EXTRA: Xue Zi Xuan Chapter 1 PART 1

EXTRA: Xue Zi Xuan Summary
Xue Zi Xuan Chapter 1 PART 2

Chapter 1 PART 1

Translated by Moonlightfrost

“Warning, warning, please go back immediately and wait for the allocated task, or you will be terminated!”  The cold machine-like voice sounded in his mind, and the boy sitting on the tractor remained unmoved until severe pain engulfed his body, then he finally asked, trembling. “Hai Zi-ge, can you stop at the side of the road, I don’t want to enter the city.”

“Why? Forgot something? Hai Zi-ge will bring you back to take it, no trouble…” The young man driving the tractor heartily replied.

This place was a sandy desert, lacking water, lacking electricity, lacking food, lacking people, everything was lacking- except the bone-piercingly cold, northwest wind and an abundance of dust. The county always talked about helping the poor, but after helping for decades, the conditions in this mountain still hasn’t gotten any better. The old people have stayed here their entire lives, and despite working day and night they still couldn’t collect much food.  The young people couldn’t stand this place, and all those who could run ran away, leaving their young children alone in the countryside.

Over time, the land and the villages here became absolutely desolate. Unless it was necessary, the people in the village rarely left and the people outside rarely came in. The teenager waited months for Hai Zi-ge to arrive, who came here to transport the wild olives. He thought that he could finally escape, but was once again stopped.

“I suddenly remembered that I left my family’s millet out in the sun, it’s already afternoon, and I don’t know how long I’ll be busy. Hai Zi-ge, you still have to deliver the goods, so please go ahead first. Don’t worry about me.”

Although the youth’s tone was calm, the hands in his sleeves were trembling. The system’s threat of termination was no joke; the pain in his body had long passed but the soul tearing still continued. He had no doubt that if he forcefully left this place, the next second his soul will be scattered.

“I didn’t expect you to be so careless and forgetful. Never mind, Hai Zi-ge will send you back.” The man turned the tractor around and headed towards the village. The wheels stirred up the yellow sand, which was then blown away by the cold northwest wind.

The teenager clenched his teeth and looked at his wrist. Apart from him, no one else could see the watch-like thing on his wrist. It was called the “villain system” and it was directly tied to the youth’s soul. If the youth failed to complete the system’s tasks, his soul would be terminated.

The youth stared at the incessantly flashing red watch, his expression heavy. As long as the red light blinked, the punishment would not stop. Evading a task was a heavy offense, according to the usual procedure, the pain would continue for an hour or two. But then something bizarre occurred. The characters on the screen suddenly became distorted, then the screen went completely black. The pain in his body and soul also receded like the tide.

The youth froze in surprise. Pretending to re-arrange his cuffs, he discretely fiddled with the watch, wanting to see whether or not it was truly dead. It’d be good if it died, he’d already had enough of this so-called “villain system.” He had no idea what kind of bad luck hit him, but one minute he was just browsing the Star Network, then he was suddenly transported into this “Lord God dimension”, and forcibly bounded to the system before being sent to different parallel worlds to complete tasks.

To call it a task was not really accurate, the Lord God didn’t care whether or not the final result was successful, as long as he didn’t try to escape, he could still be rewarded. Therefore, he more and more felt like he is was just going along with the plot, because the system gave him the role of the “villain”, and the villain only has one ending, being destroyed by the protagonist. As such, he has completed many tasks; and perhaps at first his schemes seemed to go off without a hitch, but in the end, all his efforts would go to waste.

In the last world, he died with many grievances. After the story concluded, the Lord God rewarded him five points. The more points he has, the stronger his soul would get. If he manages to collect 100,000 points, he’ll be able to leave the Lord God’s dimension and return to the real world. If it was anyone else, they might be completely convinced by the Lord God’s promise, but this youth was different, he was smart, very smart. He’d only completed a few tasks before he realized that the so-called points were not awarded by the Lord God itself, rather, every reincarnation he completed, the power in his soul slowly accumulated.

In other words, the Lord God tossed him into a strange dimension, and let him experience all kinds of hardships, in order to enhance his soul power. This reminded him of locusts, pigs, and livestock, regardless of what species, they’re all animals to be fattened up before the slaughter. He believed that once he accumulates the 100,000 points, his prospects would definitely not be pretty.

So he must save himself.

As for how exactly to accomplish this, he was still trying to figure that out. The system on his wrist was a shackle, but at the same time, it was the key to breaking through the restrictions of the Lord God. Each time he completed a task, the system would take him back to the Lord God’s dimension and contact the Lord God to get information on the next mission. The youth took advantage of the moment when the system integrated its soul power into the Lord God’s system to also integrate his own soul power.


Now, although his soul was still under the system’s complete control, by relying on that soul power link, he could perceive the system’s internal state. Once he finds out how it works, it’ll only be a matter of time before he hacks into it.

After pressing several buttons, the system still didn’t show any reaction; it really had crashed. This was extremely rare. If you don’t know, every system was directly controlled by the Lord God, the system dying meant that there was a problem with the Lord God. Exactly which great expert managed to destroy the central system of the Lord God? Sure enough, there really are people outside of people and skies outside the sky!

While the teenager inwardly admired this unknown expert, he did not know that the person who destroyed the Lord God was his future self. And his own fate has changed from this moment onward.

The youth didn’t have the time to rejoice before the watch “brii brii” rang twice and rebooted. The boy’s bright eyes quickly dimmed and he ruthlessly rubbed his wrist. Fortunately, the previous punishment remained canceled, which prevented him from suffering for several more hours.

The tractor traveled towards the entrance of the village; further inside was a narrow road which only allowed one-person to pass through at a time. The man pulled over to the side and patted the dejected teenager, smiling, “Okay, head home quickly.”

“Ay, I’m leaving, Ge, you be safe while driving.” The boy jumped out of the tractor, his lips drawing back to reveal a row of snow white teeth.

The man nodded in response then turned around and left. The wheels of the tractor kicked up a lot of yellow sand, which was then swept by the wind and flung into the teenager’s face, causing him to let out a few sneezes in a row.

Pei, I’ve eaten so much sand today, I don’t even need to go back and eat anymore.” The teenager spat out the dust, then walked slowly toward his house.

To call it a house was overstating it, it was nothing but a cave with a single stove, where the teenager lived alone. The boy’s real name was Zhou Yun Sheng, but this body was called Huang Yi and he was a left-behind child.

When the body was six years old, Zhou Yun Sheng was transferred into this world by the system and lived for ten years as Huang Yi.  A lot has happened in that ten years. First, the original body’s parents died in a car accident, and his paternal grandparents, who couldn’t stand the blow, followed them.

Two years ago, his maternal grandparents, who were responsible for raising the original body, passed away and left this cave for their grandson.

The original body also had two uncles and an aunt, who were fighting for custody of the child, but Zhou Yun Sheng rejected them. They had no interest in raising him earlier, but after the person who killed his parents paid out $70,000, all of them wanted to raise him, the motive was clear.

Zhou Yun Sheng was not a weakling waiting for someone else to come save him, so he packed up his bank book and was preparing to leave Xiao Liu Village, but was still stopped by the system.

Pushing open the rickety wooden door and sitting down on the cold mat, he closed his eyes and started thinking: The system wouldn’t let him leave Xiao Liu Village. It seemed that the plot required him to stay here, but for what reason? Could it be that this world’s son of destiny was in Xiao Liu Village, and was waiting for him (ZYS) to oppress and set him up?

Zhou Yun Sheng wiped his face and felt that this guess was ridiculous. The population structure of Xiao Liu Village was very simple. Besides the elderly and children, all the young people left home to work. He wasn’t very narcissistic, but of all the children in the village, he was the most outstanding. The rest couldn’t leave Xiao Liu Village, head out into the world, and eventually reach the peak of society.

To say further, Zhou Yun Sheng never thought that he was inferior to any of the so-called sons of fate. If the villain system didn’t always issue him some braindead tasks, and manipulate the field to let the protagonists gain advantages, how could he have such miserable outcomes? Know that in the real world, he was the type of person who could call down the wind and the rain, what couldn’t he accomplish in a virtual world?

He shouldn’t think about his glorious past, whenever he thought of it, he felt so much hate that the roots of his teeth ached. Zhou Yun Sheng rubbed his cheeks and walked into the kitchen to find something to eat. There was nothing in the pot, but in the cupboard, which was nearly rotting, there was half a pack of flour and a head of cabbage. At least he could make a bowl of noodle soup.

Zhou Yun Sheng washed his hands, poured the flour into the basin and mixed it with water. Once he was done, he put it aside, and started chopping the cabbage. Suddenly, there was a flurry of footsteps outside his door, like many people were approaching.

Yi-Zi, people from the city are here to visit you! Come out!” A sharp voice rang out, then the kitchen door was pushed open. A group of people rushed in and dragged Zhou Yun Sheng, who was still cutting the vegetables, to the hall next door.

“Who’s here? I don’t have any relatives in the city…” The rest of the words were stuck in his throat, and no matter what, he couldn’t spit them out. Zhou Yun Sheng must admit that he was indeed overwhelmed. In his dilapidated, dusty earthen cave, stood a man dressed in a high-end silver-gray suit.


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Ge- elder brother in Chinese

People outside of people and skies outside the sky- basically means for every talented person there is someone else somewhere more talented.

Pei- sound of disgust

Left-behind child- children in China who are left in the village while their parents work in the city

Xiao Liu Village- name of village which ZYS lives in

Son of destiny- refers to the protagonist of the novel

Call down the wind and the rain- very powerful person

Yi-Zi- ZYS’ name in this book is Huang Yi so whenever someone says youth, young boy, Yi-Er, Yi-Zi it all refers to him

EXTRA: Xue Zi Xuan Summary
Xue Zi Xuan Chapter 1 PART 2
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