FOD Chap 6.3


Chapter 6.3

The two stared at each other in silence for a few minutes, finally, Zhou Yun Sheng put down the cigar and stammered, “S-sorry. I ruined your expensive cigar; I’ll buy you another box.”

The young man’s paled cheeks were now flushed, his eyes slightly teary. He looked extremely embarrassed, but also very cute.

Sun Xi Mu’s eyes flashed slightly, he waved, “It’s fine.” In the end, he casually moved the cigar to the ashtray.

“You said you have evidence; can you show me?”


Zhou Yun Sheng quickly handed him a USB drive.

Sun Xi Mu took it and pushed it into the port, then played the video. At the end of the video, the young man was lying on the bed, choking back uncontrollable sobs, the tremendous grief over the loss of a loved one was heartbreaking.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes reddened, he bowed his head and wiped at his tears.

Sun Xi Mu was expressionless from beginning to end, but when he opened his mouth to talk again, his tone was noticeably softer, “How do you want me to help you?”

“I want to hold a concert, free tickets. I’ll invest 50 million. I want Huanya Entertainment News to be responsible for the publicity, venue, security and other matters. At the concert, I’ll release this video to clear my, my father’s name …”

Sun Xi Mu waved and said in a deep voice, “I’m sorry for cutting you off, but how do you intend to clear yours and Ou Yi Bai’s name? Just this video isn’t enough. Don’t tell me you plan to sing those songs that have your name on them, but were written by Lin Si Qing? I don’t think the audience will buy it.”

Zhou Yun Sheng froze, then he took out the disk in his bag and handed it over, “I want to sing my own songs, new songs, no one has heard them yet. Chief Sun, I can hold up this concert, please believe me. Although it’s very hasty to set this up in just one month, but with Huanya Entertainment News Group’s strength, it’s not impossible. Please listen to the songs, afterwards, decide whether to help me.”

The young man’s expression was very sincere, with a lot of uncertainty and helplessness hidden in his tears stained eyes.

Sun Xi Mu considered for a moment, then he finally pushed the disc into the computer.

While he earnestly listened to the songs, Zhou Yun Sheng stared thoughtfully at the cigar on the table top. Whether it was appearance, height, temperament, or hobbies, Sun Xi Mu was very similar to his lover. But whether or not they were the same person, he could only be certain after intimate contact.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng frowned in annoyance. He couldn’t just throw himself at someone and forcefully kiss them after one similarity, could he? Wouldn’t that make him a kissing maniac? That sounds so obscene!

If his hunch was right, then naturally everything would work out, but if not, this cooperation would crumble. Plus, it’s rumored that Sun Xi Mu was a neat freak, he hated it when strangers approached him.

Zhou Yun Sheng was so torn that he kept caressing his lips, kneading his lips from flesh pink to dark red, they looked very tempting.

Sun Xi Mu was seemingly listening to the songs, but in reality, he was secretly observing the other man. Seeing his actions, his eyes flashed slightly and his heart trembled slightly, he felt faintly thirsty.

After listening to the songs, he suppressed the commotion in his heart and stretched out his hand, “Come back tomorrow morning. I’ll introduce you to the staff who will be in charge of the concert. Let’s have a pleasant cooperation.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was overjoyed, he quickly shook his hand and repeatedly expressed his gratitude, then he hurriedly got up and left.

After he left, Sun Xi Mu leaned back in his leather chair for a moment, then he picked up the cigar from the astray, lit it and sucked. For some reason, the cigar was mellower and stronger than any cigar he’d ever smoke, intoxicating.

The next day, Zhou Yun Sheng arrived at Huanya Entertainment News early in the morning. The person in charge of Huanya had been instructed by the boss to introduce him to C Country’s top music producer, Qin Taihe. Qin Taihe had seen the video and heard the ten new songs, so his attitude towards Zhou Yun Sheng was quite mild.

“Since Chief Sun is planning to cooperate with you, our company couldn’t refuse. The song ‘Because Of You’ was indeed stolen from you by Lin Si Qing, but as far as I know, all the songs in your previous albums were written by him. Is this right?” Qin Taihe unceremoniously questioned.

“That’s right, but that doesn’t mean I’m not talented, I just hadn’t found my own way.” Zhou Yun Sheng blushed and replied.

“We’ll know whether or not you have talent after the test. If we help you and you get involved in another plagiarism incident, our Huanya Entertainment News’ reputation will be greatly affected. We have to be careful.” Qin Taihe pointed to the piano in the practice room and said, “Please adapt Mozart’s Symphony No.40 for the pop charts. Remember, you have to impress me and all those present in the room.”

Making an impromptu song was very difficult, but it was even more difficult to rearrange classical music. A slight mishandling would lose the original’s essence, becoming a lower work of art.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked up, the boss of Huanya Entertainment News, the concert director, a well-known composer, choreographer, and several high-level agents were in the practice room. They all had very high status in the industry, and were naturally hard to please. It was almost an impossible task to impress them all.

But Zhou Yun Sheng wasn’t an ordinary person. He’d lived through numerous reincarnations and encountered countless dangerous situations; this trial was not even worth mentioning to him. Plus, he’d inherited all of Ou Zi Nan’s passion and inspiration for music. He walked to the piano, lifted the lid, and tapped out a few notes.

Qin Taihe and the boss exchanged a look, calmly waiting.

The youth didn’t sit down to play, but idly stood. He poked the keys sporadically, the scattered musical notes inciting laugher. But after poking around, his hands speed gradually increased, and the scattered syllables converged into a jumping stream, floating in the air. A serious symphony was converted into a lively jazz piece by him, the piano keys rose and fell, and his shy expression gradually became enthusiastic and unrestrained, his waist and hips also swayed with the rhythm.

Steadily, the audience’s expressions became relaxed and cheerful. The internationally renowned choreographer, Simon, actually stood up and stepped and danced to the music, improvising a jazz dance.

Zhou Yun Sheng was inspired by his dancing, his right and left hand suddenly played a few cross-handed melodies, stimulating the already very lively notes to become more and more enthusiastic.

Qin Taihe’s crossed arms had unconsciously relaxed, and he snapped his fingers while twisting his hips- he had undoubtedly been moved. Even the always prim and proper Huanya Entertainment News CEO couldn’t help but move to the beat, and his head bobbed little by little.

Standing in the doorway, Sun Xi Mu quietly observed everything in front of him, his face expressionless, but his gaze very focused. The young man had his back to him, his hands flowing out a tune, his buttocks swinging, his warm and lively appearance was refreshing.

Sun Xi Mu’s lips almost had a visible tilt, he was about to walk in when he was accidentally bumped into.

“Sorry Boss, I didn’t mean to. I just lost control for a moment.” The straight suited assistant quickly apologized, embarrassed, while still involuntarily following the beat with his hips- it made a funny picture.

Sun Xi Mu meaningfully glanced at him, then walked in with big strides.

Seeing the visitor, the cheerful music abruptly ended, and the previously brilliantly smiling young man was now twisting his hands, warily calling out ‘Chief Sun’.

Qin Taihe and the rest of the audience also stopped dancing; their expressions showed regret for the disturbance.

“How was it?”, the man inquired in a deep voice.

“Excellent, completely beyond my expectations. Just one thing I’m worried about, the concert is 2 hours long, I’m afraid 10 songs is not enough. I wonder if Mr. Ou has any more works? If so, please give them to me as soon as possible, we must perfect the repertoire within a month. There are also many such issues like band coordination, dancer coordination, stage movement, etc., we’ll be very busy. It’s best for Mr. Ou to quickly strengthen his body, I’m afraid he won’t have enough stamina.” Qin Taihe looked doubtfully at Ou Zi Nan’s small body.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded again and again, but he wasn’t worried. The original’s body was indeed very weak, but after his adjustment, not to mention one concert, he could hold 10 of them consecutively with no rest without no problem.

Seeing this, Sun Xi Mu made a decision, “If there’s no problems, please sign the contract Mr. Ou. All the concert staff will also have to sign a confidentiality contract.”

The assistant immediately took out a thick stack of contracts from the briefcase and had everyone sign.

Three days later, Ou Zi Nan finally logged into his long dead blog account and announced that he would hold a large 50,000 capacity concert in Star Pavilion, where he would also provide evidence of his innocence.

And as expected, the netizens completely didn’t believe it, and a group of people poured into the blog to hurl abuse, calling him shameless and a bullshitter. As everyone knew, Star Pavilion was C Country’s most well-equipped facility, only the top singers were capable of boarding its stage. Ou Zi Nan was a no talent fake, a true villain, what qualifications did he have? What ability did he have?

Even so, there were still a lot of people saying they would definitely be there, but not to show support, but to protest, curse, and throw rotten eggs, vowing to permanently drive Ou Zi Nan out of the entertainment industry.

The people with the same malicious intent was not few, Lin Si Qing and Ge Meng Shu’s fans said that if the concert was real, they would definitely rush to the scene and personally take revenge for their idols.

The atmosphere gradually reached the climax, and Ou Zi Nan’s blog almost crashed from the huge influx of visitors. At this time, Huanya Entertainment News released some news on their official website, they would be the exclusive sponsor of Ou Zi Nan’s concert.

The internet users were in an uproar, then they excitedly rushed to the official website to grab tickets. In less than an hour, the 50,000 free tickets were all snatched up.

What amazing malice.

Because of this, Sun Xi Mu spent a lot of money to hire the world’s top security firm to be responsible for on-site security. He also applied for the deployment of hundreds of police officers who were ready to arrest anyone who got too extremist. In every corner of the facility, a hidden camera was installed to ensure that all activities were monitored. Finally, the stage was adjusted from its original four meters to eight meters, far, far away from the audience, to ensure that no one could hurt Ou Zi Nan.

While the waves of hostility grew higher every day, Zhou Yun Sheng was completely unmoved, throwing himself into the intense rehearsals.



That was for those who don’t know what Mozart Mo.40 sounds like.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I know that those tickets would’ve all been scalped by bots and re-sold at a premium (cries in no ps5)

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Blue Girl
Blue Girl
4 months ago

Regarding bots buying the tickets and scalpers reselling: There was a pop-up Metallica concert last fall, with tickets ~$20 each. In-person sales only, no online tickets, and limit of 1 per person. They were gone within an hour or so.

9 months ago

The ML character personality become more reserved since 5th arc lol.. He act as playboy and wild from arc 1 to 4.
But change into loyal dog gong in 5th arc. Maybe because he think MC was into those wild type lol but he change after MC complaining in 4th arc.

10 months ago

Why is the ml so horny in every world 😂

11 months ago

That was for those who don’t know what Mozart Mo.40 sounds like.
kezi, you forgot to re-enter the link… or to delete this TN xD

6 months ago
Reply to  ParanoidKitten

Yeah there used to be a MP3 player there 😂😂

1 year ago

The first part kinda made me almost cry

1 year ago

Everyone: *Dancing with the beat*


Sun ML’s POV:

The young man had his back to him, his hands flowing out a tune, his buttocks swinging, his warm and lively appearance was refreshing.

*insert glittering shimmering fluorescent balls* *insert slow mo* *insert infuriated music* *highlighting ML barely invisible smile*

1 year ago

It’s time for some face slapping.

noname but i'm cute
noname but i'm cute
1 year ago

Seems like you’ve updated to the new version ? 😭👍