FOD Chap 1.9


Chapter 1 .9

Zhou Yun Sheng was in the middle of taking a shower when suddenly, a strong body hugged him from behind. A slightly rough big palm was wandering around his waist, slowly exploring downwards……

He let out a passionate moan, asking disjointedly while enjoying the sensation, “You…sold the…shares….to him?”

“Yup.” A man panted roughly, impatiently taking cities and seizing territories. He sucked and grinded on his lover’s slender white nape, unable to stop.

“Ah..…” Zhou Yun Sheng let out a muffled groan while he ridiculed, “Selling a pile of waste paper to your nephew at a sky-high price, you’re a really good uncle.”

“I sold it to him because I’m good to him. His whole journey has been too smooth, he needs to learn to face setbacks, otherwise, when someone else attacks, he’ll most likely suffer a crushing defeat and be unable to stand up again”

Zhou Yun Sheng concentrated on enjoying the caresses, too busy to answer. As the protagonist of this world, Zhou Wenjing naturally experienced significant ups and downs, but during all of them, Du Xu Lang and his harem were there to help him out. Du Xu Lang’s tolerance for him could be called unprincipled, it was very strange for him to now unfeelingly watch him jump ahead into a trap that he was fully aware of, even pushing him from behind.

When the people around Zhou Wenjing change, it would also indirectly change the world. Zhou Yun Sheng squinted at the AI on his wrist that only he could see, his lips hooking in satisfaction. The progress bar in the upper left corner of the AI had already risen to 75%, not far from the scheduled target.


While the two Zhou family brothers were fighting to the death, Zhou family’s eldest son was quiet. Seeing Zhou Wenjing’s sudden rise to power, outsiders gasped in admiration while also mourning the eldest son’s incompetence. If the eldest son wasn’t so mediocre, the Zhou Group wouldn’t fall into the hands of two illegitimate children.

Yes, although Zhou Wenjing became the new chairman, Zhou Wenang still had a 30% stake in Zhou Clan and was a major shareholder. Even though there was no decision-making authority, the annual dividends could let him live a comfortable and free life.

Today, Zhou Wenjing was preparing to hold the first shareholders meeting since he took office, all were already present. A tall and beautiful secretary handed him his speech draft; her painted bright red nails lightly scratched the back of his hand suggestively.

Zhou Wenjing’s crotch tightened slightly, but his face wasn’t obvious. He glanced at the speech, and opened his mouth to speak, when the door of the conference room opened, and a uniformed policeman came in. He took out some documents and solemnly said, “Good day, I am the section chief of the Commercial Crime Investigation Division, Xing Guo Quan. I ask Mr. Zhou Wenang, Mr. Lin De Yi, Mr. Zhou Shi Cong, Mr. Zhu Gang, Mr. Yang Ru Xuan, Mr. He Hong Bo … to come with me to the police station for investigation.”

He arrested eleven people in one breath, every major shareholder of Zhou Group. The financial affairs staff and the company account books were all taken away, and Zhou Wenjing was asked to go to the police to help the investigation. Such a big movement attracted an uproar inside and outside of the industry, the stocks prices that just barely begun to rise due to the successful reorganization began to fall crazily again.

Twenty-four hours later, Zhou Wenjing was released, having learned that someone had hacked Zhou Wenang and Zhou Hao’s computer, finding evidence of their bribery, tax evasion, money laundering, illegal financing, and other such criminal activities. The proof was anonymously mailed to the police department. Due to the huge amount of money involved in the case, the police quickly set up a task force to conduct an investigation on Zhou Group.

If these charges were established, Zhou Clan would face a series of problems such as asset freezing, delisting, huge fines, or, even more gravely, bankruptcy. In order to win Zhou Clan, Zhou Wenjing had invested numerous, consecutive millions, if Zhou Clan collapsed, the ZongDa Group that he had painstakingly built up would be implicated. Once the stock fell by a large amount, billions in assets would evaporate out of thin air, competitors would attack en masse, dividing up ZongDa Group until almost nothing was left.

Zhou Clan wasn’t a gold mine, but a muddy swamp, once one foot was set in, it would be difficult to get out. This was Zhou Wenjing’s biggest crisis since entering the business world, he felt very disoriented, and even somewhat fearful. He unconsciously started his car and drove toward Du Xu Lang’s company.

“Uncle, you must help me–” His voice stopped abruptly, staring at the two men in front of him, astonished.

They were sunk into the genuine leather sofa, both were holding a glass of red wine, a tall man was pressed underneath a slender young man. Red wine was spilled onto the man’s white shirt, resulting in the fabric clinging close to his skin, outlining his thick and broad, sturdy chest. His meticulously combed hair was now very messy, lining his incomparably handsome face, increasing his sex appeal.

One of the taller man’s hands was embracing the youth’s flexible, powerful waist, the other hand reaching out to stabilize the wine glass, his eyes, usually flickering a dangerous light, were now filled with strong love and infatuation.

The young man took a sip of wine and sealed their lips, the bright red liquid spilled along their joined lips, the scene was charming and beautiful.

Zhou Wenjing’s mind was impacted by this act, struggling to ask after several minutes had passed, “What is your relationship?”

“What do you say is our relationship?” Zhou Yun Sheng felt some disappointment, after nipping his lover’s lips, he sat upright and raised his head to drain the rest of the red wine in one gulp. Because of lust, his ridiculously attractive peach blossom eyes were now even more extraordinarily gorgeous.

Zhou Wenjing stared at Du Xu Lang, seeing him not deny anything, only possessively tightly embracing the youth. At this, everything became clear, collapsing a gigantic business warship like Zhou Clan, there certainly must be a greater force behind it. In the end, who hated Zhou Clan to the degree of wanting to destroy it? And, who could mobilize such a huge force?

Before, he had been thinking deeply about these two issues, but when he arrived at the office and saw that scene, the answer was already on the verge of coming out.

“So, it’s you, Zhou Yun Sheng. In order to take revenge, you would even sell your body, how extremely depraved. I don’t know what Yang Xi would think if she knew this.” He ridiculed.

Du Xu Lang heard him use his lover’s dead mother’s name to stimulate him, and a layer of frost condensed on his already cold face. But Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t get angry, instead, he clapped his hands and laughed, as if he’d heard a very amusing joke.

Zhou Wenjing’s rage surged up at his reaction, asking interrogatingly, “What are you laughing at?”

“I’m laughing at how much of a frog in a well you are. Put out the smoke.”

The last sentence was obviously for Du Xu Lang, who was preparing a cigar. Du Xu Lang’s hand with the lighter froze, then he naturally put it down, throwing the cigar into the trash and raising both hands into an “I surrender” gesture. This fawning attitude stung Zhou Wenjing’s eyes even more, he sat opposite the two and took out a checkbook, sneering, “How much money did you sell yourself for? I’ll give it to you. Don’t involve my uncle.”

Zhou Yun Sheng pursed his lips, his smile increasingly gentle. But Du Xu Lang was unable to restrain his rage, he snapped. “Inoue, see Wenjing out!”

Inoue Shuzan, who was hiding outside the door watching the play, had no choice but to come forward. Two bodyguards were called to escort the boss’ cheap nephew out. In the first place, the two had no blood relationship, even if Zhou Wenjing’s mother was a beloved childhood friend, he ran all the way to C Country to take care of him, then gave him money and contacts to start his own business, the boss had already invested more than enough.

What qualifications did Zhou Wenjing have to intervene in the boss’ emotional affairs? He really was being treated too good, becoming more and more greedy ah! Inoue Shuzan glanced at the angry Zhou Wenjing, inwardly shaking his head.

“Jing-shao, look at this.” Inoue Shuzan walked him to the downstairs lounge and turned on the hall’s hanging display screen.

The internationally renowned TV host Lydia’s glamorous face appeared, reading a long English passage with a slightly French accent. Zhou Wenjing’s attention was immediately captured, this was A Country’s most famous channel, CBS, with an exclusive interview with Noah Universal’s chairman. Because he’d returned to C Country, and was busy buying up Zhou Clan, he hadn’t yet seen the broadcast.

What kind of person was Noah Universal’s chairman? He started off by selling small software, at first, when Noah Universal was registered it was only worth an insignificant 400,000. But in just a year and a half it was generating 400 million in profits, and was successfully listed. Noah Group was very young, this year was just its sixth anniversary of establishment, but it had pushed aside numerous old conglomerates, steadily occupying the number 1 spot in the world’s top 100 companies. Noah Group’s chairman was extremely low-key and never appeared in the media, but this didn’t prevent people from worshiping him.

He was the young generation of independent entrepreneurs’ idol, he created a legend that no man could break. Even the conceited Zhou Wenjing had no choice but to acknowledge the other’s strength.

But what did he see? He actually saw Zhou Yun Sheng’s face on the screen! How can this be?!

“Mr. Zhou is also the illustrious Deicide?” Lydia looked very surprised, immediately asking sharply, “You participated in your own company’s competition, then won with a brilliant success, did you get insider data before the game? The other contestants might not find that very fair.”

It turns out that he was also Deicide, Zhou Wenjing’s surprise could not increase any further. The war for the acquisition of Clear Water warehouse was really too brilliant, after the video of the game was passed around, it was treated as a Trade War textbook by business people, every detail was repeatedly studied, then their evaluations were published. As a result, Deicide, because of his long-term business foresight, and swift and decisive reactions in investing, was pushed onto the idol altar by people. Everyone was curious about the identity of that extraordinary person, what identity did he have in reality?

But in the end, he was Noah Universal’s chairman. Yes, he must have gotten insider information in advance. What advanced to the point of precognizant strategizing? It was all false, he was cheating! Zhou Wenjing would never willingly admit to his first crushing defeat.

On the screen, Zhou Yun Sheng smiled slightly, “I swear to God that I didn’t get any information whatsoever, I started off like all the other players. I thought that being behind Noah Group was already enough to show my strength.”

Lydia was rendered speechless by him, smiling in embarrassment. Yes ah, he was only twenty when he successfully developed Noah Universal into the colossus it was today. He led an era, changed people’s lives, just sitting there already represented his everything.

As for the rest of the interview, Zhou Wenjing wasn’t in the mood to listen to anymore. While he was immeasurably complacent with his first earned money, while he was proud and self-satisfied with the splendid ZongDa Group, Zhou Yun Sheng had already long left him behind. Zhou Yun Sheng was able to be on equal footing with otherworldly powerful people like Du Xu Lang, while he was secretly delighted with just being respectfully called “Jing-shao”. He even thought that the other man sold his body for an insignificant Zhou Group, he even tried to use money to humiliate him.

Noah Group had annual profits of tens of billions, even if a check worth a few millions fell to the ground, Zhou Yun Sheng would probably feel too lazy to stoop to pick it up.

Such a gap, such a gap … … it was simply a complete contrast……

Zhou Wenjing didn’t know how to describe his own mortified mood, seeing Inoue Shuzan watching him intently with narrowed eyes, he flushed red and fled away.



frog in a well- lit. don’t know how high the sky and deep the ground. An arrogant, conceited, yet ignorant of the world person

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DXL was 4 when ZWJ’s mother was 15. ZWJ was born when his mother was still in college, let’s say ±21, that means DXL is ±10 years older than ZWJ and ±9 years older than ZYS. So currently ZYS is in his early-mid 20s and DXL is early-mid 30s. Asian men around DXL age, especially the ones who take care of themselves well, don’t look like an old uncle at all. Damn even if DXL was in his 40s he’d still be a hot Zaddy. This is BL. Only handsome men are acceptable. How did people imagine him to be a fat old man? He was described as a handsome man right from the start.