FOD Chap 13.2


Chapter 13.2

Meng Wan grabbed a USB, entered the elevator, and pressed the number for the top floor. A colleague that was standing beside her giggled, “You’re sending up data for Chief Zhou, right?”

“Yeah, Mr. Zhou always reviews our information every week, it’s routine now. So today our department head made me send up the information first, before he calls us for it.”

“This is all data, complex programs and code, how can he understand it? He didn’t major in IT. I guess he probably just wants to see the person sending up the information.” The colleague smiled meaningfully.

Meng Wan felt very embarrassed, she pushed her hands into her pockets and stayed silent. These past six months, Zhou Yun Sheng was madly pursuing her, but he was also maintaining ambiguous relationships with a lot of other women, so she felt very disgusted. Such a person, did he even know what love was? He only had ridiculous, possessive lust. Leave aside his money and status, he was nothing, he couldn’t even match a fingertip of Zhifei’s.

The colleague saw Meng Wan’s expression sink like a shipwreck, guessed that their joke went too far, and stopped their teasing.

On the top floor of the company, Meng Wan headed straight to the president’s office but subconsciously glanced into the secretary’s office in passing. Xiao Sun was answering the phone, his face very pale, he seemed to be somewhat nervous, preoccupied.

The corner of Meng Wan’s mouth hooked up, she looked away and knocked on the neighboring office’s door.

“Come in.” A man’s voice resounded.

Meng Wan pushed open the door and saw that Zhou Yun Sheng was using his computer, his hair meticulously combed back, revealing an angular, handsome, unsmiling face, and a pair of slightly narrowed beautiful peach eyes, he looked very engrossed. They say that men were at their most attractive when they looked serious, there was no doubt that the current Zhou Yun Sheng could charm most of the women in the country, even with his history of being a womanizer.

Unfortunately, Meng Wan happened to be one of the few women who wouldn’t be confused by Zhou Yun Sheng. She had her own determination and judgment. Thinking of this, Meng Wan retracted her gaze, and handed over the drive, “Chief Zhou, here’s the information you wanted.”

“Yes, put it down over there. Oh right, I lent you 3 million before, you still remember?” Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t lift his head to ask.

“I remember.” Meng Wan’s heart clenched, afraid the other side would use the money to force her to submit to him.

“Have your finances improved yet?”

“It’s still bad.” Meng Wan said, humiliated.

“That so… okay from now on your salary and end of year bonus will be used to repay the debt. Please fill in these loan receipts. Since we’re old friends, I won’t accept interest.”

Meng Wan gawked at the man, who was still seriously operating the computer, unable to believe her ears. She thought that the money was gifted to her, now what’s this about paying it back?

“Mmm, well this is unexpected. You don’t want to pay it back or write out a loan slip? You planned to renege on your debt? Please tell me, what’s your relationship with me? Why should I give you 3 million for no reason? You think you can take my money, but you don’t have to return it, tell me, in what world do you live in? Even prostitutes have more principles than you.” Zhou Yun Sheng finally looked up, his eyes full of ridicule and contempt.

Meng Wan’s self-esteem was very huge, hearing such malicious words from the man who had previously only lavishly praised her, her mind went numb, her fingers trembled uncontrollably.

“Fine, I’ll write you the loan receipts. You can take it from my salary too.” Meng Wan knew that if she didn’t write out the loan receipts, she would be forced to go to bed with Zhou Yun Sheng, so she took out a pen, filled in the loan receipts, threw down the USB and walked away, slamming the door behind her.

Three years of working in vain for ZHOU? Dream on! After three years, ZHOU would cease to exist, she couldn’t wait to see how Zhou Yun Sheng would end up.

After Meng Wan left the office, she called her boyfriend to whine. Fang Zhifei hated Zhou family to the bone, while comforting his girlfriend, he urged his insider contact to speed things up.

The things that were going to happen, even after so many years, they were still vivid in Zhou Yun Sheng’s mind. It was the first time he’d ever felt so much misery, if his psychological quality wasn’t so excellent, he would’ve definitely collapsed. He felt that the Lord God was the cook, the system was the seasoning, and those whose souls were swallowed up were the ingredients. The Lord God used frying, boiling and other methods to process these souls to take on its favorite flavor, then it ate them.

Eat in excess, eventually, you’ll burst! With this mocking sentence in his heart, Zhou Yun Sheng opened the information sent from the R & D department, as usual, he modified the original code and made a backup, then had his secretary send it back.

The next work day, he was not surprised to find that the backup file had been copied and stolen. In order to protect against this, he had installed a monitoring software in his own computer, to monitor whoever touched his computer behind his back and see what information they shifted through. As soon as an abnormality occurred, the software would promptly record the evidence and email it to him.

He opened his mail, and Secretary Xiao Sun’s sweaty face appeared on the screen. He anxiously downloaded the files and cleaned up all traces of his presence. Last life, Xiao Sun had stolen the files and sold them to Fang Zhifei, who preemptively filed copyright on the game. Then he declared that he would take ZHOU Tech to court at ZHOU’s game conference panel, demanding huge amounts of compensation from ZHOU.

This was a typical ‘thief cries thief’ scenario, but the copyright was already in his hands, and Xiao Sun had cleanly destroyed all evidence of his data stealing. At that time, Zhou Yun Sheng had also fallen into another one of Fang Zhifei’s schemes, leading to total ruin and a prison sentence, so his company naturally lost the lawsuit.

ZHOU was scandal ridden, the stock quickly fell off the board, the newly developed game couldn’t be listed, and tens of millions in production costs went to waste. The professionals jumped ship, taking away customers and core technology. ZHOU quickly declined, and Fang Zhifei, who’d received huge amounts of compensation from the suit, used the money to recruit the talented people fleeing ZHOU, then improved and promoted the game. During the first year alone, he earned hundreds of millions in profit, turning his small company into the IT industry’s promising rookie.

Since then, his business grew bigger and better, and Meng Wan embarked on the road of artistic creation, going farther and farther, becoming a world famous artist.

At that time, Zhou Yun Sheng clearly had tens of thousands of ways to stand back up. The so-called elite of the R & D department took years to make that game, while he only needed a few days to complete a game, and the animation, effects, characters, scenery, gameplay and other aspects would definitely out-rank the world’s most popular MMO game, but he’d been helpless.

One word from the villain system, ‘DENIED’, pressed down all his resistance. He could only grind his teeth from the sidelines as the hero and heroine completed their journey, and the system made him walk step by step to his death.

Fuck, just thinking about it still depresses me! This time, the rules of the game are set by me, let’s have some fun! As he invaded Xiao Sun’s computer, his smile could be called ferocious.

Fang Zhifei also had a hidden identity called ‘Trojan Horse Massacre’, China’s top hacker. He never met with Xiao Sun in person, they traded online. After Xiao Sun sent the stolen information to him, he disappeared off the internet, so when Xiao Sun was arrested later, he didn’t even know his own employer’s name, he also didn’t know the whole story.

The biggest reason ZHOU lost the infringement case was because there was no tangible evidence.

Only God knew how much Zhou Yun Sheng had wanted a computer while he was standing before the plaintiff seat. He could’ve quickly and easily found all traces of Fang Zhifei’s activities on the internet. Fang Zhifei called himself a hacker with such amateur skills, what a joke.

Even now, he still couldn’t forget the feeling of having the ability to rule, yet being forced to let himself be dominated by others. During that time, the system’s most spoken word to him was ‘DENIED’, he could never stand it.

He found evidence of Fang Zhifei’s trade with Xiao Sun on the network, thought for a moment, then decided to not send Fang Zhifei to his death right away. Everything he’d experienced in this world, he wanted to let Fang Zhifei taste it too.

He cut out the evidence of Fang Zhifei’s real identity, downloaded it onto a USB, and put it into his drawer, then he called Meng Wan, inviting her to dinner.

Meng Wan has gracefully declined his invitations numerous times, but he keeps bothering her, so she occasionally reluctantly agrees.

They went to a five-star hotel’s restaurant, and Zhou Yun Sheng sat down first. He hadn’t pulled out Meng Wan’s chair and spread out her napkin like he usually does, he just picked up the menu and browsed through it.

Meng Wan was habitually standing next to her chair, waiting. When she saw this scene, her complexion turned ugly, but a passing waiter gave her a meaningful glance, then came forward to rescue her.

Zhou Yun Sheng ordered his own meal, then finally handed the menu to Meng Wan. After a few minutes, a waitress brought the pre-dinner wine, and filled the wineglasses, her hands trembling slightly. The pale golden sunshine outside the window had sprinkled onto Zhou Yun Sheng’s face, giving him a noble atmosphere and holy glow.

Meng Wan’s eyes had decided to fix on him, and she struggled to move them away. Although she hated Zhou Yun Sheng, she had to admit that the man’s looks had a devastating effect.

They sat opposite each other in silence, then suddenly, Zhou Yun Sheng received a phone call.

“The copyright has been filed? Good, don’t forget to patent the other tech. And don’t just apply for it in China, do the same in the U.S. It’s already entered the publicity stage over in the U.S? Great, excellent, you’ll get a raise when you come back.” Zhou Yun Sheng hung up the phone, his mood clearly pleased.

Meng Wan was rattled, she forcefully composed herself and asked, “What copyright, what publicity stage?”

“Naturally it’s for ‘Magic World Mastery’. That game’s copyright.” Zhou Yun Sheng sipped his wine, his light pink lips were dyed a deep red, looking like a bewitching yokai.

“And it’s been declared successful? How come I haven’t heard anything about this?” Xiao Sun was the most trusted subordinate under Zhou Yun Sheng, such a big event, how could he not know ah!

“It has indeed been declared successful. I just sent someone to do it on a whim, no big deal.” Zhou Yun Sheng carefreely waved. China’s IT industry was still in the early stages with MMO games in this era, many companies didn’t attach importance to copyrighting their games. However, in the interstellar era, the protection of people’s intellectual property was very strict, even when it was still in the developmental phases, everyone would declare various kinds of copyrights and patents to prevent infringement, piracy and other illegal activities.

Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t stand this role the Lord God had arranged for him, in his opinion, the Zhou Yun Sheng he was forced to play was simply a moron!

What’s not a big deal? Do you know how much money was needed to buy the game’s original code and seize the copyright? 2 million ah! That’s equivalent to two years profit from our company!

Meng Wan almost grabbed Zhou Yun Sheng’s collar to interrogate him. For the past two years, no one knew better than her how hard things were for Zhifei, he’d lobbied for a long time to transfer out that 2 million from the company’s account, and now it was all for nothing, the other shareholders would certainly hold him responsible.

Now what? How can we recover the loss?

Meng Wan looked to be seriously cutting her steak, but in fact, her heart was already in a perilous state.

Zhou Yun Sheng enjoyed the process of teasing the prey, watching them teeter on the edges of despair or hope, that kind of spiritual pleasure couldn’t be described in words. He was waiting for a counterattack from Fang Zhifei, eagerly looking forward to showing off a few new tricks in this world.

He knew, the Lord God couldn’t only absorb energy through processing the captured souls, it also gained energy through the fortune of the sons of fate. These so-called sons of fate, bluntly put, were its neurons’ axons. When these axons were all cut off, it would become weak and vulnerable.

His destructive behavior had accidentally awakened Zong Yi, that’s why they’d always reincarnated together.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng revealed a slight gentle smile, but a moment later, his faint smile was replaced by shock. He suddenly stood up, not only toppling over his chair, but also dropping his glass, the red liquid pouring onto his suit’s trousers, but this didn’t even earn the slightest bit of his attention.

His hawkish, keen eyes roved over the crowd shuttling in and out of the hotel, and finally locked in on someone’s back, a guest registering at the front desk.

The guest was very tall, at a glance he was at least 190 cm, broad shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, his body structured in the golden ratio. He wore an expensive, tailor made suit, which complimented his very explosive musculature, so that only a view of his back could capture the attention of most women.

Zhou Yun Sheng strode towards the man, neatly dodging around the black cladded bodyguards who emerged to intercept him. He grabbed the man by his collar and turned him around, then aimed a punch at his extraordinarily handsome face.

“Zong Yi, fuck your ancestors! You kicked me out without even asking my opinion? Don’t you remember our vows? I’ll fucking kick your ass!” His red eyes were sad, angry, and ecstatic from their reunion. He wanted to ruthlessly beat the man up, then passionately kiss him.

He’ll definitely torture him!

The man was very stunned, he reflexively raised his fist to counterattack, to punch the younger man’s pretty face, but at the last second, he inexplicably paused, lowering his hand for an unknown reason.

The bodyguards immediately ran up to him, one of them wanted to draw his pistol, but his boss’ cold glance stopped him.

The man collected his thoughts and escaped the younger man’s attack, clasped his arms behind his back as gently as possible, then pressed him onto the floor. He asked in a hoarse voice, “Who are you? Why did you attack me?”

“What did you say?” Zhou Yun Sheng craned his neck to look, astonished.

“I asked who you were, and why you attacked me.” If it was another individual, the man would have already interrogated the other person through torture, and flay their skin a few thousand times, but at present, he unexpectedly felt very patient. He explored the younger man’s handsome, yokai face a few times with a searching gaze, then finally settled on the burning, angry flame in his bright and unusual peach blossom eyes.

This pair of eyes were filled with shock, anger, disappointment, sadness, and worry, but no malice. The younger man unconsciously frowned, his expression aggrieved, as if the man had done a very unforgivable thing to him.

The man repeatedly searched his memory for impressions of the youth, but found that he had never seen him before. Such a beautiful a face, such bright eyes, even if he’d just met him once, he could never forget him.

“Who are you?” He eagerly wanted to resolve this question.

Zhou Yun Sheng quickly recovered from his shock, continuously comforting himself: Even the Queen has data regression, it’s normal for his lover’s memory to also have a problem. It doesn’t matter, slowly, one day, he will remember everything.

His dark eyes dimmed a little.

Pretending to be very embarrassed, he looked up at the man and said, “Sorry, I was mistaken.”

The man had naturally heard his roar. Was the name Zong Yi? It seemed credible that this was a case of mistaken identity, but of course, the main reason he chose to believe the youth was because of his malice free eyes.

“Zong Yi, what’s his relationship with you?” The man was also very concerned about this point.

“It’s none of your business!” You dare ask this when you don’t even remember me? Zhou Yun Sheng wrenched himself out of the clamp, rubbed his sore arms and turned to leave. The bodyguards wanted to come forward to block him, but the man stopped them. His face expressionless, he stared intently at the younger man’s retreating back, his eyes slowly dulling.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s impulsive actions were, of course, motivated by a fit of anger, before he even left the lobby, he started regretting it. He hurriedly turned back, saw that the man was still at the front desk, and immediately ran over.

“Hey, you, give me your business card. I attacked you unprovoked today, so I’ll take you out to dinner another day.”

His voice faded, and the experienced bodyguards, who felt that they had found out his true motives, glared at him with contemptuous eyes. So that act was just an excuse to gain a foothold with the boss, but this person’s climbing methods were particularly novel, the risk was huge, he could accidentally start a feud.

They started rolling up their sleeves, getting restless, wanting to throw the man out as soon as their boss ordered it.

The taller man stared deeply at him, then took out a card of fine workmanship and handed it over. He seemed to think of something, took it back, then borrowed a ballpoint pen from the front desk and wrote out a string of phone numbers on the card.

“This is my private number, it can be reached 24/7.”

Zhou Yun Sheng gave a proud little smirk. He could see that there were two deep gullies between his lover’s brows, he should be a very cold man, very difficult to approach. But after only meeting him for a short time, he was willing to give him his private number, enough to prove that his feelings for him hadn’t reset.

Whoever you are, even if you have amnesia, in the end, you can’t escape my hook. He sweetly fluttered his peach blossom eyes up at the man and raised his business card to print a kiss on it, then he slowly walked away.

Yi Zheng? Nice name. No occupation? I’ll check when I get back.

Seeing the young man walking away unharmed after flirting outrageously with their boss, the bodyguards exposed stunned expressions, but then an even more horrifying event occurred. Their nicknamed ‘The Robot’ boss’ ears, when hit by the younger man’s electric eyes and blown kiss, had unexpectedly reddened deeply.

He stood there expressionlessly, as if he was unmoved, but his blood red earlobes had long betrayed his bewilderedness.

“Sir, your check-in is complete. The room number is 1888, the elevator is to your right.” The concierge promptly relieved Yi Zheng from his embarrassment. He was about to walk away when he noticed a waitress anxiously trotting over from the restaurant at the opposite side of the hotel lobby, holding a bill in her hand.

“Manager, the guest that just got into a fight skipped out on the bill, what should I do?” She looked very nervous, if she couldn’t find the guest that had escaped the bill, the money would come out of her paycheck. The guest had spent a few thousands, almost her month’s wages, and the female guest had vanished without a trace as soon as he’d run off, like they had made an appointment. How could she have guessed such a noble looking guest would be a dine and dashing hoodlum?

The concierge had recognized Zhou Yun Sheng, he waved his hand and said, “It’s all right, that was Mr. Zhou. He must have forgotten, we’ll send the bill to his company.”

Yi Zheng pulled out a black card and handed it over, “I’ll pay for him. What was his name again?”

“Thank you, Mr. Yi. He is ZHOU Science and Technology’s young master, a celebrity in our Y City.” The manager recalled Chief Zhou’s recent media gossip and couldn’t help but sigh in regret.

If you grow up like that, you can’t be unremarkable ah.

Yi Zheng nodded, took back the card and strolled away, when he entered his room he immediately sent a bodyguard to check the youth’s background. He was not suspecting him, he just wanted to know more about him, this desire came from the deepest part of his soul, he couldn’t restrain it.

At the same time, Zhou Yun Sheng was using 008 to find his lover’s identity. Yi Zheng, overseas Chinese returning home, huge gambling business in the United States, a worldwide gambling tycoon. At this time, China wanted to allocate a certain province to develop the gambling industry, he was invited to come invest.

As everyone could guess, the background of people who ran gambling businesses was certainly not clean. Yi Zheng’s family was the founder of the U.S’ largest Chinese gang, although it’s already been washed white, its influence couldn’t be underestimated.

This was all expected, after all, he was a high-end program equivalent to the Queen, each of his identities have been very prominent. This guy has no memories, stranded here, what exactly does he plan to do?

Pondering for a long time, Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly felt that he was being senseless. Without his memories, how could his lover know that he was just a string of data? To him, he was a flesh and blood man, he also had to live and work.

So Zhou Yun Sheng, you must treat him as a flesh and blood man. He has feelings, he can feel broken-hearted, sadness, joy, and anger. He is the same as you, he also needs understanding and affection.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng was even more determined to return to reality with his lover. He touched 008 on his earlobe, suddenly coming up with a big, and bold idea.


After Meng Wan left the hotel, she immediately called Fang Zhifei to tell him that the game’s copyright had already been registered, so the data they had stolen was now garbage. If they used the code to develop a game, ZHOU would certainly sue them.

A small company of a dozen employees, how could it be ZHOU this monster’s opponent. Fang Zhifei hung up the phone and directly broke the flash drive that was loading data onto his computer in half.

He carefully apologized to his business partners, promising to recover the losses in the shortest possible time, otherwise, he would transfer his own shares to them for free. Because of his sincerity, the partners agreed.

Xiao Sun had resigned and returned to his hometown after stealing the data, just as he entered his house, he was arrested by several police officers for stealing company secrets. He couldn’t figure out who he had sold the information to, and the police didn’t ask for other information, so he could only quietly wait for the person who had purchased the secrets to emerge. The news that Xiao Sun was imprisoned stimulated his seriously ill father, and the elderly man refused medical treatment, passing away a few days later. He’d believed that his illness had dragged his son down, otherwise, his boy wouldn’t have done such unlawful things.

Zhou Yun Sheng crossed Xiao Sun’s name off his revenge list. In the last life he’d helped make him miserable, so in this life he also took away his happiness. He took a bath and turned over the clothes in his wardrobe to pick out the most decent suit, then he stood in front of a French window as he called Yi Zheng.

“Hey, its Zhou Yun Sheng, remember me?”

Yi Zheng was holding a stack of information, all printed photos of Zhou Yun Sheng’s engagements with various starlets, his expression was extremely gloomy.

“I don’t remember, who is Zhou Yun Sheng?” He opened coldly.

“Oh, well forget it.” Zhou Yun Sheng said bluntly and hung up.

Yi Zheng almost crushed the phone. He stared at the black screen, seriously considering whether to dial back. Just as he hovered over the keypad, the ringtone sounded again.

“I got into a fight with you at the hotel, you forgot so soon?”

“So that was you.” Yi Zheng was secretly relieved, warning himself not to speak so contentiously next time.

“I want to have that dinner date I promised, do you have time?”


“How about now?”

Yi Zheng glanced at his itinerary and nodded, “That’s doable.”

“I’ll pick you up.” Zhou Yun Sheng hung up the phone in high spirits.

Yi Zheng promptly made his secretary postpone all his appointments for the evening, and opened up his closet. He stared at the monotone, lacking variety in style, black suits, and couldn’t help but reveal a distressed expression.



If you grow up like that, you can’t be unremarkable ah -長成那樣,不風流也不行啊. I think that’s what it says.

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