FOD Chap 6.1 The Music King


Chapter 6.1 The Music King

Qin Ce helped the little emperor until he was eighteen years old, then he resigned from his position and traveled around the world with Zhou Yun Sheng. The two of them were very healthy, and lived to more than 90 years old before they fell asleep in death.

Zhou Yun Sheng opened his eyes. He was floating in the Xinghai space, the huge energy whirlpool gathered in front of him as usual. But it was divided in half, one half floating off into the distance, its destination unknown.

Zhou Yun Sheng was too lazy to probe after it, he absorbed his share and jumped into the next world.

He was lying on a soft bed, the room was in darkness, only the flashing neon lights from the city outside brought weak beams of light through the window into the room, casting shadows on the white walls.

He groped around the bedside table and finally found the lamp. The sudden burst of light stung his eyes, giving him a headache.

He reflexively covered his eyes, but found that this body had swollen eyes, the swelling was painful and uncomfortable. A heavy sorrow and hatred laid on his chest, and this also affected Zhou Yun Sheng’s mood.

The AI timely sent over the body’s and the world’s data. Zhou Yun Sheng had only read ten lines before he let out a harsh curse. No wonder his eyes were swollen like this, the original body was crying in sorrow.

This was the story of a woman who eventually became the Diva of the entertainment circle. The original wasn’t a vicious villain that bullied the heroine, nor was he a cannon fodder. In the woman’s story, he was just a passerby, a stepping stone, silently bearing the tragic fate imposed upon him.

The original’s name was Ou Zinan, when anyone mentioned him, they also had to mention his father. Ou Bai Bo was C Country’s musical godfather, he created hundreds of classic songs in his lifetime, and won the title of Song God for four generations. In C Country, his music had unimaginable influence. Ou Zinan followed in his footsteps, he was very interested in music from an early age.  When he turned eighteen, he joined the entertainment circle. He has released three albums so far, and the sales were very good, so he had some exposure.

Ou Bai Bo’s character was very strict, he’d carried great expectations for his son, so whenever he made a mistake he would severely reprimand him. As a result, over time, Ou Zinan became very introverted, he was easily shied and nervous around strangers.

With that kind of personality, it was difficult for him to move up in the entertainment world. But he didn’t just have an influential father, he also had an influential brother. His brother, Lin Siqing, was Ou Bai Bo’s disciple. He was both handsome and talented. After signing a contract with Times Records under a recommendation from Ou Bai Bo, he had a striking career, and eventually won the title of the fourth generation Song God.

With his strong support, Ou Zinan was able to move up in the circle.

Eventually, Ou Zinan had three best-selling albums and was planning to hold his first concert. But during the concert preparation, Ou Bai Bo was hospitalized with late lung cancer. Ou Zinan accompanied him daily and had to postpone his concert. But no matter how hard the doctors worked, they all failed to extend Ou Bai Bo’s life. One early morning in April, he silently touched his son’s sleeping face goodbye, then passed away.

Ou Zinan’s specialty was in instruments, he could skillfully play eighteen instruments. But he was too pressured by his father, so his arrangements were always flat. Ou Bai Bo had felt that his songs were very unsightly, so he’d always rebuke that they were ‘polished in skill, but lacking in spirit’. Ou Zinan was unconvinced, so he always tried to make songs to win his father’s admiration. After his debut, he wrote a lot of songs, but the producers always shook their heads at them and sighed without a word.

He became depressed, even desperate, he thought that he could never go beyond his father’s achievements. But when his father passed away, the shackles of his mind seemed to have broken with his death. He finally wrote a song which had unprecedented enthusiasm and inspiration. He spent a whole night on it, and made it his father’s memorial song. It was named ‘Because Of You’.

All the words he had wanted to tell his father but couldn’t muster up the courage to, he wrote them into the song. He carved it into every note. The lyrics were supposed to be sung with just a simple piano accompaniment, and it had the power to move people’s hearts.

Ou Zinan sang it over and over, then brought it to Lin Siqing so he could help him modify it.

This was the start of his tragic life.

Ou Zinan was always unsatisfied with his debut, he wrote a lot of songs for his albums but the producers always rejected them. Lin Siqing felt sorry for him, so he would take his music and modify it, and instantly turn the ordinary songs into touching music. But all the songs had Ou Zinan’s voice, he would sell the music under his name.

So, Ou Zinan’s fame was virtual, he wasn’t famous for his own songs. Ou Zinan only found the path he should follow after his father’s death. He had many dreams he wanted to fulfil, and he wanted his father in heaven to be proud of him.

This desire gave ‘Because Of You’ incredible power. Lin Siqing could sense this power, and planned to immediately let his younger brother release an EP. But unexpectedly, Ge Mengshu suddenly visited his studio and heard the song.

Ge Mengshu was the heroine, and she was naturally talented. She immediately knew that the song would be a hit, and repeatedly asked about it. Lin Siqing was obsessively in love with Ge Mengshu, he always tried to impress her and he lost his senses whenever she was around.

Because this song needed a lot of treble, it was more suitable for a female singer. Ge Mengshu knew that Lin Siqing had feelings for her, so she charmed him into giving her the song for her new album.

Lin Siqing was high on her attention and readily agreed. But when he went back home, he started to feel uneasy, he suddenly grabbed all of Ou Zinan’s manuscripts and original copies and burned them.

Ou Zinan was waiting for the company to reschedule his concert so he could debut the EP, but while watching TV one night he saw Ge Mengshu singing Lin Siqing’s adaptation of ‘Because Of You’, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Ge Mengshu’s fame increased after this song, she became one of the top stars in Times Records. Ou Zinan repeatedly tried to question Lin Siqing, but Lin Siqing’s agent always sent him away. Then one day, Ou Zinan received a letter, Lin Siqing had taken the pre-emptive and had accused him of plagiarism, he even brought out a lot of evidence.

Every one of Ou Zinan’s albums were produced and arranged by Lin Siqing, only Ou Zinan’s name was his own. This alone couldn’t prove plagiarism, but due to full preparation, Lin Siqing brought out a number of manuscripts with added changes, all in chronological order, so people could see how he wrote ‘Because Of You’.

And Ou Zinan couldn’t bring out any evidence to prove otherwise.

While he’d retreated into his home, the Internet was active. Someone broke the news that not only did Ou Zinan not write his own songs, he also lip-syncs. His live performances were all a substitute singer’s credit, he’d never sang in public.

This wasn’t groundless. In Ou Zinan’s early debut, because he was very shy, he had severe stage fright. The first time he performed for the fans, his throat locked up, he could hardly speak let alone sing. The company had to quickly find a good imitation to perform his voice in the background. After that event, Ou Bai Bo had bitterly slapped him. He’d scolded him to get out of the music circle if he couldn’t even sing in public, and to not bring him any more shame.

Lin Siqing had quickly stood up for him. He’d ensured that he would never let anyone know about the substitute, and that he’d strictly train the young man so he could overcome his stage fright. Ou Bai acquiesced thanks to this.

This matter was over two years old, but unexpectedly, the substitute had recorded himself singing for Ou Zinan, and the video had surfaced on the internet. The netizens were outraged.

Shameless! Eat shit Ou Zinan! Thief!

One after another, the shouts for Ou Zinan to leave the music business sounded, and Lin Siqing kept silent. He continued gathering evidence to prepare for the court case.

But then, Ge Mengshu posted on the forums. She said that she believed that Lin Siqing had true talent and character, his existence was enough to uphold Ou Bai Bo’s name.

One was the Diva and the other was the Song God, after this post, all the hate and abuse on Ou Zinan increased. The media also reported that Ou Zinan had destroyed the Ou name, he was not worthy of being the son of Ou Bai Bo.

At this point, Ou Zinan already understood that his brother Lin Siqing was trying to corner him in a dead end. But it made him feel angry, not heartbroken, and he was mostly angry that people were saying that he did not deserve to be his father’s son.

If it was before, he would’ve doubted himself, but now, the shackles on his mind had lifted. He could finally proudly say that he was the pride of his father, that he was worthy of his father’s expectations.

But even if he had a thousand words to shout, no one would believe a person without evidence. Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu just needed to say a word, and they could completely destroy his future and dreams.

Currently, the court had already subpoenaed him. He had to attend the trial next month. Times Records had also unilaterally announced the termination of his contract, and he was under ban.

Now, Ou Zinan has lost his parents and lost his reputation. It was the most desperate and helpless time in his life. If Zhou Yun Sheng did not come, he would lose the court case and wander around aimlessly day after day. Then in his despair, he’d turn to drugs, and finally die of overdose.

When the media reported the news, the people would scold ‘Those who don’t repent, deserve death’.  He would always be a stain engraved on his father’s tombstone.

As for Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu, they would continuously grow to the pinnacle of stardom.

“Poor thing! How could your life be so miserable! No wonder you were crying your eyes out.” Zhou Yun Sheng was in the bathroom, looking at the extremely pale but extremely beautiful face. He pointed his nose towards the mirror and slowly said “Right, let me save you. What do you want? To be your father’s pride? To show the world your talents? To make soul touching music? Whatever you want, I’ll get it for you.”

He muttered to himself as he adjusted the body’s data through 007. He continued “I’ll not only make up for your regrets, I’ll also drag Lin Siqing and Ge Mengshu from off their high horses and grind them into the mud. How about that? Are you satisfied?”

The pink lips reflected in the mirror curved up, the sharp eyes suddenly softened and cleared up, showing a copy of the original’s shy smile.

From today on, he would live as Ou Zinan, and his life will be wonderful.



Brother- not blood related

EP- Definition for those not musically inclined, Wikipedia “An extended play record, often referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album or LP”

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7 days ago

He sounds like the devil tempting poor mortal with his wicked deals

Choco Latta
Choco Latta
23 days ago

awww, i love this mc.. ugh my heart❤️!

24 days ago

Oh no, Baby Cheng Yuan, I’m crying ;-;

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This time I really want revenge 😡

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Yes, avenge this cinnamon role son of mine! Give that lying bastard hell!

And kudos to the translator for the wonderful translation!

4 months ago

Anyways, as usually this is wonderfully translated and I want to thank translator for working so hard to even be retranslating these chapters, it feels nice to read them as they are now – but I can’t wait to see how they will be once they’re finished (even although I doubt there’s much you could change – you’re genuinely a very good translator with helpful footnotes too (I’ve learned some good Chinese sayings/idioms etc, so thank you)! Genuinely, thank you so much for translating one of the best books I’ve come across in a long while. 💕

4 months ago

I love how MC always tried to live through the life of whoever he becomes. It makes it more interesting by far than if he just became a genius hacker and programmer each time lol, although that definitely is cool hahaha. It makes him seem very sentimental to me, and I don’t know why but it just really makes me happy lol.