ABO Vol 1: Chapter 32


Chapter 032: Prince Caesar’s Predicament

Lin Yuan and Caesar were in the mech training room, continuing yesterday’s attack strengthening exercises.

Strangely, although today’s mech was also a white C-Class mech, this mech was not like White Feather, who’d turned into a virtual feather last night and came out to chat with Lin Yuan.

This mech’s intelligence system was completely different. Most mechs were influenced by their master’s personality, so it was baffling how White Feather didn’t resemble Caesar in the slightest. Caesar was calm and collected, while White Feather was bubbly and chatty.

Today, the mech was very quiet, quiet enough to make people completely forget about it.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but feel suspicious, why did he feel that this mech was different?

After training for a while, Lin Yuan finally couldn’t help but ask: “Caesar, why’s White Feather so quiet today? It seems different from yesterday.”

Caesar: “…”

In fact, this was a white mech Caesar specifically borrowed from the mech center after dinner, since it resembled White Feather. He’d thought he could hide it from Lin Yuan, but Lin Yuan unexpectedly felt something different about the mech as soon as he entered the cockpit.

White Feather’s personality was too ‘unique’, even if you looked for a mech to replace it, the switch would immediately be discovered.

That guy was currently diligently guarding its predecessor Suzaku in the forest. Caesar had no choice but to make up an excuse: “I sent White Feather for a service checkup. A few of its parts were defective. I rented this mech from the school, let’s use it today.”

Lin Yuan nodded. “Oh, okay.”

Either way, it was another C-Class mech, so the console was the same. Lin Yuan had no opinion on this.

It’s just that this mech was too quiet. Lin Yuan suddenly missed the sound of White Feather chatting cheerfully.

The night of training was quickly completed with Caesar’s help and guidance. Compared with yesterday, there was a little bit of progress. Lin Yuan returned to the dormitory with Caesar in a happy mood.

They found the living room well lit up after walking in, there was obviously someone else in the dormitory. Snow’s bedroom door was wide open, smiling, Lin Yuan walked over and asked: “Snow, how come you came back so early today…”

Lin Yuan suddenly stopped, the scene in the bedroom stunning him.

Seeing Lin Yuan frozen in place, Caesar couldn’t help but walk over and ask, “What’s wrong?”

Looking into the bedroom, Caesar also froze in place.

– In the bedroom, Brian was holding Snow in his arms and kissing him passionately. Snow had his arms lightly wrapped around Brian’s neck, his ears flushed red.

The two were engrossed in their make-out session. They didn’t even notice their two dorm mates behind them, frozen like flagpoles.

Lin Yuan: “…”

Caesar: “…”

Lin Yuan was dumbstruck, watching the scene of the two people kissing, his mind was completely blank. On the other hand, Caesar quickly recovered, and after wordlessly closing the bedroom door, he turned around and dragged Lin Yuan away, who was still standing in a daze.

Since they’d undoubtedly become third wheels if they stayed in the dormitory, Caesar dragged Lin Yuan out the front door.

The two walked shoulder to shoulder along the school road, brushed by the late night wind. Lin Yuan finally shook himself awake and said, shocked: “Brian and Snow, were they just…” Kissing? He really couldn’t speak the last word. Lin Yuan scratched his head, embarrassed, and looked back at Caesar.

Caesar said calmly: “Yeah, Brian probably likes Snow, and it looks like his confession was a success.”

He’d long felt that Brian treated Snow differently, especially after seeing his reaction when he saw Snow and that girl today, Caesar vaguely guessed Brian’s feelings towards Snow. He just never expected the usually lazy and careless Brian to confess so quickly, and actually win over Snow. The “girlfriend episode” must’ve really provoked him.

Lin Yuan was awkwardly silent for a moment before he whispered: “Cough, I know it’s a private matter between the two of them, and I’m not qualified to get involved… But seeing two boys together, I always find it so strange…”

Caesar looked back at Lin Yuan and asked, “How is it strange?”


Caesar’s counter-question stumped Lin Yuan.

How is it strange? Was it NOT strange for two boys to kiss?

Caesar smiled at Lin Yuan’s perplexed expression and said: “Lin Yuan, these types of relationships are very normal. In our empire, the ratio of the three ABO sexes has long lost its balance. There are many Alpha and Beta male couples, in fact, according to last year’s population statistics, Alpha/Beta male families make up more than 10% of households.”

Lin Yuan: “…”

More than 10%? There are that many?

Caesar continued: “These marriages are not only allowed, they’re protected by imperial law. Although the fertility rates of Betas are relatively low, if the Alpha’s genes are strong enough, impregnating a Beta isn’t that difficult.”

Lin Yuan: “………”

Why did he get a strange feeling in his gut when he listened to Caesar speak about these things?

Although Caesar was correct, Alpha and Beta male marriages were indeed allowed, those were theoretical concepts. Lin Yuan has never seen those types of couples before. He’d lived on planet Rayan for as long as he could remember, those kinds of desolate planets had no Alphas or Omegas. Most families were composed of a Beta man and a Beta woman.

This kind of “male couple” scene, Lin Yuan has only ever seen it once on the space ship, and that moment was very shocking.

Now, personally witnessing his two roommates’ kiss, that feeling of strangeness was simply indescribable.

How could embracing another boy be comfortable?

If Snow and Brian really got married, isn’t Snow going to give birth to Brian’s baby?

That’s way too terrifying, right?!

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan unconsciously stopped walking. Scratching his head, he muttered: “Your argument makes sense, but I still find it weird. Isn’t it more suitable for Beta boys to be with Beta girls?”

Snow was obviously a boy, why not go find a cute and beautiful girl? Getting together with an Alpha male, forget about being overpowered by another man, you even had to give birth to the other man’s child, Lin Yuan completely couldn’t understand Snow’s thought process.

… What if he was in that situation? When he thought about being pushed down by another man, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but want to use his fist to ‘greet’ them.

Caesar saw through Lin Yuan’s thoughts and asked: “Lin Yuan, you’ve never liked another person, have you?”

Lin Yuan nodded, embarrassed: “Yeah.”

Caesar said softly: “So you won’t understand, falling in love can sometimes be out of your control. Whether the other person is a man or a woman, Alpha or Beta, when you like someone, you sometimes can’t explain why you like them, but you also can’t stop yourself. When you like someone, there’s no direct relationship with their gender, do you understand?”

Caesar’s tone sounded especially serious, Lin Yuan had no choice but to nod, although he still didn’t understand,”…yeah.”

Lin Yuan really couldn’t get it.

How did it feel to like someone? Lin Yuan has never experienced this feeling in his eighteen years of life… Speaking of which, why did Caesar know so much? The way he explained it, it seems that he’s personally experienced these emotions before?

Lin Yuan looked up at Caesar and asked somewhat doubtfully: “The way you talked, you seem to know a lot about this…could it be that you like someone?”

The boy’s jet-black hair glowed under the street lamp’s faint illumination. His confused expression as he reached up to scratch his head was so cute.

This inexperienced guy has obviously never been in love, he was unable to understand what it meant to like someone.

That’s fine…

Maybe I can be his first love?

Caesar couldn’t help but smile, and softly replied, “Yes, I have someone I like, but it’s not convenient to tell him right now, because he doesn’t feel that way about me, he only sees me as a friend.”

Lin Yuan asked doubtfully: “Friends? Is the person you like one of our classmates?”

Caesar: “…”

– Idiot, the person I like is you ah, but I’m afraid of scaring you away, so I won’t tell you right now.

Caesar was very aware of Lin Yuan’s temperament. This guy appeared optimistic, cheerful and easy-going, but when matters of principle were involved, he wasn’t very impartial. Once someone touched his bottom line, he would definitely use force to dispose of them. The way he wordlessly put those Alpha that tried to pick a fight with him in their place was proof enough.

They’ll be attending the Mech Competition next month, they have to practice together every day for a few more weeks, and their relationship has been developing in a good direction recently. If Caesar suddenly laid all his cards on the table, their relationship would come to a standstill.

Just like a stew needed strict heat control in order to not boil over, Caesar has never been the type to rush head first into an unpredictable outcome, even when he was a child.

Although Caesar was envious of Brian’s successful confession today, Lin Yuan was not Snow. Snow clearly already had the mental preparation to be with another man. Lin Yuan has never even considered being with another man. In Lin Yuan’s mind, he should try to find a girlfriend, he would never treat a confession rationally.

There obviously was a long way to go before Lin Yuan was mentally prepared to accept a male partner.

However, Caesar was not in a hurry. He was only 18 years old after all, plus he was still a prince. He couldn’t recklessly confess like Brian. If he was determined to be with Lin Yuan, he had to think about all the roadblocks he’d encounter in the future.

Lin Yuan was a Beta, this was one of them.

Lin Yuan’s background was full of mysteries, this was another.

There was too much to consider when the marriage involved a prince. As the only Alpha son of His Majesty Trent, he was the default heir to the throne, his marriage might not even be his decision to make.

He liked Lin Yuan, he wanted to be with Lin Yuan.

However, he couldn’t selfishly push the person he liked into the limelight. And he also wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt the one he wanted to cherish and protect. Lin Yuan was so naïve, he couldn’t be drawn into the royal family’s political power struggle.

Caesar wouldn’t reveal his feelings for Lin Yuan to anyone before he was sure of their future happiness.

If he rashly allowed people to find out that His Royal Highness was in love with a Beta, it would definitely cause unrest in the Imperial Parliament. One of the crazier members might even decide to arrest and lock Lin Yuan up, then force Caesar to marry a general’s daughter or another suitable imperial consort.

As the empire’s prince, Caesar had unparalleled noble status, but this noble identity also gave him a lot of pressure. Before taking the person he liked into the palace, he must first smooth out a path through the palace.

He didn’t want to hurt his beloved.

Looking at Lin Yuan’s curious expression, Caesar felt his heart soften, then he smiled and changed the topic: “Well, let’s not worry about this matter right now. The most important thing for you now is to practice driving the mechs and concentrate on dealing with next month’s competition.”

Lin Yuan nodded earnestly. “Yes, I know.”

When talking about mechs, Lin Yuan instantly became interested. “Oh right, I’m not sure I clearly remember the instructions for the three maneuvers we practiced today, can you explain them to me again?”

Caesar: “Sure, let’s talk as we circle around.”

The two continued to walk side by side along the school road.

It was very late at night, the abundant stars shone brightly in the night sky above, dotting the vast blue dome of heaven. The twinkling stars were like pairs of bright eyes, quietly overlooking the beautiful planet underfoot.

On the quiet school road, the two’s footsteps echoed clearly, and the warm yellow street lights framed their bodies, dragging two long shadows along the ground. The two shadows were overlapped, moving side by side, like a couple walking while holding hands, on a simple road that seemed to stretch on for eternity.

Lin Yuan didn’t notice this, but Caesar saw, and his heart was filled to the brim with pleasant emotions.

Right… he wanted an enduring relationship, not a flash in the pan.

He wanted to be with Lin Yuan, a faithful and devoted love.

If one day he became the empire’s king, Lin Yuan would be his only queen.

Before that day, he couldn’t feel anxious, he couldn’t become rash. He had a lot of things to do, and there were many obstacles that needed to be cleared. He had to protect Lin Yuan first, then he could focus on convincing Lin Yuan to completely accept him and fall in love with him.

As long as he got the result he wanted in the end, a long wait was worth it.

The two of them walked side by side around campus while discussing mech operational skills.

On such a quiet night, walking with Caesar around campus and discussing topics he was interested in, Lin Yuan’s mood was completely cheerful and relaxed. He didn’t notice, he’d already pushed the promise he’d made to his mother before leaving home, to “keep your distance from those Alpha”, completely to the back of his mind. Those thoughts were especially far away whenever he was together with Caesar, he’d even forgotten the fact that “Caesar is an Alpha.”

To the current Lin Yuan, Caesar was a friend, a very good friend.

The alert mentality he first had around Caesar had completely disappeared.


The two strolled around until nearly twelve o’clock before returning to the dormitory. They entered the door just in time to see Brian coming out of Snow’s room. Although one of Brian’s eyes were swollen, his expression was happy and satisfied.

Lin Yuan caught sight of him and, remembering the intimate scene with Snow he’d witnessed earlier, quickly ran back to his bedroom, embarrassed.

Caesar looked at the stupid expression of his childhood friend, and couldn’t help but say: “Brian, come with me for a moment.”

Brian followed him, puzzled.

When they entered Caesar’s bedroom, Caesar turned and closed the door. Brian walked over to the bedroom’s small sofa and sat down, then looked up at Caesar. “What’s up? I’ve already designed a plan to remodel Suzaku, I can get started tomorrow. ”

Caesar said: “It’s not about Suzaku, its Snow.”

Brian froze, then smiled and scratched his golden head, saying contentedly, “I can’t hide it from you, I confessed to Snow today. And he actually agreed to date me…”

Thinking of the sweet kiss that ended just a moment ago, Brian unexpectedly blushed.

Obviously, this youth’s IQ and EQ, after experiencing his first kiss, had directly dropped down to negative values.

Kissing Snow felt even better than in his imagination. Snow’s soft lips and the cool taste of Snow’s mouth made Brian lose his senses, he’d never grow tired of kissing him…

Caesar looked at his blushing friend, and couldn’t help but feel tangled.

In fact, Caesar didn’t have any evidence to decide whether or not Snow was actually an Omega, but the occasional pheromone he sensed made him doubt Snow’s identity. Brian was now dating Snow, and this should be considered Snow’s private business. Without any evidence, and as Brian’s friend, Caesar couldn’t just carelessly bring it up.

Caesar thought about it, then asked: “Brian, are you serious about him?”

Brian grinned and rubbed his chin, “Of course, you think I look like some kind of half-hearted playboy?”

… …that cocky expression really incites people to violence.

Caesar was silent for a moment before saying in a serious tone: “Don’t forget, you’re the only son of General Bayh. If you want to be with him, you have to think of a way to get your father’s approval. Of course, if you’re just playing around then forget I said anything.”

Brian hastily said: “Of course not, I’m absolutely serious about Snow. I’ve never liked another person so much. I want to be with him, I want to always stay with him, can’t you understand?”

Caesar: “…”

Caesar certainly understood, because he’d also met the one person he wanted to always be with and protect.

He wanted to be with Lin Yuan. He wanted to always protect Lin Yuan. He wanted to see Lin Yuan every day. As long as he saw Lin Yuan’s bright smile, his heart was filled with warmth.

Caesar couldn’t understand before, but after meeting Lin Yuan, he absolutely understood.

He knew how it felt to like someone.

When you liked someone, selfishly holding onto them wasn’t enough, their happiness was even more important. As a friend, Caesar naturally hoped that Brian and Snow could be together with trouble, but Snow’s mysterious identity still made Caesar feel uneasy. He wanted to find out Brian’s true feelings, so if something happened in the future, he could lend a hand.

Brian smiled and said: “I know why you’re worried. I know about my family’s situation. Although I’m an only child, the Bayh clan has a lot of children. I have more cousins than I can count, I don’t have to worry about carrying on the bloodline or anything like that.”

Brian paused then continued, “As long as I insist on being with Snow, my dad and grandfather definitely won’t object. As for my father, he might have a powerful presence outside, but at home, he’s really afraid of my dad. If my dad supports me, he won’t complain about it.”

Brian’s biological dad, Berg Watson, was an Omega male with royal blood, and Caesar’s 1st cousin. He looked very gentle and kind, but his personality was very strong. He had his own opinions on the mech manufacturing field, so he was quite respected by Brian’s grandfather, Mr. Aston. In Brian’s home, the powerful General Bayh ​​was actually the one with the least say.

In the military, there were always whispered rumors that General Bayh ​​was whipped, henpecked, etc. Brian had apparently inherited his father’s “qualities”. When he followed Snow around, he resembled a big ol’ loyal dog.

Knowing his dad’s, Berg’s, personality, he should like the cultured Snow for a son-in-law, right?

Seeing Brian’s confidence, Caesar felt a little relieved. He smiled and clapped his friend’s shoulder, “Since you’ve made up your mind, you should stick to Snow. If you really get married in the future, don’t forget to invite me to the reception.”

Brian grinned: “Don’t worry, I’ll invite you as my honored guest when I get married. Having His Royal Highness the Prince personally congratulate me is the highest honor.” The more he imagined it, the more excited Brian felt, “I definitely have to get married to Snow in mech suits. Okay, I’ll handcraft an S-Class mech for Snow! Snow’s name… snow…I think I’ll make him a mech called Little Snow. What do you think?”

Caesar: “… …”

Brian’s naming sense really was incomprehensible.

And he was getting way ahead of himself.

You’ve been dating for a day, why are you already planning the wedding ceremony? Even thinking about the name for the mechs?

This was definitely a residual effect from watching too many soap operas.

Caesar said helplessly: “…Sounds good. Go to bed now, you can continue planning it out in your dreams, good night.”

Then he drove the blissful faced Brian out of his room.

While he washed up, Caesar, who was influenced by Brian’s ramblings, couldn’t help but imagine his own wedding.

He’d been to a few royal weddings. When his older sister got married, her husband-to-be sent an escort for her. Innumerable honor guards had surrounded the imperial palace, and the various ceremonies looked very complicated.

He’d also have to follow the royal family’s ceremonies when he got married in the future. On the surface it looked extremely luxurious, but in reality it was extremely boring. Especially the so-called imperial palace banquet, standing there all night to accept everyone’s congratulations, you’d lose all feelings in your legs.

… Lin Yuan would definitely feel annoyed.

Should he appeal to his father to improve the royal wedding ceremony?

Lin Yuan, who was taking a shower next door, didn’t know that he was currently trying on ceremonial wedding attires in his roommate’s imagination.


Author’s Note:

This was a nearly 6000 word chapter! Don’t forget to leave a message of encouragement!

I’ve recently been busy at an insane rate!!

But every time I write about the Prince and Xiao Yuan’s relationship, I feel so warm inside. This author who uses writing to ease work fatigue can’t stand it ah!

Here’s the family tree for our two Gongs, I wish to deepen everyone’s impression of them!

Brian’s Family Tree –

Grandfather: Aston Bayh, the empire’s most famous mech manufacturer. Creator of Black Dragon, Lion King, Suzaku, and White Feather.

Alpha Father: Drew Bayh, a four-star General of the empire, the commander of Infinity Serpent Legion

Omega Father: Berg Watson, the cousin of His Majesty Trent, Caesar’s 1st cousin once removed, became an expert on mechs after intense self-study.

Protagonist: Brian Bayh, mech genius (soon to be Snow’s lap dog)

Caesar’s Family Tree-

Alpha Father: Trent Watson, the empire’s king, the upright and decisive His Majesty

Omega Mother: Anna Faye, the gentle and beautiful Queen

Elder Brother: Sylvan Watson, the fierce 1st prince, despite being an Omega he refuses to get married, and hides out in the imperial palace secretly injecting inhibitors

Second Older Sister: Cecilia Watson, the 2nd princess, already married, has big-sister-like elegant beauty

Third Older Sister: Selene Watson, the 3rd princess, already married, has little-sister like cuteness

Protagonist: Caesar Watson, the only Alpha prince, the throne’s heir (also wants to be Lin Yuan’s pet ^_^)

Foreign names aren’t easy to remember, so it’s enough if everyone just remembers the protagonists’ names.

Caesar and Brian are second cousins, the Bayh clan are the closest clan to the royal family.




Rayan- renamed from Rennes, it’s closer phonetically to the word the author made up for the planet. I’m still not sure what to call the king, 特蘭德, te-lan-de, the closet phonetical name seems to be Trand lol

Brian’s Omega dad is Caesar’s 1st cousin once removed, but he’ll refer to him as his uncle.

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Woot woot…
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I hope its not too long for liyuan to fall in love with our royal highness prince.. ?
Im feeling so fluffy…. ?

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