FOD Chap 6.1 The Music King



Chapter 6.1 The King of Music

Qin Ce helped the young emperor until he was eighteen years old, then he resigned from his position and traveled around the world with his lover. The two of them were in very good health, and lived to their nineties before they fell asleep in death one after another.

When Zhou Yun Sheng opened his eyes, he was floating in the XingHai space. The huge energy whirlpool split into two halves as usual, one rushing towards his sea of consciousness, the other half disappearing without a trace.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t bother to probe after it. He absorbed and digested a bit then hurriedly jumped into the next world.

He was lying on a soft bed, feeling sore from head to toe. The room was in darkness, only the flashing neon lights outside brought weak beams of light through the window, casting a blotchy pattern on the white walls.

He groped around the bedside table and finally found the lamp. He turned it on, the sudden burst of light stung his eyes, giving him a headache.

He reflexively covered his eyes, discovering that this body’s eyes were already swollen, the swelling was painful and uncomfortable. Furthermore, there was a heavy sorrow and hatred clogging his chest, which also affected Zhou Yun Sheng’s mood.

The AI on his wrist timely sent over the body’s and the world’s data. Zhou Yun Sheng quickly read through the information before he couldn’t help but let out a harsh curse. No wonder his eyes were swollen like this, he was originally crying.

This was the story of a female protagonist who broke into the entertainment industry and eventually became the Music Diva. The original owner wasn’t a vicious villain that bullied the heroine, nor was he a cannon fodder KO’d by the heroine. In the heroine’s story, he was just a passerby, a stepping stone, silently bearing the tragic fate imposed upon him.

The original’s name was Ou Zi Nan, when anyone mentioned him, they also had to mention his father, Ou Yi Bai. Ou Yi Bai was C Country’s music godfather, he composed hundreds of classic songs in his lifetime, and helped make four generations of music gods famous. He had unimaginable influence in C Country’s music industry. Ou Zi Nan followed in his footsteps, he was very interested in music from an early age. When he turned eighteen, he joined the entertainment industry. He has released three albums so far, and the sales were pretty good, so he was considered a breakout star.

Ou Yi Bai’s character was very strict, he’d carried great expectations for his son, so he would rebuke him and severely reprimand him if he was slightly dissatisfied. Over time, Ou Zi Nan became very introverted, and easily shied and anxious.

With that kind of personality, it’s reasonable to say that it would be difficult for him to make a name for himself in the entertainment world. But he didn’t just have an influential father, he also had an influential brother. His brother, Lin Si Qing, was Ou Yi Bai’s disciple. He was both handsome and astonishingly talented. After signing a contract with Times Records under a recommendation from Ou Yi Bai, he rose to stardom, and eventually won the title of the fourth generation Music God.

With his strong support, it was impossible for Ou Zi Nan to not become famous.

Now, Ou Zi Nan had already released three best-selling albums and was planning to hold his first concert. But during the concert preparation period, Ou Yi Bai was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer. Ou Zi Nan accompanied him by his hospital beside daily and had no choice to postpone his concert. However, no matter how hard the doctors worked, they all failed to extend Ou Yi Bai’s life. One early morning in April, he only had enough time to touch his son’s sleeping face before passing away.

Ou Zi Nan’s specialty was musical instruments, he could skillfully play eighteen instruments. But he was so suppressed by his father that his arrangements were always mediocre. Ou Yi Bai did not think much of his songs that he composed, criticizing that they were ‘polished in skill, but spiritually lacking’. Ou Zi Nan was thoroughly unconvinced, so he always wanted to make some achievements to win his father’s admiration. He wrote a lot of songs after his debut, but the producers always shook their heads and silently sighed.

For a time, he felt dispirited, even desperate, he thought that he could never surpass his father’s achievements. But after his father passed away, the shackles imprisoning his mind seemed to have been broken, causing him to explode with unprecedented enthusiasm and inspiration for music composition. After spending a whole night working on it, he wrote a song in memory of his father. It was called ‘Because Of You’.

All the words he had wanted to say to his father but couldn’t muster up the courage to, he wrote them into the song. Incorporating all his love into every note. With only a simple piano accompaniment, this song had the power to move people’s hearts.

Ou Zi Nan sang it over and over, then, sporting dark baggy eyes, he brought it to Lin Si Qing so he could help him revise it.

But here’s where things started going wrong.

When Ou Zi Nan made his debut, because he was trying to prove himself, he wrote a lot of songs for his albums but the producers always rejected them. Lin Si Qing felt sorry for him, so he took his scores and modify them, instantly turning the ordinary songs into touching tunes. Ou Zi Nan’s signature was placed on all of them, marketing and selling him as a gifted musician.

So, it could be said that Ou Zi Nan’s previous fame was empty, he truly found the path he should walk after his father’s death. He had many ideas he urgently wanted to realize, and he wanted his father in heaven to be proud of him.

This fervent yearning gave ‘Because Of You’ incredible power. Lin Si Qing was keenly aware of this power, and planned to immediately let his younger brother release an EP. Unexpectedly, the heroine Ge Meng Shu suddenly visited his studio and saw the score.

As the heroine, Ge Meng Shu’s intuition was naturally outstanding. She was immediately entranced by the song and repeatedly questioned if it was her senior’s new work. Lin Si Qing was obsessively in love with Ge Meng Shu, he always tried to show off his best side in front of her, so he unintentionally nodded his head.

Because this song had a lot of high notes, it was more suitable for a female singer. Ge Meng Shu knew that Lin Si Qing had feelings for her, so she blushingly asked him if the song could be included in her new album.

Lin Si Qing was in too deep, he had no choice but to agree. But after returning home, the more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became, so he burned all the manuscripts stored at Ou Zi Nan’s house to eliminate any future troubles.

Ou Zi Nan was excitedly waiting for the company to launch his concert and EP. How could he have anticipated seeing ‘Because Of You’ on TV, sung by Ge Meng Shu and adapted by Lin Si Qing. He couldn’t believe his eyes for a long time.

Ge Meng Shu’s fame shot up because of this song, becoming the top female star of Times Records. Ou Zi Nan approached Lin Si Qing to question him, but was sent away by Lin Si Qing’s manager, who then turned around and pre-emptively accused him of plagiarism, bringing out a lot of evidence.

Lin Si Qing had helped produce and arrange every one of Ou Zi Nan’s albums, but only Ou Zi Nan’s name was on it. This alone was a scandal that couldn’t be revealed to the public. Since he was well-prepared, Lin Si Qing brought out a number of manuscripts with additions and alterations, sorted in chronological order, so people could see how he wrote ‘Because Of You’.

And Ou Zi Nan couldn’t bring out any evidence to prove otherwise.

While he felt as if he’d fallen into an ice hole, someone exposed online that not only was Ou Zi Nan faking being talented, he also lip-syncs. His so-called heavenly voice was all the work of a stand-in singer, none was his credit.

This wasn’t a groundless accusation. During Ou Zi Nan’s early debut, because he was very shy, he was terrified of singing live. The first time he held a fan meet and greet, his throat unexpectedly locked up because of his nervousness, he couldn’t even speak. The company had to quickly find a substitute that was good at imitation to dub him in the background. Because of this, Ou Yi Bai had ruthlessly slapped his son, saying that he should get out of the music industry if he couldn’t even sing live, and to not bring him any more shame.

Lin Si Qing had quickly come forward to resolve the dispute. He ensured that he would take care of the substitute and never let anyone know about what happened. He also promised to strictly train his younger brother so he could overcome his shyness. Ou Yi Bai acquiesced thanks to this.

This matter was already two years old, but it unexpectedly turned up again. Moreover, a video surfaced of the substitute singing behind stage and Ou Zi Nan lip synching on stage, causing the netizens to be outraged.

Ou Zi Nan is dead meat! Eat shit Ou Zi Nan! Ou Zi Nan is a plagiarist!

One after another, the shouts for Ou Zi Nan to get out of the music industry resounded. While everyone was verbally attacking Ou Zi Nan, Lin Si Qing kept silent. He also didn’t slow down the pace of gathering evidence to prepare for the court case.

But then, Ge Meng Shu also posted on her social media. She said that she believed in her senior’s talent and character, everyone should calm down and not discredit his father’s name.

Both were God and Goddess level ranked in the music industry, after this post, all the hate and abuse hurled at Ou Zi Nan suddenly increased. The media also wrote an article claiming that Ou Zi Nan had ruined Ou Yi Bai’s legendary reputation, he was not fit to be Ou Yi Bai’s son.

At this point, Ou Zi Nan already understood that Lin Si Qing, whom he once regarded as his elder brother, was determined to force him to a dead end. But this only made him feel angry, not heartbroken. What he couldn’t stand the most were the people saying that he did not deserve to be Ou Yi Bai’s son.

If it was before, he might’ve doubted himself, but now that the shackles on his mind had lifted, he could unconditionally say with pride that he was his father’s pride, that he was deserving of his father’s expectations.

But even if he had a thousand words in his heart that he wanted to pour out or even shout, no one would believe a person without evidence. Lin Si Qing and Ge Meng Shu just needed to say a word and they could completely destroy his future and dreams.

Currently, the court had already subpoenaed him. He had to attend the court hearing next month. Times Records had also one-sidedly announced the termination of his contract and issued a noticed.

Now, Ou Zi Nan had lost his parents and lost his reputation. He was at his most desperate and helpless moment. If Zhou Yun Sheng did not come, he would leave C Country in infamy after losing the court case and wander around aimlessly. After spending day after day in despair, he turned to drugs and finally died of overdose.

When the news spread back to his home country, the people would scold ‘Those who don’t repent, deserve death’, and that’s that.  He would always be a stain engraved on his father’s tombstone.

As for Lin Si Qing and Ge Meng Shu, they took one step after another towards the glorious peak.

“How tragic. How could your life be so tragic! No wonder you were crying your eyes out.” Zhou Yun Sheng entered the bathroom and looked at the extremely pale but extremely beautiful face reflected in the mirror. He pointed his nose towards the mirror and slowly said, “Right, let me save you. What do you want? To be your father’s pride? To show the world your talents? To compose music to your heart’s content? No problem, I can fulfill all your desires.”

He muttered to himself as he adjusted the Qu Zi Nan’s body data through the AI. He continued “I’ll not only make up for your regrets, I’ll also trample the high and mighty Lin Si Qing and Ge Meng Shu into the mud within a month. How about that? Isn’t that satisfying?”

He curled up his dark red lips. Reflected in the mirror, his sharp, knife-like gaze slowly softened and cleared up. Finally, his eyes curved slightly, revealing a copy of the original’s shy smile.

From today on, he would live well on behalf of Ou Zi Nan, and his life will be wonderful.



Ou Yi Bai- I’d mistranslated it as Ou Bai Bo before. Idk why.

Brother– Shixiong, senior or older male fellow apprentice

EP– Definition for those not musically inclined, Wikipedia “An extended play record, often referred to as an EP, is a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single, but is usually unqualified as an album or LP”

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Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
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Reply to  LingMomo

And i want to add that its incredibly adorable and endearing how much MC cares for each original owner of the body no matter if they are dumb and evil, weak and shy, lazy and idle, money hungry slut, spoilt rotten…and are overall cannon fodder(ish)…he always cares about them and took their heartbreak personally. Its like they are his children. Its understandable, him being a veteran villain for thousands of reincarnations, he will personally stand up for these under dogs and be their golden finger…ofc with Immortal Lover as his moral support.

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