ABO Vol 1 Chap 10


Chapter 10: Prince Caesar

Each prince of the empire shall begin reading from the age of six, and as a prince, he must keep his mind calm even when he was in the face of an Omega’s estrus.

Since then, when General Lin Yuan happened, His Majesty and Rosen paid special attention to the resistance of the military. Afterwards, all Alpha took “Omega Estrus Resistance training”, so as to avoid future interference from Omega pheromone and becoming irrational.

As a soldier, it was vital to keep reason at all times.

As a prince, it was not only necessary, but also instinctive, to stay sane at all times.

His Majesty had Caesar carry out Omega Pheromone resistance training from an early age. The various experts in the Imperial Academy were using chemical drugs to synthesize the various Omega scents and these were around him each day.

To use reason to overcome instinct, it was a very painful process.

Fortunately, Caesar at that time was still small, his body couldn’t directly respond to that kind of pheromone. The first time he smelled it he only felt very excited and uncomfortable, but after smelling it every day the feeling will naturally slowly fade.

After adulthood, although his body would still generate a strong reaction, his mind can still remain sober, and his reason will not be completely lost.

Caesar was accustomed to the smell of various kinds of pheromone, his sense of smell was naturally quite sensitive to the taste. He almost never missed, so he was more confused.

After seeing the bare Lin Yuan, he actually felt a pure, no impurities aura of Omega. It was a never marked, recently turned adult Omega aura.

But that breath was very, very weak, faint like a flash of illusion.

How can military academies have Omega?

All the blood of students enrolled would be tested and the information in the blood was extracted. Empire law also expressly states that all Omega should be registered at the time of birth and from the age of 13 sent to a school set up specifically for Omega. Omega who injected inhibitors to get into the military courted death.

So ……. it was probably a moment of illusion?

Caesar gently touched his nose. His nose may have a little bit of a bug.


Back in the bedroom, he suddenly heard a slight burst of sound coming from the closet.

In addition to his sensitive sense of smell, his hearing was naturally the most sensitive in the whole empire, he can even hear a mosquito’s voice a few meters outside the room.

Caesar, puzzled, placed his finger on the automatic closet’s sensor.

Whoosh, the closet was opened, in the corner of the wardrobe a pure white “dog” was fearfully shrinking into a small hair ball, trembling.

“…….” Caesar’s face was slightly stiff.

That hairball saw him, shook some more, shrunk into a ball tighter, it also pulled down his wide and long ears with two claws to cover its face, as if the person in front could not notice it if it did so.

Caesar looked at it and quietly said, “Wayne, what are you doing here?”

“Woo hoo…….” he recognize it, human beings are really too annoying!

Wayne suddenly ran out from the closet and crazily rushed into the bedroom door.

Caesar whispered: “Stop.”

Wayne stiffly stopped and tightened his guard.

Impasse for a moment, his hairy claws tentatively moved forward a bit, but Caesar said coldly: “Come back.”

“Ooo woo …….” Caesar His Majesty’s face is terribly cold!

Wayne bowed his head, frustrated, and turned back to Caesar’s side. He rubbed Caesar’s trousers to please him.

Caesar leaned over and looked at it, whispered: “Tell me, why are you here?”

“…” Wayne bowed his head and didn’t speak.

Caesar took out a palm-sized photoelectric screen from his suitcase, opened it, from the inside he pulled out the special sensor software and placed it in front of Wayne, whispered, “Write to me, or I will send you back to the palace!”

Wayne immediately shook his head, put his two claws on the screen and quickly laid out a line of words: “No no! Prince His Royal Highness you cannot send me back to the palace, do not tell the Queen. Tell her I am dead!!!”

Caesar was puzzled, “Why?”

Wayne looked at him tearfully then typed, “The Queen wants me to mate and give her a little nest.”

Followed by a crying expression.

Caesar: “…”

Wayne continued with enthusiasm and wrote: “The people of the Institute are so terrible! They gave me a Gera to let me have a little nest with it, but I hate that guy, so I ran away …”

Caesar looked at it and whispered: “And then where did you go?”

“Once again, His Majesty sent troops to Cigar galaxy to mine minerals, I secretly hid in the spacecraft inside a robot’s stomach, and passed the interstellar check mark. When they landed, I sneaked out, but didn’t expect to faint in the snow……. Rennes planet is really too cold!”

Wayne seemed to remember the cold there, trembled a bit, then went on to write: “Fortunately, there was a good person who picked me up, he is my new owner. He is called Lin Yuan!

– Lin Yuan?

Caesar slightly frowned. He finally understood why the Empire’s Queen Anna lost her pet, Wayne, two years ago, and why he suddenly appeared in San Romia Military Academy’s student dormitory.

– Cigar Galaxy, Rennes Planet, Lin Yuan.

This year’s new student list has such a person, same as himself, he was admitted to San Romia Military Academy with full marks in all three courses. He was said to be born in a civilian family, to have such results he was indeed someone to look at.

That boy who used the wrong bathroom, who he almost thought was an Omega, is Lin Yuan?

Caesar thought in silence for a moment, then whispered: “Wayne, do you like this new master? He tested into San Romia Military Academy, so you followed him?”

Wayne nodded earnestly.

“You’re really clever, but you didn’t expect to meet me here,” he said.

Wayne lowered his head in frustration: “Your Highness, please don’t tell Queen Anna, okay?”

Caesar gently touched Wayne’s ears, he whispered: “Rest assured, I won’t tell mother. She was going to match you, and I don’t agree with that. You have your own consciousness, humans shouldn’t have taken you as a pet and we’re even less qualified to force you to mate.”

Wayne’s eyes were bright, he enthusiastically nodded, happy to rub his cheek against Caesar’s palms.

– This was how they expressed their love.

Caesar smiled, “Since you like Lin Yuan, then follow Lin Yuan. I won’t tell your whereabouts to my mother, and you should not tell my identity to anyone.”

Wayne quickly nodded his head, and also seriously raised his hairy claws, as if swearing.

Caesar shook his claws lightly, held it up and lifted the white suitcase left behind by Lin Yuan, he whispered, “Let’s go and see your new master.”


Lin Yuan was sitting in his bedroom in a daze. Somehow, his heart felt strangely uneasy.

Rennes planet was a barren and desolate place, the children were mostly Beta. Most of the people he had seen from a young age were Beta, even if there were Alpha they weren’t pure blooded.

He knows that Alpha are the strongest of all the races, and the more pure the blood of the Alpha was, the stronger his breath was. But this knowledge was only theoretical, only today did he finally realize the difference.

The two roommates who lived with him were undoubtedly the most pure, capable and powerful Alpha. The great oppression they gave was difficult to breathe through.

Especially that guy named Caesar……

His deep eyes seemed to have the power to sink, his attention made Lin Yuan’s back hair stand up, his heart seemed to be in a struggle to break free. His back inexplicably trembled, so Lin Yuan gave in to the instinct to flee.

He was Beta, he shouldn’t have such a strong reaction to the Alpha just because he got close, was it because he had never previously seen an Alpha, so a sudden encounter with such a worthy Alpha gave him a sense of oppression? After all, compared to Alpha, Beta were weaker in height and physical ability. It’s very stressful to face such an excellent Alpha.

Lin Yuan finally figured out an explanation for his weird behavior, so his heart was relieved.

Later he wants to avoid them. Anyway, the four bedrooms were independent, as long as he stayed in his bedroom as much as possible, he couldn’t provoke them.

However, Lin choosing not to provoke them, does not mean they wouldn’t come to provoke Lin Yuan……

Suddenly a knock was heard, Lin Yuan alertly erected his ears. It was quiet outside for a moment, then the knock sounded again, and Caesar’s deep voice asked: “Are you in?”

Lin Yuan adjusted his expression, took a deep breath, went to the door and asked: “Something wrong?

“Is this white pet yours?”

“…….” Bad, Hobby was still in that bedroom!

Lin Yuan had to open the door, he saw a white hair ball was being held in Caesar’s arms. When he saw Lin Yuan his eyes brightened and he raised his hairy claws and waved toward Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and took Hobby. Hobby was very happy to fly into Lin Yuan’s arms, he rubbed Lin Yuan’s face with his head.

It was kept by Caesar for a long time, so it carried Caesar’s scent. The moment Hobby rubbed him, a strong Alpha aura spread out, it even made Lin Yuan momentarily dizzy.

“…….” Lin Yuan immediately held his breath, adjusted the bitterness of his heart, put Hobby on the desk, and softly said: “Thank you, it’s mine.”

Lin Yuan said what was necessary before closing the door, but Caesar’s hand blocked it.

Caesar whispered: “What’s his name?”

“… It’s called Hobby.”

Caesar looked at Hobby, and Hobby proudly looked up at him, as if to say “Isn’t my new name nice?”

Caesar smiled and handed the white suitcase to Lin Yuan, “Is this your luggage?”

“Yes, leave it there, thank you.”

Lin Yuan said what was necessary to close the door, but Caesar again reached out.

“…….” This person is simply annoying! He obviously didn’t want to chat with him, why did he always block the door?

The strong discomfort of being surround by an Alpha’s aura made Lin unhappily wrinkle his brow.

Caesar looked at Lin Yuan and whispered: “I think we should exchange things from our bathrooms. You just used a bath towel, so I’ll take yours, is that okay?”


He really did use his bathroom towel, he even opened his shampoo and shower gel.

Lin Yuan was embarrassed. He backed up a step and opened the bedroom door to let him in.

Caesar took Lin Yuan’s suitcase into the bedroom, put the suitcase away, then took the new toiletries out of the bathroom. Then he turned back to his bedroom and took the towel, shampoo and shower gel that Lin Yuan used from his bathroom.

In his back and forth process, Lin Yuan was alertly standing at the door watching him. His body was in a defensive state, like a barbed up small hedgehog.

After exchanging the bathroom appliances, Caesar politely reached out his hand to Lin Yuan and whispered: “I’m Caesar, a military command department freshman. You are?”

“………I’m Lin Yuan.” Lin Yuan stretched out his hand and gently shook his hand, then immediately took back his hand. Dropping his head to avoid Caesar’s eyes, he gently petted Hobby, still lying on the table.

Caesar looked at Hobby, then took out the palm-sized photoelectric screen and handed it to Lin Yuan: “Take this.”

“……what is this?”

“It’s a Microlight computer. It can sense the consciousness of various biological brains. Use it to communicate with Hobby, I gave it to Hobby as a gift.”

Caesar handed the computer to Hobby, and Hobby gladly clutched it tightly with his claws.

……. Since Hobby received the gift his master was embarrassed to reject it.

Lin Yuan had to say: “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” Caesar gently touched Hobby’s ear, seemingly to complement its sensibility. Hobby obediently nodded, as if to say: remember our agreement!

Caesar raised his lips slightly, took back his hand and looked at Lin Yuan, “Well, I won’t disturb you again. Good night.”

“……Good night.”

Until Caesar turned away, Lin Yuan was still in a state of alert.

Lying on the table, Hobby looked at Caesar’s back and secretly raised a claw thumb!

– Prince, you are so good at pretending! Pretending not to know me, pretending not to know my name, even using me as an excuse to give a gift. Your acting is too awesome!

– In the words of mankind, His Royal Highness Prince was simply a universe class actor!

– But why did the master stiffen when he saw the prince?

Hobby looked up at Lin Yuan, and found that the always lively and cheerful teenager, was currently uneasy and strangely pale.


Author’s Note:

Short theater:

Lin Yuan: Hobby, in the end who is your master, why did you listen to Caesar’s commands?

Hobby ((Ooo, ooo, I have a handle in the hands of His Royal Highness, I cannot disobey him …)

Caesar: Don’t be angry, it is your pet of course it should listen to your words. (Look back at Hobby) Right, Hobby?

Hobby (nod immediately): Right!!!!

Lin Yuan: …………

Lin Yuan once again felt the malice from the stupid author + Caesar + Hobby!



Whispered –If you haven’t noticed yet, I applaud you. Yes Caesar whispers nearly everything he says. I guess the author did this to show that he’s a gentle person but it’s weird to whisper everything you say. Till I find an equivalent, I’ll leave it.

Handle – something that can be taken advantage of

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