FOD Chapter 4.7


Chapter: 4.7

When Zhou Yun Sheng arrived, Cao Mo Kun was sitting on the sofa, drinking red wine. The room was only lit by a dim table lamp, the light and shadows made his handsome facial features seem more profound.

“Come and have a drink.” He waved the youth over, his voice deep.

Red Burgundy Wine, 1997, Zhou Yun Sheng’s nose twitched as he walked over. He raised the glass and sipped. He had a very elegant drinking posture, like a real aristocrat, making Cao Mo Kun feel quite surprised.

“I only want you to stay with me for three months, name your price.” He gave a satirical smile as he drained the remaining wine in one breath. There was nothing in this world money couldn’t buy, just like good wine, just like a beauty.

Zhou Yun Sheng almost wanted to pour the wine out on his head, but he held back. He looked down for a moment, pretending to think, then said in a low voice, “I want three hundred thousand.”

“You sure?” Cao Mo Kun couldn’t help but question. He had already prepared himself to hear an astronomical price from the boy, and the result was, the boy only wanted three hundred thousand. That couldn’t even buy a decent watch.

“It cannot be less; I have to get three hundred thousand.” Zhou Yun Sheng misunderstood his thoughts, and once again stressed.

Cao Mo Kun looked at him deeply, then he propped his forehead on his hand and laughed, “Well, three hundred thousand it is, but I first have to inspect.”

“Inspect what?”

Zhou Yun Sheng was still ignorant, then he found himself being carried on top of the man’s shoulder and thrown onto a big bed in the neighboring room. He fell dizzily, then was pushed down by a strong body, and his lips were occupied by another’s, sucking. A familiar feeling of vertigo instantly made him lose his mind.

After a few minutes, the man finally opened the distance between them, but still erratically licked the young man’s red and wet lips, he laughed lightly, “Baby, you’re much sweeter than I’d imagined.”

“Are you finished inspecting?” Zhou Yun Sheng panted as he asked.

“How’s that possible? It’s an inspection, of course I have to thoroughly examine inside and out.” The man’s big hands suggestively kneaded the younger man’s butt.

“Wait, look into my eyes first.” Zhou Yun Sheng quickly cupped the man’s cheeks, forcing him to look into his bottomless pupils. His voice lowered, his tone seemed particularly soothing, “Tell me, what do you see?”

Cao Mo Kun involuntarily stared into his pupils, his expression gradually turned absent-minded.

“Tell me, what do you see?” Zhou Yun Sheng waited for him to speak for a long time, then asked again.

“I see a star ocean.” Even Cao Mo Kun’s voice became absent-minded.

“Very good. Now step away and masturbate.” Zhou Yun Sheng gave a satisfied smile, like a queen, he pushed aside the taller and stronger man who was pushing him down. This was a skill he’d learned through a reincarnation – hypnosis. In that reincarnation, he was a psychologist, he relied on this marvelous hypnosis skill to trick the heroine. The result was not only was he ‘deceived’ by the heroine, he was also killed 10,000 times by the hero. He couldn’t bear to recall the past, but in short, this was an essential cheat skill for murder, arson, and swindling. He’d relied on it to complete many impossible tasks.

But Cao Mo Kun’s absent-mindedness only lasted for a short moment, when the young man broke out of his embrace and was about to get out of bed, he instantly sobered up, then gave a sneer, “Baby, what did you just say? Say it again.”

Zhou Yun Sheng, who was half into his sweater, was completely stupefied, after he could react, he said tentatively, “You, I-I said you should masturbate. Masturbating is enough, you’d certainly be happier than being with me. Try it out, you’ll understand.”

Cao Mo Kun was both angry and amused, he dragged the younger man back onto the bed, easily stripped off his sweater and shirt, and covered him, his voice hoarse: “Baby, how can masturbating make me happier than f#cking you. I don’t need to try it to know.” After saying this, he used his hard giant to push against the boy’s soft belly.

Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to squirm out of his embrace, but he pulled him back by his ankle. His pants were stripped off in one move, and he was pressed into the soft bedding, stark naked.

An hour later, the two had satiated expressions, one was wrapped in a quilt, panting, the other was leaning against the headboard, smoking.

Zhou Yun Sheng surreptitiously sized up the man, the failed hypnotism was still brooding on his heart. The prerequisite to escape another’s hypnosis was a spiritual strength of equal or higher amount. Zhou Yun Sheng was the only person to complete thousands of tasks under the Lord God. His soul power still had not yet reached the upper limit, it was obvious that his spiritual power and potential were terrifying.

And this world was merely an E-class world, there were no supernatural powers, cultivation, magic and other fantasy elements. In other words, a person with higher spiritual power than Zhou Yun Sheng should not exist in this world, yet here was Cao Mo Kun. What were his origins? Was the missing energy from the XingHai space, more than half in fact, related to him?

Zhou Yun Sheng frowned, then picked up a pillow to cover his head, blocking a giggle that was about to flow out. He’d guessed that he’d found out the cause. Similarities between people were inevitable, but resemblance after resemblance, time after time, was absolutely not a coincidence. Moreover, his body had long ago recognized the other man, even before his reason had, but because of fear of disappointment, he’d refused to think too deeply about it. At first, he started a relationship with this man merely to divert himself from loneliness, but after being followed through 3 lifetimes, he naturally had higher expectations for this situation.

Restraining his joy, he shifted the pillow slightly to stare at the man through the gap.

Cao Mo Kun was actually constantly paying attention to his reactions. Seeing him covering his face with a pillow, he thought that the cigarette smell was bothering him and quickly extinguished it. When he saw him secretly observing him, he couldn’t help but smile an indulging smile, then immediately put on a cold face.

He suddenly thought about it, the younger man was only a plaything he’d bought for three hundred thousand, one that could sell anything for money, depraved, frivolous, and money-hungry, a plaything with no willpower, why should he care about his feelings? He scolded himself, but he also couldn’t help but be deeply attracted to the boy, his mood fluctuating and tangling.

In order to struggle free from his nearly disoriented heart, he pretended to indifferently say, “Your performance in bed was pretty good, I’m very satisfied. Now that the deal has sealed, we need to establish a few rules.”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s joyful mood was extinguished by his words, throwing open the pillow, he asked in disbelief, “You want to set rules for me?”

“The people who follow me all have to observe the rules.” Cao Mo Kun’s tone was strict, but his heart was trembling. He suddenly felt very guilty about what he was doing.

“The people who follow you? And how many people have you had so far?” Zhou Yun Sheng questioned.

Cao Mo Kun felt even guiltier, retorting, “Why do you care about that? What’s your relationship with me?”

I’m your lover! This sentence was almost blurted out, but Zhou Yun Sheng held back. He’d sensed that Cao Mo Kun’s situation was completely different from his own, every time he reincarnated, his data was formatted, in other words, he didn’t have any memories from previous lives. But that was fine, as long as he still followed him from world to world.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng’s anger dissipated, dully asking, “Fine, let’s talk about your rules.”

Cao Mo Kun caressed the red marks on the younger man’s neck, saying in a heavy voice, “The first rule, within the three months, you can’t let Han Yu touch you; the second rule: come when I call, you can’t avoid me without a reason.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was ready to obediently listen, after not hearing him continue for a long time, he asked, “That’s it?’

“Did you think I’d give you house rules to memorize?” Cao Mo Kun smirked.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, then picked up his clothing thrown at the foot of the bed and pulled them on.

Cao Mo Kun frowned and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I have to go home, if I don’t, Han Yu will call to ask. I also have a rule, I hope you can comply. You can’t let Han Yu know about the transaction between us.” When he bent over to pull up his pants, Zhou Yun Sheng narrowed his eyes and sneered. Just because you formatted, you thought I wouldn’t settle accounts eventually? I’ll make you suffer in the future!

Sure enough, Cao Mo Kun felt very uncomfortable, itching to drag him back and mercilessly f#ck him again. But he held back, irritably combing his hand through his hair as he ridiculed, “Isn’t this unnecessary? Since his family is already bankrupt, why don’t you just break up with Han Yu? What can you gain by wasting your time with him?”

“Because I love him, I’ll never break up with him.” Zhou Yun Sheng said while picking up his jacket and putting it on.

“You love him? You show your love for him by climbing into my bed?” Cao Mo Kun’s eyes were instantly bloodshot, his voice revealing a trace of furious malice.

“Yes, because I love him, I’ll sleep with you.” Zhou Yun Sheng wore his shoes and walked towards the door, then, as if remembering something, he turned back and asked, “Do you remember Zhou Yun Sheng?”

Cao Mo Kun was still angry at his inexplicable answer, he stared blankly when he heard this name, but after thinking for a moment, he shook his head.

“How about Wei Xi Yan?”

“Shen Yi Bin?”

“Du Xu Lang?”

“Ning Si Nian?”

“Zhu Zhao Ting (Crown Prince)?”

After asking several questions in a row, Cao Mo Kun’s reaction was just shaking his head, baffled. Zhou Yun Sheng had no choice but to press down his disappointment and hurriedly leave.

After he left, Cao Mo Kun was still chewing on the name ‘Zhou Yun Sheng’, his expression somewhat startled, then he immediately felt a huge headache. He lit a cigar and forcefully inhaled a mouthful.

From that day on, Cao Mo Kun picked up the younger man and brought him to his club for relief every week. The feeling of being with the younger man was too beautiful, there were many times when he was even reluctant to withdraw from his body, just wanting to tear him apart and devour him. Gradually, meeting once a week was no longer able to satisfy him, so it changed to every three days, then again to two days, then every day, until finally, he was itching to tie the boy to his side at all times.

Today, he was trying to invite the boy out for dinner, but a dozen calls successively failed to connect. He restlessly waited for half an hour, but when he was about to send his assistant to locate him, the boy took the initiative to call him back.

“What are you doing? Why didn’t you answer the phone for so long?” Cao Mo Kun asked, exasperated.

“The holiday is almost here, we have finals, I just finished an exam. My phone was on silent, so I didn’t hear.”

The boy’s clear voice instantly quenched Cao Mo Kun’s anxiousness and anger. He pulled at his tie, slowly asking, “How was the test?”

“It was good.” Zhou Yun Sheng casually packed his backpack, his exquisite and immaculate profile reflected in the warm sun, making his beauty seem unreal.

Not only was Ji Han Yu attracted, even Ji Han Yu’s best friend, Wang Jie, was staring in awe, his heart unbearably itchy.

On the other end, Cao Mo Kun said, “I’m adding a new rule, from now on, your phone has to be reachable at all times, and if there’s a special circumstance that causes you to disconnect it, you must inform me first.”

“Why don’t you just install a tracking device on me.” Zhou Yun Sheng rolled his eyes, saying in his heart, was this ‘strong desire to control’ chronic illness impossible to change? There was also smoking, after several lifetimes of supervising, he still couldn’t make the man quit. In the last life, the man was directly addicted to drugs. Could it be, these were inherent traits locked into his database, even after formatting, they couldn’t be modified?

Thinking of this, he gently laughed.

Cao Mo Kun heard his laughter and his heart almost melted into a puddle of water, saying softly, “That’s a good idea, I’ll buy you a tracking watch tomorrow, so I don’t have to be afraid of losing you. I’ll take you out to play during the holiday, where do you want to go?”

“Ask me after my grades come out.” Zhou Yun Sheng picked up his bag, beckoning to Ji Han Yu as he walked out of the classroom first.

“OK, I’ll come pick you up, let’s have dinner.” Cao Mo Kun immediately picked up his car keys and headed down.

Zhou Yun Sheng promised and hung up the phone, then sent Ji Han Yu, who was following behind him, away. Ji Han Yu’s best friend, Wang Jie, frequently looked back at the teenager standing under the sunset, teasing, “A-Yu, aren’t you together with his best friend? Why not lend him to us to play?”

“If you guys want to play just go ahead, as long as you have enough money, he’ll do anything for you.” Ji Han Yu laughed disdainfully.

“He’s been ignoring us lately, very cold. Can’t you help us invite him out?”

“I can. If he takes the bait, don’t forget to leave some evidence behind. Otherwise, if I suddenly dump him, You Ran will think I’m merciless and fickle. Because of him, You Ran has been feeling guilty recently, and has trouble eating and sleeping. My heart hurts when I see how much weight he’s lost. In short, the fault is not on me, or You Ran, it’s Lin ChengZe who’s willingly degrading himself, you understand?”

“Understood, understood, you’re a really bad guy!” Wang Jie hastily nodded.



Deceived- Online raws say ‘trampled on/violated’, book raws say ‘deceived/cheated’. I went with deceived.

Retorting- lit. show strength while weak inside (idiom); appearing fierce while cowardly at heart / a sheep in wolf’s clothing. I couldn’t think of an equivalent English word.

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1 month ago

Note to my future self who is re-reading this story : stop reading the NSFW part when it’s time to sleep! Your pervert laugh is echoing and you’ll get scolded again!

2 months ago

Oh my gosh its him its him!!!! Aweeeee to be honest i was having second thoughts when reading this the idea of new ML every era did bug me a little but m so happy right now!!!!!!

5 months ago

It’s nice to read the sex scenes but I agree, the lack of lube is disappointing. *sighs* … especially in this world, where the ML is said to regularly have lovers of both sexes. I mean, he should have lube conveniently on hand, right??

Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
7 months ago

(^~^;)ゞhow old the uncle cao again?

Last edited 7 months ago by Kawaii Panda
7 months ago
Reply to  Kawaii Panda

……let’s assume they are in their early 30s at most……so far rhe youngest ml seems to be the crown prince whose age was never described….

6 months ago
Reply to  N.O.

The Crown Prince was 27. In one of the first chapters when they talked about his changes they said he was 27 when he meet ZYS

8 months ago

Seriously 😑 why romanticise rape!!! like why??
And even stalking is romantic 🙄
This is really disturbing ☹️
Does the mc like being harrased or something??
As long as they r handsome..they could rape,stalk, logic👏

7 months ago
Reply to  99%crazy

Because they are not lover on this situation and just bed partner like sugar baby and sugar daddy. Golden tight. So if u think of this with these set of course this one quite logic and “normal” since they are “not” lover “yet” and “no love” for presents. So, it’s actually quite funny to ask him to be not a jerk/ bastard man that forced other when he’s not in love with boy, not his lover but just someone that “buy” your body.

U can complain about this situation if they are in love relationship but not in these kind of situation when everything began with money or other stuff beside love.

7 months ago
Reply to  Ai

*sorry typos : I means for present situation

6 months ago
Reply to  99%crazy

the “unwillingness” felt more like MC was too scared to get close to him in fear that he wasn’t his ML,

arc spoiler
plus the rest of the pitiful act is faked to guilt-trip both his ML and his current boyfriend. Besides, he could’ve earned money otherwise if he really couldn’t get the cash on hand right away from his bf’s uncle, but he didn’t. He wants to hit where it hurts by using his bf’s uncle and punish his lover for being naughty. MC is still the one with the upper hand here.

loquentes ineptias
loquentes ineptias
2 days ago
Reply to  99%crazy

The rape part is dubious consent as shown by the words “his body had long ago recognized the other man, even before his reason had”. Otherwise, he would’ve did his best to attack him (physically and with mental energy), tho he won’t be unscathed. Still not so good. But better than straight out rape.
As for stalking… it was something MC was used to from ML since the first world. Not to mention, due to his miserable past of being a villain hated and despised by all, he quite appreciate the ‘passionate advances bordering on crazy’ from ML. He felt assured and loved by ML’s possesive obssesive behaviours. It’s not explicitly told, but that past did damage him a bit, traumatizing him as well as worsen his belief towards other, he might not be insecure before dragged into the game tho.

9 months ago

Em que arcos existem NSF alguém poderia me informar
What arcs exist in, NSF could someone tell me

Last edited 9 months ago by 2567
8 months ago
Reply to  2567

Arc 1,4,7,8&10. I think that’s what the translator said.

8 months ago
Reply to  KNovel_Otaku

thank you ^_^