Chapter 20


Chapter 20

Just as the Renault tribe was planning to join forces with the other tribes to annihilate the throwback beasts, they finally discovered the hidden calamity.

Fewer and fewer males were being born in the tribe, and many of the young were throwback beasts that were either killed or discarded. As a result, there was a complete imbalance in the population.

When they finally took stock, the tribe was full of males that had grown weaker with age, and a large group of females. There was only a handful of young, healthy and strong males, who were also the main manpower of the tribe. Without strong males, they wouldn’t have enough food and animal hides for warmth, the tribe members only had a hungry and cold future to look forward to.

The Renault tribe inevitably entered an aging population era. The weak old males couldn’t take on the heavy responsibility of defending the tribe, and they were the sole source of the precious red crystals. Unsurprisingly, they became the target of the other tribes. After several bloody battles, the Renault tribe was destroyed, and a great amount of red crystals steady flowed to every tribe.

Hidden behind the celebratory atmosphere was a quietly spreading disaster. The Renault tribe had already tasted the consequences of abusing the red crystals, and it was now time for the other tribes to follow in their footsteps, the Bayan tribe being first in line.

Under Kuhn’s leadership, the Bayan tribe grew stronger every day. Not only did he seize the position of chief, he also monopolized Addie, becoming his only mate. He had supreme authority in the tribe, even the old shaman couldn’t interfere with his decisions. It was his idea to unite the other tribes to attack the Renault tribe. It turns out that this decision was correct. Then he used the red crystals to win over the hearts of the tribe’s warriors, making them extremely loyal to him.

“Kuhn, you’ve unified all the tribes on the Eastern Continent, you’re the king of the Eastern Continent, why should you tolerate the throwback beasts occupying the eastern forest? Go attack them, bring back Xiao Anchun and that other female’s head.” Addie darkly incited his partner.

Not only had Xiao Anchun not died, he also lived like a king. This made Addie feel constantly irritated, it was hard to feel truly happy.

Kuhn’s heart tightened, but he didn’t expose it on his face. He didn’t dare tell Addie the truth, he’d only said that Xiao Anchun saved him, and he’d returned after healing.

So currently, Addie didn’t know just how frightful the golden lion and the pretty female were. An adult tyrannosaurus could destroy the entire East Continent, and the golden lion and the beautiful female’s combined strength was far above the tyrannosaurus, enough to destroy planet.

“No, I can’t go.” He shook his head in refusal. Seeing Addie’s doubtful expression, he immediately added: “You’re pregnant with our children, how could I bear to leave you at this time?”

Addie was satisfied with this, gently petting his belly.

Two months later, while the tribe members buzzed in anticipation, their little prince was born. Addie was worthy of being the old shaman’s son, his fertility was very high. He gave birth to six cubs, all male. They were the same ash-gray wolf race as Kuhn. The six small cubs had not yet opened their eyes, and looked like little balls of fur curled up in a small soft-moss nest. Their nose let out a soft whistling sound, they looked extremely cute.

Kuhn petted them gently, his heart was moved with emotions. He said softly: “In one month, as soon as they shift, I’ll invite all the tribes’ shamans to pray for them. My children will surely be blessed by the beast god. When they grow up, they’ll definitely become the kings of the eastern continent.”

“Of course.” Addie smiled smugly.

The Bayan tribe only produced two throwback beasts over hundreds of years, so they never doubted whether or not their children could shift. One month later, when the six cubs didn’t change shape, Kuhn and Addie refused to accept reality and waited for another month. But the result was still hopeless.

As the days passed, everyone was already convinced that these six cubs were throwbacks.

The tribesmen waited for their chief’s decision, would they be kept or expelled?

Because the throwback beasts were occupying the eastern forest, the relationship between the beastkin and the throwback beasts had worsened. The two throwback beasts they’d previously kept had already been driven away. It was reasonable to conclude that these six also couldn’t be kept.

Kuhn kneeled in front of the beast god’s statue, looking very exhausted. In the end, these were his children, his blood flowed through them, how could he be willing to discard them?

“Don’t hesitate! Throw them away! I, Addie, can’t give birth to throwback beasts!” Addie slowly walked into the cave, his expression resolute.

He gave birth to six throwbacks in one batch, he had now become the laughing stock of the entire tribe. The females who were once envious of him now only looked at him scornfully. He couldn’t stand this shift, so he must erase the stain.

Kuhn immediately looked back, looking at his mate with an expression of disbelief. The two men stood opposite each other for a long time, in the end, Kuhn compromised, reluctantly nodding. Addie walked over and hugged him comfortingly: “Don’t grieve, we can still have healthy children. Forget about them.”

Right, we’re still young, we can always have healthy children.

Kuhn told himself this, his hands rigidly hooped around his partner’s waist.

The two didn’t dare personally come forward, ordering a male warrior to throw away the six cubs at the eastern forest’s border.

They knew that the throwback beasts willingly accepted discarded cubs and adopted them, since they were their peers. But the six cubs had stayed with their parents for more than three months, they had deep feelings for them, and were unwilling to follow the strange beasts. They ran back to the tribe several times, and were driven out each time.

They still hadn’t seen their parents again, so they naturally still had hope. However, their frequent visits tugged on Addie’s limited patience. He wanted to forget this humiliation as soon as possible, but the little cubs insisted on returning to the tribe, reminding everyone of his incompetence. This made him more and more angry, and more and more unable to suppress his ruthlessness.

When the little cubs once again jumped out of the bushes and ran towards the tribe, he took them into the forest, found a cliff, and threw them off one by one, cursing as he threw. There was only mist under the cliff, he couldn’t see the bottom, a drop from here would certainly kill. Addie spit out a sigh of exasperation and calmly walked back, pretending as if nothing happened.

Since then, no one saw the six cubs again. Kuhn thought that they were living very well. The throwback beasts of the eastern forest never abandoned their own, they would take good care of them. Soon, Addie was pregnant again, and smoothly gave birth two months later. This time, there was only one male, but the tragedy repeated itself, and the male didn’t transform.

As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest, Addie didn’t need to ask Kuhn’s opinion this time, after patiently raising the cub for two months, seeing him not transforming, he threw him away at the same place.

But no one noticed, a goshawk that was flying back and forth in the mist caught the cub that was about to fall to its death.

Addie was extremely stubborn, he would never admit defeat. In order to wash away the shame, he successively got pregnant and gave birth one after the other. But not a single male changed shape, and he cemented himself as the tribe’s disgrace. The old shaman even suspected that he was cursed, and helped him pray for three days straight.

The status of a female cursed by the beast god could be imagined. He was originally the untouchable shaman’s successor, he was the one everyone pursued. But now, he was a plague carrier, and everyone shunned him. As his mate, Kuhn’s prestige also dropped greatly.

Over two years, many of the tribe’s females got pregnant. They usually gave birth to about four male cubs at a time, but only one or two of them transformed, and sometimes, none of them did. To add to the tragedy, the ones who gave birth to female cubs could be counted on one hand. The situation was getting very dangerous. Slowly, no one dared laugh at Addie, because they were also experiencing the same disaster, they were losing their ability to breed healthy young.

The old shaman and Kuhn were under a lot of pressure because of this, but Addie rejoiced.

As long as he was not the only one suffering, it was enough.

No one noticed that the eastern forest’s territory was rapidly expanding, and their hostility towards the beastman tribes was deepening. Large-scale beast tides occurred several times a year. The young and strong throwback beasts attacked the beastman tribes for fun, their bloodshot, hate filled eyes were fear inducing.

Three years later, the largest beast tide broke out, and Kuhn united all the big tribes to resist. The beast tide besieged the beastman warriors, a group of ash-gray wolves constantly challenged Kuhn, their bites very ferocious. Although Kuhn was an 8th-level warrior, they broke through his defense serval times, and he was covered with bloody bruises and cuts. The most powerful wolf caught Kuhn’s throat, as long as it clamped down, he would be sent to meet his maker.

But at the last moment, the wolf let go and glared at Kuhn for a long time. There was hatred and pain in his eyes.

From a not too distant location, a tiger roared, and the beasts responded in succession. They retreated like a tide, leaving behind the wounded beastmen.

Kuhn covered his face and wept bitterly. He knew it deep inside, those were the children he’d abandoned, and they hated him.

After returning to the tribe, Kuhn fell into a depression. But unfortunately, he was also the most severely injured warrior, all his limbs were broken and bloody. Due to abusing the red crystals, many high-ranking warriors had sprung up in the tribe, seriously threatening Kuhn’s status. Seeing him injured in bed, some warriors were becoming restless.

Addie couldn’t just sit still, so he asked his father to gift him a bowl of divine blood. Kuhn was also supporting the old shaman’s status, so naturally, he didn’t refuse. He scrapped out a full bowl of divine blood and sent it to Kuhn’s wooden house.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get better soon. The beast god will bless and protect you.” Addie evenly spread the disgusting smelling divine blood all over Kuhn’s wounds.

For some reason, Kuhn unexpectedly recalled Xiao Anchun’s warning from years ago. But he quickly pushed aside those alarmist words, replacing them with firm belief.

Addie insisted on re-applying “fresh” divine blood every day, and eventually, a rotten smell started permeating the wooden house. Kuhn slowly noticed that something was wrong, he started a high fever and felt extremely weak. The originally bright red wound had turned black and it was leaking yellow, bloody pus. Even worse, the wounds had expanded, engulfing his skin and muscles, turning them into bloody mush. His bones were exposed, maggots squirming inside.

The severe pain made Kuhn wish for death. He realized that he was slowly rotting, and Xiao Anchun’s warnings echoed in his mind over and over again, causing him extreme grief.

“This thing is poisonous, you can’t spread it on a wound!”

“I don’t care if you believe it or not, but I’m actually trying to save you. This blood paste is not a gift from god, it’s just pure filth. If you put it on your wounds, the wound will get infected, and then you’ll die.”

“Do you know what ‘infection’ is? The red flesh turns into a yellow pus, which gradually dissolves and spreads until all the flesh in your leg completely rots. Only the bones are left. At that time, the only way to save you is to cut out the rotted parts. But there’s an even more terrible outcome, that’s when even cutting out the rotted bits can’t stop the pus from spreading through your blood, and soon, your whole body slowly rots until the bones are exposed and you die a very painful death.”

The crazy nonsense he’d once scoffed at now seemed like prophecy, becoming reality.

Kuhn opened his mouth and desperately shouted.

He was wrong, it wasn’t until this moment that he realized that he was terribly wrong. Xiao Anchun had actually saved him, he’d saved him! Every time Xiao Anchun confidently declared something, wasn’t it always the truth? Wasn’t this fact proven a long time ago?

No, no, no, I can’t die! I don’t want to die!

After his hysterics, Kuhn looked around and shouted: “Addie, Addie, where are you?! Send me to the eastern forest, I want to find Xiao Anchun, I’m going to find him!”  Many of the tribesmen had heard his previous shouts and gathered together in time to hear this. They stared mockingly at the ashen faced Addie.

After fighting for so long, he still lost to Xiao Anchun in the end, everyone was perfectly satisfied with this outcome.

“What nonsense are you shouting, let me rest!” Addie pushed down the struggling Kuhn, and clenched his teeth: “Look, you messed up the divine blood! This is blasphemy against the beast god!” He picked up the bowl and started re-applying a layer of filthy blood.

“No, this is poisonous! Don’t put that on me! You’re going to kill me! Haven’t you brought enough disasters?! Get out, get out right now!” Kuhn struck down the wooden bowl and panted painfully in bed, he already didn’t have the strength to leave the tribe on his own.

Addie couldn’t bear the humiliation and ran away.

Seeing the tribe’s second walk in, Kuhn said weakly: “I’m dying, throw me out, leave me on the border of the eastern forest.” He could only hope that Xiao Anchun was as kindhearted as ever. Maybe he’d remember their past friendship and heal him again.

Xiao Anchun was right. Everything he said and did was right. He should’ve believed him when he had the chance.

Those were exactly the words the second wanted to hear. He immediately ordered someone to carry Kuhn out and throw him away. By the time Addie got the news, he was already no longer the chief’s mate, but a deserted wife, a deserted wife who couldn’t even give birth to healthy cubs. No male wanted him, and the females especially wanted nothing to do with him, afraid his curse would rub off on them.

The old shaman was already too old, and was going to step down in the next few days. He was planning to hand the post over to his son, but the new chief resolutely opposed it, letting his own younger brother take the position.

The father and son had no one to rely on, so they could only live by eating wild fruits, eventually starving to death.

On the day of the large-scale beast tide, Xiao Anchun finally developed a pill that would allow throwback beasts to transform. This was the reason why Snow suddenly ordered everyone back, otherwise the damage inflicted on the big tribes would’ve been even more severe.

Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan stared at Xiao Anchun, who was surrounded by a crowd of beasts. Zhou Yun Sheng gestured and said: “He’s already grown up, so we should get going too. Go pack up.”

Zhao Xuan nodded and headed back to the tree house to put their luggage in order. There wasn’t much to take away, just some of the local products: salted fish, cured meat, dragon meat jerky, and wild fruits and vegetables. All were wrapped in fish leather and transferred to the space ring. The two stayed for a few more days to determine if the pills were effective.

Snow was the first to take human form, white hair and green eyes, he looked extremely handsome. Xiao Anchun nearly fainted from shock.

Zhou Yun Sheng was planning to go congratulate Snow, but when he climbed up the tree house, he heard a fierce “creaking” sound form inside, and shook his head and left.

“They’re busy?” Although he asked, Zhao Xuan’s expression didn’t hold much curiosity, since he was already sure of the answer. He picked his lover up onto his shoulders and walked towards the established coordinates.

In twelve hours, the military would come pick them up.

When they reached the boundary of the eastern forest, they found Kuhn laid out in the bushes, covered in festering wounds.

He was very weak, but his strong desire for survival made him incessantly cry out for help: “Xiao Anchun, where are you? Please help me! I was wrong, I was wrong…”

“Oh! Long time no see.” Zhou Yun Sheng smiled and waved at him.

Kuhn’s muddled eyes brightened, but before he could even open his mouth, Zhao Xuan had already stepped away, only leaving behind the view of a gradually departing back. Kuhn coughed up violently, his tears streaming uncontrollably.

A short while later, a few ash-gray wolves followed his scent over, they sniffed him, then gazed at him indifferently for a long time, before finally dispersing.

When Xiao Anchun discovered that the male god and the golden lion had disappeared, three days had already passed. When he left the tribe to go look for them, he found Kuhn’s half-rotted corpse. His face didn’t reveal any sadness, saying faintly: “Dig a hole and bury him.”

Snow whistled, ordering some of the tribe’s beastmen to come deal with it. The two searched the forest for more than half a month, finding nothing in the end. But they firmly believed that the couple was safe and sound, and that they would certainly come back one day.

The tribe they established was later called Xuancheng, a homonym of the couple’s first names “Xuan Sheng”. It gradually became the most powerful tribe on the beastman planet.

The End



wooden house– it could be a tree house, but the author doesn’t give any indication that it’s in a tree

I haven’t been reading BL lately, so I didn’t notice someone had already picked up my projects until after I finished this. Oh well, such is life. I have some free time lately, and I finally replaced my dead laptop, so I’ll pick up another story. Any recommendations? I’ll have to read it first to see if I like it though. Part of the reason this took so long is because I was not digging the pseudo-bestiality. So, from now on, read first, then translate.

You guys can find ABO and the rest of QWFD’s extras on novel updates. Idk how good the translations are, but free is free lol Thanks for sticking around.

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