FOD Chap 2.5


Chapter 2.5

Ning Si Nian apologized, Ning Wang Shu absolutely couldn’t hear him, he just quietly looked at his father with pitch-black eyes.

Ning Si Nian hugged him tightly, using all his strength, kissing his forehead and hair whorl. It took a few minutes to temporarily pacify his rage, then he quietly asked, “Baby, tell Papa who’s really hitting you, is it Wang Ma?”

Ning Wang Shu trembled but remained silent.

Ning Si Nian hurriedly patted his back. He repeatedly questioned, but Ning Wang Shu stayed silent, so he had no choice but to appease, “Baby, don’t be afraid. Papa will protect you.” He paused, then struggled with guilt as he continued, “As long as you tell me, Papa will definitely help you punish the bad guy. But if you hide it because you’re too afraid, Papa can only make Uncle Xi Yan leave… …”

“Don’t!” Ning Wang Shu, who had been silent for ten consecutive days, shouted in panic.

Ning Si Nian’s heart trembled, he forced himself to continue interrogating, “Don’t what? Don’t throw Uncle Xi Yan out? Then tell Papa who has been hitting you, OK? If you don’t tell Papa, how can Papa protect you? You’re Papa’s only child, Papa’s treasure. Papa will never not care about you, do you know?”

He tried to slow down his tone as much as possible, enticing his son to take down the defenses around his heart.

Ning Wang Shu struggled for a long time before he whispered in a barely audible voice, “Don’t make Uncle Xi Yan go away. Wang Ma hit me, not uncle.” He finally raised his head, his tear-filled eyes looked straight at his father.

Ning Si Nian also had wet eyes, cupping his head, he repeatedly kissed him, then pulled him into his arms. His cautious treatment was like he’d recovered a long-lost treasure.

If the monitors weren’t installed, he probably would have always been kept in the dark. Who would have thought that the real culprit would be the Wang Ma who’d worked hard without complaint to raise him up? If he had driven Wei Xi Yan away, his son would’ve only fallen into a more tragic situation. His autistic symptoms would’ve also become more and more serious. Ning Si Nian’s disgust, hatred, and anger were all vented on an innocent man, while Wang Ma was uninhibited, probably secretly mocking his stupidity.

Thinking of this, Ning Si Nian’s face flushed, like he was fiercely slapped dozens of times, ashamed of his failure.

Zhou Yun Sheng saw Ning Si Nian’s embarrassed expression through the AI on his wrist, he bowed his head to avoid the pinhole camera and smiled happily. He stood up and stretched, taking off his clothes while walking towards the bathroom. But while standing under the shower head, his muscles were slightly stiff.

Zhao Jun seemed to have also installed a pinhole camera in the bathroom, and more than one, his work was really too attentive.

The corners of Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth pulled up, and he continued nonchalantly taking a shower. Ning Si Nian was straight, he shouldn’t have an interest in peeping at men in the shower, besides, even if he let him see, what was the harm?

After playing the roles of countless villains, Zhou Yun Sheng’s shame and integrity had been eaten away hundreds of years ago.


Ning Si Nian got the truth from his son’s mouth, then he bathed him and changed his clothes, repeatedly assuring him that Wang Ma would be driven away. Ning Wang Shu was very excited, but because of the repeated torment he’d received, he’d even forgotten how to laugh, only the corners of his mouth slightly curved. Seeing this broke Ning Si Nian’s heart.

Ning Si Nian was known as the ‘cunning fox’ in the business world, it wasn’t difficult to figure out that his son’s abuse must have a hidden ulterior motive behind it. Wang Ma has served the Ning family for a lifetime, she even worked hard without complaint to raise him up, why did her temperament change at this age? Wang Ma wasn’t a pervert, she naturally hadn’t abused his son to satisfy selfish desires, so what was her motivation?

Ning Si Nian believed that benefits were the main motivator of human activities. Wang Ma abused his son because she could benefit from it. Then who would profit from his son’s abuse and Xi Yan’s expulsion?

Ning Si Nian thought of a person, his brows fiercely wrinkled. If it was her, things might be even more complicated than he thought.

The father and son stayed in the room, affectionate for a long time, finally getting back a little bit of the former warmth and harmony in their interactions. At this time, the bedroom door opened, and Zhao Xin Fang came in carrying a bag. She said in an exhausted tone, “Si Nian, Wang Ma called you guys down to eat. I’ll change my clothes first, you don’t have to wait for me.”

Ning Si Nian promised, holding his son, he walked down to the dining room and saw a young man sitting upright in the corner, his hair wet. Ning Si Nian gently said, “Why didn’t you blow dry your hair before coming down?”

Isn’t your concern coming out too late? Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart lightly ridiculed, but he reddened his cheeks slightly, pretending to be startled and lowering his head.

Ning Si Nian let out a helpless sigh, but didn’t dare scold him again, afraid to scare him. In the past, Wei Xi Yan always avoided his gaze, he just thought that the other man had a guilty conscience, but now he knew that it was because of shyness. His childhood tragedy caused him to seal his heart.… the same as his son.

Thinking of this, Ning Si Nian’s heart softened. He inwardly vowed that from now on, he would take good care of the younger man, and never let him bear the slightest grievances again.

Wang Ma was very surprised by Ning Si Nian’s sudden attitude change, she almost dropped the dishes. Zhao Xin Fang also coincidently walked in at this time, the two women quickly glanced at each other.

The atmosphere at dinner was very subtle. Ning Wang Shu obediently nested in his father’s embrace, eating his dinner, his gleaming eyes occasionally looking towards his Xiao Shu, brimming with tranquility and happiness inside. Zhou Yun Sheng ate by himself, and after finishing his meal, he headed back to his room, his head lowered, avoiding looking at anyone.

“Is baby full? Come with Papa to the study to read.” Ning Si Nian saw that his son refused to touch the spoon again, so he slowly helped him wipe his mouth.

Ning Wang Shu nodded, his eyes slightly bright. He was actually very afraid that his father would hand him to Wang Ma again.

Ning Si Nian kissed his son and carried him upstairs.

Ning Wang Shu has always been very clever and quiet, he’ll happily play with a set of building bricks for several hours. Ning Si Nian sat him on his lap, then spread building blocks over the huge desk, letting him play as he stared at the monitor.

In the room across the corridor, Zhou Yun Sheng was lying on the bed, wearing a large white shirt without any pants. Swaying his pair of long, white legs, he leisurely looked at a picture album while staring at the AI. He’d really enjoyed watching Ning Si Nian’s face go through those phases of realization, but he was looking forward to Zhao Xin Fang and Wang Ma’s wonderful performance even more.

After making sure Ning Si Nian had really left, Zhao Xin Fang put down her chopsticks and asked, “Wang Ma, you didn’t complete the task today?”

“I was playing cards with my sisters today and forgot the time. Tomorrow, I’ll definitely do it for you tomorrow.” Wang Ma replied in a low voice.

“Hurry up! Every time I see Wei Xi Yan, I feel uneasy. Also, be more ruthless, you’d better turn that little bastard into an idiot, anyway, you have Wei Xi Yan for a scapegoat, what are you afraid of?” Zhao Xin Fang urged, then seemed to feel very amused, she even chuckled.

Wang Ma nodded repeatedly, “Ay, I got it. Then the money we agreed on beforehand….”

“As long as Wei Xi Yan gets kicked out, I’ll immediately call you. If the little bastard becomes an idiot, I’ll add another half a million.” Zhao Xin Fang generously promised.

Wang Ma was unable to contain her joy, repeatedly promising to complete the task tomorrow.

They were totally unaware that inside the flower vase on the dining table, a pinhole camera was hidden. Their expressions, actions, and dialogue were all converted into image data and transferred to the computer screen.

Sitting in front of the computer, Ning Si Nian’s face had already been completely distorted, his eyes burning with angry flames. Although he had guessed it was the two women, after truly hearing them, he was itching to dismember them into ten thousand pieces!

Ning Wang Shu keenly sensed his mood change and started trembling.

At this, Ning Si Nian snapped out of it, then exhausted all his efforts to suppress his fury. He kissed the top of his son’s head, his lowered eyes contemplating. Zhao Xin Fang harmed his son to clear out an obstacle for her future children, he could infer this, but for what purpose did she desperately want to kick Xi Yan out? Xi Yan’s parents left him a huge inheritance, he really didn’t care about the Ning family’s property.

It could be said that his eyes and heart were only focused on painting, there were no secular things. How could he obstruct Zhao Xin Fang?

Ning Si Nian guessed that there might be an even deeper reason behind it.

Time unknowingly passed while he was pondering, so when he finally snapped out of it, Ning Wang Shu was already lying asleep on the table. Ning Si Nian carried him back to his room, gently covered him with a quilt, kissed his forehead, and sat quietly. After a long while, he closed the door and left.

Zhao Jun had escorted Wang Ma to the study, they were currently waiting for him.

“Wang Ma, you’ve gotten older, go home tonight.” Ning Si Nian sat in the leather chair and got straight to the point.

“These old arms and legs can still last a few more years. Plus, with the baby being harmed like that, I’ll feel so anxious if I just leave ah. Si Nian, I know you’re worried about me, but I’m even more worried for you and the baby. In my eyes, you guys are no different than my own children and grandchildren.” Wang Ma spoke while shedding tears, but in reality, her heart was slamming wildly.

Ning Si Nian sneered, “If half a million can persuade you to kill your own grandchildren, I really don’t dare accept these feelings.”

Wang Ma turned pale with fright, she stammered to form an explanation, but saw the man turn the computer’s screen around, on it was the scene of her and Zhao Xin Fang whispering.

Realizing that it would be impossible to dispute, Wang Ma spilled the beans about how Zhao Xin Fang’s affair was accidentally seen by Wei Xi Yan, and how she colluded with her to drive him out. Then she started reminiscing about the past, trying to use warmth to move the furious man.

Zhao Xin Fang, Qian Yu … … Ning Si Nian chewed over these two names, his deep eyes slowly turned red with rage.

“Wang Ma got up at night for a drink of water, but tripped on the stairs and broke her legs. I felt distressed for her, and let her recuperate in the hospital for several months. This matter, help me arrange it, OK?” He looked straight at Zhao Jun.

Even Zhao Jun, who’d walked through battlefields, couldn’t help but feel intimidated by his sinister eyes. After he stabilized his mood, he immediately took out a syringe and stabbed it into Wang Ma’s neck.

Wang Ma’s eyes rolled over, then she fell unconscious to the ground.

Zhao Jun circled around Wang Ma twice, then unhurriedly broke her left leg. The crisp sound could make someone’s scalp grow numb. But Ning Si Nian felt it wasn’t enough, lightly saying, “The right leg too.”

Zhao Jun did according to his words and broke Wang Ma’s two legs. Then he carried her on his shoulders, found no one in the corridor, then quietly left.

Ning Si Nian stood up and walked to the French window to smoke. He caught a glimpse of the monitoring tool that was still on, and his eyes flashed. Wei Xi Yan was unwittingly lying in bed, asleep, wearing only a large white shirt, his smooth, white legs unconsciously curled up, his toes restlessly twitching. He was clearly being blown by the cold air-conditioned wind.

This guy really couldn’t take care of himself.

Ning Si Nian sighed, pinched off the cigarette and quietly walked to the youth’s room. A picture album was scattered on the bed, after putting it back into the bookcase, he reached out and gently adjusted his sleeping position. Then he covered him with a thin quilt and slightly increased the air conditioning temperature.

The teenager mumbled, burying his delicate face in the soft pillow and yearningly rubbing against it, this motion was extremely cute.

Ning Si Nian stared blankly for a bit, then he leaned over to mutter into his ear, “Good night Xi Yan, and, I’m sorry….”

After he left, the room sounded an almost inaudible chuckle.

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5 months ago

Ayoo I got butterflies

9 months ago

Smoking by the French window… damn, that’s him isn’t it?

1 year ago

I was a little confused of og cannon fodder death id his family left him so much inheritance he could live by himself but then I realized he died because he thought nobody loves him ????

9 months ago
Reply to  Ha-Ru

Yes! He ate sleeping pills remember? He didn’t die by starving…its the lack of affection and the shock from being abandoned again by his loved ones. Poor boy (⁠´⁠;⁠ω⁠;⁠`⁠)

Xiao yang
Xiao yang
1 year ago

I think instead of using the tism to describe their personality maybe reticence would be a better term

2 years ago

if ning si nian is the ml, does he not have his memories of his previous world/s??

QT Lovers
QT Lovers
2 years ago
Reply to  yel

Nope, every world he will not have memories of the previous ones

2 years ago

Yes, yes, YES!
Thank you for the chapter.

2 years ago

So this is the same ML right…since we were promised 1v1, this is still Du XuLang from the first story? ..this is really interesting. Since ML will exist in all the different storyline, i’m hoping he’s also from the real world, the world Zhou YunSheng originally came from (and perhaps after all this world hopping madness is over they will meet in the real world). I’m getting excited..and since ML seemed to not have any recollections of past events/storyline, so it means they will fall in love over and over again from the start each time? love it.

2 years ago

So this time ML already have kids.. And soon to be 2 ex wives… Since they already together in first world and ML is the same person every world… Does this Considered as… *whisper* cheating?
Except.. ML isn’t originally from this world and when he come over his identity already like this just like MC…
I’m gonna assume it’s the latter.

QT Lovers
QT Lovers
2 years ago
Reply to  William

It is the latter, it just that he doesn’t have memories of the previous world and immediately become like the original host the moment he left the first world (or the moment Yun Sheng entered the next world? dunno i forgot but it’s like that lmao)

2 years ago

Bend him!! Kekeke