FOD Chap 2.3


Chapter 2.3

When looking at Zhou Yun Sheng, Ning Wang Shu’s whole body was stiff, ready to use his short legs to escape any time. But the other party was very careful to avoid him, just picking up the palette and brushes by his side, then turning around to paint, no other action. Ning Wang Shu was quietly relieved, he shuffled to Zhou Yun Sheng’s side, turning up his small head to look at the canvas with gleaming eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng had completely lost sight of the little thing at his feet. He’d completely inherited Wei Xi Yan’s fanatical love of painting, his brush constantly moving.

Wei Xi Yan was an expert in modern style, direct painting, which was drawing an outline directly on the canvas, then slowly coloring it. But Zhou Yun Sheng was an expert in the more ancient transparent painting technique, which was multi-level depiction without adding white, but only using paint diluted by a medium. The next layer of paint must be added after the previous layer has dried. It can be said that before he even starts, his mind has already completed the whole painting.

Because each layer of color was thinner, the lower layer of color could be faintly revealed, blending into subtle hues with the upper layer of color. So, this painting method required more sophisticated skills and an even more accurate grasp and judgment of coloration harmony.

Wei Xi Yan’s painting used a large area of ​​warm hues, and was already completely dry. Zhou Yun Sheng added blue, purple and green, so that the warm hues gradually became cold, and lastly used a resin to glaze, making it appear that there were layers upon layers of gray.

After about half an hour, the original scene of a brocade-like garden of dazzling blossoming flowers had become a forest immersed in starlight. The twinkling stars filing the sky gave out a weak light, it seemed like as long as you reached out, you would be able to pick them with your fingers. Placed there, it didn’t look like a painting, rather, it was the entrance to another world, beautifully real, yet beautifully illusory.

Zhou Yun Sheng backed up a few steps, sizing up his handy work, when a faint exclamation of wonder entered his ears. At this, he pulled his mind away from the painting and looked down at the little guy by his feet.

The day became night, sunshine became starlight, the garden became a forest, even if Ning Wang Shu was still too small to know what was aesthetic, he was overwhelmed by his Xiao Shu’s superb painting techniques.

Realizing that he had disturbed his Xiao Shu, Ning Wang Shu quickly covered his mouth with little chubby hands, big eyes full of panic.

Zhou Yun Sheng merely glanced at him, then turned back, continuing to size up the painting. He picked up the brush to make minor adjustments.

Ning Wang Shu was relieved, seeing that his Xiao Shu didn’t plan to drive him out, his courage slowly grew, and his small hands explored the brushes on the small stool. Reach out and pull back, reach out and pull back, after struggling for a long time, he finally took a brush in his hand.

There were a few pieces of white cloth spread on the ground, along with an oil barrel for cleaning the brushes. Ning Wang Shu quickly dipped the brush in a little poppy oil, squatting on the ground, he began smearing paint on the white cloth. He tried to draw a few stars, but found that the painting didn’t shine like his Xiao Shu’s. With a serious face, he tried to paint the sun … …

He was playing happily, not noticing that Zhou Yun Sheng had already completed the final modifications, and was bent over staring at him.

“No, you can’t play with this.” The young man’s voice was pleasant like a trickle of water, but the strength that took away the painting brush wasn’t weak.

Ning Wang Shu froze in fright, his small, rosy little face instantly paling. Like a small quail, he ran to a corner and curled up.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t comfort him, he put the paintbrushes and oil barrel on the windowsill, where the little guy couldn’t reach, then walked out of the studio.

Ning Wang Shu covered his little face and started to cry, drenching the white cloth spread on the ground, he looked very pitiful. But not long after, the boy came back in, holding a box of watercolor pens and a stack of white paper. He stooped to hand the items to the little guy and said, “Use this to paint. Paint and poppy oil contain toxins, small baby can’t touch it, you’ll get sick.”

Seeing the little guy still in tears, refusing to look up and listen to him, Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t continue persuading him. He laid down the watercolor pens and white paper, then turned away to continue painting. He himself was slightly autistic, saying so much was already considered a miracle.

It seemed that his Xiao Shu didn’t despise him. Ning Wang Shu’s distressed mood was greatly soothed. He rubbed his eyes, and quietly raised his head. He was about to reach out to take the watercolor pens when the young man suddenly turned toward him. He jumped in fright and shrunk into himself, hugging his head, like a small turtle.

Zhou Yun Sheng was almost amused by the little guy, but because of the monitors, he had to strive to restrain himself. He took a few deep breaths, and maintained a serious expression as he removed a white shirt hanging on the easel, then helped the little guy get dressed. He said in a low voice, “Obediently put it on, so your clothes don’t dirty.”

Ning Wang Shu stopped struggling, letting his Xiao Shu help him put on the clothes. The shirt was very big, the sleeves were rolled up and up to barely expose a pair of tender little hands, the hem was also hanging down, just enough to cover the trousers.

Zhou Yun Sheng helped him organize the lapel, stiffly rubbed his head, then turned to continue painting.

Ning Wang Shu also touched his forehead, feeling the nearly dissipated warmth, his heart felt a little sweet. He didn’t smile, but his eyes were unprecedentedly bright, picking up the brush, he started doodling like his Xiao Shu’s paintings.

A dropped needle could be heard in the quiet studio. Uncle and nephew painted side by side, their figures seemed so harmonious, enough to warm the soul.

Time unknowingly passed, till around four in the afternoon, when Wang Ma carried a basket filled with vegetables slowly into the house. There was another maid at home, so she didn’t need to constantly take care of things, moreover, she was getting older and too impatient to look after children. Every day, after Ning Si Nian leaves, she excuses herself to buy vegetables, carrying out a basket, but actually, she runs to the nearby park and plays cards with the other maids.

Before, she avoided being lazy in front of Zhao Xin Fang, but now that she was profiting from Zhao Xin Fang, she acted more and more unscrupulous. Zhao Xin Fang’s days also didn’t match Ning Si Nian’s perception. He thought that when she wasn’t out volunteering, she was home taking care of her stepson, but in fact, she also goes out as soon as he leaves, either going shopping, or playing cards, or at the beauty salon, etc.

Anyway, Ning Si Nian was very busy and never came home. Even if he came back, it would be very late, so she and Wang Ma were of the same mind. As long as they came home before 6 o’clock, everything was fine.

Today was Sunday, she had the excuse of going to the orphanage to help, so she could come back even later.

Wang Ma asked the maid, learning that Zhao Xin Fang hadn’t come back yet, then she went upstairs to find Ning Wang Shu. In the studio, Ning Wang Shu heard Wang Ma’s shouts, his face was scared white, and his small body couldn’t stop shaking.

Zhou Yun Sheng patted his little head to pacify him, then helped him remove the shirt and wash his hands. The former Wei Xi Yan had actually noticed Ning Wang Shu’s strangeness. He’d once heard Ning Wang Shu’s heartbreaking sobs, and summoned up the courage to run over to inquire.

Wang Ma gave him the excuse that the child had a decayed tooth, so he was crying from the unbearable pain, but Wei Xi Yan still had doubts when he heard this. After choking for a long time, until his face turned very red, he managed to spit out a ‘Really?’, but under Wang Ma’s glare, he had no choice but to retreat.

When he left, Wang Ma closed the door and continued beating Ning Wang Shu, he hadn’t even entered her eyes.

Now, Zhou Yun Sheng also didn’t have Wang Ma in his eyes. He gently hugged the little guy, patiently patting his back in comfort. When Wang Ma came to the door to ask for the child, not only did he not hand him over, he also shut the door firmly in her face, causing Wang Ma to almost bump her nose crooked.

“Bah! Little bastard! Who do you think you are?! Sooner or later, I’ll have Si Nian drive you out!” Wang Ma spit at the door.

Zhou Yun Sheng turned a deaf ear to the abuse outside the door, letting go of the little guy and continuing to paint.

Only Xiao Shu could see his fear and despair, only Xiao Shu wouldn’t hand him over to Wang Ma, only Xiao Shu would so resolutely protect him. Although it was just a closed door, it actually separated him from all the dangers. Ning Wang Shu was only three years old, but he already had self-awareness, this moment produced indelible attachment to Zhou Yun Sheng. But he was also vaguely aware that saying these words in front of his father would produce a negative effect for his Xiao Shu.

He was very happy, but at the same time a little sad, carefully hugging his Xiao Shu’s thigh.

Zhou Yun Sheng tried to shake him off in rejection, but the movement was very gentle.

Ning Wang Shu wasn’t afraid this time, he perseveringly held on tight.

Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t get rid of this small tail, so he had no choice but to helplessly let him hug. If he moved to the left, the little guy also staggered to the left, if he moved to the right, he also stumbled to the right, like a Gou Pi Gao, extremely hard to tear off, the scene was very comical.

Uncle and nephew played happily, Wang Ma was also happy to not have to bother, making the maid hurriedly cook something for her to eat. Who could foresee that before even 5:30 arrived, there was the sound of a car engine outside; Ning Si Nian had unexpectedly come back.

Remembering the uncle and nephew getting along harmoniously in the studio, Wang Ma was anxious. She quickly rushed upstairs, calling out in a harsh but quiet voice, “Wei Xi Yan, quickly send out the baby! Mr. Ning came back, if you let him see you together with the baby, he’ll kick you out!”

As Ning Si Nian showed a more and more cold and disgusted attitude, the original Wei Xi Yan really didn’t dare stay too close to Ning Wang Shu. Zhou Yun Sheng, although he knew the truth, he also didn’t intend to expose Wang Ma’s trickery. He opened the door and brought out the frightened Ning Wang Shu.

Ning Wang Shu’s forehead was rubbed by his Xiao Shu, his deep fear had been reduced, plus, he understood that as long as his father came back, Wang Ma wouldn’t hit him, so he reluctantly walked over.

Wang Ma impatiently dragged the child to her side, regardless of if he could keep up, she half dragged and half pulled him down the stairs. She whispered a threat, “You’re not allowed to follow that bastard Wei Xi Yan anymore, otherwise, I’ll peel your skin!”

“Xiao Shu is not bastard.” The Ning Wang Shu who hadn’t spoken in a long time suddenly let out a clear and incomparable retort.

Wang Ma was stunned for a few seconds, then her expression twisted. She reached out and forcefully grabbed Ning Wang Shu’s ear. Ning Wang Shu proficiently shrunk his shoulders and covered his head with his hands, silently enduring. Fortunately, Ning Si Nian was anxious to see his son, and was already hastily running upstairs. Wang Ma pulled back and dragged the child into her arms, while putting on a nice smile, she muttered between gritted teeth, “Not only is Wei Xi Yan a bastard, you’re also a bastard. If you don’t obediently listen to me, I’ll throw you into the river to drown. Your dad has a new wife, he’ll have many more children in the future. He won’t care about you at all.”

Ning Wang Shu was frightened, he shut his eyes despairingly, tears plopping down.



Gou Pi Gao – dog skin plaster. Traditional Chinese herbal medicinal plaster. I assume it’s hard to take off.

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8 months ago

I always wondered about one thing… How come the OG!NSN never noticed what his wife was up to. I mean if she went playing around, shopping, beauty salons etc. wouldn’t it be noticeable? Didn’t she use her card or withdrew considerable amounts of money? The withdrawals are always documented with date and time. Or did he trust a completely unfamiliar woman, whom he “hastily married” this much? He is supposed to be intelligent, so how did could he mistake her character this much? Given that he is a company heir etc. and supposing that there are tons of women who want to lure him in.

8 months ago
Reply to  Luna

Shouldn’t he have developed some kind of sense about “fake lotus flowers” and “green tea” somehow the whole setting of the original world is stupid beyond belief.

2 years ago

And to think this kind and abusive person really did exist in real life is scary

2 years ago

That’s a 3 year-old kid… how can people facing a three year old child even have the heart to push them a little let alone hit them…crying out at the injustice against NWS(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾

2 years ago

Burn in hell you despicable beings!
Thank you for the chapter.

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Such a cute baobei! Little bun bun! Kyaaaah!

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Wow I can’t understand how people like this actually exist, like what kind of psychology can be behind hiw awful people are. ?

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Astalavista to you trashy wang ma