went up for her photo shoot, her pace was heroic and really masculine. Her look was also very unique, she had an eyepatch, glued on handle bar moustache, and handsome pirate clothes.

She had one foot up on the stool, while the male player was kneeling on her side, his hands posed in prayer, his jaw pinched and lifted up by her. Their appearance was not perfect, one could easily see who was the man and the woman, but the act was very funny. Anyone who saw this picture couldn’t help but laugh.

Gustav took a quick look at the photos and didn’t give an evaluation, but Bonnie and Jeffery were full of praise. So far, Emily’s group was the most natural.

Finally, the ones they had all been waiting for went up. The players who had finished their shoots gathered around to cheer for the two. Now, Ivana was the recognized male god by the female contestants, and Romeo was the recognized goddess by the male contestants, this pair finally found their position.

Emily’s grim gaze lingered on Romeo’s delicate face for a moment, then moved away. She always knew that Romeo’s appearance was very outstanding, in all the contestants, he could be ranked in the top, but she didn’t expect him to be outstanding to this extent. No matter how strange his dress, he could easily control it, so nothing felt off. The model industry was most in need of this kind of talent.

How will the audience react when they see such a Romeo? She didn’t want to think about it.

“Baby, go stand in the middle.” Gustav smiled and opened.

Ivana reflexively pushed Romeo toward the middle. Gustav’s eyes were glued to Romeo, she would never think that this ‘baby’ was referring to herself.

The lights hung over the boy’s porcelain-white skin, making him look like a gem. Gustav looked a moment, then made Kitten adjust his position several times before starting the shooting, as for whether Ivana had enough lighting, as long as it doesn’t affect the photo shoot, it was completely not within his considerations. His line of sight could only accommodate one person.

“Try and sit down. No, no Ivana you don’t have to hug Kitten, stay in your own position, the photo will have an elegant sense of melancholy alienation. I like that a lot.” He shot as he guided.

Bonnie curled her lip: Boss, don’t make excuses for your stinginess. You just don’t want to see Ivana be too intimate with Kitten, right? Even if it’s just posing.

“Yes, that’s it, hold on. Baby, look at me, gentler and deeper, like I’m your favorite person.” His guidance was as gentle as words of love. Everyone thought it was the normal way a photographer acted when he found his inspiration, but actually, it was his true feelings. When the teenager stared at him with loving eyes, his soul trembled.

“Baby, smile at me.” His voice was getting rougher, it was because he was thirsty. He was being seduced until even his mouth dried from all his sweating, but he didn’t want to stop. It was a sweet torment.

Zhou Yun Sheng slightly smiled at the camera, his keen ear noticing the man’s heavy breathing.

“Yes, that’s right. Wonderful, baby you’re an angel on earth, baby, you’re excellent!” He warmly praised his sweetheart, the foolish personality hidden in such an elegant package stunned Bonnie. When she first witnessed Acheson during his photography, he was very quiet, like a cold passer-by, revealing a sense of alienation, as if he was a foreigner in the world. She’d thought Acheson’s blood must be very cold, she didn’t know he could boil up this crazily.

This scene needs to be commemorated! She lifted her phone to record, and after a few minutes, she cruelly reminded, “Mr. Acheson, you only have one shot left, you should stop and let them think about a better pose.”

“….Only one left?” Gustav frowned and looked at the camera’s screen to see that he had already taken 29 photos, time flied really fast. How could 29 be a lot? Even 2.9 billion isn’t enough ah! He pushed back his hair, his expression was not affected, but his heart was very irritable.

It wasn’t easy to get an opportunity to be close to Kitten, and he wasted it. Shit!

Seeing Kitten and Ivana discussing their pose, he walked over, sat in the regal chair and said, “You can do this. Baby come, lie on my lap.”

It wasn’t unusual for the photographer or the judges to guide the players on how they could pose, but it was the first time for the aloof Mr. Acheson to do it. The contestants were a little surprised, but they soon understood his feelings. Romeo was so beautiful today, to use Jeffrey’s words, he was a beautiful comic book character.

Gustav was a photographer, everyone knew, photographers looked for the beautiful things in life. In order to shoot their perfect scene, they could wait hours, just so they could capture the most touching moment. His passion for female Romeo was not surprising, it was human.

Even the usually unfriendly to Romeo male players, after this conversion, could no longer be hostile to him. Because, just the sight of his face would remind them of the incarnation of their goddess.

Zhou Yun Sheng only hesitated for a second before walking over, lying over Gustav’s stacked long legs. He’d sprinkled on some cologne, the smell was very pleasant.

Every time he had the opportunity to meet his Kitten, Gustav would stay in his dressing room for two hours, checking every button, every piece must be perfect, even his socks looked elegant and extraordinary.

At this moment, Kitten was lying on his lap, the heat from his cheeks traveled through the fabric to his skin, so he almost groaned in excitement. He nervously checked his lower body, found that there was no sign, and was quietly relieved. Then he looked at Kitten’s profile.

He really wanted to hold his head like this and print countless kisses on his delicate little cheeks! As he fantasized, he naturally brushed his five fingers into Kitten’s hair, gently caressing. The two were soothing, snuggling, the pose was extremely touching.

“Oh my God, this feels like real interdependence, too much love!” A female player covered her melting heart.

The others nodded and echoed her sentiments.

Ivana understood his guidance and felt that this pose was great. At least it was more romantic than the one she and Romeo had thought of before.

“I see, thank you, Mr. Acheson.”

“Don’t thank me, this is our final shot after all, it has to be perfect.” Gustav reluctantly released Kitten and went back to the photographer’s position. He subtlety mimicked the motion of twisting his hand into Kitten’s hair, the silky texture seemed to be glued to his skin. He even wanted to bring his hand to his nose and sniff, to find out what brand of shampoo Kitten used, to figure out why it smelled so refreshing.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t wear a wig because the Virgo stylist despised unnatural wigs, plus it would affect the perfect shape of his head. So, he’d just given him a few layers of hair extensions, after the photo shoot, it could be directly removed.

So, when Acheson had caressed his scalp, he could clearly perceive it. The man seemed to be more and more intent on pursuing him, but he was uncertain whether it would be good or bad to let things continue this way.

This worry lasted only a second before he casually pushed it to the back of his brain. Ivana sat down and replaced Gustav’s position. They quickly entered the photo shoot state.

“Baby, move back a little bit and look at my camera. Yes, that’s right. Baby, your big blue eyes, if you can moisten them a bit, let me see longing in your eyes….OK, hold it!” Gustav focused his lens for a moment before pressing the shutter, then he walked over to embrace the teenager.

“Baby, you did great, I love you!” His tone was hoarse, his devotedness was leaking through.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t lack for crazy admirers, but before the end of the game, he didn’t want to stir up any trouble, so he smiled in thanks, treating it as a common compliment. Westerners always have ‘I love you’ on the tip of their tongue, saying it so often would eventually numb people.

Gustav was disappointed with his reaction, but in order to not affect his game mood, he simply hugged him again, then went to Bonnie and Jeffrey’s side to observe all the photos that were taken today.

The contestants raced into the changing cubicles to remove their clothes- they’d had enough torture for today.

Ivana ran to her ‘girlfriend’s’ side, glanced at Mr. Acheson, then put up two thumbs and slowly snuggled them together, making a vague loving action. John was behind them and their collar had a microphone, so they couldn’t talk nonsense until they had privacy.

Zhou Yun Sheng immediately waved his hand to deny.

Ivana refused to believe that. She saw Mr. Acheson looking over, the tenderness and love in his eyes was so obvious. If he doesn’t love Romeo, why would his eyes only focus on Romeo? No one knew how awkward she felt during the filming, Mr. Acheson hadn’t paid any attention to what she was doing, he didn’t guide her poses, he just filmed Romeo’s most beautiful side.

He calls him baby, but the words didn’t have the slightest casual or careless sense, nor was it to ease the atmosphere and deliberately create a sense of intimacy. He really regarded him as a unique treasure.

Ivana didn’t feel any jealously, she was just proud of her own intuition. Mr. Acheson was absolutely in love with Romeo, and she dared to bet all her possessions on it.



Cute enough to kill – A simpler translate. The original is basically, ‘So cute that if you died from cuteness overdose after looking at it, no one would blame the cute thing.’

Music is borderless – Music knows no boundaries between countries. You can enjoy music from any culture.

Virgo – Virgos are picky/perfectionists.

Treasure – baby and treasure are the same characters. Sometimes, when reading with MTL, you might see the bad guy demand a baby. He’s not demanding a little human, he’s demanding treasure.

I now know the Chinese characters for ‘rage comic’. And oh God, not that “westerners hug and say I love you to everyone” thing again.

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5 months ago

I’m a westerner and I do not just randomly hug and say I love you to people… just no… that’s weird. Even though I’m re-reading this for like the gazillionth time I still can’t believe people think that ?

5 months ago
Reply to  Jenanna

It is probably because the westerner mostly have more open mind than easterner. That’s why we have stereotype image of westerner

Hua Cheng's Bitch
Hua Cheng's Bitch
7 months ago

I keep getting 2nd hand embarrassment for our simp ML, but I’m here for it!

8 months ago

Actually, 17th century court dress for women had really stiff stays (corsets) and flat, boned bodices that didn’t really show any boob shape, so that would have been the best way to make Romeo look like a 17th century lady… It’s clear that the author has no grasp at all of Western fashion history, but in this respect they are no different from many, many western writers of historical fiction, and in this case they actually have a good excuse, not being western at all… So I’m inclined to forgive the author in this instance LOL

1 year ago

okay ML needs to calm down

1 year ago

Ivana, I love you so much…..??

1 year ago

Lmaooo the ml keeps getting creepier with each world. Compare this one with Mr. DU XU lang, they’re practically two different people

1 year ago
Reply to  Lol

They just get more excessive and possessive. LIKE HE’S NOT EVEN TRYING TO HIDE IT ALSO THE NICNAMES ARE SO CRINGEY. But I love it all the same. ಥ‿ಥ

1 year ago

Every time I read this arc, I just couldn’t imagined what Ivana would look like but after watching Arcane now I can see her as Vi. Classically dressed Vi and crossdressed Ciel phantomhive is something I didn’t know but a needed crossover for me

No one
No one
1 year ago

I have a HUGEEEE crush on Ivana?

1 year ago

Ok this arc’s ml is my fave. Especially since they didnt get to the relationship stage immediately so we can see the ml’s suffering first. Kekeke

1 year ago

Kez, you were right when you said the ML would be much worse. I can’t deal.

2 years ago

The vast majority of 17th century fashion is NOT cute ? They set those contestants up.

A Virgo
A Virgo
2 years ago

Virgo around the world are offended

2 years ago

“God, it’s really you!” A male player shouted, caught off guard, baffling Zhou Yun Sheng. Later that day, in the diary room, the male player would confess that it was love at first sight, but he didn’t expect his goddess would be a male god, so his heart immediately broke.

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

2 years ago

Westerners always have ‘I love you’ on the tip of their tongue, saying it so often would eventually numb people.

If that was true I wouldn’t have to train by saying it everyday to my cat! I know westerners are often more obvious with their feelings but saying ‘I love you’ ain’t that easy you know!

6 months ago
Reply to  Plew

Yeah people look at the French doing the air kisses greeting and decide all Europeans are tree huggers with no sense of personal space… Ok ok Balkan slavs are also partially to blame cuz some of them meet someone twice and already go “Bratine!” ?