This is a MTL interpretation BL blog.

Not only do I not know Chinese, I also don’t know anything about everyday Chinese culture. I’ll only do stories that aren’t too Chinese, if that makes any sense. But if I mess up, please don’t take offense.

I usually understand about 90% of MTL, 10% of the time I get a headache from:

-action scenes, so no xianxia etc.,

-names. MTL tends to translate them literally and it adds to the confusion, so no stories with hundreds of characters and side stories/couples etc.

-smex scenes. I don’t always get confused by them, but if I can’t tell who’s putting it in who, it’s out.

I already have novels I plan to do, but I’m open to suggestions. Even if I don’t translate it, the more I read the better I get at understanding gibberish, plus I can always summarize it, which is 1000% easier than direct translations.

I’m a native English speaker, but I’m not an English teacher. Please don’t hit me for grammar errors. If it’s really bad, leave a comment.

I’m also not a writer. I’m keeping it as close to the author’s style as possible. If you don’t like the writing style complain to the original author, not me. Please.

Again, anybody who can read Chinese and wants to take over a story, feel free.