EXTRA: Xue Zi Xuan Summary


“Xue Zi Xuan” preview:

Don’t know if all of you still remember or not, in Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil’s ending, Zhou Zhou repaired and saved the database that was destroyed by the Lord God. This story happens in the virtual world re-built by Zhou Zhou. Xue Zi Xuan vs villain Zhou Zhou can be seen as a new story, a villain counterattack x slag gong rebirth text, a clear cut HE. And what Xue Zi Xuan loves is Zhou Zhou the person, the soul, and has nothing to do with whether he can play the piano or not.

Summary by Moonlightfrost:

This is an alternate universe written by the same author as QWTFD, but is about the world in arc 14 of the book. Basically, it’s about the first time Zhou Yun Sheng was in that world, the only difference being that Xue Zi Xuan is reborn into that world too. ZYS still has the villain system which occasionally controls him but it’s not very serious because the real system has already been destroyed by ZYS, but it also means that ZYS can’t play the piano with emotion anymore (but then again XZX doesn’t care). So those who are worried about XZX only liking ZYS because he can play the piano, don’t worry. The ML of QWTFD is not is this book, the character the ML was in is now the original character.

Note from Kez-

Yup, I’m not the one translating this. I’m just editing and posting it for Moonlightfrost. He/She’s in school and busy, so the post schedule won’t be constant, and it will be in parts. Please remember to be patient and grateful!! Moonlightfrost will eventually post the extra onto their wattpad, which I will link in every post!

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1 month ago

I’m glad the author did an extra for XZX. He really didn’t deserve that kind of tragic sad ending