FOD Chapter 4.4


Chapter: 4.4

The door to the conference room opened. Yu MeiLian impatiently walked over to greet, Wu Tao and Boa also hadn’t left, and were waiting not far away.

“How was it?”

“I got it, I have to come shoot the ad in three days. Sister Yu, help me negotiate a good price, I urgently need some funds.” Zhou Yun Sheng said while folding his flower juice stained handkerchief into his pocket.

“Don’t worry, even if you’re a newcomer, AYA has deep pockets, you won’t be stiffed.” Yu MeiLian assured.

Zhou Yun Sheng patted her shoulder, “Then I’ll leave all the details to Sister Yu. I have to go to class, laters.” He walked past Wu Tao, who had a complicated expression, and the red eyed Boa, nodding slightly, he gave them a gorgeous smile.

Three days soon passed, during which Yu MeiLian called and told him that AYA’s advertising fee was five hundred thousand. For a newcomer, this was an astronomical price, so she agreed without telling him.

To a newcomer, an ad could pay as much as a few hundred-thousand in income and as little as a few ten-thousand. Only a real first-class superstar could do an ad that paid tens of millions. Zhou Yun Sheng knew the market, expressing sincere thanks for Yu MeiLian’s efforts.

He woke up very early that morning, opening the door and heading to the dining room while putting on a shirt.

The young man’s skin was like milk, white and creamy, emitting a slight glow under the orange lighting; His hair was uncombed, only slightly brushed with his fingers, it was messy but sexy; His pair of peach blossom eyes had a layer of mist because he’d just woken up. When he walked over with a dazed look, he seemed both pure and cute.

His figure was very thin, or maybe not so, because his unfastened shirt was partially opened, revealing a slice of a flexible and powerful waist, and a neat arrangement of abdominal muscles. Further up was a delicate and graceful collarbone.

He yawned. Two tear drops seeped out of his peach blossom eyes, but they didn’t slide down his cheeks, rather, they clung to his thick eyelashes. He arrived at the dining table and sat down, his cheek propped on his right hand, his left hand holding his spoon, erratically stirring the hot congee. White steam hung in the air, blurring his facial features, but it made that lazy bearing all the more moving.

A loud clattering sound disturbed his leisure. He frowned towards the boy sitting opposite him, seeing Ji Han Yu’s flushed face as he jumped up, avoiding the spilled congee on the table.

“Don’t move around, I’m coming. How can such a big man drop his bowl? What were you so absentminded about?” Fang You Ran ran out of the kitchen with a cleaning rag.

“‘I, I was just thinking about my family.” Ji Han Yu stammered, at the same time, he quickly glanced at Lin ChengZe, who was focused on his congee. Even if he hated Lin ChengZe, he also had to admit that the boy’s appearance was perfect. He only hadn’t seen him for a few days, but his facial features seemed to have opened up a little. His every movement was completely missing his former frivolousness and debauchery, instead, there was a bit of laziness and elegance. Like a Persian cat, resting in the sunlight, eyes squinted. It made him feel an intolerable itchiness in his heart, wanting to reach out and pet.

When Fang You Ran heard this, his heart ached. He quietly picked up the broken pieces of porcelain, wiped up the spilled congee, then poured him another bowl. His tone was very gentle, “Try not to think about your family affairs. You’re a senior, your studies are more urgent.”

Ji Han Yu nodded. Seeing that Lin ChengZe, who was sitting opposite, had offered no comforting words, his momentary speck of infatuation dissipated completely, replaced with contempt and anger.

Lin ChengZe dropped his gaze, ignoring the ambiguous atmosphere between the two protagonists. While finishing up his congee, he slowly opened, “Help me ask for a few days leave, I’m busy.”

“What are you busy with again? What are you doing? Don’t forget that the college entrance exams are in June.” Ji Han Yu unprecedentedly questioned.

“I said I’m busy, so I’m busy. Don’t pester so much.” Lin ChengZe threw away the spoon and wiped his mouth. Hearing his phone ringing, he picked up, then left the apartment without a goodbye.

Ji Han Yu went to the window and looked down. He couldn’t help but sneer when he saw him enter an Audi Q7: A slut is always a slut, the more beautiful they looked, the cheaper they are. He looked back at Fang You Ran, who was diligently cleaning up the table, and his temporarily warped mentality quickly regained equilibrium.


Zhou Yun Sheng and Yu MeiLian arrived at the AYA branch. The staff had already set up the studio, lights and cameras in place, waiting for the shooting to begin.

“Mr. Orlando, did you forget to give us the script?” Yu MeiLian dragged over the blonde foreigner who was scurrying around.

“Oh, my little fairy has finally arrived, quickly, quickly go get dressed.” Orlando automatically ignored Yu MeiLian, his eyes and heart only filled with the smiling teenager standing under the lights.

Your sister’s a little fairy! Zhou Yun Sheng cursed in his heart, but his face wore a gorgeous smile. He nodded then followed after the stylist.

Yu MeiLian forcefully tugged at the already intoxicated Orlando and politely asked again, “Mr. Orlando, you forgot the script. If there’s no script, how can we shoot?”

“Ah, I forgot to tell you, this advertisement has no script. When the little fairy comes back out, we’ll directly begin.” He raised a hand, smoothing the chaotic hair on his forehead. A tall figure walked through the doorway, when he noticed him, he quickly paced over to greet him.

Yu MeiLian also turned back to look, then her already strained heartstrings quickly shattered. WTF, that man turned out to be Cao Mo Kun. The Cao Mo Kun known for his ruthlessness, the great white shark of the business ocean, Cao Mo Kun. The Cao Mo Kun that could crush a first-class family just by waving his hand ah!

What was he doing here?!

Yes, this man was an infamous lover of beauty, men and women, as long as he fancied them, he would get them by any means. What if he saw Lin ChengZe?

Yu MeiLian turned back, her expression somewhat ugly. Most brokers have more or less done some form of pimping. They weren’t willing to commit such acts, but the environment dictated it. Nowadays, if you wanted to be famous, you needed to pay a price most ordinary people couldn’t imagine. But Lin ChengZe was still underage, and also an orphan, she really couldn’t harden her heart.

Yu MeiLian didn’t even consider that Cao Mo Kun would look down on Lin ChengZe. What a joke, just look at Lin ChengZe’s appearance, anyone who shunned him was blind.

The ‘blind’ Ji Han Yu: ……

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know that Yu MeiLian had gotten caught up in an unprecedented dilemma, he was too busy trying to pull up his jean’s zipper.

“Isn’t this too tight? I can barely walk.” He took a deep breath and sucked in his belly.

“Not tight, not tight, it’s just right.” The stylist eyed the young man’s abdominal muscles, mermaid line, upturned buttocks, and slender legs. As soon as he finished speaking, he wiped off some drool.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth twitched, asking, “My top?”

“No top, your upper body will be bare.”

“Shoes?” Zhou Yun Sheng shook his bare toes.

“No shoes either.” The stylist struggled to move his gaze away and pushed him out, “Okay, time’s almost up, head out. Orlando has a bad temper, he starts swearing at people if he waits too long.”

“Ohmygod! Baby, you’re like a piece of freshly baked, fast melting Panna cotta, sprinkled with powdered sugar. I really want to eat you up!” Orlando shouted; expression covetous.

All the staff looked over with burning gazes, mixed within was a sharp, prickling gaze.

Zhou Yun Sheng followed the line of sight, his eyes flashing a little. Next to the director stood a very tall man, at least 190 cm, his tailored and expensive suit wrapped his strong physique. His hair was completely combed back, exposing a chiseled, handsome face. His long and narrow eyes were squinted slightly, and his graceful, thin lips were slightly raised, his pondering expression revealing wickedness.

Cao Mo Kun?

Zhou Yun Sheng dug out the man’s identity from the original’s memory, then indifferently recovered his line of sight. He looked to Orlando, “Excuse me, how do I shoot the ad? Sister Yu said you didn’t give her a script.”

“Ah, there is no script, we will only shoot you. Every angle, every action, every expression of yours. Then we’ll pick all the most beautiful and most sexy shots to synthesize an ad so lively and colorful you can smell it. Baby, you just have to play around freely, go, go.” Orlando pushed the boy into the studio filled with a variety of petals.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked at the thick layer of petals under his feet, quite stunned. Modeling really was a pure selling sex appeal occupation.

Cao Mo Kun originally thought that the young man would come over to fawn over him with the usual shamelessness, he didn’t expect him to just quickly glance at him then look away, as if he didn’t know him.

Playing cat and mouse? Cao Mo Kun pondered, taking out a cigar from his pocket, cutting it, and igniting it. He firmly sucked in a mouthful.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked a few laps on the petals, then waved to Orlando, “Could I have a bottle of red wine? I want to find some insight through the alcohol.”

“A beauty, red wine, flowers, perfume… … This combination is wonderful!” Orlando clapped his hands, his expression enchanted, his assistant quickly brought over a bottle of red wine.

Zhou Yun Sheng took a big gulp, felt that it wasn’t enough, then took a few more mouthfuls. The bright red liquid dripped down his delicate jaw and slid to his slender neck, then to his sexy collarbone, down his fair chest … … He put down the wine bottle, his cheeks flushed, his peach blossom eyes hazy and glittering. His tipsy state was extremely titillating.

There was a sound of gulping in the studio.

Orlando took away the bottle and waved, “Did you find the feeling for it? If you have, we can start the shooting.” When he turned his back, he gave the bottle opening an indirect kiss.

Cao Mo Kun snorted coldly when he saw this scene, his complexion somewhat ugly.

His assistant coughed, reminding, “Boss, please take a seat and watch, now, while everyone is paying attention to Lin ChengZe.” Otherwise, when everyone snaps out of it, you’ll be disgraced!

He didn’t dare say the last sentence, only staring meaningfully at his boss’ raised crotch.

Cao Mo Kun didn’t find it embarrassing. He strolled to the director’s side and asked for a soft chair to sit down in. His sharp gaze was firmly locked on the young man’s body.

Zhou Yun Sheng was already feeling a little drunk, he gave the camera a smile, eyes absentminded, then laid down on the petals, giving a lazy yawn. The wine tasted pretty good, making him feel drowsy as soon as he got drunk.

Apparently, he felt a bit cold, he gathered the petals onto his chest, and wanted to close his eyes to sleep. Then he remembered that he was currently filming an ad, and reluctantly opened his eyes. He turned his body to face the camera, propping his cheek on his hand and giving a dazed smile. His misty eyes were intoxicating.

“Great, this smile is great, we have to keep it in!” Orlando’s excited face was flushed red.



Your sister’s a little fairy– Chinese people use their target’s family members when cursing. Also, little fairy can translate to ‘hussy’, so you get why he’s mad.

The ‘blind’ Ji Han Yu – It actually said ‘Ji Han Yu getting shot while lying down.’ Which means getting unjustly insulted, attacked, or implicated in something just because you’re present.

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1 month ago

Ok, being horny for him, check. Being possessive over him, check. And being creapy towards him, check.

noodle enjoyer
noodle enjoyer
3 months ago

so that’s what the previous arc commentor meant by no restrain im sobbing

6 months ago

Ji Han Yu getting shot while lying down ???? thats so funny imagining it kekekeke

1 year ago

Fck Ewww

2 years ago

ZYS: *is underaged*
also ZYS: *asks for wine and gets it* ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Laona

You mean thw same ZYS everyone is eye f*cking despite him still being a minor? I think we already established this people just don’t care.