ABO Vol 1: Chapter 20


Chapter 020: The Right Plot

While Snow and Brian went back to the dormitory, Lin Yuan and Caesar continued accessing information in the library.

Lin Yuan picked out a lot of books about maneuvering armor, although he played a battle game on the network often, after all, it was just virtual controlling, there was a difference with steering with your hands.

According to Instructor Irene, San Romia Military Academy’s annual mech competition was in another month, if you entered the top ten, you had the opportunity to represent the school and participate in the National finals and the military parade ceremony.

Lin Yuan had never been to Cepheus, he naturally wanted to win this opportunity!

Lin Yuan chose a corner sofa to sit and turned on the light tablet in front of him. He carefully read the ‘Armor Control 101’ book he’d picked out from the virtual shelf. Caesar sat to his right and was reading another book, “Military Council Charter”.

They sat together and quietly read, their expressions seriously focused.

After a moment, a Beta girl suddenly passed by them, saw Lin Yuan, and took the initiative to greet him: “Hiya, Squad Leader.”

Lin Yuan looked up at her, and the girl smiled a sweet two dimpled smile, it was the Beta girl that had greeted him during the oath ceremony, Bossa.

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Bossa, it’s you ah.”

“Yup.” The girl nodded and sat down beside Lin Yuan: “I want to participate in the mech competition a month from now, so I came for some info.”

“Oh? I’m joining in too. I’ll recommend a few books for you.”

Lin Yuan opened the library’s file sharing app on his light tablet, and directly uploaded several e-books he’d found to Bossa’s light tablet.

Bossa excitedly said: “Great, this is the book I’m looking for, thank you squad leader!”

Lin Yuan smiled: “You’re welcome, this book isn’t half bad, read this one first.”

Listening to the two people’s enthusiastic conversation, Caesar couldn’t help but give Lin Yuan a look.

This guy…

He always had a smiling face, and he was very talented, coupled with his new squad leader position, his popularity among the Beta would surely sky rocket. The Beta in the class obviously worshiped him, that Baker guy behaved like his sidekick, and even some Alpha liked him, like that Karl……

Caesar couldn’t help but gently frown.

As roommates, why was their relationship less than passers-by?

Thinking of this, Caesar got up, walked behind Lin Yuan and softly asked: “You want to participate in the mech competition?”

His roommate suddenly appeared behind him like a spirit, causing Lin Yuan to jump and look back at Caesar in shock, he asked, puzzled, “Yeah, I want to register, why?”

Caesar continued to talk softly: “Light reading is no use, you need to practice in actual combat.”

Lin Yuan, of course, knew that the mech contest needed more experience than theoretical knowledge, but the school had thousands of students, yet a small amount of mechs in the rental center. Plus, Lin Yuan was poor, he couldn’t afford his own armor, and the school had a time limit on rentals, so he wanted to get as much theoretical knowledge as he could before trying out real combat.

“I know.” Lin Yuan said: “After the military training tomorrow, I’ll rent a mech to practice.”

Caesar pretended to casually say: “Actually, I have an armor that you can borrow to practice.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes immediately lit up, “Really?”

Caesar calmly said: “Tomorrow, I’ll take you to the training ground. Do you have time?”

Lin Yuan excitedly replied: “Yes!”

Looking at the man giving him a shining looking, Caesar’s mood finally improved – good, Lin Yuan’s shiny eyes should only be on me, this is the right plot.


At 11 o’clock in the evening, Lin Yuan and Caesar went back to the dormitory, because Caesar agreed to borrow him his mech to practice, Lin Yuan’s attitude towards Caesar was not as distant as before.

The two men chatted happily while walking.

“Caesar, what level is your armor?”

“… C-Class.”

“Oh.” Lin Yuan excitedly stared at him, “The game’s armor level is also C-Class!”

Armor were graded according to their performance, A, B, C, D, E five grades, D Class and E Class didn’t have combat capability, they were grades for robots used in daily life. C-Class was more high-end, a C-Class mech costs at least $200,000, only the rich could easily afford it. High caliber universities provided C-Class mech for the students to train with, and the conventional armor control test, and the mech games used C-Class mech, C-Class could be regarded as a more common grade.

Class B and Class A machines were directly controlled by the government, and a corresponding maneuverability certificate must be obtained to own one. Because those types of armor were super lethal, the weapons packed in could directly collapse a city, most people never get the opportunity to see one in person.

BCDE grades of the mech were manually controlled, operating them needed complex console commands. A-Class mech were both manual and voice controlled, in addition to using your hands, you could also issue orders.

The legendary class, even above A-Class, was the more advanced S-Class mech.

An S-Class mech’s level of intelligence was not inferior to humans, the mech had an artificial soul. In other words, the master could directly connect to the armor’s intelligence center, and use their brain to control the mech, and even reach the realm of man-machine unity!

Because the manufacturing process for S-Class armor was very cumbersome, and the required materials were difficult to obtain, the number of S-Class armor was very small, there was not more than ten in the entire Empire. Only the Major Generals, His Majesty, and Cepheus’ heir to the throne were eligible to have them.

Lin Yuan, who was immersed in his excitement, didn’t notice that when Caesar said “C-Class”, his face had instantly flashed a trace of embarrassment, and the white space button on his wrist flashed in indignation.


Back at the dormitory, Caesar opened the door and couldn’t help but gently wrinkle his nose.

– Why is there an Omega pheromone scent in the house?

He looked around again and again, puzzled, and found that Snow’s bedroom door was closed, and Brian was lying on the sofa, watching a melodramatic romance. The Alpha in the film was saying ‘I love you to death’, and the confessed to Omega started shedding tears, while Brian watched with relish…..

Caesar really didn’t feel like evaluating Brain’s taste at the moment.

Lin Yuan clearly had no interest in this film, he greeted Brian then went back to his bedroom to sleep.

Caesar walked to Brian and sat down, he turned down the movie’s sound a little and asked, “Did you come back early with Snow?”

Brian nodded: “Yup, Snow felt sick, so he went to sleep early.”

“Sick?” Caesar slightly frowned, he couldn’t help but have more doubts.

Brian grew up with him, he was definitely an Alpha. Lin Yuan was with him in the library just now, so the strange smell of an Omega in the house … could only possibly come from Snow.

Caesar was silent for a moment before opening: “Brian, do you think there’s a possibility that an Omega would inject an inhibitor that passes the serological test, and mix into the school?”

Brian was startled, he looked back at Caesar: “What are you saying? You mean, there’s an inhibitor that can change the pheromone characteristics in the blood, and be undetectable to the school’s serology test?”

Here, Brian’s expression became serious. “This is more than a simple hormone inhibitor, it can change the blood. If there’s such an inhibitor, wouldn’t the Omega be fully camouflaged?”

Caesar was silent, after all, this was only his guess, there was no evidence. If there was such an inhibitor, and an Omega successfully used it, if anything went wrong in the future, there would definitely be unpredictable consequences.

His nose just sensed a weak scent, he couldn’t be 100% accurate. Only, the first scent could be called a mistake, but repeatedly sensing Omega pheromone made Caesar go from “What’s wrong with my nose?” to “There’s something suspicious about Snow and Lin Yuan’s identity.”

Lin Yuan was optimistic, he didn’t act like someone who was hiding a big secret. But Snow, the cold mysterious man always gave off an “I have a backstory” feeling. Plus, he was very uncomfortable around people, he especially hated physical contact with Alpha. Is that because he’s an Omega?

As long as genetic testing was carried out, he could determine whether or not he was an Omega, but he didn’t have the right to do so.  Even if Snow really was an Omega, he’d injected inhibitors and infiltrated a military academy for his own reasons, since he didn’t want to expose his identity, Caesar, as his roommate, wouldn’t unnecessarily expose him.

Brian was still puzzled: “By the way, why did you suddenly ask this? Do you suspect someone is an Omega?”

Caesar paused, then calmly said, “Nothing, I was just asking.”

“Oh.” Brian turned back and continued to focus on his film.

Caesar accompanied him for a while, but really couldn’t join in on his enjoyment, so he simply went to sleep.


The next day had good weather.

Lin Yuan woke up early in the morning. He found Snow readying to report early to his medical military training, Caesar was waiting for him in the dining room, and Brian was still sleepy.

Lin Yuan washed, then went into the dining room and smiled at Caesar: “Let’s go.”

Caesar also smiled at him, then the two men walked out together.

In fact, when him and Caesar were alone together, Lin Yuan still felt a bit awkward, especially when he thought of Karl’s “Your roommate’s identity is not simple, don’t get too close to him.” advice, then Lin Yuan felt very uncomfortable.

– He didn’t know Caesar’s identity, he wouldn’t be the legendary prince, right?

He didn’t seem to have a prince’s arrogance, on the contrary, he treated him very well. He looked very handsome, had a very graceful smile, a good temper, and even sent gifts to Hobby, gave him food, wanted to lend him his armor…..

– Is it because he’s special, so you’re afraid to get close to him?

Lin Yuan suddenly felt a sting, you want to make friends during school, yet demand a separation because of hierarchy? You’re not looking at his background and trying to curry favor with him, isn’t being straightforward and upright friends enough?

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but look at Caesar and give him a friendly smile.

Caesar: “…”

The boy’s smile was too dazzling under the sunlight, Caesar’s heartbeat suddenly picked up, making him feel light-headed.

He was inexplicably happy, Lin Yuan actively gave him two smiles this morning, obviously, his attitude had softened from alertness, into the current trust and friendship.

The three methods to buy Lin Yuan: First, buy Hobby. Second, send food. Third, take him out to play.

All three methods were successful.

Caesar happily thought: This is a very good start.


The Military Command Department class lined up, as the Squad Leader, Lin Yuan was in the forefront, he faced the students and shouted: “In formation, attention-right!”

Every morning, line up the students before the instructors arrived, this was Knox’s task for Lin Yuan, and Lin Yuan responsibly completed the task. When Knox arrived at the training ground, the Command students were neatly arranged in four rows of tall and upright flagpoles.


Lin Yuan timely shouted, and the class immediately gave Instructor Knox a standard salute.

Knox returned a military salute, his eyes held a touch of appreciation.

Lin Yuan walked back to his position, and Knox stood in front of the students with a serious look: “There’s no training today, I’m taking you on a field trip – the Military Museum.”

The students were instantly excited when they heard the words.

For students that were just admitted to military school, to could already visit the Military Museum and witness the variety of military equipment, intelligent armor, warships, and all the kinds of reconnaissance aircraft the Empire had to offer….. It was enough to make the group of young people very excited!

Student Baker even recklessly ignored attention, he excitedly raised his hand and asked: “Instructor, is this an all day trip?”

Knox nodded, “The Military Museum is very far from here, we have to take two suspension buses, and it takes two hours to arrive. After the visit, we’ll return in the evening.”

“Awesome!!” The group of people cheered happily, compared to standing under the scorching sun and doing boring physical training, spending a day in the Military Museum was obviously more interesting!

Lin Yuan’s heart was also filled with anticipation.

Military Museum?

Will there be advanced mech? Will a legendary S-level mech be on display?


Army Star’s Military Museum.

A tall building with hundreds of layers displayed an array of numerous advanced military equipment.

The old curator, Brutus, and a few assistants patrolled the floors one by one on a staff lift.

Brutus solemnly said: “From today onwards, the students of San Romia Military Academy will come visit the museum in batches. The first batch is Command students, arriving at ten o’clock in the morning, do a good job at reception. Also, check the museum’s security system again, make sure there are no omissions.”

“Yes!” The crowd immediately nodded.

The lift stopped at the top.

Through the transparent glass window, you could see a wide interior, and a nearly 50 m high, enormous red machine was standing quietly.

Strangely, the armor was covered with chains, thick and strong electromagnetic chains, and its limbs were locked to the surrounding walls, so it was paralyzed in one position, as if it were a criminal being locked up and punished.

Although everyone knew that this machine didn’t have enough energy to stir up trouble, it needed to be inspected every time, to see if it was firmly locked in place, but everyone still had to gather their courage when they checked…..

There was a subtle sense.

It had carried out numerous assaults on the enemy, in order to defend the Empire, it achieved countless feats, the intelligent S-Class mech, the most powerful Vanguard Combat Corps – Night Corps General Ling Yu’s dedicated mech.


At the moment, it was locked in a secret cell at the top of the museum, like a prisoner who had committed a felony.

Brutus was silent for a moment, then he turned to the subordinate responsible for security and said: “This layer must be locked up, access level should be set to the highest. I don’t want anyone to see Suzaku imprisoned in here!”

The young man immediately nodded: “Yes, curator!”

At this time, the armor’s fire red eyes seemed to suddenly flash a bit, Brutus turned back, but saw that it was still lifeless, motionless in place, so everyone ignored it as a momentary illusion.



Sorry for being MIA. I’ve got exams. It’s been a while since I’ve translated ABO, so if you find any inconsistencies, tell me.

Anyway, Lin Yuan is still a dumbass and Caesar is still a patient hunter, same old, same old.

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Damn ToT im lost i thought this is zys story wtf

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;o; Did Shuzaku light up because of Lin Yuan?! Recongise father’s son??!?!?

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Caesar’s inner thoughts are a treat. Currying favour already with his omega, he’s going to be so sweet once they’re together. He kinda reminds me a little of Qi Feng from CIFB.