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No ABO for at least a month

Hey guys, I won’t be releasing any ABO for at least a month, but don’t panic, it’s because I’ll be focusing on FOD Extra #4: Honeymoon on Beastman Planet. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be translating any extras for FOD cause they’re as long as the longest chapters, but I started reading the extra recently and I was hooked, so I couldn’t leave you guys without it. I have a full time job now, so I don’t have as much free time as I used to so it might even take 2 months. In fact, I translated chapter 1 (of 20) last night and it took a full 4 hours. Geez! Even if I spend 4 hours every night translating(which I can’t) it’ll still take about 20 days for a bulk release! So don’t expect it too soon, but just know that I’m working on it. (Unless someone else has already translated all the extras, in that case welp)

Good News and Bad News

Hey guys, long time no see. I’ve got some good news and bad news for you guys.

You guys remembered that I was moving countries right? Well I reached safely and finally have internet!

Good news- I’m back, and I will start updating the site again! I haven’t looked at the site AT ALL since July, so I haven’t been ignoring your comments, I just got internet two days ago.

Bad news- I have a full time job now, so I won’t be updating as often 🙁

Good news- I promise to finish ABO! This impromptu break has freshened and motivated me!

EDIT: A kind reader named Brau has sent me their pdf! I’ve put them up! Thanks Brau!

I’m glad to be back!!

Site Downtime/Slow

Sorry for the site downtime. I thought this site was pretty small, but apparently it’s big enough to overload the small server I’m on, and they suspended me. If this keeps up, I might just move back to the free-hosted wordpress and not worry about it. I’ll give it a few months. Sorry for the back and forth guys.

EDIT: Whelp I switched hosts cause they kept shutting my site down without warning and that was really annoying. I also got rid of the bulky new comment system (which I’m 99% sure was the source of all my woes). The downside is that the last backup of my site I made was apparently March 5th, so I’ve lost all comments/edits/changes to the site from since then. What a waste of time.

Contact Page & Ads

I guess I should’ve told you guys this earlier, but the contact page was more of a feedback page. I could read what you guys sent me but I couldn’t reply. I’ve now set it up so I can reply to it. So if you’ve sent me any emails that I need to reply to, Please Resend It! 

As common sense dictates, no spamming >:(

Please only contact me for stuff that can’t be public.


If you haven’t noticed, my adsense account got approved. It’ll hopefully pay for hosting, but I won’t sell my soul for it, so if you notice any annoying ads, please contact me!  I just got an auto-play video ad( I never thought google would approve those types) so I’m trying to ban them. If you get one of those or any scummy looking ads, tell me where they’re from so I can filter them!